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Jan. 16th, 2017 08:30 am
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Met a few friends of Leannan Sidhe’s, from Shoreline – other musicians with their own band(s) – this weekend, dropping by a joint recording session for a big school project. (They’re all in SCC’s audio engineering and music programme.)

Turns out they know SJ and Betsy and Alec and all of that crowd, which was great, and we shared stories and jammed a little, which went well. I didn’t stick around too long, for supervillain reasons (and also, they had a lot of tracking to do in their studio session and a limited number of hours in which to do it), but it was fun.

Annnnnd maybe, with a bit of luck, something might come of it this summer. Maybe. Y’never know.

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ITEM TWO. SERIOUSLY, ITEM TWO. 690 positions requiring Senate confirmation. 32 nominees so far, total. The administrative branch leadership is going to be essentially empty, and at the current rate, would stay that way for months. Unlike Jonathan Bernstein, I worry that this is less incompetence and more specifically not wanting people around so you can do whatever the hell you want with even fewer people actually knowing what's going on - it's very much a personal-rule (as opposed to institutional-rule) model.

Either way, if it stays in this kind of configuration - with literally hundreds of unfilled jobs at the highest levels - it will take a little while for the decay to set in, as the continuous bureaucracy does its best to limp along. How badly and how soon it falls apart will of course depend upon what it's confronted with, and when.

I suggest being prepped for this, though honestly, I'm not real sure how. These activities will fall through to someone - Congress and the states, really. So be ready on the state front; our emphasis on local and state governments is looking like it will get reaffirmed in a pretty clear way.

This is something we need to make sure they own. Republicans will, of course, put all of the blame on Democrats for "slowing the process down," which is a lie. Call it that. Actually trying to have actual hearings is not the same as "slowing the process down," when those hearings are the shortest and shallowest on record, and no number of hearings slow down nominations never even made.

Item one is the resource, just for all the footnotes. Sourcing material is good, and Senator Warren did a lot of sourcing.

In other news, CNN has hired Rick Santorum as a "senior political commentator." >:-(

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