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We've just had two Stage 3 power events (multi-second complete outages) and come back from both. The first was a good 30 seconds, and I was headed to the server room to bring the murknet down. Then back up. The second one was a couple of minutes later, down seven seconds and back up. THIS IS FREAKISH AND NEVER HAPPENS, so nice re-routin' there, PSE.

But there is no way we are staying up through this storm. XD

Date: 2016-03-14 02:07 pm (UTC)
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Time for a generator?

Date: 2016-03-14 04:57 pm (UTC)
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At a previous job, we ended up being VERY efficient at "rent a petrol gennie from HSS, cable gennie through the windows, make the minimal server room core run from it" (pro-tip, never plug a portable generator into a UPS, make sure you have a power conditioner in between, otherwise you're likely to kill the UPS).

This mainly due to, ahem, procedural failures by the power company while working on a subsurface mains cable. Thankfully, the employee that cut into the power cable they thought was off-line survived.

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