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That 76 had been a little bit of a problem, until, then, he wasn't.

Since the changes I posted about, I'm shooting a pretty consistent 15-20 points better than before, and never worse, under any game circumstances. I've shot over 80% multiple games and only shot below my old average twice, both times, in take-any-shot-because-we're-being-overrun-so-badly games. I still have a way to go in figuring out all the new (and so much better) math, but... it's a good trend.

solarbird: Brigitte Lindholm from Overwatch (brigitte)

eeeeeeee I hardly ever get POTG as brigette! But I did here! ♥

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I'm just gonna copy this over from discord. But holy fuck. This is such a big thing.



solarbird: runs around screaming

solarbird: so here is the thing. there is a thing called aim assist. it's controller only. it's a slowing and - key point! - can be a nudge in the right direction.

solarbird: there are several ways to adjust stick behaviour, i was not fully aware this was one, and most of all i didn't know it would nudge the reticle.

solarbird: towards i note body not specifically head.

solarbird: there is also a separate setting for radius. that's how far from target it kicks in.

solarbird: default for both is 100.

solarbird: i have since always seen this infuriating behaviour where my reticle wanders. like it's fighting me. like the controller is acting up. but i could repro it on every controller.

solarbird: it makes target selection in crowds a fucking nightmare. it pulls me off shots.

solarbird: i have similarly had a problem where despite setting everything to linear ramp and constant progression (and some of these settings are also on PC) the math for target interception has kept eluding me just all the damn time. i get it right a lot and sometimes it's just inexplicably different and wrong.

solarbird: the latter is aim assist kicking in, overriding linear ramp - sometimes. depending on size of swing.

solarbird: the former is multiple targets being in range of the radius, and about equal distance from reticle, meaning it's constantly changing which target it wants to nudge towards, and so, wanders.

solarbird: and even fights you if you're heading for one target but another is closer.

solarbird: this has been driving me insane for months. ever since i started playing widowmaker, particularly with my high scope multiplier.

solarbird: it's like suddenly i can't put a dot on a head and it's because the game wants to put the dot on another head, and actually does fight me.

solarbird: (or really another body, since it does not centre on heads.)

solarbird: i have cranked that radius way the fuck down and (before leaving for workout) golded in kills on offence in volskaya where she is not a good choice and led my team to a complete zerg rush victory, on my first game at those settings and i'm not even a little used to it yet.

solarbird: maybe that was a fluke but i haven't seen the fucking reticle wander once since i did it, and more importantly, suddenly, all the interception math is so much more rational it makes me cry.

solarbird: i have a lot to unlearn and a to get used to but... fuck.

solarbird: anyway. that's why aim assist window size is the devil.

S......: So, in a way, you were playing in hard mode all this time

solarbird: I have been playing in broken mode. The combination of behaviours is basically randomising.

solarbird: it's possible if all the options are left default, they balance well for body shots.

solarbird: But for sharpshooters who adjust things, it's a nightmare.
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I heard that doubled High Noon and just prayed they were both nearby...

...and they were. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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This is mostly for the Junkrat ult. Stopped Reaper's die-die-die, took care of, and then guessed right and hit the clutch shot on Junkrat's riptire. Feels good.

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This was pretty much the only time we stopped them. I kept them stopped until they managed to kill me. After that, well, target one, and they cruised.

solarbird: justice rains on your face (pharah)

This team, I mean... this team. It was one of those who went way too far forward at every opportunity and yet wouldn't get on the point - we took it the first time because it was clear and I was the only one willing to set foot on it - and where I knew, as soon as we lost the point, we weren't taking it again. And I was wrong, but only because of this. (I also killed the fifth of six enemy team after this clip ends.)

After this, they knew who to keep down, and won easily. But at least I got POTG.

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Let's make sure we completely clear this board, shall we?

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This was rather delightful. Unfortunately, after this, I was target number one and was the recipient of multiple solo-ults, and we lost. But it was still delightful.

In a later game I was opposite a Widowmaker I'd been playing with before, and she was beautifully brutal and the rest of her team was keeping me from getting to her, until I saw she was in a position I couldn't reach from where I was, but which I could target while in mid-air, and headshot her, and we took the first point.

Then I did it again, and she changed to Lúcio, and then Brigitte. I tried to say hello! But she wouldn't acknowledge me - except with her mace. (⌒▽⌒)

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Right out the gate, I made a few impressions. IN THEIR HEADS.

(Mercy helped. ^_^ )

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Several good shots in here, and a balance of that with some decent Widowmaker:76 play, and a nice 9:1 k:d ratio. But really, I think the highlight is when most of the way through the game Doomfist decides he has just had it with me. He's just done with my bullshit.

So he comes charging in, left side flank, ignoring everyone else on my team (as I'm on the far opposite side) as they're shooting at him, and is by god going to cut me down. It's hilarious.

Spoiler: he doesn't.

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This wasn't actually a very good game for me - I quit after we finished - but this was a very good three kills, at the very end. We went on to win.

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We lost, but I made 'em work for it.

Also, guess who finally finished placements? This spider! I finally have an SR again! 2112, which is apparently a funny number if you're into classic rock.

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I honestly have no idea how that second shot apparently got me two people. I guess an accidental domino shot and someone else finished off the third kill? But I'm so guessing, honestly.

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We were down five on six for most of this game, but we did hold back their first push, and this was part of why. Like ducks, all in a row, at the amusement park.

(We did not hold back their second push. We did, again, on second point, but not as well, and then lost, despite finally getting a sixth player.)

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I joined a team that had taken the first point at Anubis, and had apparently stalled out a bit trying on the second point, and someone dropped.

After a bit of futzing around and a halfhearted push that I survived (but most of my team did not), they got grouped together and made a decent second go of it. Enemy team wasn't expecting a highly mobile Widowmaker, so I was able to pick their primary healer before this clip started, and then I just hauled my blue aggro ass in with the tanks for this POTG.

(Silvered in objective kills, too, which is always funny as basically deep backfill.)

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This isn't a very interesting highlight, and I'm a little sad about that, because it was a very interesting game.

I'd mined their initial spawn, as always, for the little early intel about who they had coming at us, yeh? And it tripped, like always, and one of the incoming was enemy Widowmaker, who I headshot as she chained up to the hotel balcony that you can see in the preview before she even landed.

She was mad. And, as it turned out, good. And the first kill was so hilarious that it took me a couple of goes to figure that out, and the entire game came down to which of us could keep the other one of us down. When she had me down, she'd kill half our team, and they'd advance the payload. When I had her down, I did the reverse, and we backed them up.

And that was the entire game. When, in the end, I came out ahead against her, we won. Simple as that.

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Funny thing about this was how much of the key part of it happened before this POTG starts. They were flanking to our right, and I'd ping-ponged my neg orb through that channel, and it was racking up damage while I was over on the payload making sure they couldn't inch it home. So the orb's POV would've been a lot more interesting, really?

I had been backfill - enemy team had already made the first checkpoint - and had come in as Pharah, and we almost held them at the second, but a few of them figured out that Pharah as a fucking problem and took me down. Then, inside, well, Pharah's not the best choice, so Moira.

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It's funny - I didn't even finish in the top half of this Widowmaker-only headshot-only FFA deathmatch custom game, but I was still really happy with it. I had a decent k/d ratio (compare against others in the same game), and felt like I was in a really good rhythm, particularly in the second half. Plus I just quite liked several of those shots. They felt right.

Bang. Bang. Bang. ♥

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Quite pleased with this all around, really. "No," the Widowmaker said, "I think not. I think... we are done, here."

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