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Over the winter and spring, somebody - state, King County, Shoreline, I don't know which - put in sidewalking along NE 205th under I-5, making I-5 at least theoretically traversable in something other than a car. So today I finally biked to Costco to test the route.

Our house down Goat Trail Road to Ballanger way is trivial, extremely low traffic and while not a foot path per sé, a lot of people walk it and that's expected. I bike it a lot, it's a known quantity.

Ballanger Way already had a paved path (I wouldn't go so far as to call it a "sidewalk;" parts of it are proper sidewalk, most of it is paved trail near the road) all the way up to Ballanger proper, but this is the first time I've actually biked it. It's pretty reasonable. It's also almost entirely uphill all the way, so while it's only a couple of miles, it's a couple of miles with more exertion than you might be expecting. Still, none of it's steep, so while it does go on a while, it's not at all bad. Total distance from my house to Thriftway was almost exactly three miles, and I ran into several other trail/sidewalk users along the way. Ballanger is busy enough that it's not a great recreational bike, but it's not annoying.

When Ballanger Way turns into NE 205th, the road gets much wider, and, after a section of strip mall (the one with the Thriftway I like), we reach the new section of paving and the I-5 cross. The crossing is signaled at all points, and requires two crossings of NE 205th, five or six (marked, crosswalked) crossings of freeway on-and-off-ramps, and, of course, biking along 205th under the freeway.

This was much less bad than I expected. The new sidewalks are appropriately wide, and the traffic lanes are reasonably well spaced from actual traffic flow in most, if not all, cases. I wouldn't consider it fun, but it seemed reasonable - and, again, much better than expected - from a safety standpoint. As a side note, I crossed 205th at one point, followed by a suited man, who, when he caught up to me, laughed and said "I fondle you!" And I was in process of an um what no before realising he had a very thick accent, was pointing at the crosswalk, and meant "I follow you." Which was of course fine.

A long section of NE 205th also got new sidewalking on the north side, in an area previously unsidewalked, to link up with the existing sidewalking further west. This sidewalking was also of reasonable quality for biking. It's not particularly pleasant to bike along it thanks to 205th, but I was expecting worse. This is also almost entirely uphill on the way towards Costco, and that part is no fun.

Then you hit the old "sidewalk" on the western half of the NE205th link, and it blows. To be fair, it's flat, and it's reasonably clear, tho' this time of year you're seeing the inevitable blackberry encroachment. But it's quite a bit narrower than the new sidewalks, and the lane spacing puts cars much closer than I would like. You do have a solid curb as elevation spacing, but it's far and away the most unpleasant part of the ride.

Then you reach the Interurban Trail intersection with NE 205th, cross the street south to it, and it's off-road trail for a couple of surprisingly steep blocks. I wasn't expecting that; it took the wind out of me, and I ended up walking the bike up part of it. This is in woods, however, so it was cool and pleasant, even walking the bike.

Once you pop out of the woods, the Interurban Trail goes street-trail for a bit. It's well-signed, and you can use the sidewalks or the bike lane, either way. I chose the bike lane, which didn't give me any problems; the street is not particularly high traffic and the bike lane is wide and well-marked, up to the point where it reconnects with the next leg of off-road Interurban Trail heading south at the Aurora Village Transit Centre, which is also where you find Costco.

Total trip length at this point only five miles, but they're five mostly uphill miles, which wasn't the most fun in the world. But unlike every other east-west route I've tried through this area, an occasional biker in reasonable condition can do this one and not die, which is a massive, massive improvement. This route is incomparably easier than the second-best east-west route I'd tried and laid out on Bikely, which I wouldn't even attempt going west.

On the ride back, I stayed on the south side of NE 205th as long as there were sidewalks, which eliminated half of the worst part of the to-Costco leg of the trip, crossing back over at the entrance to the Holyrood Cemetery. Next time, I'll cross at that intersection on the way, too; the sidewalk is wider and better separated from the road, so much more enjoyable.

The rest is as described before, except for one change: the ride back mostly consisted of coasting. Seriously, I spent more time tapping brakes to keep my speed under control than I spent pedaling to gain speed, at least until hitting Goat Trail Road again and having to climb the hill back home. This gave me a lovely chance to rest up for going up the hill at the end.

Total round-trip biking time 1hr 5 minutes; a better biker could and would do it much faster; second time through I'd also do it faster, since I'd know what I was doing and could build up more speed where safe to do so. The Ballanger portion alone would separate out to no more than 20 minutes each way, and the only reason it takes that long is Goat Trail Road is pretty steep coming home on a bike.

So I'd recommend the path to Ballanger (for, say, runs to Thriftway) to just about anybody; I biked past parents with strollers, joggers, walkers, and two other people on bikes - and the path all the way to the Interurban Trail and Aurora Village/Aurora Village P&R to anybody who feels reasonably confident on a bicycle. I wouldn't recommend it for kids - crossing I-5, while now possible, is still pretty complex, and that second half of the NE 205th leg is just too close to the traffic lane for me to feel comfortable in that situation. But it'd be fine for teenagers.
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So is there really pretty much just no way to get to Country Village in Bothell any way other than driving? Or is SR-527 safer to bike than it looks from its intersection with Bothell Way (SR-522) at Main Street in Bothell?
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So apparently this bizarre storm system we've been hit with over the last several days - rainy, strangely tropically humid but also strangely cool - is set to deliver over an inch of rain on Sunday. For the record, that's more than we get in all of a typical July. Apparently, it's the remnants of Typhoon Man-Yi which hit Japan last week. It's just... freaky.

Anyway, there's flooding and stuff, which would be normal for April, but not so much for now.

We don't get a lot of typhoons around here. Not even remnants thereof. Our shtick is winter windstorms, not this stuff.

Petal and Claw

Not much exciting going on. Quick summary: Paprika is at the Crest; it's good, go see it while you can, particularly for $3. I've only heard back from two professors in the graduate programme so far, one of whom referred me to the other (because he's on sabbatical); I'd hoped for more, but I'll take what I can get. I've been lamely doing work at Murkworks South prepping it for fall. I really dislike the prep work at this point, but, well, money. I've been practicing my singing and some flute, but not my Japanese, and I really need to be working on my Japanese. I've had a few ideas for songs that I've poked at, I need to get comfortable on Garage Band so that I can maybe do something with them before summer is over. As well as a bunch of design stuff that I've been doing and need to do more of. Lots more of. And the mid-year letter I want to do, and all the sorting-through-Stuff-to-ditch that I've wanted to do, and and and... that's about it, really.

I forgot to record miles for a while since the last time. We'll assume I got lost along the way. Snif.

Sunday's miles: 2.2
Tuesday's miles: 1.0
Wednesday's miles: 4.7
Thursday's miles: 10.2
Friday's token: 0.2
Saturday's token: 0.1
Miles out of Hobbiton: 1857.1
Miles out of Rivendell: 1400.1
Miles out of Lothlórien: 945.1
Miles past Rauros Falls: 528.2
Miles past Isengard: 60.5
Miles to Minas Tirith (Aragorn's Path): 707.5
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Made it to Isengard; that was... interesting. Mmmm, geezer fight! Anyway, I'm following [ profile] annathepiper at this point, and she's following the Pervy Hobbit Fancier for some reason, hopefully blackmail-related, so I guess I am as well.

Best guess, recalled, week of June 3: 16.7
Best guess, recalled, week of June 10: 17.8
Tuesday's token: 0.2
Wednesday's miles: 14.4
Miles out of Hobbiton: 1815.7
Miles out of Rivendell: 1358.7
Miles out of Lothlórien: 903.7
Miles past Rauros Falls: 486.8
Miles past Isengard: 19.1
Miles to Minas Tirith (Aragorn's Path): 748.9
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I made two maps of biking from Shoreline to Kenmore through Lake Forest Park Town Centre, showing the two sane routes across I-5 on the north end. They're both a lot of steep downhill going eastbound or uphill going westbound, but this one is less steep in both directions.

Thursday's miles: 8.4
Friday's miles: 9.0
Miles out of Hobbiton: 1766.6
Miles out of Rivendell: 1309.6
Miles out of Lothlórien: 854.6
Miles past Rauros Falls: 437.7
Miles to Isengard: 30.0

End of the quarter crunch. Plus annoying extra school stuff, plus a bunch of murknet work and murksouth work and arrrgh! So.

From the Ladies' Garden Club
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Today was nice because it involved some biking and a lot of gardening. I've been neglecting the south garden and need to stop that; a lot of horsetail sprouts reached at least photosynthetic maturity, and that's now how to win. At all.

The lettuces seem to be taking off, finally; most of the sprouts have real leaves now, and hopefully they'll pick up the pace a bit. The strawberries are doing pretty well, and the carrots have sprouted several places - but the broccoli has mostly been a no-show, so I sewed more seeds, trying to catch up.

But one of the other things I did included a nice bike trip to McLendon's in Woodinville, where I picked up new stainless-steel hooks and garden wire for the Strange Apple and Strange Pear trees - the ones splayed against the rear retaining wall - then came home and wired up some of the branches. I'm going to have to shorten the apple tree this winter, I think. I also don't think that's particularly a bad thing, but it's certainly weird.

And this year again looks like a good apple crop and poor pear crop. Maybe we need a second pear tree nearby.

Many Tiny Bells

Friday's biking featured a new way home from Shoreline! It was shorter but not better. However, the New Bike Route Checklist:

Passed a house we looked at? CHECK
Bonus points for trying to buy it? CHECK

Hopping christ on a pogo stick we looked at a lot of houses.

Sunday's miles: 2.9
Wednesday's miles: 2.2
Thursday's token: 0.1 miles
Friday's miles: 8.0
Saturday's miles: 14.0
Miles out of Hobbiton: 1736.5
Miles out of Rivendell: 1279.5
Miles out of Lothlórien: 824.5
Miles past Rauros Falls: 407.6
Miles to Isengard: 60.1

I think that leaves out some walking and/or biking, but, well, meh. I'm getting better at hills again, but I need to adjust my shifters. But I'm back to the point where the only people passing me are the people wearing lycra bikewear. I'm passing everyone else now. I'm even making it round that weird hairpin curve up from Burke-Gilman to Bothell Way at 61st, something I wasn't even doing last summer.

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May. 17th, 2007 09:34 pm
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GENIUS! Nethack Edition.

GENIUS! Doctor Who Edition.

Also, [ profile] kathrynt found this, which is cool.

So Much Blood

Wednesday's miles: 12.2
Thursday's token: 0.1
Friday's miles: 3.2
Saturday's miles: 0.7
Sunday's miles: 2.2
Monday's miles: 2.2
Wednesday's miles: 2.4
Miles out of Hobbiton: 1709.3
Miles out of Rivendell: 1252.3
Miles out of Lothlórien: 797.3
Miles past Rauros Falls: 380.4
Miles to Isengard: 87.3

I'm showin' 5038's main house to prospective tenants. Two shows tonight, six tomorrow, more people to call and arrange. @whee.
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I hate Zoology very, very much. The best part is when your first lab practical (which counts as much as a midterm) is worse than your first midterm, which was previously the lowest grade you could remember getting on a science exam. No, wait; the best part is when your professor tells you on Friday that she was really surprised at how well you did and that you only lost 5-10 points (out of 50), so you're thinking you got a B until you get the paper back with a score of HA HA FUXX0R J00, by which I mean me, by which I mean my chances for graduate school.

And there's nothing else in this stupid class so far. It really is just "what's this?" We're starting to see some processes and some systems. She's all "now I know this is complex" and "A lot of people have problems with this figure" and I'm going CHRIST I'M BORED and answering all of her in-class challenge questions (which count for zero) and going THERE IS NOTHING TO LEARN IN THIS CLASS WHY AM I HERE?!

Oh right, it's a requirement. Crap.

And to cap it off, my left ear is really acting up today. Loud and screechy and full of hate. Joy.

Monday's miles: 8.3
Miles out of Hobbiton: 1686.3
Miles out of Rivendell: 1229.3
Miles out of Lothlórien: 774.3
Miles past Rauros Falls: 357.4
Miles to Isengard: 110.3

In other news, biking back from Shoreline turns out to be pretty easy, and only mildly terrifying, and that mostly at 15th Avenue NE. Biking to Shoreline would be not happening, at least via this route. Here's the way; on the left side of the screen find "Elevation: off small large" and click on "large" and you'll see why I won't be reversing that. It's particularly worth noting that the huge elevation change over time is on a road (NE Perkins Way, mostly) with somewhere between tiny, tiny shoulders, and no shoulders at all. At least there isn't much traffic - at least, not at this time of day.

A pleasant surprise was finding a deeply, deeply early-1950s sign-and-planter into a pocket development at 10th Ave NE and NE 195th. My guess - and it is a complete ex recto guess - is that this was developed around that time, and was kind of upscale, and that then 10 years later the freeway came through, wrecking the place - possibly cutting some of it off, I don't know - which is why there's a pedestrian bridge over I-5 there. The original owners might have been the sort to say, "You're screwing us with this freeway, the least you can do is not cut us off from town!" and get that bridge. Given that there just aren't any other pedestrian-friendly crossings that I can think of until you get to, oh, Ravenna Boulevard, it's the best theory I've got.

(Well, okay, 185th is doable. But it still sucks. Four lane + turn lanes + on/off ramps? Not so much fun for pedestrians. Christ, I-5 is a scar on this town.)

Oh, speaking briefly of pedestrian overpasses, I biked down to and over the new one Shoreline has built over Aurora at 160th, as part of the Interurban Trail project. It's very nice. The noise control works really well. +5 to Shoreline's trail development team.

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I have Smug Mode engaged to 11, but cannot say why. This is not potential smug; this is currently active smug. I am in fact so smug that my smug is arcing off onto the people around me, and making them smug.

Not being able to say why is very frustrating. ^_^


Here's a pointless bit of trivia about myself: as is more common than you might think, I'm mildly synesthesic. Specifically, I taste vowels. And one of the little ironies in my life is that the correct spelling of recipe tastes really, really bad.

Tuesday's miles: 3.2
Today's (Wednesday's) miles: 11.5 (biking)
Miles out of Hobbiton: 1592.6
Miles out of Rivendell: 1135.6
Miles out of Lothlórien: 680.6
Miles past Rauros Falls: 262.7
Miles to Isengard: 204.0

I took a lot of photos biking back from Bothell this afternoon, most of which are Wikipedia fodder - Kenmore's industrial district, the surviving fragment of the Red Brick Road, the Sammamish River, Main Street in Bothell - but some of which are pretty decent flower pictures. Yay, flowers! I also got a replacement bicycle pump, as the old one broke, which is too bad, since I actually liked the old one quite a bit. It was foot-powered, and so really easy to use. Oh well.

But the biking itself was much easier today. I think some of Monday's surprising endurance wall was made out of no breakfast or real lunch.

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New Spring Day

"So," I thought, "I tried biking on that clear day last month, and it was really easy, and I was surprised at how good shape I was in given that I hadn't biked since getting hit last summer. It's turned really nice today. Why don't I bike to my chiropractor appointment in Bothell?"

It turns out that I really am in surprisingly good shape given that I haven't really biked since the accident last summer... for about two, two and a half miles. After that, I'm not. So bolting out the door at 15mph or so was not the best solution. On the other hand, I did make it up the hill on the way back, so that's something.

I have another trip to make to Bothell tomorrow; I'm going to try the bike again, but I think I'll take my time this trip.

Last week of class miles: 6.8, I think.
Finals week miles: 5.4, I think.
Monday's miles: 10.0, almost entirely biking.
Miles out of Hobbiton: 1577.9
Miles out of Rivendell: 1120.9
Miles out of Lothlórien: 665.9
Miles past Rauros Falls: 248.0
Miles to Isengard: 218.7

I stopped by campus while out running my zillion errands today, to try to enroll in Music 137 (Class Voice Instruction - Beginning), which is cheap at only two credits and which was open yesterday but the online registration system has never, ever worked for me, not even once. So of course, I'm now on the waitlist. Oh well, at least I'm first. Hopefully I'll get lucky.

So far I've spent my spring break making up all the errands and stuff I hadn't been keeping up with while school was in session. Gods, I'm boring. I need a real vacation.

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biking yay

Jan. 28th, 2007 06:08 pm
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I have a new bike helmet. Yay! So I biked down to the shops with Anna, who walked, so I was mostly going past, then either waiting or doubling back, and stuff. So it wasn't anything like a real ride, but for me that's kind of good - I wanted to get comfortable with a tiny run up and down the hill first.

The new gearset needs to be broken in a bit. It's slow to shift to higher-ratio gears, so I need to figure out whether that's a breaking-in thing or a derailleur-adjustment thing, because I don't know. The strangest thing by far is that the hills were easier than I remember them being, and I expected to be in much worse biking condition, so I have to assume the new gearset runs at lower power ratios than the old one.

Of course, I was usually taking those hills after more miles of biking than I did today - but not always, and I have those experiences to compare against. And some of the hillclimb stuff is right out of the gate from the house (well - a few blocks away, it's downhill for a few blocks then sharply up again) and that was easier, too.

So, anyway, that was fun, the new chain isn't being jerky, I think I need to adjust some cables, I had lots of glide, and I didn't have handling problems even with all the rock/sand anti-snow stuff still hanging about in the roads.

Oh, and it's seven-ish miles' riding back from Shoreline campus, and that's kind of the long way down Ballinger, but Ballinger has a path off to the side, so it doesn't feel suicidal, except for the area I need to figure out where it crosses I-5. If I can manage that, I'll be able to bike back from class this week. At very least, I could bike from campus to the Aurora Transit Centre. I-5 really is a scar - it's just incredibly difficult to get across. I hate that.

Anyway, yay, bike! ^_^

Sunday's miles: 2.6
Monday's miles: 2.0
Tuesday's miles: .7
Wednesday's miles: 1.6
Thursday's miles: 1.7
Friday's miles: 1.6
Saturday token: 0.2
Sunday biking's miles: 2.6 Yay!
Miles out of Hobbiton: 1492.3
Miles out of Rivendell: 1035.3
Miles out of Lothlórien: 580.3
Miles past Rauros Falls: 162.4
Miles to Isengard: 304.3

We've also stopped at the pet supply shop, and Anna thanked them for their help in finding food Polly would eat, which became tricker and trickier the last year or so. That was also kind of sad.

I have a midterm in bio tomorrow. I've got a CWU started, but studying comes first. There will be an edition this weekend, but it might not be tonight. I should stop adding to this and post it and get back to studying and stuff. So here, have a picture:

Leaf of Meat

And here, have some links:

John Dean on the Alberto Gonzalez assertion that Habeas Corpus is not actually a right.

Diebold demonstrates that they continue to be GENIUS - at making trivially hackable voting machines, anyway. (Link courtesy [ profile] spazzkat.)

Comet McNaught as seen in South America. Holy crap. Okay, so that's what those are supposed to look like in the sky when they look really fucking cool.

This is kind of neat; an artificial sapphire knife. I've done some cosplay that called for transparent blades, so seeing a real one is pretty cool. ^_^ (Link courtesy [ profile] stickmaker.)

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A rather normal Sunday today; I still don't feel entirely normal (particularly not with my left ear) but if it weren't for that, it'd have been pretty, well, usual. [ profile] annathepiper and [ profile] spazzkat and I walked down to the market, and got a bunch of produce; this week's surprise was fresh edamame, to which I go YAY! and bought a pound. We also stopped by the bakery for bread and picked up a few other things at the same time. Then we got shave ice, which he gave us free because he'd been wondering why we vanished for a month and a half and we told him.

Afterwards, we came home and I wore myself out hacking back ivy and blackberries and other assorted weeds. I didn't get as much done as I think I might normally have in the kind of time I spent at it, but the ivy is off the pear tree, tossed back over the wall again (I find that redirecting it at itself keeps it away longer than just hacking it off), the blackberries are chopped back, and so on. I think I kind of overdid it - I felt rather nauseous later.

There's not much love on the winter veg bed front. Whatever's sprouting in the front row - I forget whether that was carrots or greens - still has some sprouts out, but there's not really any headway with them; there's nothing at all in the second row, and even the snow peas are growing very slowly at best. I got something wrong, clearly, but I don't know what. I probably should reread the relevant parts of Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades and hopefully it'll become clear.

Oh, and someone turned summer back on yesterday. It's still on today and might be here much of this week. Surprise!

Current significant annoyances: Left ear hearing/whine, running at 75% of CPU, hacking cough/singing issues, still missing my bike. Even fast healing is too slow.

Today's (Sunday's) miles: 2.4
Miles out of Hobbiton: 1334.2
Miles out of Rivendell: 869.2
Miles out of Lothlórien: 414.2
Miles past Rauros Falls: 5.4
Miles to Isengard: 464.6

(ha HA - saddle seat!)


Sep. 23rd, 2006 01:27 am
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Today's miles: 1.3
Miles out of Hobbiton: 1329.0
Miles out of Rivendell: 864.0
Miles out of Lothlórien: 409.0
Miles past Rauros Falls: 0.2 about damn time
Miles to Isengard: 469.8

Very cool waterfall. And loud. In addition to the famous giant statues, of course, which did not have my twenty five dollars, the bastards. I also saw a much smaller stone monument to a human standing on some sort of half-wheel-thing half-buried in the ground - the alphabet it was in was very old and very worn, but I've seen it before. It spelled something like Teska. I wonder who he was?

I was thinking of heading further northeast to see the volcanoes, but with my bike broken, I think I'll follow along behind [ profile] annathepiper and see if I can't meet up with her in Isengard. I hear the weather is better there and the roast boar is the best on the continent. Maybe they'll know who the little statue is supposed to be.

Also, saw some bald eagles. Made me feel just a little homesick. Ah, well.

Back in our reality, I'm kind of cheating with this photo as a flower picture, but it's pretty, so I'm posting it as one nonetheless:

Seeds Like Flowers
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Tiny Pink

Physical therapy is very happy with how I'm progressing. They say that if I continue to improve at this rate, there may only be one more week of sessions before they're done with me. That would be nice. Then I'd have to work on building strength back up on my own, and stamina, but that doesn't require any special help - just, you know, work.

The most difficult thing they've had me doing so far is standing on this board that's kind of a rounded-off triangle and which has a half-sphere attached to the bottom. There're three exercises with this thing: 1. balance on the half-sphere (difficult), 2. rock between the front semi-pointy edge and the back without letting the sides touch the ground (pretty easy), 3. rock between the left and right edges without letting the front or back touch the ground (harder, but not as hard as balancing the stupid thing.)

Also, we can't afford it right now, but I am happy to listen to any advice people have about a new bicycle. ^_^ Or, unlikely as it seems, fixing the old one! Does anybody know if a fairly seriously bent frame can be fixed or should I just not even consider it? I know I'll need a new rear wheel and gear assembly and probably a new derailleur as well. (The current one is in a position I've never seen it in before, but it moves freely, so it might just be a side-effect of being on a wheel and frame that are all bent up. I have no particular love for this derailleur - it's okay, but I was considering upgrading it if I got the money. It's a Shimano, if that's of any use to anyone. It's not a bad unit, it's just, hrm, kinda slow. And it comes out of adjustment too easily.) I put a fair amount of stress on my bike (Seattle riding is always hill riding) so I need a cross bike that can handle me throwing my weight at it to get it up a hill.

And don't say Specialised, I'm sure they're great, I'm probably not gonna have $2K to spend on a bike any time soon. Sad!
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It's seriously fucked. The back wheel is bent, by which I mean, somebody took a third of it and BENT IT at a serious angle. There are serious brake skids all along the metal rim - whatever happened, I saw it coming. The frame itself is torqued in the same direction as the real wheel - the chain sticks out past the frame in ways it really shouldn't. The derailleur is bent in a really bad way - it may be salvageable, it may not be, I dunno. But it's not in line anymore. The front wheel is no longer true, but only in the sense that wheels fall out of true, so that's no problem. A good bike shop could fix that in five minutes.

I don't know whether the frame is salvable. It may be, it may not be, I don't know enough about bike repair. But it's got a severe curve to it, like it got hit at the back from the right side. The back wheel (and associated gearset) is a write-off; it's severely bent, as though from a similar hit in the same direction. The derailleur is probably not salvageable - it's randomly loose in strange ways and bent up pretty badly - but it's possible that someone who knows what they're doing could disassemble it completely and rebuild it and it'd be fine, I don't know. The braking system seems okay.

I dunno what happened, still. It really looks like I got clocked from the right side, towards the back, but I can't say that conclusively. I'm trying to figure out whether it's reasonable that I could have hit a drain, and I'm certainly not going to say no, but the angle of bend in the frame makes me doubt it. I could see the wheel damage coming from a drain grab, no problem. But I have a hard time carrying that angle of bend up to the frame. I would expect the bend to be different, to have a different angle, in the event of a drain grab.

So I dunno. I doubt the bike can be salvaged. That's very unfortunate, given how broke we are now from the hospital bills. We'll just have to see how it goes.
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Right now, at least, bacon is the best food in the history of ever. My head is like 70% clear. That's the best since I woke up. I sure as hell don't feel normal but damn I feel better.

Saturday 12 August FUCKING WELL EARNED miles: 13.1
Miles out of Hobbiton: 1309.3
Miles out of Rivendell: 844.3
Miles out of Lothlórien: 389.3
Miles to Rauros Falls: 19.7

I totally would have beaten Anna to the Falls. Totally.

oh yeah

Aug. 24th, 2006 03:51 pm
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take that, puny corporate networking system



picoupdate: not sure. but all i know is that i woke two days later in a Mexican hospital and they're asking if I saw who hit my bike because there weren't any witnesses, and accororginly, everything kind of sucks. I'm back on solid foods at this point, but this whole typing thing is still hard and they're talking about about a month of p.t.. And my bike is el-trashed-od. More when I know more.
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I've planted a second round of carrots. It's a bit late to be doing this, but I thought I'd give it a try. [ profile] kathrynt says it should work out just fine; hopefully she's right. ^_^ I've also planted a line of mixed greens again, and another line of peas to use as a cover-crop once the winter really sets in. It's recommended as one by Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades; you plant it, let it grow through its natural life cycle, then hoe it in and cover with leafy organic matter for the over-winter. Protects the soil and adds nutrients! Similarly, once the carrots and broccoli are done in the other bed, I may plant a row of snow peas - not sure - but will definitely cover that with leafy organic matter too. I've got a little pile of appropriate material already standing by.

After finals week next week, I'm going to try to get a couple of those last garden projects done, too. But those are more construction-oriented - little walls and paths and such. Nothing big.

I passed 11 bikers today, and got passed by only one, who was passing me back after I'd passed her about a mile before. I was actually hanging back to avoid getting ahead of her again (seeing whether she'd pick up the pace a third time) but then she got off the trail and went to her house.

Wednesday's miles: 1.8
Friday's miles: 14.1
Miles out of Hobbiton: 1296.2
Miles out of Rivendell: 831.2
Miles out of Lothlórien: 376.2
Miles to Rauros Falls: 32.8

At this rate, I probably won't actually beat Anna to Rauros Falls. Instead, we'll likely meet up there on Wednesday. Not biking last Wednesday because of the rain probably keeps me from getting there first. Ah, well, such is life. At least I'm not being chased by those goth freaks on horseback, unlike some people. HEY GUYS, ARE YOU BLIND? HE'S TAKEN. GIVE IT UP.

And now, from a MUSH I'm on, today's episode of Cascadian Aventures:
[ profile] solarbird sends, ** so I'm sitting here having just got home **
[ profile] solarbird sends, ** and i'm looking out the window at the little japanese maple that's outside by the garden stairs leading up to the back **
[ profile] solarbird sends, ** and I'm seeing this bright whiteish patch on the left side **
[ profile] solarbird sends, ** and I keep thinking, 'what'm I seeing? that can't be right. what is that bright thing on the left side of the tree? has it gotten some sort of infection?' **
[ profile] solarbird sends, ** then I realise **
[ profile] solarbird sends, ** oh wait **
[ profile] solarbird sends, ** it's sunlight. **
I haven't had time to process the next round of photos down to size, so here's the alternate take of the last one. Sorry! Been busy and stuff.

We Go Up
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Four more days to Rauros Falls. Long have I desired to look upon the likenesses of Isildur and Anarion, those old bastards what still owe me twenty five dollars. Oh wait, no. Wrong bastards.

Tuesday's miles: 13.2
Miles out of Hobbiton: 1280.3
Miles out of Rivendell: 815.3
Miles out of Lothlórien: 360.3
Miles to Rauros Falls: 48.7
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I kept times again - 3.5 minute miles from UW to the Lake Forest Park shops, yay.

Sunday's miles: 2.4
Monday's miles: 12.0
Miles out of Hobbiton: 1267.1
Miles out of Rivendell: 802.1
Miles out of Lothlórien: 347.1
Miles to Rauros Falls: 61.9

I've started a bit of an essay on economics. Unfortunately, I started it while painting the front porch (second and hopefully final coat) and I lost a good bit of it before I could come inside and get some of it down.

Up the Stairs

I need to put a bunch more of my flower photos from this summer through photoshop to get them to scale and such. I'm almost out! Of course, I also need to get through chem, plant the autumn garden (NOW), start digging out that path I want to make, get the creeping blackberries cut back, and draw a few more pictures for that previously-mentioned garden I designed last weekend. Oh, and call Apex about that stupid fan part. It's just one thing after another...

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