Feb. 8th, 2017

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Hoo boy, where to we start? Lots of looting again today, with abuse of the office to promote his family brands, and a direct statement that actions the Trump Group doesn't like will be taken as a direct attack on President Trump. Similarly, lots of attacks on institutions that could limit his power, and more lies, both about the murder rate (it's a 57-year low, not a 47-year _high) and another made-up Islamic terrorist attack made up that never happened. (Atlanta. Which did have a terrorist attack, from a far-right white guy hating on queers and abortion rights.)

I'm including coverage of the power demonstration by the Republicans against Senator Elizabeth Warren, where they literally silenced her for reading material already in the Congressional Record, before confirming the known vicious racist Senator Sessions to be Attorney General. This is to eviscerate voting rights, I'm pretty sure. But the silencing was a power display, both against women (since male Senators were allowed to read the same material repeatedly afterwards) and against Democrats: you aren't equal citizens. (See Lindsey Graham's statement that silencing Senator Warren "was long overdue.")

So if you have maintained any idea that the GOP will do anything to stop any of this, please stop. It will not happen. They are folding themselves into a Trumpian party, authoritarian, misogynist, and white supremacist. That is quite literally all they have, and they will continue to extend their attempts to stop everyone but Republicans from voting, and no one in their party will oppose. Nobody. And why should they? The most recent polling data I have (from the 2nd) says that 95% of Trump voters approve of his performance.


This is what they want. This is all the GOP has. It will not "regain its sanity," it will not be deterred on "decency," it will not preserve "democratic norms," it. will. not.

Plan and act accordingly.

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