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The tone and inferences in Pacific Lutheran University's "did you REALLY mean to save KPLU?" letter really rankle. It's like they're angry that listeners organised to save KPLU as an independent station at no cost to PLU.

Were we CONFUSED? Really? C'mon. 'Are you SURE you want this group to have YOUR INFO?! REALLY? Were you IN ERROR?' Spreading FUD - Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt - much, PLU?

I am highly unimpressed. It feels like a last-second hit on Friends of KPLU/Save KPLU, like they're looking for a reason not to sell to the community and instead sell to KUOW, which will shut down KPLU's news department and who mostly want it for the transmitters, to serve as repeaters for their corporate NPR feed station.

And I don't even know why PLU would do this, unless it's personal. Whose ego got bruised at Pacific Lutheran University?

In case their FUD manages to confuse people, here's SaveKPLU's website. There's still plenty of time to donate and help buttress this community buyout.
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Anna and I went to the Night Vale live theatre show last night at the Neptune, in my old hood, the U. District. I hadn’t been to the Neptune since they turned it back into a stage theatre, and I’m glad to say it works really well.

I’m not going to review it, per se; I’ll just say it was a lot of fun, with a lot of William Castle-esque elements – particularly – in one section that I really enjoyed.

My camera did a terrible job with the spotlighting, but have some cosplay pictures from the queue, a couple of the least bad stage shots, and a panorama I call Appropriate Theatre is Appropriate.

The Glow Cloud, Nr. 1
(A second glow cloud, in video form)

Eternal Scouts

Appropriate Theatre is Appropriate
1280-pixel-wide version here
img src="">
Jason Webley, The Faceless Old Accordion Player Who Secretly Plays in Your Theatre

The Best Photo I Got of Cecil

We queued up 45 minutes ahead of doors (in a bad spot, in the wind), and got good seats; totally worth it, even if I had to run over to the bookstore and grab a clearance XXL fleece sweatshirt that I’ll be wearing a lot because damn this thing is comfortable.

Anyway, if you get a chance, and you like Welcome to Night Vale, the stage show is a nice night out. Go, and enjoy.

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Hello, London! and listeners across the globe on the ARfm live stream! I just heard that one of our tracks, “When You Leave,” is on your station a few times this week, courtesy Paul Baker’s Soundscapes programme! That is so awesome I do not have words for how much awesome is is crammed into that. Hee hee hee hee Cascadian elfmetal bands say HELLO, LONDON! \o/

We’re new, so all this is a big deal for us and we’re not being cool and detached about it, not even a little. Fuck that! This is awesome and we’re not afraid to say so. \o/

So poke around the site a bit! Click on the Music link above to free-stream our music, including the new studio album Dick Tracy Must Die, the live EP Espionage (Live from Mars), and the ongoing piracy-and-revolution Cracksman Betty project. There’s also a mailing list you can join to get occasional newsletters and free downloads, and you can friend us on Facebook.

If you like what you hear, tell your friends! We don’t have any gigs in the UK yet, but we’d love to change that!

ETA: Seriously, this is the best Monday ever, or what? Bubo G. Gear just messaged telling me I’m between Betsy Tinney and Amanda Palmer on his Dementia Radio-hosted Shifting Gears show today, Tuesday 2 August 2011, at 4pm Cascadian/Pacific! (That’s midnight tonight London, 7pm Eastern. Live chatroom here, and Archive here, if you missed it.) Talk about some good fuckin’ company, what!

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So remember when I went EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE RADIO INTERVIEW! last month? The station manager was kind enough to send me the audio! Thanks again to transmissionfm 88.3 Auckland, host Doloras La Picho of Is This the Future?, and Daphne Lawless of the darkwave band Vostok Lake for hooking me up. I had a great time, thanks for having me on!

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Show Friday! 6pm(ish), Green Bean, Greenwood, Seattle. C’mon out if you can! I still don’t know whether there’s an act opening for me or whether I just have a realllllly long set. If the latter, I’m ready, I’ll take it! MOAR STAGE FOR ME! XD

And if you’re on LJ, you already saw this:

First CD to a Cascadian radio station

KEXP should have received this today. Hopefully they’ll decide to play something from it!

PS: Portal2 does not disappoint. Just sayin’.

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First CD to a Cascadian radio station

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I can talk about one of the secrets now!

Tuesday: CRIME and the Forces of Evil, Live interview: Transmission FM (88.3), 9:30pm, Auckland, New Zealand. Yes: I’m getting airplay in New Zealand. And an interview! WOOOOOOOOOO! That’s 2:30am Cascadian Standard Time Tuesday morning! Which is crazytalk! I will be soooooooo drunk sleepy! But it will be awesome. Thanks so much to Daphne Lawless of Vostok Lake for hooking me up, hopefully it’ll be great fun and at least vaguely coherent. XD

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