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2017-07-22 12:06 pm
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spend some time at the range

Hooo, practice range time makes a huge difference learning Widowmaker play.

I spent a bunch of time on the practice range yesterday and the day before and the impact has been immediate. I had a couple of twitch headshots at lunchtime overwatch that were just nuts. Intent was there, sure, but the mechanics? Pure reflex. Twitch, headshot. Good night, Hanzo. Twitch, headshot. Good night, McCree. Go to sleep.

Plus a few more deliberately aimed headshots. I had some good numbers today. Their McCree was the only one who could get anywhere near me. But more, I'm picking up the always-be-moving part. Not perfectly, of course. But I was thinking of her as best played more still than she should be, and that's wrong. Move. Always.

Also won another couple of duels with enemy Widowmakers, and one - ugh, she was terrible. I'll have this reaction when I'm playing enemy Tracer, when they're terrible - "oh, sister, you shame us all" - and I had that today, as Widow, about an enemy Widow. And I was right. I was a factor. She wasn't. We won, and they barely even ever slowed us down.

Also also, double-kill with a venom mine. That was both a first, and hilarious. "Here, have some deadly neurotoxin I got from my best friend online. Ooh, did that sting? Thanks, I will tell her."

I really do kind of think Widowmaker and GlaDOS would be evil online friends. You know, what with the common interests in deadly neurotoxin and killing. I should learn how to say "the cake is a lie" in French. Google translate says "le gateau est un mensonge." I suspect if it's gonna get anything right, it's that.

Someone should draw them getting together at a café for cake and neurotoxin. Tell me that wouldn't be great. :D

Huh, I guess it's official. I need a Widowmaker icon.
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2017-07-17 02:58 pm
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a carefully staged improvisation

At lunchtime Overwatch, I was in quickplay, and someone popped into comms, which is unusual for quickplay games. So I identified as Pharah, and said something like 'team chat in quickplay? Okay, that's unusual, cool' and he was all "hey, you're close to going silver, how's it feel?" and I answered in all seriousness, "Honestly, I didn't even know what that meant until somebody else mentioned it about ten levels ago," at which point he said "oh, well, okay, you're just retarded."

So I vocalised into the mic, "oooookay... social... team chat... disconnect" as I did exactly that.

I proceeded to four-gold, and captured the first point nearly solo while everyone else but Sombra was trapped at spawn. (And, credit where it's due, Sombra definitely helped with the capture, mostly on the second third.) Yes, 1 to 2 on 4-6, depending upon how many could rush back at any given time to defend, and winning.

I can do a lot even for even a spectacularly shitty team when I'm on a roll - and I was.

Sadly, I couldn't capture the second point the same way, because the enemy were on to my tricks at that point, but, well, whatever. Four golds. I worked hard to make sure I had 'em all.

I then switched to Widowmaker on the flip side (defence) and popped in to team chat quietly for a second for a reaction, just in time to hear the same jackass bitching about everything, particularly the Widowmaker. And I popped back out.

We proceeded to lose, but I golded in objective kills and I think objective time but I'm not sure. (Might just have silvered.) As we're seeing all that, I pop back into team chat, and they're going at each other, just being salty as fuck.

So I hit my mic and say, "And this is why you don't call your four-gold 'retarded' - she might decide to play Widowmaker next round. Bye!" and dropped.

I realise this kind of snippery is not necessarily the best possible response to this kind of jackass? But I'm thinking, y'know, maybe he might be a little bit hesitant to let that shit fly right out the gate next time. Maybe. Because you really, really don't know who you might be playing with.

(For the record: I actually am trying to learn Widowmaker, that's why I'm playing her in quickplay a lot at the moment. Best kill streak with her so far is I think 12, max kills with her is 23, I've earned the Pixel spray but not the Cute. So if the team I'm with is any good, I'm not a joke, I'm a legitimate contributor, I often gold in objective kills with her, and I always play the best I can at any time. I always play to win. Even here.)
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2017-07-14 05:01 pm
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Does this qualify as an easter egg?

So this is funny (to me at least)...

I'm playing a lot of Widowmaker against AIs in hard mode, because I'm learning the character, because I used to be a decent sniper once, and not at all because I write Tracermaker fic and identify with certain aspects of Widowmaker no not at all don't let's be silly.

And one thing I figured out real quick is that if the enemy team has a Zen and I get in line of sight, whether he can see me or not, he will whip around and instakill me. Seriously, I've seen it enough in replays to know, he's 180 degrees facing away from me, I peek over, WHIP DEAD.

(I am not exaggerating. Engaged with others of my team, facing away, no fukkit I'm killing that Widowmaker.)

And I was getting kind of salty about this because no human player could do that, right? And I was complaining about it to @annathepiper, and she said:
Well, you did assassinate his brother.
...and i'm like "...oh yeah."

So now, okay, it's still super frustrating? But it's also kind of hilarious.

Fortunately there seems to be some sort of distance limit to the trigger for that reaction, so I can take him out from afar and then try to play. But, still, damn. And, still, lol.

I guess it's a pain in the ass but I totally deserve it. Except my Widowmaker didn't do that. So I don't. I need an AU of this mode that works in my Fear of Spiders AU. Or something. XD
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2017-07-13 09:26 am
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worst comp night evar

ugh, I had the worst competitive play night ever last night.

Seriously, I fell 100 points despite continually golding in objective kills and time but absolutely nothing I could do mattered.

So many bad team decisions - teams entirely off comms, floating mostly-sniper groups (seriously it'd be like three snipers and a Genji on capture-the-point levels, and I'm like, are you trying to lose?), Hanzo trying to dive-bomb a held point solo, one game with no healers (so I played Mercy as best I could), bastions insisting on playing on offence and trying to turret their way from off point to victory I guess? So terrible.

(I mean I'm not a good Mercy; if I have a choice on healer I'm picking Ana, but I'll try. I got a couple of rounds of rezzes per game, but they weren't protecting me so it was still bad.)

I'm not the sort to go on comms and say "this combo is guaranteed to lose no matter what I do" and I was trying to coach but with so few people on comms, well.


The only good part was that afterwards I said 'fukkit I'm taking Widowmaker into quickplay for the first time' and proceeded to silver (23) in kills, gold (20) in objective kills, and gold (I don't remember, but it was several minutes) in objective time. This should NOT BE A THING and is STILL MORE BAD DECISION THEATRE, yet there I was taking down Reinhardt with my Talon machine gun because SOMEONE HAS TO BE ON POINT and I GUESS IT'LL BE ME.

The best part being, of course, that I did take Reinhardt down with my machine gun on the point three times. It was like I was paying Tracer. He was so mad. As was, really, their whole team, 'cause it wasn't just him. I had a 12 kill streak at one point, all objective.

The only way they won is that they literally stacked all their ults at me, and it still took a few goes. The first point, I'd tried playing Widowmaker properly and killed like half their team on their first push and yet they still took the point immediately, and the first 2/3rds of the second, so all this was in the context of nine minutes of defence on the second point.

We lost, of course, in overtime, because I'm sorry even I can't survive four stacked ults pointed at me.

But I did unlock the Does That Sting? achievement on my first actual game as Widowmaker. That was hilarious. Don't underestimate those venom mines, kids, I had like eight kills with 'em.
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2017-07-08 02:56 pm
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The rightful order has been restored.

Back into gold.

I'm also still mostly winning decisively. I'm... I dunno how to get my last ten, but I'm something like 9-1 or maybe 8-2 or something. It takes being on a pretty disorganised team to lose.

I went undefeated at lunchtime today, but it was close because one team I was on was just not having it together at first - we were on offence at Gibraltar and the payload had moved about halfway to the first objective going into overtime. We looked done in. But at that point I took over as de facto coach and had switched to, and thankfully my team listened to me, and we won 3-0.

It was seriously like two minutes in overtime on that first point, and they knocked me out of my mech once or twice, but we made it. The best part of that was closing in on it, and telling my team, "Okay, right about now? They're pulling their hair out. They're getting frustrated, and it's going to show up in their play. That's good for us. Take advantage of it."

And then we made it and then made the second objective and almost all of the third, and absolutely stuffed them on the turnaround. I can only imagine the amount of screaming going over opposition comms. We were done until surprise we weren't.

That was a great team. The last team I was on was great too. And there was a game in the middle where they were all such horrible people that I left team and blocked them all as soon as the game was over. ugh.
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2017-07-08 01:24 am
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up to 1948

Was briefly up to 1970 but as we were grouped and ready to go into the last game, like half the group dropped out and we were a three-set rather than a six, and we got put with three randos and lost pretty decisively. Still: I'm 2-3 wins away from being back in gold, and today was pretty much a 75 point climb, so that's a little less than usual but not bad at all. And it was a 100 point until half our group dropped out while we were searching for the last game.

Had a couple of plays of the game, one as Tracer, one as Pharah, so I'll give Pharah the icon.
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2017-07-07 06:11 pm
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tracer tank is one thing, but tracer bastion now what

Oh my gods you guys this was hilarious, I was Tracer on offence in Hamaura, right? And we took objective A real fast to set this up. (I had five of the six kills, heavy damage on all, 100% on a couple, good stuff.) So then we charge to Objective B.

I take out their piggy and their Mei and charge onto the point. Their Torb has a turret near the stairs on defence right, one of the usual places. He's up there pounding on it, and it's shooting at most of the point, and I'm just ducking out of the way and find that it can't hit me near the stairs on defence left, in that little corner by the stairs that's still on the objective.

We take out a couple more of their team (I'm at like 10 kill streak now, or will be soon) and start taking the point. They start zooming out from spawn, like y'do. I'm the only one actually on the point, I've never left it, because I still can't be hit by that turret.

So the counter is ticking up. And as they respawn, keep leaping over me from spawn exit onto the point, landing directly in front of my guns. So I'm just unloading clips into their backs, killing them before they even know what's going on.


Their Torb goes molten core and I teleport over, give him a present, he explodes, it's hilarious (and POTG), and then we win.

I literally took out like six, maybe seven of their team just because of them JUMPING IN FRONT OF ME FACING AWAY AND NOT KNOWING I WAS THERE EVEN AS I KILLED THEM. I didn't even have to aim.

Well, maybe there was a little aiming. But not a lot.

It was 100% "Hi! I'm tiny, squishy Bastion now! Please continue to jump directly in front of me and melt. Thanks!"
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2017-06-18 03:22 pm
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some nice enemy junkrat play last night

I saw some nice enemy Junkrat play last night, while playing I was Pharah in Illios.

So the first round, we'd lost badly, because I didn't get Pharah, and whoever did wasn't good with environment kills (at the Lighthouse, even, which makes me sad) and we get scrubbed. We win in the Ruins, though, because I can the shit out of the Ruins.

So at the beginning of the third round, our Pharah changes to somebody else (becoming more effective, I might add) and I grab Pharah. And we're crushing them. It's the well, they can't even really get onto the point.

And I'm flying 'round the back of the well's lighthouse, to bombard the entry to the point from over the sea, which is what I should be doing if I can. And I see Hanzo and Junks on a second-floor balcony facing the ocean.

So of course, I boop 'em, because environmental kills are my dearest love as Pharah. The archer flies directly into the ocean, and so does Junks - at first. Then he spins round, throws his mine directly in front of himself, detonates it...

...and gets blown ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE LOWER LEVEL OF THE LIGHTHOUSE, making it safely to land.

I was all like "Oh, well done. I almost hate to kill you."

Of course, we promptly three-on-oned him and he died, because he had no team behind him. But I just gotta say: enemy Junkrat from last night? That was some damned find junking. Quick thinking and well done, whoever you were.
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2017-04-09 10:02 pm
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lol what part 2

Backfilled into a game, one that was running out of time and someone had dropped. This almost means instant DEFEAT notification, sometimes before you can even pick a character, but I have time to pick Tracer and run to the point. I never actually see any of the enemy (and am firing where I think they're going to be) before I'm hit from behind by enemy Hanso's ult and die. At which point...


...and I am "okay that's hilarious," but wait, it gets better, because after the play of the game and the cards come up (enemy team has all of them), I discover zero kills, zero damage, one death, and...

I bronzed in objective time.

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2017-04-09 02:59 pm
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lol what

38 kills in one game (as Tracer) and I didn't even medal. jfc that was hilarious.

(28 on objective, though, and that did medal. Silver I think? And golded for Time On Objective, which is super-critical on payload levels.)

I've had half a song in my head for a while, it's about playing Tracer as a tank. BECAUSE TRACER CAN BE A TANK ON PAYLOAD LEVELS I HAVE DONE IT ENOUGH TIMES I KNOW.
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2017-04-06 10:57 pm
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ngngnghg stupid servers

stupid servers why are you being stupid tonight?!

heavy tracer play kind of relies on the servers not doing horrible things like:
  • undoing your jinks (moving you back to where you'd been)
  • not exploding your pulse bombs
  • exploding your pulse bombs but not registering the damage
  • jerking you back and forth between two positions in rapid succession for no apparent reason
I know other people don't see this or at least don't see it as much (except the Tracer bomb thing, that shit's infamous) BUT I HAVE WITNESSES I'M NOT MAKING IT UP.

and tonight it's like DO ALL THE STUPID THINGS. even when I win I feel like I'm beating the server, not the opposing team.

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2017-04-06 05:56 pm
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this, too, will be crossposted

obviously this is old, i'm just making a point here >:D

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2017-04-06 04:12 pm
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let's get this thing moving!

Cheers, love - the cavalry's queer!

fuck yeah tracer mains need tracer icons, it's about goddamn time
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2017-03-16 10:08 am

entirely worth listening to

This is a presentation at GDC 2017 about virtual worlds and augmented reality and it is entirely worth your 55 minutes whether you are in game design or arguably even more if you are not.
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2016-10-18 12:14 pm
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This is all we get out of on Sombra? really?

...Estableciendo conexión...
...Protocolo Sombra v1.95 iniciado...

...Transmisión finalizada - finalizando carga...
...Carga finalizada. Unidad Bastion E-54 comprometida...

...Terminando conexión...

----- (google translate) -----

... Connecting ...
... Protocol v1.95 Shadow started ...

... Finished Transmission - ending loading ...
... Charging complete. Bastion Unit E-54 committed ...

... Terminating connection ...
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2016-09-12 07:15 pm
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winston forgot his peanut butter this morning

I have just played the most hilariously terrible all-Winston team I have ever seen in Overwatch. 25 kills as Tracer, going at them head-on.

They didn't even make the first checkpoint. They seem to've thought: if they link shields together, they can make a shield tunnel and be invulnerable.

That is 120% not how Winston's shields work. And when it didn't work, they couldn't figure out what else to try. I was eliminating a Winston - as Tracer - every 12 seconds.

It was a grindhouse. An hilarious, hilarious grindhouse.
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2016-08-24 03:27 pm
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fucking overwatch i mean damn

Popping in for a quick game as Pharah, getting a team which had not managed to attain the point at all competitive in round one, winning around two, but not able to take round three because half the team wouldn't get on the fucking point even in overtime. As time is ticking down:

Solarbirdy: "Guys, if nobody gets on the point, we cannot take the point."

Some Guy Who Wouldn't Get On The Point: [blows and makes gross noises into microphone]


Some Guy: "Taste DEFEAT!"

Some Guy: "Who was that on the microphone? Whoooooo were youuuuuuu?"


Solarbirdy: "That would be me. Right there."

Replay: [Solarbirdy kills five players and one turret, and takes point solo]

Some Guy: "Oh. ... uh... good play."

Solarbirdy: [disconnects]
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2016-08-19 05:00 pm
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i don't know what i did to piss off the overwatch gods but

i don't know what i did to piss off the overwatch gods - maybe this is payback for my "lol" move a few days ago - but gods dammit i can't buy a win the last couple of days.

i mean, okay, that's an exaggeration, i've got a few wins in there? but it's getting real sparse. i'm constantly on teams allergic to the point (news, kids: pharah should not be the ONLY TEAM MEMBER WILLING TO BE ON THE POINT), i'm constantly leading charges that evaporate to leave it 5 or 6 on one against me, i'm on griefer teams with mei players deliberately blocking my attack routes (SERIOUSLY THIS HAPPENED; you do that to me, I drop immediately, which is what I did, because fuck you), today i was on a team where i kept pulling literally half the opposition team off the point and the rest of my team would still be all dead because they would run in a straight line, one at a time, into a bastion sitting on the objective.

(i know this because it was play of the game. i saw it. i sat there and watched four? all five? of them run around the corner into continuous bastion fire. it was like watching the charge of the goddamn light brigade. it was amazing.)

i'd even told them on the voice channel about the bastion. presumably headphones were all off.

also, there's the every-session routine now that's started up, where i join a game as backfill and before i can even pick a character I get the DEFEAT animation. what the fuck good is that?

i mean, i can pick up a mediocre team. i've done it. i can even pick up a weak team and make them competitive, if things go right and we get some luck and they're responsive at all. but nobody can fix this shit.

this game is a lot less fun when you know thirty seconds in that you have no chance of winning. none. and it's that obvious, and you're getting gold medals with three kills. not three objective kills: three kills. (yes, that happened. and also massive damage and a gold for that too. but I'm Tracer, I spread the damage around a lot, by necessity. tracer can 1-on-1 with a tank, but not 1-on-3, much less 1-on-6, and when the other team has things like healers, you can harass all day at 1-on-6, but you aren't going to get a lot of kills in your pocket.)

i got onto one good team today. one. and i got one game with them before the server picked me out of that team and put it on the opposition we'd just crushed, presumably to balance the game, and that's where we had the get-in-a-line-to-be-killed-by-bastion play of the game.

it's just not fun. it feels like i was kind of getting decent at this game, and now that's over. it's the kind of thing i'm not good at handling. ah well, maybe i'll just go back to fallout.
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2016-08-16 09:40 pm

take that piggy

the best bit of overwatch today was being pharah and grabbed by roadkill when i had my ult up, so he pulled me over to him and i was all JUSTICE RAINS ON YOUR FACE
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2016-07-27 03:15 pm
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