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Tonight and tomorrow night, the East Bergholt Dramatic Society are presenting their production of Wyrd Sisters! "Terry Pratchett's marvellous Discworld characters are brought to life in this hilarious and fast paced adventure."

When: 31st March and 1st April 2017
Venue: Constable Hall, Gandish Road, Dedham and East Bergholt, CO7 6TP
Time: 7:30pm
Tickets: £7 on the door (if any left), or £6 if ordered in advance from 07803475750 and 01473 311553, and from The Fountain House Tea Room in East Bergholt. Or contact sheilamartin@hotmail.co.uk

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Posted by Mark Liberman

Or maybe, "What is vamping, and how could the Trump administration redo it?"  Perhaps because I was very tired, that was my reaction to this story by Nia-Malika Henderson, "April Ryan asked the most important question of the Trump presidency", CNN 3/30/2017:

After a contentious — and some said condescending, sexist and racist — back-and-forth with White House reporter April Ryan at a press briefing Tuesday, Sean Spicer tried to get over the dust-up at the Wednesday briefing.

He called on the American Urban Radio Networks correspondent first, and the two exchanged forced pleasantries. Moving on, folks, was the clear message. Nothing to see here. We are professionals and combat happens.

But, lost amid that Tuesday exchange was the actual substance of Ryan's question. It was an important one, which goes to the heart of where President Donald Trump finds himself — the Gallup daily tracking poll has Trump at 35%, a new low.

Ryan asked: How does this administration try to revamp its image?

Of course I know what it means to revamp something:  "give new and improved form, structure, or appearance to".  But just what would the administration be re-ing if did revamp its image?

I knew about the musical vamp, a "repeating musical figure", and the stereotypical seductress vamp from "vampire". But in this case, those senses suggest bad jokes rather than a plausible etymology.

So I looked it up — and the OED tells me that vamp comes from

Old French avanpié (12th cent.; later French avantpied ), < avan(t) before + pié foot.

and means

That part of hose or stockings which covers the foot and ankle; also, a short stocking, a sock. Now dial.


The part of a boot or shoe covering the front of the foot; U.S., that part between the sole and the top in front of the ankle-seams.

So revamping is something that cobblers (used to) do, to replace the front part of a boot or shoe's uppers.

Anyhow, vamp in this sense is a word that I've somehow managed to avoid learning so far in my life, probably because I've never actually (known anyone who) had a boot or shoed revamped. (Though I'm old enough to have had a few soles and/or heels replaced…)


Welcome to Dottyville

Mar. 30th, 2017 10:03 pm
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Posted by historytodayadmin

The Hydra, a magazine produced by shell shock patients, was pioneering as a mental health care treatment.

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A new study from the University of Delaware is one of the first in the world to show that tree trunks in upland forests actually emit methane rather than store it, representing a new, previously unaccounted source of this powerful greenhouse gas.
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WASHINGTON (AP) -- As America&apos;s effort to end 16 years of war in Afghanistan yields little progress, Russia is resurrecting its own interest in the &quot;graveyard of empires.&quot; The jockeying includes engaging the Taliban and leading a new diplomatic effort to tackle Afghanistan&apos;s future, with or without U.S. support....

Disability Bingo Fills

Mar. 30th, 2017 04:46 pm
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I didn't get 5 in a line this month, but did make 8 fills on my Disability Bingo Card

B4 (creative solutions to limits) -- "A Tornado of Thought" (Polychrome Heroics: Calliope)
B5 (autism or Asperger's syndrome) -- "Listening Back" (An Army of One)

I3 (post-traumatic stress disorder) -- "What Real Courage Is" (Polychrome HeroicsOfficer Pink)

N1 (determination) -- "A Bridged Right" (standalone)

G3 (intentional neighboring) -- "The Quick Brown Fox" (Polychrome Heroics)
G5 (adaptive equipment) -- "Reveal to the Universe" (Polychrome Heroics: Aquariana)

O2 (depression) -- "In That Terrible Inbetween" (Polychrome HeroicsOfficer Pink)
O4 (anxiety) -- "To Appreciate Small Victories" (Polychrome HeroicsShiv)

Older Gets Younger Every Year

Mar. 30th, 2017 09:00 pm
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Posted by Not Always Learning

School | Australia

(A student is telling me about his favourite YouTuber.)

Student: “And he makes videos about Lego! But he’s an old person… Well, not, like, old, but an adult like you!”

(I’m 21.)

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FFA DW Post # 630 - Placeholder

Mar. 30th, 2017 11:47 pm
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New Rule updates:
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Other posts and resources relevant to your interests:

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This was such an awesome show! I saw them ten years ago when they were touring for their first album and really enjoyed the show, but this was so much better.

I was coming from work and didn't end up getting off as early as I'd hoped I would, but I knew there were two opening acts, so I wasn't worried about being late. I ended up missing the first opening act, Saint Motel, completely, and the second act, MisterWives, started up about five to ten minutes after I got seated. I'd never heard them (or heard of them) before, but they were pretty good.

Panic came out right at nine and played for about an hour and a half, straight through with no encores.

I wasn't sure if they would do any of their really early stuff or not, but they did a medly of songs from the first album, as well as I Sing Songs Not Tragedies towards the end. The only song they did from their second album was Nine in the Afternoon, which is the only one I know (and I like it) so that was fine! I was a bit bummed they didn't do Memories from Vices and Virtues, as that's one of my all-time favorite Panic songs, but otherwise I'm pretty pleased with the selection.

1. Don't Threaten Me with a Good Time
2. LA Devotee
3. Ready to Go (Get Me Out of My Mind)
4. Golden Days
5. Vegas Lights
6. A Fever You Can't Sweat Out Medley
7. Hallelujah
8. Nine in the Afternoon
9. Miss Jackson
10. This Is Gospel
11. Death of a Bachelor
12. The Ballad of Mona Lisa
13. Movin' Out (Billy Joel cover)
14. Emperor's New Clothes
15. Nicotine
16. Crazy=Genius
17. Let's Kill Tonight
19. Girls/Girls/Boys
20. Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen cover)
21. I Write Sins Not Tragedies
22. Victorious

After Miss Jackson, Brendan went backstage and then appeared at the other end of the arena, rising up from the floor with a piano. He performed This Is Gospel there and then did Death of a Bachelor while walking through the crowd back to the stage, which was pretty awesome. I was up fairly high, so nowhere near him, but it was still cool to see him weaving through the crowd.

The other big event was that people had been given multi-colored paper hearts at the gate and were told to put them against their phone's flashlight at a certain time, and then when everyone did that at once, the audience formed a rainbow of lights like the pride flag. Then Brendan shouted out "Donald Trump can suck my dick" before launching into Girls/Girls/Boys, with the faces of various famous queer people up on the screens behind him, and then he did Bohemian Rhapsody as a tribute to Freddie Mercury.

He also did a drum solo around then that the internet tells me was a mashup of Bruno Mars's 24K Magic and Rihanna's Bitch Better Have My Money, neither of which are songs I know, but it was fun to watch.

He talked several times about having just recovered from laryngitis, which you'd never know from the way he sang. He did so many vocal flourishes and random high notes.

I know a lot of people were super bummed when the original members split up, but I think it was for the best. I really love the direction Panic has gone in since then and I'm so glad I decided to go to this show.

Indexing, National Day of

Mar. 30th, 2017 09:33 pm
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Posted by Kattullus

In our Google era, indexers are the unsung heroes of the publishing world argues Sam Leith, honorary president of the Society of Indexers, on National Indexing Day [pdf]. Among the varied uses of the index Leith highlights is the comedy index, the subject of a blog series by indexer Paula Clarke Bain, so far up to four entries: I, Partridge, Alan Partridge: Nomad, Toast on Toast and Ayoade on Ayoade: A Cinematic Odyssey.

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Posted by Not Always Right

Drug Store | AL, USA

(I am a manager. I am called up to the front to perform a return on a passport photo without a receipt.)

Me: “Hi, so you need to return this passport photo?”

Customer: “Yes, the visa office said it wouldn’t work.”

Me: “I’m so sorry about that. I’ll get this taken care of. Now, without a receipt, I can only offer you store credit unless you have the card you purchased it with.”

Customer: “Oh, no, I don’t want store credit. I’d like cash. I paid with cash.”

Me: “Yes, I understand, but without a receipt, the only options I can provide you with are an exchange or store credit.”

Customer: “Just a moment. I know I kept that receipt.”

(The customer begins digging through purse. My cashier shoots me a look that lets me know that she had previously done this and no receipt was found. Two minutes pass.)

Customer: “Oh, here it is!” *hands me a receipt from our competitor*

Me: “No, ma’am, this is from [Competitor] and for breath mints.”

Customer: “Oh. I guess I’ll take store credit.”

(I run the transaction through and the customer leaves. Per policy, I shred the returned photos and throw the pieces away I think I am done for the day. Twenty minutes later…)

Customer: “EXCUSE ME, MISS!” *interrupting me helping another customer*

Me: “Yes, ma’am. I’ll be with you in one moment.” *goes back to ringing up customer*

Customer: “Well, I’ll be real quick. I need my photos back.”

Me: “Just one moment, ma’am, and I’ll help you.” *finishes with customer* “Ma’am, what photos are you referring to?

Customer: “That passport photo I just returned. I want it back.”

Me: “Ma’am, after I returned them, I shredded them for your protection. I could reprint them or retake a passport photo and ring you up, though.”

Customer: “No, I don’t want to pay for it. Since the picture had my face, I wanted to keep it and get my refund. Why did you shred it?”

Me: *confused* “So you wanted your money back and to keep the picture?”

Customer: “Yes.”

Me: “Ma’am, if you brought back a defective blood pressure monitor and returned it, I would keep the blood pressure monitor. I would not let you have the monitor and your money back.”

Customer: “But I wanted everything for free. I saw it on TLC and thought for sure it would work. I heard young women managers are usually nice about this thing.”

(I can only assume she meant ‘Extreme Couponing’ or ‘Extreme Cheapskates.’ She left after trying to convince my cashier to dig through the garbage and tape all the pieces together. Some people make me wonder about humanity.)

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CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) -- Venezuela&apos;s Supreme Court has ruled that it can take over responsibilities assigned to congress in what opponents of President Nicolas Maduro are decrying as the latest attempt to install a dictatorship in the South American nation....
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Posted by Vivian Kane

ivanka trump

Donald Trump has long been promising to create jobs for Americans. From what we can see, it mostly looks like he’s been costing Americans a ton of jobs, as well as taking credit for jobs created under the Obama administration, now we have to give credit where credit is due. He has created at least one job: for his daughter. Way to go, Don!

Yup, just like her husband Jared Kushner–who was given the brand new Bureau of Obvious Nepotism Office of American Innovation to run, along with some other weirdly important roles like brokering peace in the Middle East–Ivanka Trump has been given an official job in the federal government, serving as an adviser to her father. She may not have any experience working in government, but hey, neither does her husband. Or her father. Or her father’s chief strategist. And she already had that job in all but name, including an office in the White House, but there was some question as to whether keeping the position unofficial was a way to get around government ethics and conflicts of interest. (Spoiler: yes, of course it was.)

The younger Trump said in a statement (via the New York Times):

I have heard the concerns some have with my advising the president in my personal capacity while voluntarily complying with all ethics rules, and I will instead serve as an unpaid employee in the White House Office, subject to all of the same rules as other federal employees.

Throughout this process I have been working closely and in good faith with the White House counsel and my personal counsel to address the unprecedented nature of my role.

First of all, given Trump’s approval rating and the endless barrage of lies and hypocrisy coming out of this administration, that “in good faith” bit deserves a chortle. We don’t have a drop of good faith left. Also, are we supposed to praise her that she was “voluntarily” obeying the ethics guidelines that come with her position, just because it’s been unofficial until now? Does that get a trophy now? Also, again, no one believes she was actually doing that.

There’s also the question of what Ivanka will gain from this? Sure, she’s wealthy enough to work for free, but would she? Even Donald Trump isn’t declining his salary, despite his many campaign promises to do so. (He’s now saying he’s collecting his checks, but plans to donate the money to charity at the end of the year. Which means what he’s really doing has to be a toss up between testing our attention span, and donating to a charity that goes right back into his own pocket once he’s out of office, right? Let’s all set a calendar reminder for New Year’s to check back in on this, shall we?)

The First Lady is a position that has long been under feminist scrutiny, and for good reason. A lot of reasons, actually. It’s an unpaid position, with many elements of the job being relegated to the home, and little to no coverage that’s not tied to her husband. Even recent First Ladies who have done incredible work for causes of their choosing, are still seen as extensions of their husbands. The role is inextricably tied to a patriarchal system, and so are the benefits. First Lady is an unpaid position, presumably because allowance, room, and board are all provided to the husband. That’s a completely outdated system, but it is still a system we’re used to.

Ivanka Trump, though, is a grown woman with a husband–whose position is also unpaid–and children of her own. We need to think about what she and her husband have to gain financially from this arrangement, either now, or when they leave office.

Oh, and for everyone who complained about a Clinton “dynasty,” and cited that as a (fallacious) reason why you couldn’t vote for Hillary, psst, your hypocrisy’s showing. We all know you didn’t actually care about nepotism or experience or ethics. That was just straight-up misogyny. We see you.

(featured image via Shutterstock)

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Posted by Teresa Jusino

image via Tinseltown/Shutterstock

image via Tinseltown/Shutterstock

NBC loves them their live musical events, and we are closing in on their next offering, Bye Bye Birdie, which both stars, and is Executive Produced by Jennifer Lopez. Broadway legend, Harvey Fierstein, has adapted the musical’s book, and has made some substantial tweaks to bring this picture of 1960s Americana into the 21st Century.

For those who are unfamiliar, Bye Bye Birdie is the story of a music agent named Albert who represents an Elvis-like singer named Conrad Birdie who, like Elvis, is going into the Army. Before he enlists, Albert comes up with the idea for Conrad to give a lucky contest winner “one last kiss” before he goes off to war. The musical then goes on to explore the coming-of-age of that contest winner, 15-year-old Kim MacAfee; the relationship between Albert and his secretary/girlfriend Rosie; and how all of the town of Sweet Apple, Ohio deals with Birdie Fever.

Dick Van Dyke and Chita Rivera as Albert and Rosie in "Bye, Bye Birdie"

Dick Van Dyke and Chita Rivera as Albert and Rosie in Bye Bye Birdie

What I’ve always loved about the original Broadway production (which won the Best Musical Tony in 1961) was that it centered the experience of a Puerto Rican woman. Dick Van Dyke starred as Albert and Broadway legend Chita Rivera starred as Rosie Alvarez, earning a Tony Nomination for her role and portraying a nuanced depiction of a Latina in the U.S.

The song “Spanish Rose,” which was in the original Broadway production and was adapted in the 1995 TV movie starring Vanessa Williams as Rosie is a defiant run-down of just about every Latinx stereotype in response to a racist potential mother-in-law. While props must be paid to the original from The Queen…

…I prefer the lyric changes in the 1995 version:

Regardless of the version, Rosie’s Puerto Rican identity was established in the original source material by giving the character a Latinx last name and casting a Puerto Rican actress to play her. Since then, things got a bit wonky in that department. In the 1963 film, Van Dyke was invited to reprise his role as Albert, whereas the role of Rosie was not only recast with Janet Leigh, but her Puerto Rican identity erased, her last name changing from Alvarez to DeLeon, so as to make her ethnicity less specific. “Spanish Rose” wasn’t used in the film.

In the 1995 version, “Spanish Rose” did appear, but the role was played by Vanessa Williams, who is not Latina. At least a woman of color was playing the part? And, to be fair, I actually loved her performance.

Still, this upcoming live version is a chance for there to be a filmed version that gets everything right. Harvey Fierstein told The Hollywood Reporter that there were several things that concerned him when taking on this adaptation.

“I want to be true to the time it takes place but at the same time, having Rosie be Albert’s secretary whom he’s having an affair with is a little sexist and old-fashioned. I didn’t see any reason for that. So I changed that. I made them both high school teachers.

“He’s the English teacher who writes a song, and she’s the music teacher who says, ‘I’ve got a great kid with a great voice. He ends up being Conrad Birdie, who’s supposed to only take one summer off to promote the record but turns into a star. It’s been eight years and Rosie just wants to go back to their real lives. It really makes a lot more sense that way.”

It really does make a lot of sense, though it would require a bit of tweaking to the song “An English Teacher.” Still, it’s awesome to see that Albert and Rosie will be equals in this version.

Doubly awesome is the fact that Rosie will be played by a Puerto Rican triple-threat again! This time, Jennifer Lopez is doing the honors, and as she’s an Executive Producer on the project, this new live version will “accommodate Lopez’s wish for the airing to highlight Rosie’s struggles as a Puerto Rican woman about to hit middle age and in a relationship with a man afraid of commitment, as seen in the original musical’s book but lost in the 1963 film.”

I can’t wait. Bye Bye Birdie is the first live musical from NBC that I’m genuinely excited about! Will you be watching?

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Sludge Factory

Mar. 30th, 2017 08:21 pm
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Posted by Existential Dread

[mlBandcamp] A little Throwback Thursday sludge for your listening pleasure: Kowloon Walled City/Thou split 7", featuring a cover of Low's July (original version) by Kowloon Walled City with Lisa Papineau, and Thou's world-ending cover of Soundgarden's 4th of July (original version).

I Need You To Believe In Me

Mar. 30th, 2017 08:04 pm
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Posted by The Whelk

The new Starz series based on Neil Gaiman's American Gods, headed by critical darling and Hannibal showrunner Bryan Fuller (previously, trailer) now has character posters and the full opening titles online.

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