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RIGHT. So. Now that I've sorted this stupid problem, let's talk about it.

I have a Scuf Infinity 4PS, which is a third-party PS4 controller with special features like adjustable trigger depth and paddles. I quite like it. It has good thumbsticks that come in different heights, and you can swap and mix and match and all that, and the controllers are built so that you can do it without disassembling the controller. Frankly, it's kind of great.

Unfortunately, the Scuf sticks have a rather shorter lifespan than Sony's. The pads die; they get kind of just... weird. They admit that right out. They feel great, but they're not the longest lived. And so, they sell replacements.

But. (And this is an important but.)

They only sell replacements in four-packs for $15. Worse, they're fourpacks of four different kinds of thumbstick - two extra tall, two shorter (but still taller than Sony). And within that, each pair has one concave and one convex.

If you want two of the same kind of stick, that's $30. Which is nuts.

So I've been trying to find a solution. I'll skip over a few failures, and cut straight to the good answers.

These silicon pads made for various game controllers fit on Scuf sticks with worn-out grips just fine.


...If you use the shorter Scuf sticks - the kind I use, of course - you get an issue where the added thickness of the silicon outer pad interferes with the thumbstick housing, and limits the available range of stick motion.

I haven't actually found this to matter? Apparently the used stick range and the full physical motion range aren't the same, by Sony design? And Scuf adheres to that. But it does make the experience kind of... gummy. And maybe it would matter in other games.

This is only going to be an issue with the short Scuf sticks, and shouldn't affect the tall ones, since they have a lot more height and therefore clearance.


There are a variety of people selling metal PS4 thumbstick replacements like these from GameXcel on Amazon and other places. You'll see a lot of reviews mentioning issues with L3 and R3 with these sticks; that's because the sticks are a little taller and go down too far on the Sony standard thumbstick stem. This is trivially correctable by inserting a small strip of paper and folding it over when putting on the new thumbsticks. (Ask me how if you care.)

This does not happen on the Scuff Infinity 4PS. At least, not on mine. They pop on, they fit, L3 and R3 work just great.

And since they're just a little bit taller than the Scuf standard sticks, and a little bit thinner on the pads, the silicon grip covers do not touch the outer ring of the housing, and so you get full thumbstick motion range. It's close! But you have clearance.

Oh, and if you don't like the little traction bumps on those particular silicon grip pads - I don't - they snip off perfectly with a nice pair of fingernail clippers. Press down lightly, snip, no more little bump. I did that on mine, which is why you don't see the little bumps in my photos that you do on the product page. They were there; now they're gone.

So if you're one of the tiny number of people in my circumstance? Here is your solution.

You're welcome.

Date: 2019-01-18 01:15 am (UTC)
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Wow, that was an interesting read and definitely something I will keep in mind if I ever replace my regular PS4 controller.. I have had it for four years now so I may have to do an upgrade soon

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