Round 12: A+pastel colours

Apr. 23rd, 2019 11:10 pm
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Welcome to Round 12: A+ Pastel colours.
For this round you have to icon a series/game/character etc. starting with 'A'.The icon should also use pastel colours in some way;it can be in the background,text,overall colouring etc.
Below are some examples to inspire you.

Arisa Ichigaya     Allelujah Haptism   Akatsuki no Yona    Alice
sleeting             hiraethe             [ profile] bob_bleheads1       [ profile] ryfee

Alice Nakiri                  Anna                  Anastasia              Angel Beats

[ profile] tetsuryu         rinoa_heartilly       [ profile] sietepecados   [ profile] chiyabubbles05

Assassin's creed III      Ashe           Aurora                Aladdin

2X [ profile] terra_melos                   laurapalmer             [ profile] lolzipopzz

Rules & Guidelines:

  • You can submit up to 5 icons

  • Icons must not exceed 40 kb and must be 100 px X 100 px.

  • Animaton is allowed

  • Submit your icons as a separate post to the community.

  • Your subject should be as Round 12: A+pastel colours by username

  • The deadline is 7th May, 2019.

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⌈ Secret Post #4491 ⌋

Warning: Some secrets are NOT worksafe and may contain SPOILERS.


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American seismologists say a magnitude 5.9 earthquake has shaken a remote part of India near the border with China in a region that has experienced huge quakes in the past.

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Apr. 23rd, 2019 05:29 pm
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by Carol Ann Duffy

If she were here
she'd forget who she was,
it's been so long,
maybe nurse, a nanny,
maybe a nun—

A girl I met
was willing to bet
that she still lived on -
Anon -
but had packed it all in,
the best verb, the right noun,
for a life in the sun.

A woman I knew
kept her skull
on a shelf in a room -
Anon's -
and swore that one day
as she worked at her desk
it cleared its throat
as though it has something
to get off its chest.

But I know best -
how she passed on her pen
like a baton
down through the years,
with a hey nonny
hey nonny
hey nonny no -

"Anon" by Carol Ann Duffy, from Feminine Gospels. © Faber & Faber, 2002.

Me-and-media update (cake edition)

Apr. 24th, 2019 10:07 am
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Very little eyeball reading (but I do need to feedback some fic that I read on my Kindle -- note to self!). In audiobook, the boy and I started Not Forgetting the Whale by John Ironmonger, which is really bringing home to me how much I'm used to inclusiveness in my reading matter (thank you, Ben Aaronovitch, among many others). By which I mean, it seems very straight and white so far. Also, I'm not sure I can actually handle 13 hours of omniscient POV. But two members of my family recced it to me, so we'll forge on for now, if only so I can discuss it with them.

Episode 4 of Black was, if you'll forgive the obvious, SUPER-DARK. Warnings for... ) Unfortunately, the story-telling was a little clunky, which made all the awfulness worse. I'm not tapping out yet, but... maybe I should be.

Thirty but Seventeen, otoh, is really sweet, and very much in the genre of fluffy slowburn G-rated romance, with a dash of angst and several dollops of farce, plus found family, cohabitation, and mistaken identity. It has the distinction of the female lead getting to act immature and mildly goofy (as opposed to other timeslip/bodyswap shows I've seen (or even Chief Kim) where it was always the guys), and I'm enjoying that a lot.

I also recently grabbed The Best Hit because it has Buja the zombie from Hwayugi in it, so that's in the line-up at some point too.

Other TV
We watched the available episodes of Killing Eve season 2 and are now waiting impatiently for more.

I am starting to get flaily and/or slightly horrified by the Amount of Meta I Am Missing! What if there are Important Insights I Need To Know? And yet, trying to keep up and have coherent thoughts at people and absorb All The Knowledge is not a recipe for stress-free fun, for me, so I guess I'll continue on my merry, haphazard way, hope for the best, and continue to be grateful for wonderful betas.

(I mean, I'm not even managing coherent thoughts on, like, regular posts, let alone actual discussions.)

Anyway, the magical whirligig continues, and I love it! And in theory, now I've posted Once Upon a Time in Dixing, I can move on to episode 7 in my rewatch and get stuck there.

We Netflixed the Gina Rodriguez film Someone Great. It was kind of like Russian Doll but 10 years younger, with more focus on friendships, and without the Groundhog Day aspect... if that leaves anything? (New York, parties and drugs, mostly.) I particularly liked the lesbian best friend played by DeWanda Wise though that came back to bite me when [SPOILER] ) Anyway, she was otherwise great and it was charming and yay films about female friend groups. \o/

I managed to earworm myself with an Aaron Neville song just by using really quite an innocuous phrase as a fic title. It's been hanging around for days now!

Writing/making things
Ot1h, I feel vaguely apologetic about how spammy I've been with the fic lately; otoh, no one should ever apologise for fic (except possibly to their betas, who might have other things they want to do with their time *sends [personal profile] trobadora a gift basket of gratitude*)! So I won't. I'm having so much fun -- this is very definitely the steroidal silver lining. In particular, Once Upon a Time in Dixing is my favourite thing I've written in ages, so it's very very happy-making that other people like it too. *chairdances*

Anyway, the steroid-fuelled writing can't last. I'm expecting an equal and opposite reaction when I drop down to 10mg early next week (ie, no words at all for a while, or very few, meep!) so I need to lock myself away in a tower NOW until I've got a complete draft of my 520 Day exchange assignment. Argh. I keep psyching myself out about it.

  1. 520 Day exchange assignment.
  2. Something for the Amnesty round on fan_flashworks (possibly the super-powered smut I currently have at beta because apparently tentacles weren't enough?) Done and posted \o/!
  3. WIP #2 (which I swear is going to be SO GREAT if only I can finish it! you should all be telling me off when I write anything else!)
Korean study
I heard from my favourite language exchange friend and wrote her a long email in reply, and it turns out that's still something I can do, so that was pleasing.

Life/health/mental state things
Quote from email: I was so sure I would get cleaning done once I was on steroids. Instead it's just a firehose of words and/or feelings and/or socially inept mopiness.

I feel like I'm hurtling downhill on a unicycle, while eating a lot of cake.1

1 The unicycle is a metaphor; the cake is literal cake.

Good things
Waterbeds used to be a thing! It seems SO WEIRD in retrospect, right? Like, why would you sleep on a giant water balloon? Why have a bed that's rendered unusable by a power cut? What were people thinking?!

A couple of good friends came to town over the long weekend. I went to the City Art Gallery with one of them, where there were several installations that seemed (to my biased eye) relevant to my fannish interests. For example, the colourful video visualisation of seismic data made me go, "This is absolutely what the inside of Ye Zun's pillar looked like for 10,000 years!" And the video of solar activity looked so much like spaceships and magic Hallows energy and... in the end, it's all Guardian.

(I think I managed to converse with my out-of-town friends without talking all over them and boring them with obscure references to Cdramas? Mostly?)

Also: The boy. Cats. Fic. Cake. The way Zhao Yunlan smiles at Shen Wei.

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I learned a lot from the presenters at the conference—I hope to post about that real soon now.

In the meantime, here’s what the experience was like.

The high point was volunteering.

I like registration )

Access: physical and intellectual success & failure

the good )

the frustrating )

I guess I belong here )

Check-In – Day 23

Apr. 23rd, 2019 05:50 pm
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"They told me there'd be days like this." That's how the saying goes. What have you been doing?

— Thinking. Maybe a little, maybe a lot.
— Writing.
— Planning and / or researching.
— Editing.
— Sending things to the beta.
— Posting!
— Relaxing, taking a break, etc.
— Other stuff-ing. Look at the comment.

Question: If you could sum up the happiness of writing in a single word, what word would that be?

Quote of the Day - Shoes

Apr. 23rd, 2019 05:51 pm
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“Relationships Are Like Shoes”

My mother told me relationships are like shoes: No matter how beautiful they are or how much you love them, if they don’t fit there will be pain with every step. Nobody will know it but you. There was pain in my relationship with my boyfriend of eight years, but I had ignored it. I finally understood the true meaning of my mother’s saying when he cheated on me. I don’t hate him or the other woman anymore. I took off the shoes and am free. — Karleen Chiu
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Posted by Jonathan Carey

They return to the same sunken vessels over and over again, and researchers are trying to figure out why.


Off the North Carolina coast, the rusty coral-ridden hollows of sunken vessels have become an important habitat for a certain underwater predator, one who can’t seem to get enough of the camera. Underwater photos dating back to 2007 revealed that six female sand tiger sharks had returned to the same shipwrecks months and sometimes even more than five years apart, according to new research published in the journal Ecology.

This phenomenon, when an animal returns to a habitat with some regularity, is known as site fidelity. The discovery may prove invaluable for scientists attempting to understand the conservation status of sand tiger sharks, categorized by the International Union for Conservation of Nature as a globally vulnerable species.

Current sand tiger shark population numbers are unknown as the last IUCN assessment was conducted in 2005. According to a press release, it is believed that their numbers have been spiraling downward since the early 1990s. The discovery of these sunken habitats could help scientists understand where to monitor for sand tiger sharks.

“Our finding that female sand tiger sharks return to the same or nearby shipwrecks adds to a growing body of evidence that these wrecks are very special and important habitats for a diversity of marine life, including top predators like the sand tiger shark,” says Avery B. Paxton, a marine ecologist and lead author of the study, via email. The coast of North Carolina’s Outer Banks is often referred to as the “Graveyard of the Atlantic,” due to the shipwrecks that populate the waters. This salty cemetery could now become a prime location to study the vulnerable species—and take more photos.


A set of images, which were taken by scuba divers, were crucial to the team’s research. The photographs allowed researchers to identify individual sharks through their unique spot patterns and to fully understand who was returning, when, and how often. By uploading photos to citizen scientist databases, such as the Spot A Shark USA program led by the North Carolina Aquariums, divers can provide researchers with the opportunity to study an ecosystem without having to venture out the lab.

It’s not yet known why female sand tiger sharks haunt the submerged ships. It’s also unknown if males exhibit similar behavior as none were found in matching photos. “Further research will better determine how valuable these shipwrecks are,” says Hap Fatzinger, co-author of the study. “We feel they are providing a critical habitat for this species to rest from long seasonal migrations, provide opportunities for overwintering, and also create an oasis for mating and reproduction.”

playtest call for Heretical Geese

Apr. 23rd, 2019 04:18 pm
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Hello! [personal profile] ursula and I are entering a cowritten tabletop RPG game jam that is GOOSE-themed (the honking bird kind, not goosing people). We would like to round up a playtest group for either this Saturday or the weekend of May 18 (or both?).

The game is more or less hexarchate- and ethics-themed (specifically Shuos). The rules are two pages long. Play would run either on Discord or Google Hangouts, whatever is agreeable to the group.

Please PM me or email me (requiescat at gmail dot com) if you're interested in volunteering and I'll give you more info.

HONK! :3

Dept. of Dreamwidth

Apr. 23rd, 2019 09:11 pm
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Hello, Folks, Here Writes Fandom, Maybe. 

So the redoubtable 
[personal profile] minnehaha  posted an excellent social media manifesto that makes the argument that Dreamwidth is an excellent platform for fannish communication. Here it is

It starts with the assumption that the LJ/Dreamwidth format is perfect for long-form communication - something that was as much a building block of traditional SF fandom as in-jokes, nicknames, letters of comment in zines and horrendously long fan feuds nourished over months and years by some of those LOCs. 

It makes the reluctant declaration that LJ itself could now be considered problematic, then says that LJ's fannish community could successfully make the leap to Dreamwidth by making the conscious decision to do so, thus reclaiming itself from whatever LJ's current operators might do.

(It also notes that Facebook and Twitter don't meet fannish needs for numerous reasons. Although it doesn't mention Tumblr, much of what it says about FB and Twitter obtains to that platform as well.) 

People still love LJ; their memories of its rich existence, history and shared experiences strongly tie them to it. What I like about 
[personal profile] minnehaha 's manifesto is that it doesn't denigrate Live Journal. Instead, it acknowledges it, especially the concepts that fueled the best of it - once again, long-form communication being a major part of that.

In short, it's not "LJ is bad and Dreamwidth is better, so abandon the former for the latter." It's "Our community - our communities - can move here, can be reborn here, as a natural evolution of modern fandoms. We aren't abandoning anything; we're helping our communities and fandoms survive by finding them a new home."

I like that. I hope others like it too, at least enough to consider. Moving to a new house always means walking into empty rooms, and remembering the comfortable rooms one left behind. That's not unrelievedly pleasant. It's bittersweet at best.

But then you fill the new and empty rooms with all the memories of the old ones, and begin the joyous journey of finding new memories as well. 

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Just checking. Does everybody know about "Wild Nights with Emily"?

And, relatedly, that a scholar applied moderning imaging technology to the erased parts of Emily Dickinson's letters to recover what they said, and uncovered that, contrary to Dickinson's dour, spinster, hermit-like reputation, she had a passionate, oh-so-carnal, life-long love affair with a Susan Dickinson nee Huntington? Who married Emily's brother expressly so that she could live next door to Emily for the rest of her life? Happily ever after?

See also: Behind the New, Gloriously Queer Emily Dickinson Movie.

(h/t [personal profile] conuly)

(no subject)

Apr. 23rd, 2019 10:08 pm
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baked beans and hula hoops is not a successful combination.
also I am out of both bread and chips.
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Posted by Rohini Chaki

Desserted at the altar.


Cleo Gakshteyn had not planned to get married in a kiddie pool whose contents reached her shins. But thanks to one restaurant's penchant for pageantry, her wedding, literally dipped in chocolate, became the prelude to a 20-year union made all the sweeter for its unique backstory.

In 1999, Gakshteyn (née Londoño) was running a tiny two-room spa in Manhattan with her boyfriend, David. One chilly February day, Joe Calderone came in for a facial. On the spa table, Calderone mentioned a wedding he was planning in order to promote Serendipity 3, the Upper East Side restaurant where he worked as creative chef and public relations manager. He was looking for a couple, he said, who’d get a free, Valentine’s Day wedding as long as they agreed to marry in front of New York press in a tub of the restaurant’s iconic Frrrozen Hot Chocolate.

“You don’t feel like getting married?” Calderone asked Gakshteyn. “Hold on, let me ask David,” she replied, half-seriously. As Calderone lay waiting for his facial mask to dry, Gakshteyn proposed marriage to her boyfriend. David said yes. (He actually said, “Okay,” recalls Gakshteyn.)

Within two weeks, Cleo and David Gakshteyn were wed. “The thing that I remember the most is the flashing lights,” Cleo Gakshteyn says, of the many photographers present. The house of Vera Wang made her a chocolate-colored wedding dress. The groom wore a top hat and a jacket previously seen on Mick Jagger. The jeweler, Harry Winston, loaned a two-million dollar, chocolate-brown solitaire diamond pendant that came with two accompanying bodyguards. There was champagne, a wedding cake, and a chocolate-inspired menu featuring chocolate pancakes and chicken breasts in mole sauce. The pornographic model Robin Byrd walked the future Mrs. Gakshteyn down the aisle. (The original choice, Fabio, the romance-novel cover model, was in an accident involving a goose and a roller coaster.) A judge officiated, and the wading pool of chocolate was mercifully not frozen.

The restaurant industry is a tough business, and according a 2016 New York Times article, it's harder for an independent restaurant to thrive in New York City than, say, Los Angeles or San Francisco. In 2018, the city lost 6,000 restaurant jobs as restaurateurs cut labor costs to stay afloat. That Serendipity 3 has survived since 1954, steadily seating Frrrozen Hot Chocolate fans under its canopy of Tiffany lamps, is a witchcraft as preternatural as its larger-than-life desserts. In a cutthroat industry, where not even excellent reviews and Michelin Stars will keep you in business, Serendipity’s operating model prioritizes conspicuous consumption. Its management has collected Guinness Book records for the world’s most expensive sandwich, sundae, burger, and milkshake. They’ve also organized other stunts, such as hosting a couple who got married (to each other) 109 times, including once at the restaurant. It’s a novel way to remain in public memory, and given the establishment’s longevity, an effective one.


If Serendipity 3 is a church of spectacle, then Joe Calderone is its presiding god of excess. The chocolate-pool nuptials were his idea. “The weddings were crazy, fascinating, and very opulent at the time,” he says. He’s responsible for the restaurant’s most outlandish publicity stunts, including the Golden Opulence Sundae: scoops of vanilla ice cream with edible gold leaf and dots of Madagascar vanilla straight from the bean, topped with a gold-plated sugar flower and sauce from the world’s most expensive chocolate, all served in a Baccarat crystal goblet. A Saudi royal, Calderone says, once ordered Golden Opulence Sundaes for his table. “He had his servant pay in cash for six $1,000 sundaes.”

Today, Serendipity 3 may have lost the limelight, but it continues to enjoy a following among the rich and famous, locals, and tourists alike. In its heyday, Andy Warhol was a regular, paying his tab in drawings, before he’d achieved celebrity. Jacqueline Kennedy visited, as did Marilyn Monroe. The Rockettes have swung shapely legs over the table, enjoying dessert in crystal coupes. The Kardashian-Wests sometimes walk in. Parents and grandparents bring their children for indulgent milkshakes and a moment of nostalgia.

There’s still occasionally a line for a table. Servers, balancing trays full of Frrrozen Hot Chocolate, maneuver their way past selfie-takers admiring the décor. There’s a fuchsia wall bedazzled with circular convex mirrors of various sizes. A disco ball radiates light from an explosion of Tiffany lamps blooming from the ceiling. There’s no escaping your reflection, there are mirrors everywhere—vintage, beveled, golden-edged, antique wooden. The vibe is a bit like walking into a posh funhouse. This is New York as the Empire State: sybaritic showiness masquerading as quirky and fun.


Over the years, six couples have married in a tub or pool of frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity 3. Only the Gakshteyns have done so twice. In 2014, the couple celebrated their 15th anniversary by renewing their vows in a slightly muted, but similar ceremony at Serendipity 3. The tub of chocolate was there, but the couple chose their own attire. No pornstars this time, just some family and friends, including the couple's two sons.

Serendipity, a word that means happy accident, has defined the Gakshteyns’ lives. A chance encounter with Calderone sparked the decision to get married, leading to a lifelong union. “I had no expectations, because I wasn’t expecting to get married when I did,” says Cleo Gakshteyn. Although the couple had a traditional wedding in a synagogue a month later, she has no regrets about getting married for a publicity stunt. “It was so gorgeous and beautiful," she says.

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MBARI researchers recently measured high concentrations of carbon dioxide in air blowing out to sea from cities and agricultural areas, including Silicon Valley. In a new paper in PLOS ONE, they calculate that this previously undocumented process could increase the amount of carbon dioxide dissolving into coastal ocean waters by about 20 percent.

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Apr. 23rd, 2019 04:43 pm
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If only spring could be like this all the time; if it was, spring would be one of my favourite seasons. It's clear and sunny with lowish humidity, although at about 81ºF/27ºC today, it was verging on too warm for me. However, we have reached one of the times of year (the other is autumn) when I can hang all the washing on the line and be fairly certain it will be dry by the end of the day. It's very pleasant outside hanging out washing in the cool of the morning, and then bringing it in later, in the warmer afternoon, when the line is shaded by the tall trees and bamboo at the back of our property.

My little viburnums have been bothering me for a couple of weeks, since the weather started to warm up. They're not so little any more, but they are still very vulnerable to being eaten by deer so they still need their protective fences. Since the fences are rather flimsy affairs of bamboo poles and light mesh, they get damaged over the winter and always need repairing or replacing spring. Also, some of the viburnums have now grown too tall for the fences I first made, so that the deer can easily reach over them. So today I finally got out into the yard and did some necessary work, replacing too-small fences with higher ones. I made them flimsy deliberately, because I don't want them to be permanent. As soon as the plants are tall enough that there are enough leaves too high for the deer to reach, I'll dispense with the fences. I'm hoping that will be next year for at least a couple of them, although there are still a couple which are growing more slowly and probably won't be tall enough to stand alone by next year.

In spite of all this positive activity, I'm feeling depressed and unmotivated today. S and I were planning to go to the UK to spend Christmas with all three of my daughters and all five of my grandchildren, as my two younger daughters are planning to come from Australia to the UK for Christmas. (I believe my middle daughter will be there with River, but I'm not sure that it's definite yet. However, my youngest daughter, her husband, and Oscar are definitely planning to be there.) However, this morning S suggested that it would be better if she goes to the UK with me in August after the baby is born instead of at Christmas. She argues that it will be better weather for taking the girls on excursions such as the ones we went on while I was there this month.

I agree that it will be helpful if there is someone besides me helping with Violet and Eden at that time, but I'm extremely disappointed that S wants to pass on Christmas with my family. I've spent several Christmases here with her here (sometimes with her son, sometimes with her daughter and son in law as well before William was born), and one with her and William's family in San Francisco when William was a baby, but she has never had Christmas with my family and I was eager to share our traditions with her. She was planning to go with me in 2015 when Violet was a baby, but she was prevented from leaving the country by a threatened government shutdown so I went alone. The shutdown didn't end up happening, but by the time we knew it wouldn't it would have been too much of a scramble to book her flights to the UK.

fannish feels

Apr. 23rd, 2019 01:28 pm
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Internet (and real) friends, do you ever just...bask in your fannishness for a moment? Like, you're in the car, and you have an hour's drive so you put on some music, and you start thinking about how those songs apply to your faves, and how you just love them all, and you love how they love (and hate) each other, and you think about all the things about this character and this canon that make this fandom perfect for you (loyalty, sacrifice, kindness, compassion, doing the right thing because it's the right thing to do, NO YOU MOVE, I'd just cut the wire, your name is Steve, next time you ride with me, he's my friend, I didn't want you to be alone, I do what he does only slower, I could do this all day...oh wait, that's what makes this one perfect for me, yours could be different), and you think about all the possible ways the canon could go next, and you think about how far they've come, and you just...drift along for a while, loving everyone in this bar, and you think about various stories, and how all the many pairings are each excellent in their own way, and you pick over some things you kind of want to write, and vids you're going to go look up and watch again, and it's...such a pleasant space to be in, and you're just FULL OF FEELS and your heart overflows????

That's where I was this morning with the MCU, and let me tell you, it's a lot easier when one is on internet blackout and can't see all the ranting and negativity and stress and anxiety and whatever. But now I'm FILLED WITH LOVE for my faves, and entirely devoid of spoilers, and I will go bravely into Endgame in a few days and I will come out the other side, looking for people who feel these feels, too. *starts building the blanket fort*

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