Mar. 19th, 2017

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Well, another day. I'm running late, so it's mostly just a stories list this time rather than a writeup. Sorry.

"Trump and the Parasitic Presidency," and "Young Americans: Most see Trump as illegitimate president." And while a bare majority of young whites see Mr. Trump as legitimate, a clear majority disapprove. That's something, I guess.

Fox's Kilmeade: "We keep marrying other species and other ethnics" and it doesn't get better from there. It's not a new quip - it seems to be from 2009, based on the stories in the crawl - but it's a reminder that this horrible shit was always juuuuust below the surface.

The Gorka stories today: "Top Trump Adviser Faces Calls For Resignation After Reports Of Ties To Nazi-Aligned Group," a repeat with "Did Gorka Really Wear A Medal Linked To Nazi Ally To Trump Inaugural Ball?" (because it's relevant again), and "Nazi-Affiliated Hungarian Group: Sebastian Gorka Swore a Loyalty Oath to Us."

A reminder that Republican Senators have committed more crimes in washrooms than all transwomen combined: "Married GOP Senator Ralph Shortey Turns Himself In, is Charged with Child Prostitution: WATCH" - though this one is just a state Senator.

"Kellyanne Conway Is a Star" is an article on Kellyanne Conway that some might find interesting.

"After neo-Nazi-fueled disquiet in Portland, Oregon's U.S. senators call for harsher hate crime laws" - it won't go anywhere, but the effort of writing and filing the bill is worthy.

The Trump administration makes it easier to really dig into people who owe student loans: "Trump administration rescinds Obama guidance on student loan defaults: report"

"George W. Bush Gave Us Donald Trump. Now He Wants To Be Forgiven." FUCK NO. DOING THAT IS HOW WE GOT HERE. FUCK THAT FOREVER.

And finally, "Why Is Silicon Valley So Awful to Women?"

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