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Dashcon, billing itself as the first large convention of Tumblr users, is apparently a major drama emitter today, with hotel contract issues, reports of a request for $17,000 in donations, further reports that got dropped onto the hotel's paypal(?!) and general gnashing of teeth and wailing.

If half these reports are true, I haven't seen a convention meltdown this bad since graduate school, when a first-time con invited Anne McCaffrey but booked a hotel in Kentucky during sportsball playoffs and ended up in de facto a turf war with what later became known as the Clay County Basketball Berserkers after their team lost.
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I’m under medical orders to take it easy, so I am, and that’s cool and all, but boring. So today I made a couple of cloth iPad slipcases. They’re easy and I’ve never made one before. Both of these are multi-layered fabric; the red one is denim on the outside, artificial suede on the inside; the Cutter one has three layers, suede, denim, and on one side…

Okay, 10 years ago, the start of Medical Adventures was Anna’s bike accident wherein she broke her arm. They had to cut away her T-shirt and sweatshirt, and the T-shirt was particularly painful since it was one of her old Elfquest shirts, and a favourite. She said just to throw the cut-up remnants away, but I didn’t.

Blood of Ten Chiefs guards Anna’s iPad


The snap is small but metal and pretty easy to open and close; the band is sewn-edge like you’d do with a serger, but I don’t have a serger, so I faked it and applied some anti-fray glue. The art, of course, is rather old! But now it’s adhered against two layers of relatively stiff fabric, so should last a lot longer than it would’ve had it just stayed a T-shirt.

I have a totally superstitious hope that this can be a coda on the other end of this, and what’s scheduled for next month can be the end of it for a long time. I have no rational reason to think this, of course; I’m just resorting to animism here. But at least it has some art in it.

Also I made a minimalist one for Minion Paul; actually, I made it first. His first-gen iPad had a nice case, but Fred peed on it, and, well, finding first-generation iPad cases? Good luck. So I made him a slipcover case instead.

I’d've put a patch on it, but he didn’t have one he really wanted attached.

Slab of Red

Pointy there! POINTY THERE!

The only kind of trick to this one was wiring the rim. I was going to do kind of a drawstring thing but that’s kind of weird and lame, and this is kind of cool, and, let’s be honest, no more ineffective than those damned drawstrings.

Spring wire! Stays straight, which is more than you can say for me.

Oh, and if you do anything like this and want to layer fabrics together so make thicker multi-layer fabrics to, say, strengthen old T-shirt fabric so it no longer feels like a T-shirt at all? This is the best steam-on/iron-on fabric adhesive I’ve ever found. I will be using this again.

Honestly, nothing else I’ve used works nearly so easily or so well, and I’ve tried a bunch of different kinds. I wouldn’t go on about it this much except this is one of those solutions I looked for with real effort when I was more seriously into cosplay, and I’m really glad to have finally found one.

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There’s an Avengers meme where people do pop culture and news magazine covers set in the Avengers world. It’s cool and stuff, but I don’t read those magazines.

I read this, though:

July-August 2010

They’ve changed style since then, but I wanted it after Iron Man 2, or more specifically, right after Tony Stark’s testimony to Congress, so I used their old style.

Fonts aren’t quite right. But they’re the closest I have. I mucked with the kerning to get closer.

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…or at least is the most explosively out-of-nowhere-to-epic fandom I’ve ever seen.

Honestly. This must be what Star Wars must’ve been like. Jaegercon, organised out of nowhere, online, in about two weeks. Real-life gatherings in dozens of cities; Manila got together first, I think, at least on K-Day, thanks to calendar advantages; we had 23 or so Saturday night in Seattle; San Francisco led the pack with 40-something? Vancouver and Toronto had big groups too.

Hundreds if not thousands of people checked in on Tumblr; 500ish have signed the roll call post that went out a couple of hours ago, but you have to both see it and specifically sign it, which will leave out many. There were cosplay events (awards get announced Monday – Mako Mori and fem!Tendo were both particularly popular), videos, gift exchanges, essays (particularly focusing on Mako Mori, who, as a lead character woman of colour, people have been desperately thirsting for, particularly in this Summer Of No Women In Movies), fanart, analysis (my favourites being of the use of politeness levels in the Japanese dialogue), music (not just me)…

…and honestly, I can’t get over the reaction to Kaiju Meat, the song I did for the con. Nearly 600 people have played this thing, it has dozens of notes and reblogs, people have been donating money for this free download, and two people I don’t even know also brought it to the party, posting about it separately, themselves.

I don’t even know how that happened. To borrow a Texas phrase, I am whomperjawed by that.

(If you missed the link, it’s here. It’s a different sound for me, but I really think I hit my T-Rex-in-F-14s goal. Thanks again to tereshkova2001 and Kathryn Tewson for volunteer chorus vocals, and Flatbear for making badges for everybody to print. :D )

Then, while all this was happening, the Russians, Sasha and Aleksis, dropped by – or, rather, their actors. As did the Triplets, and three crowd actors who were there for a lot of the Shatterdome scenes in Hong Kong. Then the screenwriter, Travis Beacham, showed up. And the editor of the art book, Elaine Morethansky, and the movie’s producer, then finally the director, Guillermo del Toro. All in interviews, answering questions from the Jaegercon crowd.

There’s already a Fanlore page about it. It has links to the interviews, and to some of the alt-universe threads which have started up.

But, yeah – this has been an amazing out-of-nowhere experience. Tumblr, Pacific Rim fandom; I’m not entirely sure what you’re doing, but please, please keep doing it; you are doing it right.

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The first 20 seconds of “Kaiju Meat,” now posted to Tumblr. That gets you the intro and the first half of the first verse (sans vocals).

There is a lot of bass in this thing and a lot going on in percussion; headphones recommended.

So far – so far – in fact, it’s mostly percussion (two stock beats that I mutated, a rock beat loop, and one entirely new studio drum track I recorded this afternoon), plus faux-electric distorted-and-overdriven irish bouzouki. It sounds nice and thumpy and trashy. I’m kind of going for mecha / jeager / kaiju dance/fight music here, because canon reasons. Also because it’s the Dance Dance Revolution Demonstration Team doing this. But that part’s just my headcanon, anyway. :D

If you want to get vocals in, now you have your tempo, and NOW IS THE TIME! Use your phone, use your laptop, whatever, just tell me how you want credited and keep the background noise down. See the Jeagercon post for details.

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A fan has provided some.

You're welcome. ^_^ (Courtesy lj:gamera_spinning.)
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So there’s a song by Vixy & Tony called “Thirteen.” It’s on their Bandcamp page here, and there’s cellphone video of a live performance here, at nwcMUSIC 2012.

And I realised a while ago that this is the same number as canonical Doctors – not now, but possible. 12 regenerations, 13 doctors Who. But nothing ever really came of that, until this popped out of my head. And I want to get it posted before we know anything about a 12th doctor, because parts of this kind of play off not having one, and rumours are floating about, so now is the goddamn time, apparently. XD

(Music Vixy & Tony 2008, Lyrics me, um, a couple of weeks ago. March 2013. Creative Commons 3.0/noncommercial use-derivative works allowed-attribute.)

Well I went for a walk on a rocky beach with a storm-tossed sea and a sky of grey
Saw a big blue box with a funny man, he called, “come with me, child, and fly away”
Said “count by the minutes and count by the hours, we’ll see the future that you never knew”
“But the path’s all covered with the blood of strangers, Raggedy Man there’s too many of you”

One and one and one and two and three
Timelord, won’t you take pity on me
Original show only counted to Seven, so
tell me what do you mean?
Thirteen / Thirteen / Thirteen / Thirteen

Timelord tell me all your stories, timelord tell me I can play
I never believed you could come up empty, I never knew nothing never went your way
Reborn twelve times ’round this console, set back up until they shut you down
Nemeses come in gold and silver, but someday the Valeyard’s gonna steal your crown

One and one and one and two and three
Timelord, don’t you take pity on me
Original show never counted on Seven
Tell me what could you mean?
Thirteen / Thirteen / Thirteen / Thirteen

Timelord tell me where you goin’ / Timelord tell me where you been?
Eight went and died on the stroke of midnight, Nine was the soldier who did him in
Ten went too far in a TARDIS, twelve’s still the man who can never sin
But thirteen’s a wrap and thirteen’s a final and thirteen’s the doctor who can never win

One and one and one and two and three
Timelord, won’t you get clever for me?
Original show only made it to Seven, so
what’ll be your last scene?
Thirteen / Thirteen / Thirteen / Thirteen

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RIP Gerry Anderson, who died today in Britain at age 83. Gerry, along with co-creator Sylvia Anderson, produced some of the most mad and most epic modernist SF television of the 1960s and 1970s, and continued working separately after he and Sylvia broke up between Series 1 and 2 of Space: 1999.

While not as globally famous as Doctor Who, you know his work. Thunderbirds, the global cult classic. Supercar, which never made any damn sense but was crazy awesome all the same. UFO, their first live-action series. Joe 90. Fireball XL-5. Stingray. Space Precinct. Our two household favourites, Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons and Space: 1999 (series one, anyway). That’s not even the whole list.

Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons – and its worthy reboot/successor, Captain Scarlet (2005) – doesn’t get the mention it should, much of the time. The title character dies in the first ten minutes, and yes, he’s really dead. The rest of the series, he’s a Mysteron replicant. The war is started – thanks to a misunderstanding – by Earth; the resulting terror campaign is a conflict of nerves, to destroy Terran civilisation. In some episodes, the Mysterons win. And, shot in 1966, all the combat aircraft are flown by women.

Pilot Ready Room, Cloudbase. Combat pilots Destiny (Juliette Pontoin, French, from Paris), Harmony (Chan Kwan, Chinese, but born in Tokyo), and Melody (Magnolia Jones, African-American, from Atlanta). Take that, Star Trek.

Angels Symphony and Rhapsody are off-duty, so not in this picture.

I only met Gerry Anderson once, very briefly, at a convention. He was warm, friendly, gregarious, and talking to about a zillion fans in a row all at once, so it’s not even really a meeting. I didn’t know him. But I knew his work, and particularly, I knew his and Sylvia’s work. His shows weren’t always good – particularly not after Sylvia left – but sometimes, even often, they were amazing. While I know more than enough not to conflate the work with the artist, I’ll still miss him.

Might be time look up some episodes of Twizzle, and then for a Captain Scarlet (2005) marathon. From the start, to the finish. It was a hell of a run, Gerry. Thanks.

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It’s Friday! I have people coming over to record stuff. Enjoy three pieces of art by other people; one written, two video.

This first item isn’t what you’re going to think it is. I’m going to tell you what it is, and you’re going to go, ‘what? unlikely’ and not even read it, even though you should.

It’s part crackfic, it’s part hard-SF singularity story, it’s kind of creepy, it’s kind of epic, and it’s also quite funny at parts, particularly if the term “paperclip AI” means anything to you. It’s one of the most amazing fanfic efforts I’ve read, and I’m not even in the fandom. Please enjoy:

My Little Pony:

Friendship is Optimal
Caution: self-modifying code.

And if that’s a little too out there for you, please instead (or in addition) please enjoy two mashups.

From an art standpoint, I’m just really impressed by how well this actually just works as music. It’s the kind of mashup that kind of makes sense from the start – it may be R&B separated by time and great distance, but it’s still a collision of two R&B-oriented artists. Please enjoy FAROFF’s PSY vs. Ray Parker, Jr., in Gangnambusters:

This last one’s pretty silly, two rather opposite 1980s pop acts slammed against each other. If you know anything about Billy Idol’s punk era and George Michael’s solo pop career, seeing the high-makeup punk crowd headbanging to George Michel’s high-accellerated crooning is both hysterical and somehow appropriate. It’s not bad musically, either; it sounds too fast at first, but there are reasons – they had to speed up both tracks just to get enough energy into Michel’s singing.

Please enjoy Wax Audio’s Bill Idol vs. George Michael, Careless Rebel:

We’re finally going to see Wreck-it Ralph (a.k.a. Sugar Rush) this weekend. What’re your plans?

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Hopefully I’ve talked about nwcMUSIC enough that you know, but if you don’t: it’s a geekmusic festival held at the Norwescon SF convention, and I run it.

We’re having our first ever away-from-convention event in two weeks, on Sunday, October 28th, from 2-8pm. It’s a play event; what filkers would call a housefilk, what nerdcore people would call a cypher, and not entirely unlike what Irish musicians would call a session, but with people taking turns instead of everybody playing all at once.

However you count it, it’s a chance to come and play with other musicians across geekmusic genres. Or that’s what I’m hoping for, anyway. Relaxed and fun, and there’ll be snax. :D You can also come just to listen, but it’s not a stage show, so don’t expect anything that formal.

Email me for details! RSVPs are requested but not required, because I want to know what snax to buy. I don’t want to post the address because, um, it’s my house. We can’t afford to rent a venue yet. XD

Relatedly, remember how I posted the 80s stage fan musical Wrath Side Story a couple of months ago, recovered from dying VHS videotape?

There was a sequel. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, also recovered from ancient VHS videotape (but with far better sound and marginally better video)…

Star Trek III: Spock Pacific

Again, the sight gags are broad enough that they work okay even with the video, and most of the humour is in the dialogue, anyway. It’s very, very silly. Enjoy. ^_^

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So, I’m crazy with paperwork and stuff today, so I don’t have time for the last Newfoundland post. It’ll be up tomorrow morning, promise.

But! I did upload something over the weekend to my non-band YouTube channel. Back in Ye Daye, there was a fan stage musical parody of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan mashed up with West Side Story. Turns out this wasn’t on the internet, so I’ve taken my dying Nth-generation VHS copy, massaged the living hell out of it (and its sadly degraded soundtrack) and thus…

The Improvisational Insanity Theatre Corps, the Fish and Ships Players, and Clam TV, in extra-cooperation with CRIME and the Forces of Evil, proudly? present a battle for galactic turf: Wrath Side Story.

It was a stage musical, done with no budget at all, performed apparently at a few conventions. The video here doesn’t look great, but the sight gags are broad enough to come across anyway, and I think I’ve done some real good on pulling the audio soundtrack back in. Since I’m treating this as a restoration project, I’ve left in every frame I could, which includes some momentary audio drops on the original.

I’ve also managed to hide a lot of decay damage off the tape, partly through extending sections of good footage over bad, and partly through creative use of transitions. (A hint: the more complex the transition, the worse the damage I’m hiding.) There’s still one scene at the beginning where you lose picture, but it’s brief. There were… several. There are also some strange moments of sound sync I couldn’t fix without doing work which went beyond restoration.

If anyone with better equipment and more time wants to give it a go, I will happily lend you my VHS tape. But only if you’re serious about it. If you just want the raw rips, no problem; let me know.

One cultural note: the part of Dr. David Marcus in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan was played by an actor who had previously played a character in the sitcom Square Pegs. The troupe decided it would be funny to play David Marcus as that character.

This goes entirely over my head, but it was apparently very funny at the time. So, it’s a little dated here and there – in particular, in that one decision – but I still think it’s pretty hilarious. Enjoy.

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Hey, check this shit out – a progrock concept album about the fall of Princess Luna and the rise of Nightmare Moon. It is epic. Also, another reminder: Leannan Sidhe’s album kickstarter closes on Friday. Best go now while good backer rewards are available. :D

We got some suggestions in various places (Livejournal, Facebook) about new names for the local hardware store which has decided it needs a liquor license. Pick y’r favourite!

Spirits and Sandpaper: what do we rename the hardware store?

  • [ ] Amputations R Us
  • [ ] Big Jim's Whiskey, Chainsaws, & First Aid Supplies
  • [ ] Hammered & Nailed
  • [ ] Hard and Hammer
  • [ ] Spirits & Sandpaper
  • [ ] Something Else (add in comments, I'll update poll)
[[ CLICK HERE TO VOTE the buttons do nothing ]]

Finally, here, have this awesome NASA video of the Venus transit. I watched a few live feeds at once, because I could! HI THE FUTURE!

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THANK YOU everybody at Folklife who stopped by and chatted and said hi! And particularly all the people who stood around and listened. It’s hard to get heard over the din at Folklife – I mentioned on Twitter over the weekend that Folklife is mostly about yelling and I stand by that – but this was a good year! I guess I’m getting better at yelling. Also at when to perform and when to kick off for a while. XD

I’m sad it’s over, even if I have a pretty epic case of the sleepies. Seriously, I’ve been writing this for 45 minutes and being distracted by oh hi kitties. You kind of lose track of the whole awesomeness of this music thing in all the grinding day-to-day business bullshit, and huge epic festivals playing with other people remind you.

And it doesn’t hurt anything when a stranger walks by and then backs up and looks at you and goes, “…are you … did you do that Skyrim fan song about the Winking Skeever?” and you can go \o/ and say “yes! Yes, I did!” And they ask if you’ll do it live and you do. \n/

Folklife wasn’t even the only thing awesome this weekend! I can’t talk about Anna and things involving certain creative efforts other than Faerie Blood. But I want to. And I’m not even talking about the soundtrack and certain plans we have for that which aren’t signed yet. But I want to. I can say that the Leannan Sidhe Kickstarter has charged up to 72% on what is normally a totally dead weekend, so that’s awesome – go push them to 75%!

Oh, and the review raffle thing has until Thursday. So go write up a little commentary thing about Cracksman Betty in public and link me to it by Thursday EOD if you’re in.

I got more, but you go ahead. What’d you do this weekend?

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FandomSecrets is finally moving to Dreamwidth!

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I saw Hunger Games last night. I read all the books, I'm a fan. There are apparently some people out there who are pissed off that Rue was played by a black actress. This is to all those people:


To everyone else, why the hell haven't you read these books yet? I have to keep my mouth shut and it's crazymaking! XD Um, what can I say? spoilers, but only for the movie )
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Anna and I are goin' to VCon! Anybody else going?
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Conflikt 2011, at the SeaTac Holiday Inn - the TL;DR is that things mostly went fine, but it felt a lot less social than last year.

That might've just been me; I have difficulties here. A big part of that feeling comes out of the new hotel - the personnel are fine, the rooms themselves are perfectly good, but the layout is just... really bad. It's terrible for social hangout space and group flow and the like; small spaces, separated by many corridors with many turns, and it's pretty well isolating. For me, anyway, Conflikt kind of leans on that social feeling pretty heavily, and with that missing, it loses a lot. The best hang-out space at this hotel would be the front lobby, but that's separated by a maze of corridors and elevators from the rest of the convention space, so feels isolated and doesn't work. It's not where you go to be randomly social, it's where you go to be alone.

I wish they'd move to the Marriott that hosts Rustycon. I love that hotel; it doesn't have this hotel's problems. And I'm not sure you can fix this hotel.

But that's a physical plant issue. Other than that, it seemed to go pretty well; no major technical issues that I noticed, other than problems with the sound system I'm told were caused by having to work around a sudden malfunction in the soundboard compressor, and on the whole, from the audience side, they mostly had that under good control. Programming seemed pretty solid; nothing hugely new, but that's not why you go to Conflikt, really. The new part is what music people are bringing.

Me, I mostly caught up with a couple of people on Friday. That, and getting business mostly out of the way - handing ARCs off to dealers for order consideration, things like that - of which I didn't have very much, really. For the record, food at 13 Coins has gotten a lot better; it's not worth a special trip, but it's now worth it if you need to GTFO of a hotel on the Sea-Tac Strip.

Saturday, Conflikt's version of the Home Recording I panel confirmed how I can contribute to the Norwescon Home Recording I panel - basically, everybody else will talk about correct ways to do things, and I'll say, "those are the good ways; do it those ways if you possibly can; but if you can't, here's how to make it work with twine, bamboo, and coconuts." ^_^

Leannan Sidhe's first show went really well - it did not look or sound like a first show, and she was so nervous beforehand, omg. Saturday's shows were good up and down, really; Mark Osier's song about groupies is a riot while being perky and danceable - Shanti and I snoopydanced our way through it, for atmosphere, and were informed we did that disturbingly well ^_^ - and he did this thing about genetically damaged lab animals on Old McDonald's Farm that was so ill. And so recommended! But the con suite conversation was all about Egypt and rightists going on about MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD NEW IRAN OMG OMG OMG MUST SUPPORT THE DICTATOR, which was not at all fun.

By Sunday, I was pretty wiped out and got there a bit late for rehearsal for and play in the Band Scramble, where I ran into [personal profile] technoshaman who popped in for surprise chorus before taking off for the day. Our group called our band Invader Tak and the Perfectly Normal Humans, then played "Elf Glade," which, if you don't know, is about luring away and killing humans for nefarious purposes. I SWEAR THE SONG WAS NOT MY IDEA. But I jumped on it like a jaguar on a 2012 Mayan. XD

Sunday Jam was really quite good - one of the more jam-like Sunday jams I've played with, and I liked that a lot. It just flowed well, if you know what that feels like, and was actually mostly a proper jam, rather than songs. The Smoked Salmon after ran nicely long too. I was quite surprised to discover the second room having its own playing going on... Sunday? Separately to the main room. Go, small group, go! ^_^

Despite the hotel, I ran into and talked with a lot of people through the weekend - J.C., Stephanie, J.T., Chaos, John, Richard, K., Shanti, Alec, Cern, Angi, the Lundervillains ... it's a long list and I'm forgetting people, I'm sorry. But despite that it felt all socially scattered, just like the space, and I didn't get to talk to half of you as much as I'd've wanted.

Perhaps I'm just overly sensitive to architecture. But I still hope they find a new hotel.

15 days to go on Kickstarter project Dick Tracy Must Duplicate; currently funding at 65% of goal. Consider joining!
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Now that Halloween is over and the elections are mostly done and hopefully people have a little more brain time XD and also because I don’t have a new song this week (I’m working on it! But it won’t be done ’till Monday) I wanted to remind everybody about my gig coming up on November 20th at The Lyons’ Den in Bothell, Washington. It’s a no-cover show, starts 8pm, runs until 10; two sets with a break in between. I’d love to see some of you there!

Also, if you missed it: I’ve got a new toy for you! Trad o’ th’ Week, or maybe Month, or It’s Up To My Schedule. Once a week or two, I’ll do a single-day recording of a traditional song – usually Newfoundland folk – and members of the Crime and the Forces of Evil mailing list will be able to download it free. And none of this 96k preview bullshit, either; it’ll be a high-quality mp3. ^_^ Once I’ve got enough of them I’ll probably make a compilation and put it up on the Bandcamp site for sale, so these aren’t throwaways; fans just get ‘em free, and first. XD The first song – “Captain Kidd,” a song about the famous pirate – is already online, and you can get it by signing up to the CFoE mailing list at Fanbridge:

These are like live recordings, but without the audience – it’s me, a zouk or mandolin, and maybe a drum or flute if I have the time budget for it. This particular recording has the zouk, my vocals, and me on bodhran, which is genuinely as Old School Newfoundland Folky as I get. But it’s about criminals – pirates, in particular – so what’s not to love? Clickie and sign up!

And if you haven’t listened to any of the other recent uploads (and there’ve been a lot) and have been meaning to get around to that, you know where you can click. (IF you know what I mean… XD )

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…AND WE’RE LIVE. Yes, it’s the triple-pronged three-fisted trifecta of musical attack from the unique combination of Great Big Sea (courtesy their karaoke contest), Twelve Good Measures, and CRIME and the Forces of Evil, featuring the first-ever video directed by me, along with lots of good Criminal engineering, lyrics, and vocals. Muah ha ha, our plot is afoot!

(The winner of this contest gets guest-of-band backstage passes to the Vancouver show, so fuck yeah mudkips, I do wanna win!)


The official VIDEO
The official free high-quality AUDIO (pick yer format)
The unofficial OUTTAKES video

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Title: The Diesel-Driven Eight Dimensional Jet Car Blues
Pairing: Buckaroo Banzai and the Hong Kong Cavaliers / Crime and the Forces of Evil
Author: Dara Korra'ti / [personal profile] solarbird
Rating: PG at most
Word Count: n/a
Time: 3m14s
Summary: Remember that first song the Hong Kong Cavaliers start to do at Artie's Artery, the one they don't finish because Penny is crying? Remember that lyrics appeared a few weeks ago? Remember that there was a series of concerts recently to keep Artie's open? Some of those featured the Hong Kong Cavaliers sharing the stage with other bands. And this could be called a bootleg.
Link: mp3, "The Diesel-Driven Eight Dimensional Jet Car Blues," Live at Artie's Artery, at megaupload.
Originally posted: over at Buckaroo Banzi (everything Buckaroo), on LJ, reposted here.

Details, details )

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