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Amongst the news that got somewhat overlooked during the petition-to-SFWA flap of the last two weeks:

  • The two-CD-long Destiny came out, with my first voice acting role, and,

Along the way, I fixed another guitar – I keep repairing instruments I don’t even know how to play XD – and a cool toy appeared! If you have a new enough browser, go play with it, it’s fun.

Finally, this is legitimately hilarious (h/t to Ben Deschamps):

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mostly the last panel, which is particularly true this weekend, which is to say, tax prep weekend:

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I swear to all gods, I did not fake that.

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Kathryn found this:
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Of all the counter-protest signs at San Diego ComicCon, this is totally my favourite. I giggle every time I look at it.
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Please enjoy this scientific presentation,"What, if Anything, Is Big Bird?" relayed by a Kirby I know on Facebook. ^_^
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Okay, for those who don't know, doing original research science also means means doing literature searches. At first this is informative, but after a couple of weeks, I gotta tell you, every fucking paper you read looks exactly like this.


(Also, please enjoy the presentation.)
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I turned on the radio this morning and heard the tail end of this weekly radio show on mutual funds, which concluded with the usual disclaimers/sponsorship notice/etc, which I noticed had a musical bed, which I noticed... seemed... familiar... and then I realised it was the love theme from Mystery Science Theatre 3000. The instrumental (closing credits) version, of course.

So! What do you think the sound engineer was trying to tell us?
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Here, something to make you laugh. (Link posted previously by [ profile] kevin_standlee, pointing to [ profile] corwynofamber who linked to a youtube video.)
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bwah ha ha!

oh jesus


pictures for sad children

When I find a new webcomic I think I like, read a few, then go back to the beginning and read forward. Today's is "Pictures for Sad Children." And this would be in an alt tag if text had alt tags.
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So I have this older tower machine - kimo, a 2.3Ghz intel somethingorother - that dual-boots into Ubunto Studio for audio work and Windows XP for... well, mostly for Excel, but also because it's a file server (and, rarely, a print server) in that mode.

I left it running XP when I turned off its monitor for the night last night so I could get at Excel files from my Macbook. But when I went to print some mailing labels from Excel this morning, I turned it on and saw the Ubuntu Studio login screen, because....

...the Windows Genuine Advantage update from Microsoft last night rebooted my Windows XP box into Linux.

anticipatoryETA: Welcome, User Friendly readers!


Dec. 20th, 2008 12:45 am
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from [ profile] cow's moo:

[ profile] solarbird sends, ** okay so i ported ` and ' from moo over to the housemush (in mushcode) because i like ` and i included ' for completeness. ** (These are moo commands for various ways of saying things)
[ profile] solarbird sends, ** but then it turned out debs was using ' for something on herself and so was getting double triggers, so i changed ' to '' on the moobox object i made to hold moo commands **
[ profile] solarbird sends, ** and then i thought "well that defeats the purpose doesn't it?" and added a command on myself personally to have ' trigger '' **
[ profile] solarbird sends, ** only i forgot the object search hierarchies for commands (and also the command-parsing rules) **
[ profile] solarbird sends, ** so when i tried it it triggered lulz **
[ profile] solarbird sends, ** in the form of infinite recursion **
[ profile] solarbird sends, ** and that's how i reinvented while (1) fork(); in mushcode tonight **
[ profile] solarbird sends, ** the best part was that it was still running after i dropped and reconnected **
[ profile] solarbird edited the code live to make it stop. @whee mush is weird.
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