Feb. 15th, 2017

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4chan is depressed; 8chan is freaking out, hoping for a Trump-led coup d'etat, and going into civil war/full-anti-semitism/nazi mode. (Interestingly, they're both still on the fake pizza pedophiles conspiracy theory.) There are a lot of people starting to celebrate; don't even think about that yet. Even if Trump were forced out - which I do not think is about to happen, his white male approval rate is still at like 60% - we'd just be looking at President Pence, who isn't nearly as inflammatory or disturbing, but is about as bad.

The California disaster declarations requested on the 10th and on the 13th were finally confirmed, so that, at least, is actually normal. But everything else is on fire. And Canada is still seeing refugees coming north from the States, particularly in Quebec.

The relatively-lower-key effort is one starting in Arkansas to use the other way of getting amendments to the US Constitution - one coming directly from the states. This hasn't ever been done but is clearly defined, Constitutionally. The effort, of course, is to eliminate marriage rights for LGBT people.

Adventures. Lots of adventures.

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hoo boy where to start

A couple of big german media anti-immigrant stories have been retracted by their publisher, and there's discussion of whether criminal charges should be pressed.

The hearing on a constitutional convention call to stop LGBT marriage was moved to today, the 16th. We'll see if it happens.

Looks like European intelligence agencies have data on the Trump campaign's contacts with the Russians, too. That's fun.

Various Republicans are attacking various intelligence agencies over the reports. Also fun.

Mr. Trump is holding a rally in Florida this weekend. Mr. Spicer referred to it as a "campaign" event, and Mr. Trump has filed, so I guess the 2020 election is ALREADY ON.

Lots more, but it's midnight and I'm off to bed. Good luck.

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