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Thinking towards the future – I don’t make resolutions, but I’m trying to figure out what I want out of 2014. In my 2013 summary post, I talked about thinking my tools are in pretty good shape; let’s work less on tools and more on using them. And that’s fair. But I don’t think that’s complete, and it’s still bouncing around in my head.

What do you you want out of 2014? I’m seeing a lot of people on different blogs being very, very tired of the status quo. If that’s you – what’re you wanting out of the new year?

While you’re thinking on it, please enjoy these two new 2014 Shatterdome drinks I experimented up, working off of tereshkova2001‘s basic research:

Siberian Honey:
2x vodka, 2x barenjager, 1x grapefruit juice (dirty). cold, shaken. pour strained; very sweet. Too sweet for me but the favourite of the shatterdome floor crew.

Kuril Islands Chrysanthemum:
Prepare tippy assam (black) tea, allow to cool, do not adulterate. Then:
2x vodka, 1x barenjager, 2x fresh-squeed grapefruit juice (dirty), shake hard, pour unstrained, add 1x tea, stir in. Unexpectedly delicate; flowery without excess sweetness; tastes of chrysanthemum, hence, the name. I really liked this tonight; hopefully it’ll hold up once repeated.


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Anna and I were in Victoria last week, and she picked up a mammoth at the provincial museum. (And, by the way, I had no idea how fucking big those animals were. Holy hell in a handbasket those things were big. I know, I know, they’re called mammoths, but ‘jumbo shrimp’ are called ‘jumbo’ and that’s not true now is it?)

I posted lots of pictures to Twitter about ADVENTURES! And now, mammoth needs a name. And she was debating whether mammoth was male or female and I said not to force mammoth into a false gender binary, and now we just need a name.

The post is over on her blog. Go vote to name our genderqueer mammoth! Also, respect genderqueer mammoth’s identity, or they will trample you into viscera. Just see if they don’t.

Name me!

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Last call for 2012! I should do some sort of big end-of-the-year recap post, and probably will on Monday, even though I’d actually rather talk about the 48fps 3D The Hobbit. There’s a lot to say, and some similarities to the arrival of colour in the black-and-white era. But that’ll have to wait until Wednesday, if I want that wrap-up post.

Or not. I may get ambitious. Hey, anything’s possible, don’t laugh. Just because I’ve been putting in 12 to 16 hour days in the Lair’s studio working on the next Leannan Sidhe album and a little on the Bone Walker soundtrack, that doesn’t mean I’m too wrung out to get anything done.

This party can’t be over, there’s still Scotch!

Or maybe it does, I dunno. XD

Talking of, Leannan Sidhe have gone home, to take a break for a few days and warm up for the next round in a week. Henchies are busy working on resetting the guest dormitory. The fairies are pretty neat, but the orcs, well, their ability to party is well known and well deserved.

Sunday readers, I wanted to throw out a last call for discounted physical CDs of Dick Tracy Must Die and Cracksman Betty. Free shipping in North America, even. But only until the first, so move fast. End of year sale and all that, eh? Just for you.

Finally, does your browser support the new WebAudio API? Check out this awesome shit. It’s a reimplementation of some BBC Radiophonic Workshop tools in WebAudio, from the BBC itself. Somebody test this and tell me how it works, I don’t want to install Chrome. But it sure looks cool.

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This is an actual sake* you can buy:

Gellin’ with a Felon

I recommend it on the basis of the bottle alone. Also? It’s pretty good. SlimeSake ftw.

Also, it’s blue. Okay, it’s not actually blue, but the bottle is. Anything edible that colour is not found in nature and I approve.

Also, check it, I’m in a comic strip about Ardbeg. YAY ARDBEG! \o/

*: Face labelling sadly not included.

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