Piecewise Review of Sgaawaay K'uuna

Feb. 18th, 2019 02:00 pm
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I saw Sgaawaay K'uuna ("Edge of the knife"), a Haida-language horror film late last year. Here's the trailer (not gory):

I quite enjoyed it. Here are some thoughts that don't quite rise to the level of a formal review:

Sound Design
The sound design is memorable, though it drove me up the wall a couple of times. Every manmade object in the movie (it is set in the 1800s) is made of wood, and they all go clunk. Halibut hooks clunk against floats. Paddles clunk against boats. Box lids clunk. Doors and floors clunk. Movies usually remove these kinds of random environmental noise unless they serve a specific purpose to the plot, like silverware scraping on plates to emphasize how awkward a family meal is or something. The sound designers of Sgaawaay K'uuna left all the clunks in.

On the one hand, it does do a good job of bringing to life the historical setting, which sounds pretty different than the metal and plastic pings and pangs I hear around my home. On the other hand, a scene where people are looking in a bunch of wooden boxes for a missing item, and rifling through other wooden items in the wooden boxes was almost more than I could bear.

The acting ranged from acceptable (Tyler York as Adiit'sii, the main character did pretty well - hammy, but in a reasonable horror movie "nooooooo" sort of way) to ... uh ... distracting. Not surprising: while all the actors were Haida, most were not fluent in the language.The children in particular often recite their lines staring off into space with furrowed brows and looks of intense concentration instead of looking at their conversational partners, and while you feel bad laughing at kids, it's kind of hilarious. Most of the action is carried by York, so the fumbling acting didn't detract from the storyline too much for me.

I loved that all the adults had unique tattoos. The tattoos were interesting formline designs, and also made it easy to tell all the characters apart even though they dressed similarly (often a problem for me in movies).

Beautiful in a BBC documentary sort of way. Crashing waves, woodcarving, sunlight through translucent leaves, winds in the forest. Kilometers of b-roll is an odd addition to a horror movie, but it's hard to object to footage this pretty. I personally appreciated the blunting of the horror elements by shots of crabs walking on a beach or something - descriptions I'd read had not been clear that this is at least somewhat a horror movie, and I was surprised by some intense imagery. At least until my butt went numb. Running length: about two and a half hours.

The horror parts are filmed in a style that is stereotypically "horror movie", with dutch tilts and Hitchcock zooms to make things feel off-balance and paranoid. The legend the movie is based on has some different ideas on what constitutes "scary" than a movie about evil clowns and jumpscares or something, so having the camera go "hey, this thing right here is the scary thing, you can tell because we're filming it weird" was pretty helpful to sell it to me as a cultural outsider.

Interesting story with intriguing ideas about how monsters are made.

minor spoilers )

Overall, I'd recommend this movie. It's beautiful and interesting and scary, even if the pacing is off. And the clunks. Seriously, the clunks were the worst part. I feel like I now know what misophonia is like.
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Title: Closer
Fandom: Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold
Pairing: Cleopatra Jones/Mi Ling Fong
Music: Closer by Tegan and Sara
Summary: 'I won't treat you like you're typical'
Notes: Premiered at Club Femslash 2019. Password = AurumCalendulaVids
Warnings: physical triggers

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Title: With You
Fandom: NCIS: New Orleans
Pairing:Sonja Percy/Tammy Gregorio
Music: BWU by Tegan and Sara
Summary: 'All the girls I loved before/ Told me they signed up for more/ Save your first and last chance for me'
Notes: Premiered at Club Femslash 2019. Password = AurumCalendulaVids
Warnings: physical triggers

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Feb. 18th, 2019 06:34 pm
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I am trying to think of something to post-- I know on saturday I posted about how much I hate hate HATE text, but that really isn't a post with any substance aside from highlighting how very much I hate TEXT in icons (and actually, I do like text in icons-- what I hate is my inability to make text look good unless it is a pre-made brush/texture). Tonight on my plate is making some Roland Orzbal icons (of Tears of Fears fame) for [personal profile] carisma_sensei since I cleared an icon challenge. I have some other things that I technically be doing, like the Sig challenge for [community profile] lands_of_magic.. that is if I decide to do it-- once again, that involves text and I HATE TEXT!


Comment and I will link you a random song! it could be anything.. really anything I am listening to currently, or maybe something that I like based on something that you may like-- it's whatever and random, because I love randomized things!

WORK HAS BEEN ALRIGHT! Also, filed my taxes and getting more than expected back-- probably because of the 14 hour days, five days a week that I did most of the year. Next years tax return won't be nearly as sweet.

Trying to figure out an excuse to get my husband to take me to Rock City in TN. I need more Garden Gnomes in my life.

Alright, time for more icons!

Two Weeks Before the Mast

Feb. 18th, 2019 01:16 pm
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Early next month I'll be joining the crew of the Lady Washington for a two week training course. I'll go onboard in Ventura, then the next day we sail 240 nautical miles north to Monterey. The rest of the time will mostly be spent in port, giving tours and short cruises. (Apparently we might have to anchor out in the harbor for a night or two to make room for a cruise ship!) I'll be a deckhand, doing whatever needs doing: scrubbing decks, polishing brass, cleaning the head, etc. But it's a working tallship, and the program is designed to train tallship sailors, so I'll also be helping with the operation of the ship, including going aloft to release/secure sails as needed. I'll also be standing watch, at least during the trip up the coast. I know the reality will be cold and boring, but, damn.

This is something I've meant to do for at least 13 years, going by the evidence I could find in my archives. The last few years have made me realize on a deeper and personal level that, while by no means imminent, there is a very finite horizon on my ability to partake in activities involving heavy physical labor. I need to make sure to do these kinds of things sooner rather than later.

I've spent the last week practicing knots. (By itself that's a great benefit. I've never been particularly good at knots, and have always been a bit jealous of the skill. Nothing like being forced to finally learn a skill you wanted.) The gear has started to arrive -- I have a marlinspike now! This morning I made travel reservation down and back up. Since I have the weekend before free, I decided to take the train down and save a bit of carbon. (Plus, I've never taken the train past Eugene!) The last leg from Bakersfield to Ventura will be by Amtrak bus, so not only will the trip be by land, by sea and by air, it will also include planes, trains and automobiles.

Basically, I'm super excited and can't stop thinking about it. Watching hours of tallship videos has been a side effect. Most aren't very useful in terms of learning how things are done, but they sure are pretty. The following two are exceptions, being kind of terrible in terms of quality, but really great for technical details.

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Fiction Welcome to Mercedes (part 2 of 2, complete)

Welcome to Mercedes
By Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
Part 2 of 2, complete
Word count (story only): 1508

:: Part of the Polychrome Heroics universe, this story is set in Mercedes, and takes place immediately after “Ripple Effect,” (here is the link to part one) and picking up right after Aida left the shop. Bennett gets a feel for Evard’s personality as he insists upon trying to mitigate the young man’s earlier experience with a “massage” that focused more on his body issues than his emotional needs. Fluff and comfort for miles. ::

Back to part one
:: Thanks for reading! ::

“I’m still warm from the shower. I’m not a reptile; I’m warm-blooded, but my skin is… strange,” Evard grumbled defensively.

“Yeah, I never thought that you were, but people have different ideas of what’s comfortable. One client likes the place nearly cold enough to see your breath, and another wants to imitate living inside a bubble of lava.” He laughed quietly. “I’m wanting you comfortable enough to relax, but not so warm that you get drowsy right away. Later, as you relax, it’s expected.”
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The husbeast's knee is still being a jerk - his doc says, given his level of mobility, that it's probably a bruise and not a tear to the meniscus, and to give it another 10 days on anti-inflammatories and stay on crutches.

It's hard to buy that it's only been four days - I feel pretty stretched thin. Normally, we do a fair job splitting the housework and food prep, and Husbeast does the driving, so to have him at home for several days and have all of that on my shoulders feels like a lot.

He bought himself crutches and, after I read a tumblr post praising shower seats, I got him a cheapy shower stool so that he can actually get a chance to bath properly instead of stewing. 

That being done, in the last couple of days, which I had off, I have not actually been super restful!  I did groceries and got the dude out of the house to a coffeshop for the first time in days while I did that, I have done laundry, made soup for the week for dinner, cleaned my bike's front wheel and brakes to try and kill the awful shrieking noise, made lunches for the two of us for the week, bought replacement bras for my favorite one that went rogue, bought replacement orthotic inserts for MY foot issues (which I have to do every 6 months and had just let it go way too long), and replacement orthotic slippers so that I don't wander around the house barefoot. 

I have learned that when I'm taking care of someone else, I can't dick around with taking care of myself - I have to do what works, and what's easiest, or I get burnt out fast. So, I sprung for buying my orthotic inserts online instead of going to the podiatrist (about $10 more expensive but doesn't mean I have to take a trip to the doc during the work day), and made a soup that I like and works well instead of thinking about new recipes, and let myself buy takeout on a night when we still had some food in the house that could have been a meal.  

In short, all of the things I am doing to take care of myself involve being willing to throw some money at a problem and I have absolutely NO PATIENCE for anyone who says that people doing caretaking work or who have disabilities themselves need to scrimp and save and should ashamed of getting help or extra money. Fuck that - this is already exhausting and I have an end date in sight. 
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Posted by Cliff Mass

Nothing is more frustrating and difficult for local meteorologists than marginal snow events.  By that I mean marginal temperatures for snow to reach sea level.

Unfortunately, the Washington lowlands are often in this marginal temperature regime and will be so for the rest of this week.  In these situations, the upper reaches of our local hills (above say 400 ft) can have (wet) snow, while rain or a wintry mix hit near sea level.   Being near the (relatively) warm water of Puget Sound, Lake Washington, and the Strait is also a problem.

The picture below shows a typical example of this meteorological frustration, looking northward from the UW towards Capitol Hill. All white at the top.  No snow at the bottom.

During this period, it is critical to know the difference between freezing level and snow level.  Freezing level is the first elevation above the surface where the temperature drops below freezing.  Precipitation generally starts as snow aloft and then falls through the freezing level, beneath which it starts to melt.  It takes about 1000 ft for the snow to completely melt, and we call that level the snow level.  You are now experts in this snow level business.

During the last snow situation, we had the right configuration to bring the freezing level to the surface, often with a low center over SW Washington drawing frigid air through the Fraser River Gap, into NW Washington, and then down into the rest of western WA.

But this week we don't and there is onshore flow at low levels. Flow off the 50F Pacific Ocean.  At 10 AM this morning, the freezing level at Sea-Tac Airport was at 1333 ft, with a snow level around 350 ft.   If it were precipitating now, the top of our hills could be white, while downtown Seattle would be in a cold rain. Yuk.  Enough to make Amazon folks reconsider Long Island City.

Tomorrow, a wet Pacific weather system will move in from the northwest, but as shown by the surface chart for 1 PM Tuesday (colors show temperature at around 2500 ft, solid lines are pressure), the air is not that cold in BC, northwest flow is moving into the NW, and the temperatures are marginal (white to light green).  Wet rain near sea level, wet snow above 500-1000 ft.

This kind of flow can really dump snow in the mountains, since westerly flow has a large upslope wind component up the north-south oriented Cascades. To illustrate this, here is the accumulated snowfall through 4 PM Wednesday from the UW WRF model.   The Cascades above roughly 3000 ft get a foot or more, with lighter snow extending to around 1000 ft, and maybe a bit lower where precipitation is a greater.  But no snow days in Seattle.

The high-tech, high-resolution, 15 member UW ensemble system confirms this snow forecast for Sea-Tac (see below)--so we are pretty sure about this forecast.

And the vaunted European Center model has the same idea.  Great for skiers, bad for kids who don't want to go to school.

But don't give up on snow yet.  There is a much more threatening prediction for Saturday (see sea level pressure and temperature forecast below), with colder air over BC and a low center in the SW Washington sweet spot. 

But let's wait before getting excited about it and keep in mind that there is an increasing problem for low-level snow lovers:  the sun is rapidly getting stronger and days are getting longer.  We only have a week or two left in the lowland snow season before the sun makes serious snow impossible.

A sign of the upcoming warming is found at Garden stores and nurseries, which are already stocked with seeds, plants, and fertilizers.   They will be doing a great business this spring:  the heavy snow has done massive damages to trees and bushes around the region.

[49/365] Spring training

Feb. 18th, 2019 08:17 pm
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Today I Skyped my parents to get the debrief of their dull old-white-person Florida vacation.

I spent last week thinking of the tragedy that is my dad who, when friends convinced my parents to join them on a trip to Fort Myers, could not get them to go any later than the second week of February.

A group of Minnesotans went to where Minnesota's baseball team spends its spring training. As long as I can remember, spring training has been a big deal: in the middle of a Minnesota winter, we cling onto any evidence that green grass and baseball exist somewhere in the world. For as long as I can remember, my dad has talked about wanting to go see the Twins spring training one year.

And now? Pitchers and catchers reported

But they did get to see the ballpark and he bought a souvenir hat ("it says '2019 spring training'," Dad said "And it's peach!" Mom said "Mango," Dad corrected her) so he's still happy.
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Well, our restaurant manager rage-quit again. This one only lasted two weeks. The last one lasted five!

Both of these guys had extensive experience actually running restaurants, and sounded like they knew what they were doing. And then both of them basically said: "The restaurant has this list of problems (that you explicitly told me about before you hired me). You should probably fix those, bye!"

I mean, no joke, in the interviews we would say, repeatedly, "We're not looking to hire someone who's going to say to us, 'You should have more checklists!' We're looking to hire someone who, as the manager, is going to make those checklists, and make sure they are followed." Both of them said, "Absolutely, I'm your guy!" Then a couple weeks later, "You should get some checklists, good luck with that!"

Double-you tee fuck.

This is so frustrating, because we know there are problems -- money-losing problems -- with our restaurant, and the solution to literally every one of those problems begins with, "Step 1: Hire a competent manager". Right now restaurant management is being spread between three or four people who all have other full time jobs here, jobs which are also critical.

Anyway, here's here's our Craigslist ad. Help, help.

Boombox Week 2019 | 11-17 february

Feb. 18th, 2019 07:07 pm
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Content: Junkrat/Lucio
Dates: 11-17 february
Original Poster: boombox-collective @ tumblr
Cross-posts: tumblr
Tag: #BoomboxWeek2019

  • 11th Feb: Favorite Skins
  • 12th Feb: The Mixtape
  • 13th Feb: Demons and Angels
  • 14th Feb: Comfort
  • 15th Feb: Welcome to Junkertown
  • 16th Feb: Together Against Vishkar
  • 17th Feb: Alternative Universe
Post a link to your work/social media post in the comments below! It'll be like having an unofficial masterpost of all the amazing content created during the week!

Reaper76 Week 2019 || 15-21 feb

Feb. 18th, 2019 06:35 pm
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Reaper76 Week 2019
15-21 february

Content: Reaper/Soldier76
Dates: 15-21 february
Original Poster: reaper-76-week @ tumblr
Cross-posts: tumblr, twitter

  • MONDAY: we can be heroes / SEP
  • TUESDAY: keep yourself alive / OMNIC CRISIS
  • WEDNESDAY: under pressure / GOLDEN ERA
  • THURSDAY: running in the shadows / FALL OF OVERWATCH
  • FRIDAY: empire of dirt / POST FALL
  • SATURDAY: distracted with pain / RECALL
  • SUNDAY: no ordinary love / AU
Post your work on tumblr or twitter with the tag #reaper76week and/or (even better) post a link to your work/social media post in the comments below!

Budgeting wins

Feb. 18th, 2019 08:56 am
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I know I had mentioned before that I've been an apostle of the YNAB budgeting solution. Having had trouble being smart about money in the past, I stumbled on YNAB and realized it was the system for me. I had little problems integrating the philosophy into my situation (and truth be told, I didn't have a solid system to start, so it was good to give in to the plan), and just made effort to keep it up to date and follow the program.

The "program" falls to about four different steps. First, track everything. All money movement in and out of every account preferably as it happens or very very soon after. YNAB helps in that you can integrate automatic account syncing with a lot of financial institutions, so if you don't have time to manually enter transactions, you can make the software do it for you.

Second, make buckets for every bit of spending you do or will ever do. By buckets, I mean start with your bills.. Those are given outgoing amounts. If you stop at Starbucks regularly, make a bucket for it. If you go to the movies often, bucket. Need to save for new tires for your car? Bucket. Vet appointment coming up? Bucket. Bucket it all, and there are some general categories of the types of spending, so you can organize your buckets as needed. More is probably better than less in the beginning. The point is to make your spending visible. Successful budgeting comes from awareness.

Third, make your money have a job. No money sits uncategorized. Fill your buckets monthly. Bills? Fill them monthly as you get paid. Fill them only enough to pay the bills. No extra. Fill all your buckets. Got a big expense coming up in 6 months? Decide how you want to break up filing that bucket. There are bucket goals which help you remember how much to put aside. Some are based on fixed goals and some are based on monthly savings goals. Fill your buckets. Plan what you plan to spend. Make a guess if you aren't sure. Don't forget to fill buckets for your not-critical spending. But use up ALL your to-be-budgeted dollars. That part is very important. Money shouldn't be sitting around unallocated for some unknown possible expense or plan. Want to take a European vacation? Make a bucket. Car? Bucket. Did you fill all your buckets for this month and you feel confident about it and still have some left over? Then start filling next month's buckets with what you have leftover. Those are most important. When you are done with this step, you should have no money unallocated. Make every single dollar have a job. Even if that job is in the future.

Fourth, adjust. You won't always get it right. Monthly bills are usually pretty easy to estimate, but other expenses may not be. If you decided to spend more on coffee this month, take the excess from a different bucket. Take note of how the money flows in and out of your buckets and adjust them. Not spending as much on something you thought you might? Adjust it and put it towards something you have been spending more on.

When you get to step four, what is important to realize is that you haven't changed your spending at all at this point. All you've done is built a system to be fully aware of how money flows in and out. And when you build a system to see your money and how your spending and saving interacts with it, you'll likely be able to make adjustments to the outflows to better cater to how you WANT to spend your money.

YNAB tracks money age in terms of how long money sits before being spent. Thirty days is the first goal. Once you have a month's expenses in your grasp, you've reached the first and hardest hurdle. After that? It's up to you!

My personal goal has been to age my money to 90 days, and I've managed to get 2/3rds the way there. It's... almost frightening to see the system work. Particularly if you haven't committed to a working system in the past. I can't say it isn't work. There is work to build it and to maintain it. But the work literally pays.

I appreciate as well that if you are having difficulties making your monthly bills and you aren't doing any discretionary spending, then budgeting isn't likely the biggest of your worries. Awareness is still important, but if you are solidly aware, then I don't know that this system will offer you more. If, on the other hand you are meeting your needs and just aren't getting enough traction to progress past that, or you're wrangling with urge to keep using credit to pay for things that aren't critical, or you just really want to have a more solid understanding of your money-flow (and especially if you are totally afraid to know what that looks like), then I'd highly recommend You Need Another Budget.

Also, as a final note, if you have a system you already use, and you're curious, keep in mind that YNAB may do things differently than you do, and your current system and its may not interact well. I appreciate that may be a problem, but I will say that if you can give in to their system, it really does work.

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