not doing april fool's day

Mar. 30th, 2017 03:08 pm
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If you are like me, April Fool's Day never made much sense, and people were not kind about it. This will be a safe spot away from that if I can manage it. I like holidays, I like humor, I like Spring, I do NOT like non-consensual teasing and pranking.

Following meme modified from [personal profile] bookblather
Okay, folks. As April first is Saturday, I hereby pledge not to post any pranks, jokes, false links, or screamers. Nothing originating on this blog will be a prank or deliberately incorrect. If I re-post or link to other people’s pranks, which I may, they will be clearly marked so you don't click on them and think they're real.

No direct links to howling horribleness, and no 'alternative facts', will ever purposefully appear on this blog. If one does, it's a hack or something changed, or I messed up; please let me know immediately so I can fix it.

Stay safe out there, my dears! We non-pranksters have got your back.
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If you've been following my adventures at all (and if you're not, what are you doing reading this?!), you know I'm living in Seattle and working at Amazon these days. Well, our team is hiring, in both Seattle and Vancouver.

I'm in the Consumer Payments team; our biggest project recently was the Amazon Prime Rewards Card ( ), but we also handle things like the store card, installment payments, and so on. We use technologies like AWS, web development, machine learning, and microservices, at scales up to tens of thousands of transactions per second. We also have our own functional programming framework for batch processing (yeah; sometimes you still have to do that) up to millions of records.

We're looking for SDEs, SDETs, PMs, and TPMs. Let me know if you're interested, and I'll connect you with our team's recruiter.

Reality ensued

Mar. 30th, 2017 10:13 am
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It turns out Young People have exams and such. Accordingly, there will be a two week hiatus in Young People reviews. See you all on the 14th!

Anybody want a dogsitting gig?

Mar. 29th, 2017 09:42 pm
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Ex & m'boy will be in the Bay Area visiting their family April 7th through 10th, and Ex wants somebody to stay in the house in the south end and dogsit during that time. She asked me after her usuals fell through. I noped out because I don't want to move out of my apartment and across town for a weekend. No, I don't have any plans for that weekend yet but I can see how I might like to make some. Besides, we're supposed to be divorced, dammit.

Why doesn't she kennel Bigpuppy? In a word, anxiety. The dog's anxiety, that is, not my Ex's. I couldn't make this up if I tried.

So yeah, if you want a nice place to crash in the south end on the edge of Seward Park (the neighborhood, not the park itself) and like big, bouncy, loud dogs, drop me a line. If that doesn't sound like your cup of tea, I can certainly relate.
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A Door Opens
by Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
part 3 of 3 (complete)
word count (story only): 1337

:: This story takes place around dawn on Saturday in the Maldives, which is dinner time (around 5pm) on Friday where Shiv is. ::

“Well,” the teen stammered, waving at the box, “Have some before I eat the whole thing.”

Tolliver grinned. “Thank you.” He selected a medium slice, heavy with vegetables, and tipped it as he lifted it free so that several slices of linguica fell onto neighboring pieces. “I tend to keep track of calories as how many yards of the lawn I'll have to mow.”

Travis snickered. “I do the opposite, measuring how many candy bars I can have in a week based on whether I'm on walking duty, desk, or something else.”
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another first for me

Mar. 29th, 2017 05:27 pm
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It occurs to me that I had another first over the weekend: I used plastic wrap as barrier protection for oral sex, as first recommended to me by the Siberian Siren. It's cheaper and, in my opinion, less cumbersome than dental dams. By less cumbersome I mean less likely to block your nose or wander too far afield - you can control the size of your barrier if you're tearing it off a roll. Also, many dams are made of latex, so there are allergy issues to consider. What I really want, though, is a barrier that I can adhere to my upper lip and maybe cheeks so I don't have to keep using my hands to keep it in place.

You know you're doing well as a woman dating women if, like a certain girlfriend, you keep a roll of plastic wrap in your night stand. I'm not on her level, at least not yet.

So what arrived?

Mar. 29th, 2017 03:47 pm
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In a previous entry I said we'd bought patio furniture, which was scheduled to be delivered by FedEx today, bu that FedEx claimed the shipment consisted of one box a foot square and 9" deep, with a weight of three pounds.

Toby was convinced that we'd somehow bought expensive dollhouse furniture. I was convinced that what we were going to get was a box with the warranty and some cleaning fluid in it (that's happened before when we bought furniture).

On the way home from dropping documents by our tax lady, we got a notification from FedEx that our shipment had been delivered, so the drive home was a bit tense as we wondered what awaited us.

So what arrived...?

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My CPAP machine is insecure

Mar. 29th, 2017 02:51 pm
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So it sends me endless emails explaining how it makes my life easier. Today's was a claim that apnea sufferers who use their CPAP machines correctly halve their odds of experiencing a vehicular mishap, which is kind of funny because I almost got backed over by a car today.

(no subject)

Mar. 29th, 2017 08:47 am
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so the patio furniture we ordered is theoretically on a FedEx truck to be delivered today...the FedEx website says we're getting a single package 12" x 12" x 9" that weighs 3 pounds.


We're All Connected

Mar. 29th, 2017 09:43 am
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Giant Sequoias are fertilized by dust which blows in from the Gobi Desert:


Mar. 29th, 2017 07:26 am
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Everyone at work is going to be cranky tomorrow--there's a big storm that
just passed over and in addition to the tornado sirens that went off (they
go off for warnings, which means conditions are likely, not necessarily
that one's been spotted), the university sent out an alert on their info
line so everyone got a text AND a phone call.

There's also a lot of cranky parents right now who are getting the alert
because their phones are registered as the main contact but who don't live
in the area.
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Excuse me, but because I'm totally outraged, tonight's post will feature a huge copypasta from a newsletter I subscribe to from the website Fight For the Future (FFTF).

tl;dr: we just lost the last shred of our online privacy to the undrained swamp creatures who voted us out of it, so see if you can spare $3 (or more) to put up billboards in their districts shaming these creatures so they can't and won't get elected again (I've donated).

They betrayed you - FFTF's mock-up billboard showing names of House reps who voted against your online privacy

BREAKING: Congress just decimated Internet privacy rules and voted to allow Internet Service Providers to spy on you and sell your sensitive information to advertisers without your consent.

The House of Representatives voted on the bill today, and it was already passed by the Senate last week. [1] The President has already said that he’ll sign it. [2]

The most disturbing part? The members of Congress who pushed for this attack on our privacy have been taking money hand over fist from the very same Big Cable companies that stand to profit from selling the intimate details of our lives. [3]

We can’t let them get away with this. We’re crowdfunding to put up billboards with the name of every lawmaker who voted for this travesty, because the public deserves to know which politicians sold out our Internet privacy to giant corporations.

Will you chip in to hold these corrupt lawmakers accountable and help us get these billboards to as many Congressional districts as possible?

Slashing these privacy rules means that ISPs like Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T will be able to constantly monitor and store your most private information, like the websites you visit, the products you buy, and your real time location, and sell that data to the highest bidder.

Even creepier, it will allow ISPs to inject ads into your web browsing, install undetectable software on your devices to track your activity, and deploy systems to undermine encryption. [4]

When ISPs collect and store this information, they’ll also be making it available to the Federal government and law enforcement through bulk surveillance programs.

This is nothing less than an all out assault on our basic right to use the Internet safely and securely, and it’s putting all of us at risk.

Will you help us expose the corrupt politicians who voted to kill our Internet privacy? Click here to chip in so we can put up billboards so everyone knows their names.

Today’s vote is a crushing blow, but what’s most important is what happens next.

We need to generate a massive public backlash to make it clear to our elected officials that we will not sit back and allow them to put our friends and family in danger.

Major news outlets like USA Today and The Hill have already covered our plan to unleash these billboards shining a spotlight on the lawmakers who betrayed us. [5] [6]

Help us get these billboards into as many of these corrupt lawmakers backyards as possible. Click here to chip in.

We’ll keep fighting. And we’re honored to have you on our team.

For the Internet,

-Evan at Fight for the Future







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A Door Opens
by Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
part 2 of 3 (complete)
word count (story only): 1392

:: This story takes place around dawn on Saturday in the Maldives, which is dinner time (around 5pm) where Shiv is. ::

back to part one
to the Danger and Discovery Index
on to part three

“Because they're expensive?” Shiv grumbled. Tolliver remembered being nineteen and constantly hungry, without the boost of a soup's metabolism. He nudged the Parmesan over, only to have Shiv shake his head at it.

Tolli shook his head sharply as he focused on Shiv's words. “No. They're rescued animals, Shiv, which means they're jittery around new folks. Too many humans have abused them in the past for them to trust easily. But, that makes them really good therapy animals for some of the veterans we know. That's one of the things we do regularly, and we make a little money from it. However, if you don't want to push, I can understand that, too. You've only got what, roughly eight weeks left until you're out?”
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by Gideon Marcus

I used to call The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction "dessert." Of all the monthly sf digests, it was the cleverest, the one most willing to take risks, and the most enjoyable reading. Over the past two years, I've noticed a slow but decided trend into the realm of "literary quality." In other words, it's not how good the stories are, or how fun the reading – they must be experimental and erudite to have any merit. And if you don't get the pieces, well, run off to Analog where the dumb people live.

A kind of punctuation mark has been added to this phenomenon. Avram Davidson, that somber dilettante with an encyclopedic knowledge and writing credits that take up many sheets of paper, has taken over as editor of F&SF from Robert Mills. Five years ago, I might have cheered. But Davidson's path has mirrored that of the magazine he now helms: a descent into literary impenetrability. Even his editorial prefaces to the magazine's stories are off-putting and contrived.

I dunno. You be the judge.

(see the rest at Galactic Journey!)

Brown Eyes and bureaucracy

Mar. 28th, 2017 05:26 pm
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First the happy stuff: date #4 with Brown Eyes. Yes, they do seem to happen fairly often. I'm OK with that. Nothing fancy, just a drink after Lambert House at the bar down the street where the old Monday night gang used to go. Then she drove me home while telling me stories that made me laugh 'til I cried.

Now the not-so-happy stuff: I've written here before about how Lambert House is staying in its current location thanks to an eleventh-hour loan. What I haven't written about is that because LH didn't technically have a space for next year at the end of this year, the city of Seattle wouldn't give them their usual contract. It's apparently been in their rules for ages.

I heard this from the chagrinned-looking volunteer coordinator. It occurred to me later that he had good reason to be chagrinned: he's one of only three paid staff, and the organization is now missing about a third of its budget for this year. The city will probably fund us for the second half, but that still means about a $40K shortfall. After the months-long, freaked-out scramble for cash and space that ate most of last year for the director, he's got to deal with this new hassle. Oy.

Weekly Otherkin Chat Starting Now!

Mar. 29th, 2017 12:00 am
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Reminder: Weekly #otherkin chat starting now, in irc://! Webclient here:
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The Libertarian Futurist Society
has announced five finalists for the Best Novel category of the 37th annual Prometheus Awards

The Corporation Wars: Dissidence by Ken MacLeod (Orbit)
The Corporation Wars: Insurgence by Ken MacLeod (Orbit)
The Mandibles: A Family, 2029-2047 by Lionel Shriver (HarperCollins)
The Core of the Sun by Johanna Sinisalo (translated by Lola Rogers) (Grove Press/Black Cat)
Blade of p'Na by L. Neil Smith (Phoenix Pick)

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