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2018-04-28 04:15 pm

[sticky entry] Sticky: Coexistence Alpha: a responsive mobile and desktop overlay for Dreamwidth

UPDATE 2018/12/4: QUESTION 1: Yes, this respects your colours; I just like green.

UPDATE 2019/2/6: QUESTION 2: Yes, this sat fallow for a while, but no longer. We have a second RC.

You Want Mobile Dreamwidth, Artie? You Got It.

Coexistence Alpha: a mobile-friendly CSS patchset for Neutral Good - v0.846 RELEASE CANDIDATE TWO

This is a fully-responsive mobile-ready theme modification layer intended to make Dreamwidth's default style fully functional on both mobile and desktop devices wherever it can be applied. Features include journal and reading pages with near-zero horizon scrolling on mobile, including in long comment reply cascades, and more-comfortable comment creation, including on iOS.

To install: Choose style "Neutral Good" for "Practicality" in the journal style selector. Copypasta all of the linked CSS into the Advanced Seettings Custom CSS box, and save. (This may require a desktop device.) Apply "your style" to everything you can.

This build includes Navbar 2, which is mostly cosmetic but somewhat mobile-aware upgrade of the Navbar.

Revision history and bleeding edge code (there may be an RC3) )
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2019-02-18 02:52 pm

Widowmaker: guess who's finally finished placements?

We lost, but I made 'em work for it.

Also, guess who finally finished placements? This spider! I finally have an SR again! 2112, which is apparently a funny number if you're into classic rock.

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2019-02-18 02:43 pm

Widowmaker: sure I guess so why not

I honestly have no idea how that second shot apparently got me two people. I guess an accidental domino shot and someone else finished off the third kill? But I'm so guessing, honestly.

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2019-02-18 02:41 pm

Widowmaker: like ducks in a row

We were down five on six for most of this game, but we did hold back their first push, and this was part of why. Like ducks, all in a row, at the amusement park.

(We did not hold back their second push. We did, again, on second point, but not as well, and then lost, despite finally getting a sixth player.)

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2019-02-16 12:34 pm

Backfill Widowmaker saves the day

I joined a team that had taken the first point at Anubis, and had apparently stalled out a bit trying on the second point, and someone dropped.

After a bit of futzing around and a halfhearted push that I survived (but most of my team did not), they got grouped together and made a decent second go of it. Enemy team wasn't expecting a highly mobile Widowmaker, so I was able to pick their primary healer before this clip started, and then I just hauled my blue aggro ass in with the tanks for this POTG.

(Silvered in objective kills, too, which is always funny as basically deep backfill.)

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2019-02-16 12:26 pm

When the game comes down to Widowmaker vs. Widowmaker

This isn't a very interesting highlight, and I'm a little sad about that, because it was a very interesting game.

I'd mined their initial spawn, as always, for the little early intel about who they had coming at us, yeh? And it tripped, like always, and one of the incoming was enemy Widowmaker, who I headshot as she chained up to the hotel balcony that you can see in the preview before she even landed.

She was mad. And, as it turned out, good. And the first kill was so hilarious that it took me a couple of goes to figure that out, and the entire game came down to which of us could keep the other one of us down. When she had me down, she'd kill half our team, and they'd advance the payload. When I had her down, I did the reverse, and we backed them up.

And that was the entire game. When, in the end, I came out ahead against her, we won. Simple as that.

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2019-02-16 12:17 pm

Moira: really, the key action took place before this

Funny thing about this was how much of the key part of it happened before this POTG starts. They were flanking to our right, and I'd ping-ponged my neg orb through that channel, and it was racking up damage while I was over on the payload making sure they couldn't inch it home. So the orb's POV would've been a lot more interesting, really?

I had been backfill - enemy team had already made the first checkpoint - and had come in as Pharah, and we almost held them at the second, but a few of them figured out that Pharah as a fucking problem and took me down. Then, inside, well, Pharah's not the best choice, so Moira.

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2019-02-13 02:56 pm
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wait what now?


Avatar, The Last Airbender: The Rise of Kyoshi (preorder)

the hype is real

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2019-02-13 12:07 pm
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Signal Boost: Back on my bullshit

[personal profile] kitewithfish posted: Back on my bullshit

Robert Jackson Bennett: Well, to be fair, it is a big pain in the ass. To maintain this world, I have to carefully curate what is now an eleven-page Word document consisting of a 2,000 year timeline, along with varying names of the months, the days, the religious texts. This would be a pain in the ass to maintain even if it corresponded with a real-world history

eleven page word document



reopens the 800-plus-page Of Gods and Monsters notes file and runs screaming off into the distance

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2019-02-10 05:26 pm

The Arc of Conflict, Fragment e14b,1: D.VA is live!

Alliances, it has been said, are at their weakest on the brink of defeat, and on the brink of victory. After defeating the China Sea omnium, the gods of Oasis offered their help to Russia, to defeat their own Siberian threat, and Russia accepted that offer - but made additional secret plans of their own.

Of Gods and Monsters: The Arc of Conflict
Fragment e14b,1: D.VA is live!

solarbird and bzarcher

Hana "" Song needs to vent, and the love of her many, many followers never fails to make her feel better.

Of Gods and Monsters: The Arc of Conflict is a continuance of The Arc of Ascension, The Arc of Creation, and The Armourer and the Living Weapon. It will be told in a series of eddas, sagas, interludes, fragments, texts, and cantos, all of which serve their individual purposes. To follow the story as it appears, please subscribe to the series.
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2019-02-09 01:39 pm

Old Soldiers, Chapter 25: How far we have fallen

Ana plans ahead, Sombra thinks maybe Lena has been overestimating Morrison the whole time, and Laticia Delgado knows who to talk to, particularly around here.

This chapter is worksafe. [AO3 link]

"She's saying the old dude is back," Sombra reported, listening in on Laticia's conversation with the older woman running the little store by the side of the road, near the nature preserve. "The creepy gringo who scares off the kids."

Amélie and Lena could hear everything being said over their headsets, and understood it all. But Angela appreciated the translation.

"Does he have a friend with him this time?"

"Sssh, she's asking."

More Spanish, and Sombra grinned. "Yep. He brought 'er along. We've got 'em."

"El es un problema," said the shopkeep. He's a problem.

"Nos desharemos de ellos por ti, Simona," Laticia replied. We'll get rid of him for you. "Gracias por hacérmelo saber. Lo aprecio." Thanks for filling me in. I appreciate it.

"Oye, también nos estás haciendo un favor. Gracias." Hey, you're also doing us a favour. Thank you.

"No es nada," the younger woman said, with a grin, bringing her candy to the counter. It's nothing.

"Nos vemos más tarde," Simona replied, ringing up the small purchase. Don't be a stranger.

"Could you follow the conversation?" Gabriel asked, over comms, as Latica paid for her saladitos and a couple of bottles of sangría señorial, before making her way out of the little shop, into the sun.

"Yes, Gabriel - thank you," the Widowmaker responded. "Her signal is loud and clear."

"We'll still have to pin him down, but now we know where to look." Lena chewed her lip a little. "He'll have the place boobytrapped to hell and back, won't he?"

"Hell yeah he will. He's pretty good at that, too. I used to be better, but he's still in practice."

"You'll run us through his library of tricks?"

"It's nothing you wouldn't know, but sure."

Laticia's voice broke in, now over comms as well, back in the second stolen - 'borrowed,' Reyes insisted - transport. The door closed, making a noise under her voice. "Hey, did you all get that?"

"We did," Sombra replied. "Thanks."

"I bet he's holed up in one of the old counsellor's cabins." The sound of one bottle cap popping, and a second. In the background, Reyes thanked her for the drink. "He's not gonna be in the ranger house, it's too close to a road. But I'd bet good money he's in one of the cabins."

"What?" Angela broke in, surprised. "Counsellor... cabins?"

"This is a park," Laticia laughed. "I thought I explained that. There were older kids from school who worked here in the summer, before things went to hell."

Angela could hear a rustle as the gangster settled in, buckling her seatbelt.

"How do you think I knew to ask Simona? Nosy old woman knows everything. She's trying to get it going again, wants him gone."

"...I like you, amiga," Sombra said, not keeping her grin out of her voice, looking for older maps of rather different sorts, online.

"Not sure how much I want to be liked by a Talon agent," Laticia quipped, "but I'll take the compliment."

Sombra just laughed, as she forwarded around an old camper's map of the extensive park and nature reserve, with all 14 cabins clearly marked. "Venom, I know you keep saying we have to be ahead of this guy, but... I have to tell you... he looks to me like an easy mark."

"I know," Lena agreed, nodding. "But he just keeps..."

She growled a little, frustrated, wishing she had a soda.

"...slipping out of traps. He's way too good at getting away. Don't underestimate him."

"I guess so, la rapidita, but..."

The hacker shrugged, her hands a little in the air, not seeing it, and Lena shook her head and wondered, not for the first time, if they'd been - no, if she'd been...

"...I think maybe you've been overestimating him this whole time."

"He's a legend," Lena insisted, defensively.

"Oooooooor... consider... maybe these days... he's just a myth."


Ana watched, silently, as Jack napped, unsettled, writhing, on the large couch. Occasionally, wisps of grey smoke, foglike, would trail off of his body, and she shuddered when it did.

How much control does he really have? she wondered, again, and not just about his physical form.

Jack had become... erratic, over the years, it seemed. In public, or on mission, or when planning an action, the old man could pull himself back together pretty well. But on his downtime...

If I hadn't known him before, she thought, I probably wouldn't've realised how far he's gone. He's still quite the charmer, and he can put on a good show when he needs to, but...

He'd started rambling, earlier, the previous evening, a little drunk, first about how they would take apart the conspiracy at the UN, and how once they could just show everything, how they'd be hailed again as heroes, and that struck her as unrealistic enough, but then, as the night wore on, he went on about Spain, and about a girlfriend he'd had once, while in the Spanish army.

He'd never been in the Spanish army. Ana knew this. And he'd most certainly never had a girlfriend. Jack could do many things, but pretend to be straight - or even bi - wasn't one of them. When she asked about it, he looked confused, and said he had no idea what she was talking about, and she said she must've misheard, because they both knew that was impossible, and they laughed about it. On the outside, at least.

How many people have you stolen from without knowing, she wondered. And how many pieces of them are you still carrying around with you?

She pulled up the tactical plan they'd worked on, for California, glanced over it again - it was a stretch, to put it mildly, but sound enough - and then back up at Morrison.

Perhaps I should work on a second plan, as well. For afterwards.

She put the tablet down, and sunk deep into thought.

If I am going to finish this, after all... I should really finish it. He may be the lesser monster, but he is, still, a monster. And monsters must be slain, even if they are useful. To a point. For now.

A part of her wanted to grieve at how far they'd both fallen, but she did not let it. Grief, too, would have to wait for after.


"I have him," Widowmaker subvocalised over comms. "Through the west window, off of a mirror. But I have no shot."

She frowned.

"I also recognise the glass. It is not original. It will not stop my bullets, but it will change their course - I should not target through it."

Lena nodded, and smiled. "Good," she replied. "I want 'im."

"Not in the daylight, ma chérie. Not unless you also want a firefight."

"Kinda do," she said, spotting another trap. "But... yeh. I'm still findin' his little surprises."

She crawled over to the tripwire, following it, carefully, found the bullet trigger, and the little pack of explosives it would ignite, when fired. She pulled the cartridge carefully from the rig, and the explosives, but left the rest set up, not obviously molested. Across, on the far side of the ravine, Gabriel and Laticia were doing much the same, up and down the hill. They'd found multiple areas with proximity alarms, but the cordon... well. Once, it had probably been comprehensive. Now, not so much, and they'd make their move before either Ana or Jack could try to fix it.

"Mexican police are gonna spend weeks in here trying t'clean all this out," she muttered, pocketing the cartridge. "Listen to me - he's got me sympathising with the bloody filth." She suppressed a snort at herself. "Another thing he's bodged up, the absolute rotter."

Widowmaker continued to watch, through the scope, off the mirror, as Morrison slept, writhing a bit, wisps of smoke floating around him. We should not assume he is done with surprises - but where is Ana? She has not left him, I do not think.

She shifted her sight, looking for reflections, and spotted a metal pitcher, and through it, reflected in it, distorted, thinned, the other target, the target they still hoped not to take, apparently still, apparently also at rest, and the sniper smiled.

"Ana confirmed," she subvocalised again, over comms. "Sombra, if you could place the beacon within range?"

"Already there," the hacker replied, a smirk clear in her voice. "I planted it as soon as you called Spooky."

So close to ending this, she thought, a little excited by the prospect of the kill, even if - most likely - she would not be the one to get to make it.

She adjusted her scope, and looked again.

I see you, she thought.

Do you see me?

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2019-02-08 07:08 pm

a good rhythm

It's funny - I didn't even finish in the top half of this Widowmaker-only headshot-only FFA deathmatch custom game, but I was still really happy with it. I had a decent k/d ratio (compare against others in the same game), and felt like I was in a really good rhythm, particularly in the second half. Plus I just quite liked several of those shots. They felt right.

Bang. Bang. Bang. ♥

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2019-02-08 07:04 pm

Widowmaker: we are done here

Quite pleased with this all around, really. "No," the Widowmaker said, "I think not. I think... we are done, here."

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2019-02-08 06:59 pm

No, Hanzo, it won't work this time either.

Mom! Hanzo's using his brother as a human shield again! Make him stop!

(It's just rude, and it doesn't even work. What a knob.(•̀ᴗ•́))

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2019-02-07 11:54 am

I am terrible through most of this game. Then, suddenly, I'm not.

I'm terrible - I mean, just garbage - and then I get three in one spawn just before this clip starts, and I'm still second to last, and then... well, I'm starting it here, because...

This poor enemy Widowmaker. Honestly. What did she do to deserve this? She's got a nice outright lead, then I kill her five times in a row, with no other kills in between. She spawns; she dies, at the hands of what has until now appeared to be an absolute garbage widow.

I can't even imagine how angry she must've been. It was hilarious.

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2019-02-06 01:32 pm


Coexistence Alpha RELEASE CANDIDATE TWO is out. Fixes an issue with horizontal scrolling and the proto-emoji/"subject icon" functionality in More Options comment boxes.
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2019-02-04 01:06 pm

Signal Boost: SignalBoost bookmarklet

[personal profile] astolat posted: SignalBoost bookmarklet

Okay, here is the little bookmarklet -- it's pretty limited, but it serves my own laziness, so I share it FWIW and if anyone has the time and wants to upgrade it, go for it and drop me a comment and I'll (ha ha) signal boost any new versions!

holy crow, it works


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2019-02-03 06:38 pm

The Arc of Conflict, Edda 14b: What Would You Have Us Do?

Alliances, it has been said, are at their weakest on the brink of defeat, and on the brink of victory. After defeating the China Sea omnium, the gods of Oasis offered their help to Russia, to defeat their own Siberian threat, and Russia accepted that offer - but made additional secret plans of their own.

Of Gods and Monsters: The Arc of Conflict
Edda 14b: What Would You Have Us Do?

solarbird and bzarcher

As the details of what happened in Russia begin to spread, the Gods must make a decision. Will they be vengeful? Or will they offer Katya Volskaya as chance to stop the war before it begins?

Of Gods and Monsters: The Arc of Conflict is a continuance of The Arc of Ascension, The Arc of Creation, and The Armourer and the Living Weapon. It will be told in a series of eddas, sagas, interludes, fragments, texts, and cantos, all of which serve their individual purposes. To follow the story as it appears, please subscribe to the series.
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2019-02-03 11:49 am

widowmaker: excuse me, but no

You dare? You dare come into my house and

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2019-02-03 11:42 am

Moira: getting better at the bad succ

All the play I'm getting in with Moira thanks to ending up on Aussie servers so much lately (because I'm playing with Aussies) means I think I'm starting to get the hang of her, a bit. I don't enjoy playing her as much as I enjoy Widowmaker or Pharah or Tracer, but I can certanly be effective.

I'm going to end up adding a Moira icon, aren't I? ffffff

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2019-02-02 11:00 pm

So long to the viaduct!

So we all went downtown to walk on the Alaskan Way Viaduct and through the Battery Street Tunnel, both of which will be gone forever soon, and for the most part, honestly? Good riddance.

A lot of people are enamoured of the view, particularly from the upper deck, and while the view of Elliot Bay was nice, I'll give it that, you can get as good or better elsewhere without driving, and the way it separated downtown from the old harbour, prevented downtown from going south past Pioneer Square, and ruined dozens of blocks with the hellish noise it made were completely not worth it.

Mind you, the new tunnel they've built will be a "correct answer" for maybe another six years, tops, just like the viaduct was. (That assumes it's not obsolete already, which it should be, but might not be quite yet.) And that's one of the oddest things about this whole project, and kind of a neat parallel if you think about it.

Everyone forgets that the viaduct was the correct answer when it was planned. It really was. And it stayed that way when it was built, and for another... four to eight years, depending upon whether you start count from 1956 (northern half), or 1960 (southern half).

That's because those downtown docks were industrial loading docks, and all the buildings facing what's now the viaduct were industrial loading points, or buildings which serviced the shipping industry. Nobody - nobody - wanted to be there if you weren't working in industrial shipping.

So the viaduct got non-freight traffic up and out of the way of the trucks, and gave that part of Alaskan Way underneath the viaduct to commercial traffic. Problem solved. It was great!

...until 1964, of course. That's when containerised shipping took over, and they'd built the new docks further south at Harbour Island and all that, making the downtown docks completely obsolete, virtually overnight, and the Viaduct no longer served its intended purpose. And now that those old docks are tourist and ferries and entertainment and science, and not industrial in the slightest, the viaduct is a huge, huge minus.

At least the new tunnel won't be that. It's out of the way and not blocking anything. You'll be able to run busses in it, if nothing else. Maybe make it commercial-traffic only, eventually - that would work. But who knows? And unlike the viaduct, this project doesn't make anything structurally worse - in fact, a lot of blocks are being knit back together, particularly on the north end, but also on the south. In particular, a fatal viaduct-ramp blockage keeping downtown from expanding south past Pioneer Square will be gone, and Pioneer Square will be surrounded by downtown, not a stub at the end of it.

(Historic districts like that generally do better when they're surrounded by, rather than stuck on the end of, modern areas. 1st Avenue South, the old original "road into town" before even 99, will be back in business, and it'll be wonderful.)

I'm really looking forward to all the side-benefits, even if the tunnel itself is a waste of money. It is a marvellous feat of engineering, I'll absolutely give it that, and that has a lot going for it.

Here are a bunch of photos. I really liked taking pictures down through the huge cracks between the viaduct road decks. Yeah. It's in that bad shape. Seriously. 10cm gaps in some places, or close to it. It was bad.