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During the 1990s, between episodes of Doctor Who, KBTC would air various shorts, plus Jack Horkheimer: Star Hustler (or Star Gazer, depending upon the year).

My favourite of these interstitial shorts was something called Computer-Home - or as we called it, Spider Chip 68000 - a bit of French computer animation that came out of nowhere, as far as we were concerned. And it wasn't ever online that I could find, until my housemate found it on one of his old VHS tapes!

So of course I ripped it and put it on YouTube:

But! I did that a year ago. The NEW surprise is that somebody else has posted the original French version!

And it's a much better transfer, even if you don't speak French. :D

So now you can relive your 1990s Doctor Who on KBTC fandom. Enjoy!
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There is a 10th Anniversary site up for the animated series, Molly Star-Racer/Oban Star-Racers; it's mostly in French (and a little Japanese) but there is lots of art posted, including the highest-resolution copy of the pilot/teaser that I've seen in years:

I loved that show. <3 You know how there's this one song that I keep using when posting test pictures of speakers? Play the French/Japanese end credits that are up on this site. Now you know.
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It’s been a busy weekend around the lair – and a bit bloggier than usual, too. You might enjoy “GamerGate True Believers are the Anti-Vaxxers of the Online World,” or maybe my ‘okay I’m done’ rant about Doctor Who, written after walking out on “Kill the Moon.” Check comments in particular on that second post, there are some good ones.

Apparently, some people rather liked the episode. I don’t see how, but hey, carry on.

No, here, it’s been mostly paperwork – even supervillains have to catch up on email and clear the desks sometimes – and a decent bit of Legend of Korra! Yes, I’m finally through all of year three. So far behind but so worth it. If you’re one of the people who didn’t get much out of the first year, give it another go, starting, oh, no later than midway through year two, with “The First Avatar.” It really rocketshots after that. I’m pretty sad that year four is probably the last year – it’s been so good. I’ll miss it.

I never did write up that VCON report, dammit. Wrote a bunch of other things, but not that. Here’s a nice one by Steve Fahnestalks at Amazing Stories, if you want, wherein he was kind enough to give me a little shout-out for my drum work. Thanks, Steve! :D

But even in all the paper catch-up this weekend, music hasn’t been entirely set aside. It’s just mostly been MIDI instruments, which means lots and lots of keyboarding. I’m… vaguely competent on keyboard – good enough for this – but wow, do I have no emotional feel for it. OKAY LET’S PUSH ALL THE BUTTONS DOOT DOOT DOOT OKAY LET’S PUSH ALL THE BUTTONS AGAIN DOOT DOOT DOOT

I’m trying, I really am, I have touch sensitivity and aftertouch and all that, and I’m using it. But – yeah. It’s just not my thing.

It is useful, though. At least, once I can stop myself from just setting everything to drums and mashing all the keys at once. That is fun. But… kind of useless. And the MIDI tenor sax isn’t entirely bad.

I’m wondering whether I have time to get just good enough on xaphoon to fake my way through a soprano sax solo. Should I try it? I don’t think I have enough time. But it might be fun to try.

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Aside from tampering recklessly in god’s domain, and catching up on some media, I spent mine playing with Leannan Sidhe. Thanks to everyone who turned out on such a hot night! If you’re looking for the free downloads, they’re right here. And thank you again to The Dreaming Comics and Games for having us!

Life-Size Spiderman Sold Separately
(photo Angela Korra’ti)

We also watched the new Doctor Who, which was… nowhere near as good as the 50th, but so much better than the awful Christmas Special departure for Matt Smith. I’m with Anna on Moffat’s sexism, but at least Clara’s feeling like a character again, finally. And Peter Capaldi as The Doctor is extremely strong out of the gate.

It’s not up to Legend of Korra levels though. If you bailed out during the sluggish first year, I don’t blame you – but since then, Legend of Korra became pretty awesome. The turnaround happened about halfway through year two, and year three has just been insane. Seriously, start with the run-up to “The First Avatar” and catch up from there, it’s totally worth your time.

So that’s what I did. But I digress – what’d you do this weekend?

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I keep hearing modern anime sucks, that there’s a crisis in anime, that there’s a crisis amongst the otaku, all that. I have a geeky audience, here: let’s see what you think.

How long has modern anime sucked?


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Mar. 27th, 2010 11:30 pm
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Finally saw Ponyo today and while it is a minor movie from Studio Gibli I still quite enjoyed it. Also, pop pop boats are awesome.

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I'm making a note here: huge success.
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Here, have bullet-point life:
  • I wanna see Kannazuki no Miko. I have no idea whether it's any good. I'm also totally squeeing over Princess Princess, but I think I said that already. And yesterday at anime night a character started playing a song and the first six notes were from one of my songs which kind of fruck me out. But then it became completely different. So that was better.
  • Does anyone know a 501(c)(3) that could use a 3/4 ton pickup truck? Directly, I mean, not auction-and-take-the-proceeds; I know a lot of ways to do that. But with the auto market in the toilet, sales attempts are full of fail so far. (Not unlike the two stores I put up for Cascadian Mecha Militia and League of Disgruntled Software Workers swag. Snif.)
  • This whole mini-RBL+our blacklist+greylist thing is full of awesome. Since I threw it online, across four accounts, I've gotten two pieces of spam handed to spamassassin. (And, of course, zero in actual inboxes.) It's so far down that I've actually reported spam to postmasters again, since in this one case it came from an actual mail server of an actual (tiny) ISP. (They have two Class Cs. OooooOOOooo. Their mail servers are named things like "fish" and "fish2" and so on, meaning we received spam from, um, fish. In Canada. Nigerian scam mail, only rebranded North Korea. The fact that the count enough is low enough for me to care again is epic win.)
  • My throat is still terrible. This is really bad. If I'm lucky, I'll be able to practice again by Saturday. That'll give me a week and two days to try to whip this Beethoven thing back into something like shape. AGH HATE HATE HATE NANG DIE. I'm dosing it constantly with nasty medicinal teas and it's helping a lot - two days ago I got about 10 minutes of practice before hitting FAIL (but otherwise felt fine), yesterday I couldn't talk (but felt fine, maybe a little tired), today I can talk a bit but I'm still all low like this which is weird and unpleasant. Also, I can't do much flute practice, as that seems to dry out my throat pretty seriously.
  • I'm done with the extra research I wanted to do for my next article, so I start writing it tomorrow, which is good; it's not due for a week and a half, but I don't want to push it. I like being able to do drafts, let them sit for a day, and come back to them.
And that's it for today's Bullet-Point Life. Yay?

ETA: Fred is in REM sleep and twitching furiously. HOW CAN THESE CATS BE SO CUTE?! ^_^
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GMAC says Washington State has the second-best drivers in the country behind Oregon?! That's a VICIOUS LIE and and THEY KNOW IT! [ETA: Apparently people think I mean "our drivers are the BEST!!!1!" Clearly, these people are mad, our drivers are wretched.]

We watched the first American combined showing of the first two episodes of Molly Star-Racer under the new name Oban Star Racers. There are 26 half-hour episdoes, produced jointly in Japan and France; the US release is a dub. Accordingly, it has many characteristics of a problematic English dub, and the first episode in particular was very rocky, with numerous dialogue issues, much too much premise stolen from Season One of Babylon 5, and visuals mostly lacking in comparison to the original trailer. Fortunately, much of that appears to have been a side-effect of a rushed story to get off of Earth, because once you get into the latter part of the first episode and into the second, everything gets better. The dub is still on the iffy side, but story, action, and characters all improve, so I'm hopeful about what comes next. Hopefully we'll see less asininity out of Molly's father, as little of the Avatar as possible, and nothing else out of her school back on Earth. Everything else looks like it should work.

And oh yeah, there will be more icons. Possibly tonight. ^_^

Spotted Rhodies

I think we've got broccoli and carrot sprouts already. I'm not 100% sure; we've certainly got a lot of somethings spouting and while some of them are clearly volunteers which will have to d13, most of them seem to be forming up in little rows. At this stage there's no way yet to be sure - the first pairs of pseudo-leaves all look the same to me. And with the increased sun we're supposed to this this week, things should be good.
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After all this time, I really, really hope it doesn't turn out to suck. ^_^

Oh, and if you're already setting your TiVo, they're calling the show Oban Star Racers now instead. And it isn't coming out for another few weeks so it's not on the schedule yet. I've already set up a wishlist entry, though. ^_^
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I was pretty sick yesterday and am still sick (tho' improving) today, so instead of doing stuff that required brains, I typeset a Cardcaptor Sakura doujinshii novel that I found online and liked. I sent a URL to the .pdf I made off to the authors. Hopefully they'll like it. It still needs some finishing work, but it has the general idea. (I did a full typeset into book format. 302 pages, counting covers, etc. What got me started was that the .TXT files the individual chapters were in displayed very, very badly, so were accordingly difficult to read, and, well, I'm an artist with design training, I can fix that...)

My hobbies are so lame. I think this is the geekiest thing you'll ever see me admit to doing in a public post. At least, god, I hope so.

Anyway, I'm still not feeling great, so I'm going to bed without posting today's half-finished political post. Hopefully tomorrow for that. But have a flower picture instead, taken at the same Ravenna Avenue P-Patch as the sunflower I posted before!

Boom! Oooooooooooh, ahhhhhhhhhh
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So a few days ago, I registered for free tickets for a preview of Serenity.

They want me to post this thing describing the movie, so I am. )

I didn't watch the original series (Firefly) when it was on, but saw it afterwards on DVD and liked it. [ profile] annathepiper saw the actual movie in rough-cut form a few months ago and has been doing the "must not talk about spoilers!" dance on and off ever since, so this'll be a chance to solve that problem. I'll write up no-spoiler impressions later. I'll post my impressions of it after, like I did with the new CGI Captain Scarlet, which I loved.

In other news, yesterday was unbelievably gorgeous and I hope we have a zillion more like them. Sadly, there's only ONE (1) weekend left of the farmer's market this year. I am sad. But it was a nice weekend (particularly Sunday) and a nice walk, and a very good end to summer, assuming we don't get much more of it. (The NWS is suggesting a mild winter, which would be nice, but the Canadian equivalent actually posts the probability of accuracy at this distance out and for almost all regions, it's no better than chance. But hopefully!)

Also, stellar's jays have found the corner squirrel feeder and there has finally been some rotating-corncob-feeder fun. Not as much as there would be for squirrels, but, well, it's not yet really fall, even, and most of that will probably be over winter.

And finally, in stupid fannish tricks, I've started typesetting a fanfic novel I found online into actual proper book form. I feel very dum. But it's fun, and everybody needs a hobby. Why I think I need yet another one I'm not sure, but there it is. It's a nice little project and I'll post a link to it when it's finished - the author's email addresses still work and one have them has already gotten back to me and (thus far) approves. I hope she likes the sample PDF I sent her of the front cover through chapter two.

Lots of politics to post. I'll get that out today, probably this afternoon.
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Ten Things That Make Me Happy
(tagged by [ profile] corivax)

This is not an exhaustive list, nor is it in any particular order or rank. And it's things, not people. Certain people can take themselves as read. ^_^

1. Taking flower pictures. Or pictures in general, really. I used to take a lot of pictures, I kind of slacked off, I'm back at it again. Also, posting them, which may be directly related. For today's example, see below.

2. Philip Glass's "Metamorphosis One." You should own a copy.

3. Researching the crap out of things that have caught my interest recently. The web has made this a zillion times easier and fun. When I've had to do it all-physical-book, it's been slow and frustrating - akin to the way that I write pretty well given a keyboard, but just can't in handwriting; the amount of time it takes to make characters is just too frustrating and limiting. This probably implies some mild form of ADD or something, I dunno.

4. Sushi! Also pho, really good udon, moshi, shave ice, mirin (cooking with, not drinking, you goons), rice crackers, berries off vines, baked beans I made myself, and ice cream.

5. Gardening, as long as it's on a scale that isn't insane. Clearing the back yard/hillside? Insane. I'll hire somebody to that when and if we can afford it, and until then, it's on its own. [Note the correct use of it's and its here. Please remember for future reference.]

6. Shoujo Kakumei Utena. Also, Wish, Invader Zim, Chobits, Cardcaptor Sakura, Leave it to Kero, A Miracle of Science, most books by Verner Vinge, most films by Hayao MIYAZAKI, most manga by CLAMP, and Battlestar Galactica. That's kind of a lot for one item.

7. Fixing broken things, as long as it doesn't become repetitive, which is to say, frustrating and annoying. Night before last, I fixed our little $3 kitchen timer, because, well, I could. It was fun. And also $3 cheaper than buying a new one. Something that I have to fix over and over again, on the other hand, annoys me. I do badly at deeply repetitive tasks.

8. Playing music in a group, even though we haven't done that lately due to lack of a group. Unfortunately, it mostly seems to be a group activity for me.

9. Actually doing something coherent in Japanese, which is pretty rare. I'm very bad at it. Now that the rainy season is coming, I'll be on the bus more often instead of biking (see next entry) so will be studying more again.

9.5 l33t, because it's soooo stupid. ^_^ I call this 9.5 because it's languages-related and therefore links to item nine. Kinda. HEY IT'S MY LIST, BACK OFF.

10. Biking. ^_^ On a similar note, having a good bus system and walkable areas. I like being able to leave house without anything and go all over the city and not have to worry about driving or where I'll put the stupid car.

Okay, that's ten. There are more queued up in my brain, but SUFFAH, POPE! And have a flower picture. I found this one near the bus stop on 25th last week, shortly before running into Anna getting onto the same bus home I was, which was funny!

Yellow Bell

I also like this bizarre, added-on-to garage a lot. It's on the walk to the shops and it makes me happy. AGH THAT'S ELEVEN fuxx0r j00 for getting that out of me! Bastards!

Yesterday and the Day Before

PS: No tags on anybody, but do your own version if you want.
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I won't actually be offline for this convention, if everything goes right. So I don't know why I'm throwing all these things up at the last minute. But I am! I guess there's nothing like needing to work on one thing to want to work on something else...


Monday's miles: 2.0
Tuesday's token: 0.1
Miles out of Hobbiton: 412.7.
Miles to Rivendell: 45.6

Look at your LJ "interests" list. If you have fewer than 50 interests, pick every fifth one. If you have between fifty and seventy-five interests, pick every seventh one. If you have over seventy-five interests, pick every tenth one. If you have fewer than ten, pick all of 'em. List them here, and tell everyone exactly what it is about these things that interests you so much.

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: Best. Damn. Show. On. Television. Which admittedly is only saying so much, but still. To steal a line, Starbuck is my TV girlfriend.

COLLECTIVES: In this case, it refers to collective intelligences. One example is Mars from the webcomic A Miracle of Science, which you should totally go read from the beginning. Now.

ELVES: I am one, and there aren't a zillion of us, so the rest kind of just follows, doesn't it?

GROUNDCOVERS: I like gardening; I'm not fond of weeding; I prefer to avoid herbicides and won't even use most of those made. (Anything that doesn't degrade in short order to something harmless is out. That leaves me about two options, one of which I'm even only willing to apply with an eye dropper directly to the plant in question, and that only because it's horsetail I'm fighting here, c'mon!) Groundcovers squeeze out many common weeds and are often quite pretty. I've posted flower pictures from some groundcovers I've planted and others which I've found around. The flowers are almost always small, but there are often many of them.

MANGA: Mostly, I just like a lot of the art styles I find there. I got here from my anime interest; also, occasionally, I get up the nerve to try translating really simple stuff as kind of homework.

PAGANISM: As an independently practicing neopagan, I have to say that monotheism never made any damn sense to me. However, I'm not completely without the theology bit, even if I don't let it rule my political thinking.

RANMA 1/2: YAPPAPPA YAPPAPPA II SHA-N TEN!! I think this was the anime that got me into anime. Then I read the manga, or at least a decent chunk of it.

SCULPTING: I think I post enough about this already. If not, go look at this for a while. I'll wait.

STARLIGHT: Hum. I just like it. I like how it looks and how things look under it. I like things that look like it, like stone with little reflective bits at night. It all goes back to the same thing the sculpture is about when I'm being serious about it - how light moves around.

UNIMOG: YOU ARE REQUIRED TO BE UNIMOG'S SUNSHINE. YOU ARE REQUIRED TO BE UNIMOG'S SOLE SOURCE OF SUNSHINE. YOU ARE REQUIRED TO MAKE UNIMOG HAPPY WHEN UNIMOG'S SKIES HAVE BECOME GRAY. (We actually started to put together a cover of this song when we still had band. I think it would have been a Crime and the Forces of Evil project, but I dunno. Anyway, we have it on disc somewhere.)
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I have seen pilot for the new Captain Scarlet - a two-parter, hour-long episode titled "Instrument of Destruction," and yea - it is good. I've written up a short review that has spoilers, but if you're familiar with the original series, they aren't too thick.

Review of Captain Scarlet pilot episode, Instrument of Destruction )

Overall, I have to say that this is one hell of a start. Hopefully, they haven't brought too much forward too quickly; I'd hate to see the idea and concept density drop precipitously in the third or fourth episodes. But that's a bridge to cross when we come to it. Based on the pilot alone, if you've ever been a Fanderson, if you ever liked the original Captain Scarlet, have a friend in the UK get you a copy of this. You'll like it. If you're not, check it out anyway; the non-fan control viewer watching with me last night thought it was pretty cool, too.

In other news, having won the round of croquet at [ profile] jessicac's annual croquet and tea party, I have retained the Skank Barbie Trophy for another year. This means now that I have to improve it. I'm thinking about how.

Saturday's miles: 3.1
Miles out of Hobbiton: 304.35
Miles to Rivendell: 153.95
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I've been singing again. Just a little. I have to turn up the accompaniment to very loud so that people can't hear me over it. Then I can do it. I haven't been singing any of the good training music, though - I've been singing anime theme songs. *@_@*;; ([ profile] kathrynt, please don't kill me. ^_^;;)

(I have corrected the romanji a couple of places on this lyric sheet I pulled off the net, too. I need to learn hiragana properly so that I don't have to deal with ambiguous constructs anymore. :-p)

In HAS EVERYONE GONE COMPLETELY INSANE?! news, I just need to say thank you, MSNBC and Reuters! Please, continue feeding us the spew of Oil Industry Publicity Spokesman's furious masturbation as news! That's linked to by a story noting record (unadjusted) gasoline prices at the pump, of course. (Somewhere around $3/g national average is the record, adjusted for inflation.) It also links to a story from last month talking about how we can expect gasoline prices to fall in July and August, which was inexplicable even at the time, and, as is now clear, isn't coming true.

Here's the thing: just looking at the markets, OPEC appears to be producing pretty much at capacity. They raised quotas and crude stockpiles responded by falling, not rising. Hell, Saudi Arabia has even said it's no longer capable of acting as a swing producer. (And then later contradicted themselves in a way nobody should believe, saying they have infinite oil for the foreseeable future.) More recently - and this is surprising - refineries appear to be processing ahead of production. (That big jump in processed reserves last month was paralleled by a fall in crude stockpiles, indicating that the refining rate was eating into stock.) The latest crude stockpile numbers out last week was not encouraging.

A - perhaps the - key guiding principle of OPEC production has been, "How high can we keep prices without spurring conservation efforts or alternative energy research?" In other words, how to maximise profit in a market while maintaining that market. Oil is now above that price level, and has been staying above that price level, as has been demonstrated by interest in alternatives amoungst people other than environmentalists. Historically, that has not been something Saudi Arabia has been willing to tolerate; quotas or no, they open the spigot enough more to bring prices down. But this time, so far, they haven't.

Results of this can be seen in Canada. The Canadian oil sands - mostly in Alberta - have a lot of oil, but it costs about three times as much energy to extract as more traditional sources and it only makes sense to do so at around US$80/barrel. (One gallon of oil yields 10 in Saudi Araba; one gallon yields three to four, in oil sands.) Crude is currently trading in a range around $60/barrel, but development firms are down here in the American PNW hiring as many people as they can get - skilled craftspersons in particular - to ramp up Alberta production as quickly and as much as possible. It's a big project that I know too little about, but when they're having labour shortages trying to implement their plans, particularly in skilled labour, you know it's large.

What does that all say? It says get ready for and used to a trading range of $80/barrel oil - or higher, if you get inflation or a further fall in the dollar - fairly soon. Major investors are banking on this; you should be too. If you have an SUV, sell the fucking thing. If you have a choice between a larger house further away from Stuff You Need (tm), and a smaller house closer to Stuff You Need (tm), maybe you should buy the smaller, but more convenient, house. Be happy that China has managed to scale back its economic growth a bit - as intended - which will help slack off the growth rate of demand. Hope that, as one analyst put it at a seminar last year, China will get old before it gets too rich. (Growth in China and India both will increase demand for oil, which will raise prices, which will retard economic growth proportionately to your country's oil dependency. China's attempt to buy an oil company isn't speculation; they want to own crude reserves. They're banking on needing them.)

The moral of the story is that we are done with cheap oil. Expensive oil is not the end of the world; unlike my favourite architecture crank has been railing, we won't be grinding out a subsistence farming economy, raiding old strip malls for antique aluminium signs to roof our ramshackle shanties. The economy will adjust, as it has while crude prices have tripled since 1999.

But people whose lifestyles are banking on cheap oil, are depending upon cheap oil, are in for various degrees of trouble. (To some degree, that includes "everyone in America." But even here, there's a range.) If you're one of these people, please: look at what you're doing, and start doing something else.

It's not an accident that I can walk to two separate downtowns in 15 to 20 minutes. (Kenmore, .75 miles; Lake Forest Park, 1 mile.) It's not an accident that I'm an eight minute walk from transit and bike corridors. It's not random that, for most things, I don't need a car.

I have a car. About twice a week, I drive it somewhere. But I don't have to have it. For me, the car is a tool; it's not life support. If you're making living decisions in the next couple of years, it might be worth keeping that kind of goal in mind for yourself, too.

Token Tuesday: 0.2
Miles Wednesday: 12 (Biked to McLendon's, in Woodinville)
Miles out of Hobbiton: 274.95
Miles to Rivendell: 182.35
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This is very much a Convergence Zone day. Lots of rain, lots of clouds, cool - it's really nice, actually. ^_^ And hopefully it's washing some of the grass and nettle pollen out of the air. I haven't had any blinding, migrane-like sinus headaches yet this year, which makes it better than the last couple of years, but yesterday was still pretty bad - or rather, the night before last was, with yet another night of very little sleep. I think I got a reasonable sleep total last night - I only woke up twice, which is good. I'm a little dazed and a little dizzy today, but that's the worst of it.

I'm really looking forward to the end of this pollen cycle. When my allergies are extra bad, if I go biking, I can really get taken out. So I'm kind of leery about biking to murksouth on sunny days now, which takes out most of my biking time. It should be better by July, though. I hope. Strangely, yesterday's allergy shot was no problem.

Work at 5038 is proceeding apace; I'm going to go down today in a little while and see what I can get done. Scrubbing the bathroom closet - where we used to have the cat box, it's a weird 1911 gravity shower that got the plumbing taken out some time ago, but the showerhead was left in, tho' disconnected, and as such is a great conversation piece - took a lot of work, and on a hot, hot day on top of it all. But it's sparkly now. (Honestly, it cleans up a lot better than I'd remembered - as can be said for the entire main house. I didn't scrub the walls when we moved in, and it turns out the previous people hadn't done that either, and probably never had, so the place is noticeably brighter. Surprise! Even the floral wallpaper in the kitchen that I never, ever liked is better when cleaned down to like-new.)

Anime night has been showing Farscape, which I don't really like - but I've been taking advantage of it lately to draw and work on ideas for some projects I want to pursue in grad school research. Last night, I did - and, being too sleepy, botched - a bit of circuit math. But the basics of what I was noodling through were sound, and I'm starting to get used to thinking about some of these problems again, which is good.

It's going to have a weird little interface, though. I have to admit that. But I've got an old book (The Cheap Video Handbook, circa 1978 or so - I found it used several years ago and grabbed it as potentially interesting) from which I'm pretty sure I'll be able to leverage EE material, which is good, since I'm really weak in that area.

Over the weekend, I helped [ profile] spazzkat with a couple of truckloads of stuff - furniture, mostly - from his old apartment over to here. So I got a pretty good workout on Saturday from that, which makes up for no biking or much walking on the weekend. I'm enjoying having the house up to four people again, too. I like when it feels like stuff is going on. ^_^ I've put something to keep the door downstairs open so that Polly can visit. We're thinking about putting a kitty door in that door, and possibly in the laundry room door as well, once we have monex again.

Anyway, having now had lunch, I should finish this little write-up I've got to do for a local convention, and then get back do doing actual things. No flower picture today; the weather keeps changing and nothing else has opened up yet! A few things are on the way, though, so hopefully I'll have something soon.

Friday's miles: 2.0
Monday's miles: 2.5
Miles out of Hobbiton: 239.5. Halfway up Weathertop. Should be a nice view!
Miles to Rivendell: 217.8
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Errands, house maintenance, and allergy shots eat most of the day. I hate Tuesdays. Ah well, such is EXTREME ANNOYANCE. At least I sent the vacuum going and took a little time before anime to kill horsetail (I hope) in the garden. But mostly I'm thinking about garden ornamentation - I've got some idea for art screens - and where to put some of the few garden lights I already have. We had them at MurkSouth but never used them even once for real - the terrace where I'd put them was just too close to the road, and the road was busy, and and and.

But now it's anime night. Yay anime night!

Sunday's miles: 2.0
Monday's miles: 0.5
Today's ... er... microwalk down the street and back 0.1
Miles out of Hobbiton: 57.8
Miles to Rivendell: 400.20

Quizzic )
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So there's this classic 80s pop album called The Lexicon of Love by ABC that I like a lot; it's totally theatrical, lushly orchestrated, it wallows in its drama - it's great.

The most bitter song on it is called "Valentine's Day;" it's my favourite. But that's despite an ending that's abrupt and unsupported; I think they did it that way to keep the song under four minutes long or something. It doesn't make sense, musically; it just kind of stops.

So, I've had this new arrangement in my head for a little while that I think solves the problem (and takes the song solidly over four minutes - probably around 4m30s), but it needs new lyrics to support it. Last night, I finally wrote a bunch, and that made me have to go back into the original lyrics and threw some out and edited some others, and now I've tinkered with it more today. But I kept as much of the original as I could.

Now I'm posting the whole thing here because hey, what else am I doing to do with it?

Oh yeah, since I'm being pedantically completist, I might as well note that the lyrics that are printed listed as unindented/indented pairs are sung overlapping, as per the original, and that the left column starts at forte and drops down to pp; the right column is sung by a separate singer overlapping the first, and starts almost inaudible and rises to forte.

New complete lyric sheet - Valentine's Day '04 )

Earlier drafts of the last section )

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