Date: 2017-05-01 08:14 pm (UTC)
itsanooray: (Default)
From: [personal profile] itsanooray
I could only take a quick look but issues and suggestions I have:
1) On some of the comment chains on this page, some content text is overlapping with footer links. A clear fix is needed due to your floats.

2) If DW is aiming for best practices involving responsive design, the CSS should be done mobile-first, since you're using max-width on media queries this is desktop-first css.

3) I wouldn't add border-radius to inputs, it makes them not look like an input, and in areas like in the control strip where you shrunk the size it makes the type very claustrophobic.

4) your idea for how you're handling the comment threads is interesting, however, instead of specifying a number for every comment depth in the css look into the css counter-increment property, it will auto count and spit out numbers for you.

I would also look into styling it so it's a little more clear what you were going for. I didn't notice the numbers at first and "#>" doesn't mean much, especially if it's your first time coming to a dw journal and you're on a phone.

I apologize if some of these suggestions were things you were going to work or approve on, haha.

I'm really glad someone is tackling this officially! Just having the viewport declared by default would make me a happy camper.
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