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The times on the webstreaming site are a little confusing, so: we are being livestreamed 2pm Cascadian/Pacific on Sunday, barring the usual things-running-lateness. And! There are several other shows and events also being livestreamed both today and tomorrow, so drop in for any and all of those, too!

Also Bone Walker is now live on iTunes and CD Baby! We are officially in general release. Yay!

That of course includes Amazon, so if you preordered from there, you should be getting things. And if you wouldn’t mind dropping a review, we’d love that, ’cause they really do help. You don’t have to have bought it there to review it there.

Of course, Bandcamp is where you can stream the whole album uncut (and also where we get the largest share of the purchase price, yay? economics?) and that’s also the best place to get the physical disc.

Yay! We’re official!

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We have a joint show this weekend! It’s at The Dreaming in Seattle, two sets, some Supervillain music, some Leannan Sidhe music, a few covers, it’ll be fun and awesome. Here’s the Facebook event page for the show.

Print resolution version of the poster (which is jointly by Shanti and me) here, if you want to, oh, print things and post them places and stuff. That would be awesome.

I may have stolen the circles in the poster design from another music graphic of the past. One hint: the reddish one should be blue if you want a more obvious match. You get a zillion music geek points if you can figure out the source. :D

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Vocals recording today! Possibly mine, certainly Shanti of Leannan Sidhe, who is guesting in chorus on one song and has a co-starring role in another.

Plus we have some more Awesomebombs dropping in from afar via Dropbox from Collaborator To Be Named Soon, No Really, Somebody You’ve Heard Of. Well, most of you. hee hee hee hee hee :D

It’s really good to be getting back to proper music work. I’ve been doing mostly kitchen renovation/restoration/kind of a mix for weeks. Here, have some pictures from the most recent work. There’re a couple of “before” shots in there too, so you can get some idea of how far it’s come since the first of the month. And the end is in sight. That’s pretty important at this point. Yeah.

Oh! And and and! A new gig announcement – I’ll be playing a joint show with Leannan Sidhe at The Dreaming in the University District on August 23rd. I don’t have the time yet but it’ll be on the shows page as soon as I do. It’ll be a free show and it’s on a Saturday and it’s a comic book store so c’mon out! SUPERVILLAINY!

I may have to hold the store hostage. That may have to be a thing. I’m just saying. :D

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I’m also swamped to the gills with Day Jobbe work. I worked all weekend, I’ll be working all week, it’s going to be insane. THAT SAID: I HAVE SHOWS.

  • June 28-29, 2014: Guest appearance with Leannan Sidhe, Greenwood Renfaire, Richland, Washington.
  • July 5, 2014: GAMCON 2014, The Kitsap Convention Centre, Bremerton, Washington.
  • July 13-14, 2014: Clallam Bay Comicon, Clallam Bay, Washington. Double-bill with Leannan Sidhe.

The difference between Greenwood and Clallam Bay is that in Greenwood, I’m playing as part of the Leannan Sidhe touring band; at Comicon, Shanti will be part of my band. And also then I’ll be part of her band for her set. lol transforming bands. XD

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Well, it’s official: my music has enough fans to be worth pirating. Yay?

They’re both in Russia and they’re probably going to be 128kbps preview-grade streams (or worse – one’s lifted from YouTube), so yeah, have fun with that. I’m kind of flattered. I mean, to keep copyright I’m kind of required to protest (hence this), but lol yeah like that works. XD

But still, if you like my work, throw me some coin, eh? Stuff costs money. :D

Any of you hit any weird milestones like this? What’s the weirdest milestone you’ve ever hit?

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I’m sick of talking about eye surgery and all that other crap. Remember the Bone Walker/Free Court of Seattle soundtrack album? Here, have a sneak preview work track – it’s the Irish tunes set which goes with Chapter 23 of Faerie Blood:

Normally I wouldn’t throw a work track out there, not even as a sneak preview, but yeah. This is missing the percussion, a male voice counting in individual tunes in Gaelic (because plot reasons), some chimes, and final assembly, but it has the right shape. You can see what rough beast caleighs its way towards Newfoundland in this.

That’s Ellen Eades on hammer dulcimer, Sunnie Larsen on fiddle, me on mandolin and Irish bozouki, and…

You may notice also notice a bass instrument in there. I’ve posted it separately:

I am so pleased with myself over this entirely accidental discovery. Everyone I’ve played it for has guessed standup bass or double-bass (including a professional cellist), but give your opinion; then guess what it actually is. I dare you. I double dog dare you.

I’ll tell you this much: it’s not synthetic, and it’s not a double-bass.

Actually, should I make this a contest? I haven’t done a contest in forever. First person to guess right – WHO HASN’T ALREADY BEEN TOLD AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE – gets a download of any album I have on Bandcamp, including this one once it comes out, which it hasn’t yet. Go!

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We had a good full-cast rehearsal last night. The Henches performed well. We tweaked the script a bit more, in details, adding some fun. Five-person cast! Props! Captain America’s shield is super-shiny. The sashes I made for the Hench crew look good.

If you missed them before:

This is going to be fun. Saturday, 2pm. Watch the twitter feed for location. :D

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The band website has been kind of a mess for a while, partly because I kept adding things in weird places that I thought might work but didn’t, and partly because it has always been an assemblage of parts. The blog is a locally hosted WordPress, the video page was just my YouTube channel, the music page was at least partially integrated but is still really Bandcamp – things like that.

Basically, it was a mess, and entirely out of hand. And I read an article a few weeks ago on focus of presentation on your main band page, and decided to do something about it. It’s not so much a redesign – because it isn’t – as a better and more complete implementation of the existing design.

Originally, I just wanted to fix the front page. But then YouTube threw its new page format at me, and that doesn’t work with what I do. And one of my blog readers told me they turned off stylesheets to read my blog(!) because they simply can’t read white on black, and I’ve heard people say they had trouble with that before, and it all kind of snowballed.

So I pulled a couple of style elements from the blog and brought them over (particularly in the left bar), and hammered the other parts of the blog into looking like the rest of the site, made a videos page that’s not on YouTube, updated just about everything for consistency, and, well, take a look at it, will you? Does it render reasonably on your machine?

One big advantage of the new blog format is that I can post wider pictures without breaking the columns. Yay!

I’ve tested it on a couple of browsers and it’s fine so far, but I don’t have every browser or OS. From here, it looks a lot more consistent and frankly less goofy a presentation, but it’s still new code and parts of it could be broken.

And I’m still not sure what to do on phones. On phones, WordPress flips over to Carrington, which is a mobile-specific standard format, which is a a lot easier to read but… not attractive. Also I don’t know how to get the social-candy-icons stuff to show up over the banner on the blog page, because WordPress. I do know how to get them to show up on the Music page. I haven’t done it yet, but will – it’ll be tedious, and can wait until after Folklife is over.

Anyway, give it a look, if you get a chance. Does it work on your machine?

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Productive we so far; we got the last of Leannan Sidhe’s major guitar recording down in the lair. Still a few drop-ins to do, and fixes, but the heavy lifting in guitar is over. Yay!

Today, I’m busy building out melody parts for the Free Court of Seattle soundtrack album. I made learning tracks for the traditional music a couple of weeks ago, for the other musicians appearing on the album, but the fight scene set is really difficult to understand, so…

…I might explain what a learning track is. And a set, for that matter.

Okay! So, the basic element of Irish music is the “tune.” It’s a melody, typically in repeating parts (A/B, often A/B/C, sometimes A/B/C/D or more) which may and may not have basic chord and/or drum accompaniment. The melody is the defining element of the tune; the rest is optional. Here’s an example tune:

A set is simply a collection of tunes arranged together into a longer piece. As in hiphop, flow is critical, tho’ instead of lyric flow it’s melodic flow. These were historically performed in participatory playing circles, at pubs, in sessions. Those tend to look a bit like this:

The learning tracks I’ve been working on are rough mockups of some of the sets which will be appearing on the Free Court of Seattle book series soundtrack. (The link is to Book 1 on Amazon; also in print, B&N/Nook, and Kobo). You build learning tracks by taking other peoples’ performances and editing them together into a single recording that can be studied and learned from.

Most of the sets for this album are traditional; that’s intentional, being the music that informs the early parts of the book series. But for one set – for a conflict scene involving kitsune, a dragon, Our Heroes, and so on – we’re bringing in some Japanese traditional music.

To make this melding work, I’ve written a variation on one of the Irish standards as a bridging piece, and am not so much building a set as arranging the elements like one would for an orchestral piece. It’s… complicated.

And since some of this has never been recorded by anyone – my March towards Lisdoonvarna, mostly – the current learning track is a hideous mashup of flute and taiko, bagpipes and accordion, and me whistling something nobody’s heard before into a microphone.

Worst. Learning track. Evar. It’s totally incoherent.

So I’m currently learning all of these parts the hard way, and playing them on bouzouki. Once it’s all on the same instrument, it makes a lot more sense. But I’m not traditionally a big melody player on strings, which means I’m learning! new! skills! and means it’s taking for-bloody-evar.

But it’ll be cool.

Finally, a reminder from the Guild: don’t let the supervillain get bored. All CDs are on sale, so give them to friends and rivals, frenemies and nemeses, and help spread the rage. Besides, we need the money to record our new music. We can steal everything but time, and it’s just plain faster sometimes to buy things, you know? I mean honestly, who wants to spend time planning the grand supertheft of a breakfast bagel? I have better things to do. Or worse. Muah ha ha.

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Once upon a time, I was a software developer. Actually, for a while. One of the slogans when I worked at Previous Borg1 was, “Real artists ship.”

Which also means “real artists work on their art, not just their tools.” Most of these DIY posts are about tools, not the art itself, and really, for me at least, tools are awesome but actually using them to make something is moreso.

So I’ve posted a lot about DIY equipment-making lately and will do so more in the future – but not today. Because some decisions have been made, some plans have been finalised, and it’s time to stop working on tools. It’s time to put up the Big Board2 and start making some recordings, because we are finally getting underway with the Free Court of Seattle soundtrack album.

Now, that’s really as much about DIY as anything else, since, after all, I am doing this myself. Therefore, there will still be DIY posts. They’ll just be process instead of toolsmaking. I’m not abandoning you. ^_^ Plus, I have a tools-making DIY post coming up from a guest writer in another month! So watch for that.

And that’s all for now. On the way out have some poster art I did for another band who have a Seattle show coming up in a couple of weeks. Visually, they’re way more about the light psychedelia than I am – I’m kind of the opposite of that, aesthetically – but they like the art so much they’re thinking about doing a T-shirt of it. That’s gratifying. ^_^

Leannan Sidhe Show Poster, Wayward Coffee

1: Previous Borg: Seattle always has a Borg, which is to say, the employer or industry into which you will be assimilated at some point. Once it was timber. Then it was the gold rush supply business. Then it was Boeing. Then it was Microsoft. Currently, it’s Amazon. I worked at Previous Borg.
2: Is the Big Board worth talking about?

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My principles have cost me a fan. That sucks. I don’t have fans to burn, and if I had more business sense, it wouldn’t've happened. But I have principles, even when they cost me; you might notice a parallel here between real life and band conceit. That’s not accidental.

Here’s the story.

Elsewhere, I relayed an article about Gary Johnson. He’s the libertarian-who-means-it candidate, not Ron Paul; he lacks Ron Paul’s history of racism, and other fatal liabilities. A self-described lover-of-my-music popped in to say disagreed with Mr. Johnson about almost everything, particularly marriage rights. “Marriage is between a man and a woman.”

So being a married dyke, I said, “Well, that includes me and Anna! So there you go,” quietly unfriended, and that was as far as I was going to take it.

But then this person sent mail, chiding me for how I “can’t tolerate as a friend, someone who has a different path from [my] own” and going on about how people like me are about hypocritical about tolerance.

I wanted overnight to cool down. Anna said I shouldn’t reply at all, but I realised I wanted to make a public response, because, in the end, they won’t read it, but maybe someone else will. And that way, maybe it will mean something – even if it is all way too personal. In this particular context, there really is no way for it not to be.

I have spent my entire. life. fighting efforts to keep and make me less of a person in the eyes of the law. I have spent, as they say, both blood and treasure in this war. My arms are wrecked for typing; I can’t do software anymore. (I’m terrified it’ll spread to playing; I work hard to prevent that.)

I’ve been assaulted, harassed on the streets, received death and rape threats more times than I can count. I’ve done ground work against religious conservatives working nationally-funded initiative and legislative efforts dedicated to making me various degrees of illegal, be it blocking me from employment, mandating public schools teach that I am “illegal, immoral, and wrong,” keeping me outright illegal in several states (as was still true when Lawence v. Texas (2003) finally tossed out those laws), and on, and on, and on.

I have spent hundreds of hours monitoring social-conservative and fundamentalist radio broadcasts, sitting there transcribing the blood slander they espouse. (It’s akin to blood libel, but instead of killing the children of gentiles to make our bread, we supposedly rape or molest the children of heterosexuals to “turn them homosexual,” and that’s asserted to be “how we reproduce.”) I’ve sat there listening to people like Beverly LaHaye extoll the virtues of bullying and child abuse against queer children to force them to “repent.” This included intentionally making your own children homeless.

I have not enjoyed it. Aside from the soul-searing brutality of it all, I loathe politics, and always have. But, of course, I lack the privilege of ignoring these fights.

And somewhere around the 20 year mark, I ran out of patience with people whose idea of “diversity” is keeping me second-class in the eyes of the law, on any level. That’s a sophistry I no longer have time for in my life. If someone wants to have religious beliefs, that’s their own lookout, and none of my concern; when they cry prosecution and demand legal action against me for it, I am done.

So do I lack tolerance for your intolerance of me? Do I lack tolerance for saying me and my family should be less than and unequal in the face of the law? Yes. Yes, I do. I also have contempt for the assertion that not being okay with your legal stances against me is “intolerant.” I mean, really? “You won’t let me legislate against you! You’re INTOLERANT!” Yeah, fuck that. I have had more than my fair share of that, and I am finished with it.

It’s not like I have enough fans to waste any. I most certainly don’t. Losing even one hurts me. It is damned difficult to get started in this business, and I need every fan I can get. The smart thing, the business thing, would be to ignore you and have not unfriended. My principles, here, are costing me.

And I can live with that. I lost a lot of friends for my stand against the Bush administration’s torture and domestic spying regime, and against Mr. Obama’s and the Democratic Party’s support of it. I can lose a fan over this. Such has been my story before, I guess that can be my story again.

So long.

– Solarbird, the Lightbringer

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Today is the last stop on my autumn house tour, at 8959 Battle Point Drive NE, Bainbridge Island – a ferry trip! If I have to wait for a second ferry – as the transportation website indicates is likely – then it’d actually be faster to drive all the way around through Tacoma.

That seems… unlikely. But I’m not going to risk it. I’m going to leave stupidly early and probably not even have to wait a ferry and end up out on the island REALLY early. If you’re seeing this before, like, 1pm Cascadian time – where’s a good place to kill time on Bainbridge Island? Anything near the terminal?

I’m already planning out a February tour! Anybody willing to host? Please contact me! I really do want to do this, I handle all the tech side so you don’t have to worry about any of that, and it’s fun. :D

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First: SHOW! FRIDAY! 8959 Battle Point Drive NE, Bainbridge Island, WA. Doors 6pm, show 7pm, $7 suggested donation, but if you can’t afford that, come anyway.

I’m starting to think I’ve got all I’m going to get out of the Cracksman Betty project. I’ve got one more song already recorded that I’d like to add, and maybe one bonus track, but I think it’s about done.

I have a few specific plans (Touring! The next studio album! nwcMUSIC 2012!) that’ll get underway for sure, but I want to wedge in at least one more thing on top of those, because I’m insane. Got any ideas?

What should I do next?

[[CLICK HERE TO VOTE the checkboxes do nothing]]

Also, Sherry from Sidhehaven took a photo during the show, and said I could post it! Thanks!

photo courtesy Sherry Kirk

Several experiments from the Sidhehaven show worked to varying degrees. Yay! The camera, even with all the space left in the world, didn’t even come close to running out of battery or space on the card! But it shuts video off at around the 38m mark anyway. Note “around the.” The exact time is different each time, and has nothing obvious to do with space left. I don’t know why.

Sadly, the camera’s onboard mic is lame. But I had my good quality recorder hooked up! Yay! But it was through the monitor speaker, which, turns out, has kind of a crappy pre-amp, and the sound quality is kind of not good. Boo! So I have a post-tour goal: build a proper interface so I can use both monitor and recorder at the same time, without losing quality.

Also I need to rebuild that monitor’s preamp. It really does kind of blow.

Hm, sounds like the cats have turned on Radio Two again downstairs. THANKS CATS. Better go fix that before Anna wakes up. See you Friday, I hope!

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Hey, minions! Back up in the Lair for a couple of days before heading back out again. Thank you again, Sidhehaven, for having me in for a show, letting me crash in your yome, and for showing me such kind hospitality!

Anybody willing to host a house concert in February? I’m loving the house concert tour thing, I want to do more of it, and I already have one offer on the table in North Seattle. Please, let me know!

You Think You’re So Clever With Your Lens Flares, Abrams!

Sherry said I really should do a web single of the song I premiered at Sidhehaven. I’m going to work on that after the current tour and see what happens. I hesitate in part because I tend to revise songs a lot as I perform them out, and they improve for that, and this one’s new.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t do a version now and then a revised version for the next album. If I can get somewhere I like with it, I’ll likely do that.

Sidhehaven Gremlin says Hi

At home, now, I’m mostly replenishing supplies and the like – repairing a cable, dumping recordings to hard drives, things like that. K’ Wiley gave me some advice a few weeks ago about making up lyrics stickers, and wow, people reallllllllly like those! I’m out of several and have already printed up more for the Bainbridge Island show on Friday:

You get a MINION sticker if you bring a friend. :D Or if you help out with the merch table (thanks, Annie!) or something like that. I want to make buttons but nobody seems to have a button maker I can borrow!

That’s it for now. Come to the show on Friday, and don’t forget the new fan mailing list download. This isn’t going up on Bandcamp or Cracksman Betty or anything. So if you’re on the list and didn’t get a download code, tell me! I’ll fix it. :D

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This whole house concert tour thing is exciting! I have two confirmed dates to tell you about now, yay!

  • NOVEMBER 11th, 2011 (11/11/11): House concert at Sidhehaven. I’ve heard a lot about this place an I’m honoured they’ve decided to host me for my first announced house concert! They’re outside Yelm, about half an hour south of Tacoma, Washington by car. Doors open at 6pm; showtime’s at 7. RSVP on evite, and/or check in on Facebook – tho’ if you don’t and decide to come anyway that’s cool. But RSVP if you can! $5-10 suggested donation.
  • NOVEMBER 18, 2011: Peter Lovejoy is hosting me out on Bainbridge Island, at 8959 Battle Point Drive NE. I’ve never played anywhere out there before, so this is a first! Doors open 6pm, show starts 7pm, $7 Suggested Donation. There’s no RSVP page for this one but I’d love to know if you’re coming!

There may be some more news to come. I hope so, anyway! Thanks so much to Sidhehaven and to Peter for letting me come play for their friends – I’m so looking forward to it!

We Have Movie Sign!

Back to our horrorfest! There are three questions this time: your favourite Hammer Films horror classic, your favourite Carpenter film from his golden era (other than The Thing, already in polls earlier), and your favourite recent horror flick, from any source. We’ve seeded that poll with some of our faves.

As usual, if an answer you want isn’t in here, comment with the film you want, and I’ll add it!




Four Note Soundtracks: The Musical Genius of John Carpenter


Horrors Moderne


Next week, we’ll put all of the winners of all five polls up against the original Universal classics and crown our EMPEROR OF HORROR! Let the creepiest thing win!

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G’morning, everyone! I hope everyone relevant enjoyed a good First Thanksgiving! It’s another Project Week here in the Lair.

FIRST: I want to set up a house concert tour for early winter! I expect both the tour and the houses to be little. ^_^ You and six friends? That’s good enough! These are supposed to be intimate and friendly, while still being actual shows.

I’m looking for anywhere between Vancouver in the north, south to Eugene. I have sent out mail to an assortment of people already, but if you know anybody or are interested yourself? Let me know!

You’ll note this is along the Cascadian rail line. If I can do this by TRAIN! that’s all the better. Acoustic shows don’t need a PA, which means CONCERT TRAIN WOOOOOOOOOO! \n/ But you don’t have to have a train station.

SECOND: I’ve been brushing up on screenprinting technique. I’ve been thinking about the TICKIEBOX IS MY MASTER NOW T-shirts, and those shirts are really spendy and that’s without me making money! And that’s stupid, because money should flow towards the supervillain. So I realised, “hey, I’ve got a screen and a squeegee, why am I giving them a piece of the action?” Well, okay, because that was fast and let me bring the lulz. But we’re past that now!

What would you guys like for T-shirts? Drop suggestions in comments. It has to be pretty simple, ’cause I’m new at this. I do have kind of a straightforward idea for a basic crew/street team black T I could try first. These images are first-drafts, but give you the idea:



They’d be available at cost to crew and street team and on any T that people wanted to send me. Others? It’d depend on interest. Whaddya think?

THIRD: I’m working on a new song I may release as a web single. I actually wrote a big chunk of it a while ago but it’s been sitting not-quite-ready-for-prime-time for over a year. It’s about a lot of the same shit the OWS people have been on about. I played with it a bit up in Vancouver last week, but I need a more generalised version, and I think I have that now. I’m excited about this.

FOURTH: I’m on the greater concom of the Norwescon Science Fiction Convention, running nwcMUSIC, the music programming event within Norwescon.

We had a meeting on Saturday. Next door:


I have, of course, submitted it to FailBLOG, where you may vote. Enjoy!

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Welcome to October! October, the month that feels like going home, the month of falling leaves, of horror movies, of Halloween, of rainy season, of no more flowers but not yet snow, of the Great Pumpkin, and of Wild Chickens. They go for the kill.

I’m in more of a Poison Ivy mood, even if DC Comics probably screwed her up too in the reboot. (<RAEG>GIVE ME BACK MY POISON IVY/HARLEY QUINN YOU ASSHOLES!</RAEG>) We spent a lot of time this past summer trying to beat back the local strangleweeds, debating over which was the leader. Now, as far as I’m concerned, it all has to end in fire, but who do you think is in charge of the Cascadian botanical apocalypse?

Reveal the Leader of the Cascadian Botanical Apocalypse!

  • [ ] Horsetail
  • [ ] Tickievine
  • [ ] Blackberry
  • [ ] Laurel
  • [ ] Morning Glory
  • [ ] ADDED: English Ivy (second four horseplants, nr. 1)
  • [ ] ADDED: Scotch Broom (second four horseplants, nr. 2)
  • [ ] ADDED: Japanese Knotweed (second four horseplants, nr. 3)
  • [ ] ADDED: Wisteria (second four horseplants, nr. 4)


And for those of you not lucky enough to live in the Republic, what’s going to engulf your world come the Ragweednarok? As always, if the answer you want isn’t here, DO NOT VOTE, but instead put it in comments. I will add it, and you can vote for it then.

Reveal the Leader of Your Botanical Apocalypse!

  • [ ] French Climbing Rose
  • [ ] Tickietree!
  • [ ] Kudzu
  • [ ] Honeysuckle
  • [ ] Scotch Broom
  • [ ] Salt Cedar
  • [ ] English Ivy
  • [ ] ADDED: Giant Hogweed


And if that’s not enough evil for you, check this shit out, found by lj:Flashfire: SAUNAPANTS: THE NEXT GENERATION. You want a terrifying picture?

Yes, it’s Commander Riker. In Saunapants. RedARERT!

PS: Don’t forget that tickiebox is your master now! Also the latest Cracksman Betty song, I’m a Rover, Live at Juanita Bay. Enjoy!

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Cracksman Betty is the official compilation album of Trad O’ th’ Month songs, which are one-day free/pay-what-you-like recordings of traditional or mostly-traditional music. This latest addition, “I’m a Rover,” was recorded live at Juanita Bay at the “Talk Like a Pirate Day” show I did on the 9th.

It was a mono recording – originally, anyway – with not enough vocals and too much wind and generator noise. But I fixed all that! ^_^ Give a listen, and download it if you like:

Also, don’t forget to vote in the poll! Several people came up with entries for a contest that wasn’t even my idea, which is awesome, so support fan creativity, go see what they made, and help one of them win a prize by picking your favourite!

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Okay, so, when I added “Rain of Jaguars” to the list of apocalypse engines on a whim last week – it’s always been my favourite apocalypse legend by far – I was absolutely not expecting it to win, much less for people to start speculating about the mechanics of jaguar apocalypses, or “Jaguar Apocalypse” to become a miniature meme, but all that happened!

So the poll I had planned for this week is now put off, and instead we have this instead! It’s a poll populated by readers of this blog, a combination of “Apocalypse Jaguar is my ______________ Cover Band” jokes and Apocalypse Jaguar discography entries!

You guys are total freaks, you know that, right? XD

Creator of the winning poll entry wins a signed album, suitable for framing, playing, evangelising the band (aheh), distracting police while you finish targeting your heat ray, reflecting lasers onto the moon, what have you.

I gotta tell you, I might ask to steal one of these graphics for show poster art. I’m not sayin’ which. But one of them. See if you can figure out which. Meanwhile, go vote!

Discography Entry or Apocalypse Jaguar is my __________ Cover Band?


Anna and I will be at VCON this weekend! Are you coming? If so, let us know, and come say hi!

I’d write more, but it’s 1am. Here, unrelated to anything, Rainbow Dash vs. Starscream. I lulzed.

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Normally here I’d have a cool new post for you to wake up to on Monday morning! But I don’t, because a mild windstorm blew our IP upstream off the net for many hours. So you get hopefully amusing bullet points.

1: The Image of the Poll from last week are still the marine apocalypse jaguars. I never thought a combination of Battlestar Galactica and Aztec legend would be your preferred engine of the apocalypse, but who am I to argue? However, if you start to go all ancient astronaut on me, Londo Mollari is going to have to line you up and kick all your asses. Just sayin’.

2: Black Mesa is recruiting. If, you know, you’re the sort to like shipping products without testing them. C.f.:

No momentum goo. No industrial properties. Why bother?

3: I’m learning a new pick technique. It’s difficult and wants my wrist to move in ways that are apparently common for you lot but are freaky and weird to me. But I will say this: it’s damned fast. I like that.

That’s it. Check back for more later! I’ll come up with somethin’ when I have brains again. XD


Mirrored from Crime and the Blog of Evil. Come listen to our music!

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