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Occasionally I end up on Australian servers. That's when I play Moira, because aim is... difficult... with quarter-second lag. But with her? Eh. Aim is overrated. (•̀ᴗ•́)

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I've been in one of the worst Widowmaker slumps I've ever been for the last couple of weeks. But I think I'm starting to come out of it. Games like this from Thursday are an example. (I'd embed it, but I don't think I can? It's on Twitch. YouTube won't let me upload it for some reason - no error, it just fails.)

Anyway, that was a straight-up first-place finish in Petra. It felt good, and... yeah. I needed that.

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Offence and defence pair of quickplay games, at Rialto. I think I saved this mostly because they paired nicely, as if they were comp. (Both wins.)

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An extraordinarily frustrating team. Notice the way leaves me to deal with Winston all by myself after I killed a third of the enemy team? I did my best, though. All three enemy snipers (counting McCree, which I think is reasonable) had identified me as The Only Actual Problem, but I still managed to get the jump on 'em a few times.

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I really like playing at Rialto. I'm not very effective to the first checkpoint - the team just wasn't in sync yet, I think - but after that, we come together quite well. There's a point - in the highlight I posted - where I take out both healers, including ulting Mercy, and I quite liked that.

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