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Being the Only Woman or Person of Color Applying for a Job Means You Probably Won't Get It

A second woman for the same job multiplies an individual women's odds of getting the job by a staggering 7900%. A second person of colour in the pool multiplies the odds by an utterly blinding 19400%. And the odds of getting a job as woman in a slate with three men or a person of colour in a slate with three white people is statistically zero.
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A couple of weeks ago I needed to replace a floodlight and discovered makers have mostly stopped listing CRI numbers, which pisses me off, and that I think is probably because they've decided 80 is Good Enough, which - okay, it's pretty good, and it's a lot better than anything off a compact florescent bulb. But >90 bulbs are available and I want them!

So I started ordering high CR and replacing/relocating-to-less-important-area other bulbs and it's kind of got away from me a bit. Because if CRI data is going to be difficult to get I'm gonna buy a lot of bulbs that I know are right and install them because they will last a good little while, so.

(Don't get me wrong, 80 is entirely reasonable. But I can get 92-93 and I will pay extra for it, where 'extra' translates to "$1-2/bulb.")

I also figured out that what I was really doing when I was mixing colour temperatures of CF and traditional tube bulbs wasn't so much for the colour temperature itself as for filling in the gaps in spectrum and improving the overall CRI.

So if anybody in your house cares, these are good:
A19 60 watt equivalent:
A19 40 watt equivalent:
BR30 (overhead can) 60/65 watt equivalent:
"A19" means "ordinary bulb" for people who don't speak bulb types. The BR30s are not always as good in dimmers as the packaging says, according to reviews; I don't have any of that type dimmers, so I don't care.

If anyone is wondering, the CRI of LED filament bulbs is 80, which is, again, perfectly reasonable. But one can go above that if one so desires.
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I wanted to post this somewhere so that the next person who goes looking for it can find it. It's not online anywhere - I know, I looked - and it took a week for Honda Support to look it up. They had to go ask Engineering, because nobody in support at any level knew.

The 2015 Honda Fit USB ports provide 1A (1 amp, one amp) of DC power, at 5V. If you want more than that, get a 12V Power Port to USB adaptor, and make sure that said adaptor provides the amperage you need. Here is one example. That's actually up to 4.8A because I believe in overkill, and my 12V port has plenty more power than that to provide, so we're nowhere near safety limits.

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I recently found It’s kind of a chat site except for playing music. Each room is a also DJ room; you can play music for everybody in your room, your own or from the site’s library. People can take turns playing DJ, and they make it easy to buy tracks you like, which is how they make their money and how they don’t get shut down. You need a US proxy server or a an IP in a block that is generally believed to be in the US because of DMCA bullshit, but if you have that, it’s pretty epic.

Here’s the thing; I live in range of KEXP and C89FM, two of the best independent music stations in North America. I listen to them! They’re locally programmed and that’s awesome, because they’re run by people who care about music.

But they each have their preferences. There’s a definite KEXP sound. Same for C89FM. Once upon a time, a decently-sized city would’ve had a few of these stations – if you were lucky, several – so you’d have non-generic options in the ways you don’t, generally, now. Most towns ended up with zero; we’re lucky even to have the two.

This brings some of that back. Different rooms, different DJs, taking turns, a lot of different styles. You guys, I have bought so much new music in the last couple of days it’s just stupid. And cool. Like a fez.

WE HAVE SHOW POSTERS! TAKE AND SHARE! Print some out for your bulletin board! You must have something, right? I know it’s the Friday of Conflikt, I take the gigs when I gets ‘em. NOT ALL OF YOU ARE GOING TO CONFLIKT! So come here if you’re not, and bring a friend. Three bands, three sets, no cover! Show page here, poster:

Click image for the JPG; the PDF version is here.

Oh, I forgot; I’m DJ Solarbirdy on, and am usually in J-Pop-and-Anime or Indie While You Work. But I hang out in the K-pop room sometimes too and I will wander around. Wave if you see me. ^_^

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House Cerulia has a spare bedroom and is looking for a fourth person! They're a North Seattle group house, only without the college party annoyance. It's also a geek community social nexus; they host house concerts, occasionally entertain on a large scale, and have monthly gaming nights. Queer/alt-lifestyle/alt-diet friendly; anyone interested must also be similarly so! Bonus points: approximately 100% less hornet infested than Murkworks North has been this week. XD

If interested, check here for details:
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Anybody know a good print shop in Seattle? My old one's shuttered. (The building is even gone, so I guess it's not just shuttered but levelled. :p ) It's for the CD booklet, like y'might guess.
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Go read this:“to-destroy-this-invisible-government”/#

Key excerpt:
For Assange... a conspiracy is something fairly banal, simply any network of associates who act in concert by hiding their concerted association from outsiders, an authority that proceeds by preventing its activities from being visible enough to provoke counter-reaction. ...most of the media commentary on the latest round of leaks has totally missed the point. After all, why are diplomatic cables being leaked? ... most seem to simply be a broad swath of the everyday normal secrets that a security state keeps... But Assange is not trying to produce a journalistic scandal which will then provoke red-faced government reforms or something, precisely because no one is all that scandalized by such things any more. Instead, he is trying to strangle the links that make the conspiracy possible, to expose the necessary porousness of the American state’s conspiratorial network in hopes that the security state will then try to shrink its computational network in response, thereby making itself dumber and slower and smaller.
Emphases added.
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If you're a participant in Take Charge, the low-income-assistance family-planning and contraceptives programme, you need to be aware that as of now, funding is going entirely away on February 28th, 2011. There are a bunch of other cuts to medical coverage as well. Planned Parenthood is urging people to utilise the programme while it's still around - move up appointments, things like that.
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Recently, I saw a post someone made on legitimate work-at-home jobs - ones where you actually make some, if not awesome, money, and actually get paid, and so on, as opposed to all the scams. I would really like to find this post again but am not having a lot of luck. Did any of you lot post this? If not, did you see it and do you remember where it is?

(And if you're wondering, no, this isn't for anybody at the Murkworks. I'm researching for someone else.)
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If you're wanting to go to Strowlercon in Boston and have been trying to make reservations and haven't been able to, the hotel's form has been broken for a while now. The link goes to a news update which contains a working link so you can actually get registered for a room.
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Data not graphed by today's XKCD and "I've had {x} boy/girlfriends":
x: "I've had {x}" "boy/girlfriends", I've had {x} "boy/girlfriends"
1: 0, 44,100
2: 5, 46,400
3: 8, 47,800
4: 9, 42,600
5: 8, 42,000
6: 3, 40,100
7: 3, 39,600
8: 4, 39,300
9: 2, 38,200
10: 0, 42,700

Note: Google suggested "without quotes" in most cases.

x: "I've had {x}" "girl/boyfriends", I've had {x} "girl/boyfriends"
1: 2, 16,600
2: 5670, 16,600 <-- a HA!
3: 722, 20,600
4: 7, 18,300
5: 5, 15,200
6: 4, 14,800
7: 1, 14,200
8: 3, 13,600
9: 1, 13,300
10: 3, 16,900

Note: Google suggested "girlfriends" in most cases.
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So LJ is being skeevy and stripping your referral links for online retailers and substituting their own. This is true for Amazon and several other retailers, so instead of you getting your micropayment for referring someone to a retailer for a purchase they get it instead. I hear that now that it's been found they're supposedly going to stop, but jeez, guys, skeevy or what? Also violates the fuck out of Amazon's affiliate TOS, which matters because LJ has to be an affiliate to be able to receive the moneys, and so is bound by it.

Anyway, be aware. Dreamwidth isn't doing this shit, so if you don't have a DW account, you could get one, mirror posts, and tell people to click on the DW link instead of the LJ link. Also, the stripping doesn't work if you use TinyURL or or the other URL shortening services, so you could just use those instead.
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I'm not going to work on this right now, because I'm trying to make a CD, not tweak the DAW more, but here're some instructions for optimising Jack on Ubuntu Studio 8.04. I have not done all of this - mostly I still have PulseAudio running. But for future reference: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.
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A couple of friends are passing along links to [ profile] save_dave, so I'm propagating. I don't know Dave, but he's known to them and he's trying not to lose his house to foreclosure, which would suck. You can read more about it on [ profile] s00j's LJ, here.

Amtrak tickets to Vancouver are on sale! 25% off. Take the train!

I'm not going to work on this right now, because I'm trying to make a CD, not tweak the DAW more, but here're some instructions for optimising Jack on Ubuntu Studio 8.04. I have not done all of this - mostly I still have PulseAudio running. But for future reference: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.
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There is a newly discovered Flash/Adobe Reader vulnerability with a day zero exploit requiring no user interaction. All you need to do is visit a webpage with Flash on it (and I note that most ads are in Flash) with the exploit. There is no patch at this time.

Aspects of this vulnerability affect all Intel platforms with Flash, Adobe Reader, Acrobat, or other Flash-enabled software packages, including OSX and Linux. The currently-existing exploit has a payload; it is not just proof-of-concept.

eta: By "Intel platforms," I mean, "Intel instruction set platforms." That includes AMD, and is not a fault of the chipset. The exploit runs Intel/AMD instruction set code, so will of course be meaningless on PPC, Alpha, and so on.
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OKAY so if you upgrade your iTunes purchases from the old DRM versions to the new, shiny, higher-bit-rate non-DRM version, be aware that you may not get the same edit in the upgrade. e.g., my Music: entry for this post. The DRM version is a shorter cut (4:13) vs. the non-DRMed version (4:44) and I prefer the shorter edit, and it's a good thing I told the upgrade software to keep my old versions.
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Somebody was asking me about building insulation in the not-distant past, and I cannot remember who, and I'm hoping it's somebody who reads my LJ.

What I was trying to remember is a product called Icynene. It's much more expensive than fibreglass but not so bad as spray-in systems go. It's more effective than most spray-in systems - it's possible to retrofit an old house to be as airtight as modern-construction, with all the good and bad of that - and it has the added benefit of being a not-too-bad soundinsulator as well. I found it rather effective at helping dampen road noise at Murkworks South, particularly when combined with better windows.

Anyway, hopefully one of you were the person asking. ^_^

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