Feb. 10th, 2017

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Canada is starting to see Muslim refugees from the United States sneaking across the border as College Republicans hand out Holocaust-themed Valentine's Day cards with Hitler's picture. (But remember, they aren't Nazis!) Fox News goes off about how women need to submit to men to have good heterosexual relationships. Trump's immigration ban gets means CBD gets to play the exciting new game, Whose Christianity Counts?, when it comes to people entering the US. A Pentagon journal publishes a paper on a proper military response to a hypothetical president setting up internment/concentration camps. All this and more in "yes, this isn't an alternate timeline, you can tell because we don't have dirigibles in the sky" news this morning. Sorry.

It's February 10, 2017; this is the news )
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Republican reps and senators under heavy fire at home; several important environmental issues (science, and legislative); Russian newspaper tells women to be 'proud of their bruises' as state partially decriminalises domestic violence; a big ICE sweep started being rumoured Thursday night and ICE lied about it, turned out it as real and ran into Friday; Republican state legislatures continue to make it harder to vote; some background on the neoreactionary movement (self-titled "NRx"); Justice Department has signalled in a court case that they are stepping back from including transgendered people in civil rights law. (This will be the start of many such steps back, now that Sessions is confirmed.)

Item 10 in particular is really exasperating as a majority of Trump voters say the Bowling Green Massacre (which, again, was not a real thing and did not happen) shows why his Executive Order on immigration is needed. An outright majority now appear to believe it was actually a thing and justifies action.

Item 23 is a new survey-study across 40 years of immigration data in 200 metropolitan areas showing no connection between immigration and increases in crime rates. Useful for reference, if you can get any of 45's followers to pay attention to science.

It's February 11, 2017; this is the news )

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