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Alliances, it has been said, are at their weakest on the brink of defeat, and on the brink of victory. After defeating the China Sea omnium, the gods of Oasis offered their help to Russia, to defeat their own Siberian threat, and Russia accepted that offer - but made additional secret plans of their own.

Of Gods and Monsters: The Arc of Conflict
Fragment e14b,1: D.VA is live!

solarbird and bzarcher

Hana "" Song needs to vent, and the love of her many, many followers never fails to make her feel better.

Of Gods and Monsters: The Arc of Conflict is a continuance of The Arc of Ascension, The Arc of Creation, and The Armourer and the Living Weapon. It will be told in a series of eddas, sagas, interludes, fragments, texts, and cantos, all of which serve their individual purposes. To follow the story as it appears, please subscribe to the series.
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I mentioned that I have AluminiumSiding as an alt account, previous post. I set it up so I could play comp with people far away and not be bothered by placement or anything. (The poor ping times that result from multi-continental play are an issue.) But hopping christ on a pogo stick it's annoying to get one set up, just because of all the shit you have to do to wade through eight million new user tips and so. much. terrible. play. ramping up to level 25, which lets you enter comp.

So much grinding. So much grinding.

Anyway, this short play of the game was from a charge that lasted so long I got multiple ults on the same charge on the point. This was just part of one of them. It was hilarious, and we won.

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