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Wow. Just watched last week’s Doctor Who, the one on the moon. This show has descended into utter incoherence so steadily I never even noticed when Aquaman showed up.

Thing is, I didn’t like Superfriends as an animated kids show. I don’t like it any more now that it’s called Doctor Who. I don’t expect hard science, I know it’s science fantasy, but I do expect better than Superfriends Logic. And upon getting to that point, I am done.

Ring me up when Moffat’s gone. If the show survives that long, I might come back. Then again… I dunno. I walked out on this one as the space dragon that the moon turned into laid a replacement moon egg, and wow, do I not have any fucks to give anymore. I can’t even work up being insulted. I’m just done.

eta: Anna stayed through to the end.

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SUPERB P0WNERSHIP is the phrase of the day. Zoe Quinn has been dealing with a misogynist campaign against her for months, and, whelp, guess who has been infiltrating 4chan’s chat rooms and logging the shit out of all of the entire campaign’s ops room? Oh yeah. That would be Zoe.


Oh, her angry ex-boyfriend? He’s in the logs too, helping coordinate harassment. Hey, look, a revenge campaign for breaking up with him! SMILE FOR THE CAMERAS, DOUCHEBAGS! There’s even video. This is epic destruction.

If you have no idea what this is about, it’s about misogyny in gaming, and an ongoing campaign to force women out of gaming, focusing on several specific people, one of whom is Zoe Quinn. You can get a bit of a summary here, if you like.

eta: Judging from the h8r reblogs on Tumblr and the anonymous asks I’ve got, it looks like the attempt at “defence” here is, “It’s all out of context!” Hey, pro tip: only cite context when it actually helps your case. Unlike here. Where it doesn’t.

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James Nicoll reports on his blog that Orson Scott Card has declared marriage equality ‘moot’ and asks for ‘tolerance’ from ‘victors’ – oh, and please don’t boycott his movie. Bleeding Cool asks whether it’s enough.

No. It’s not. Honestly, I’m shaking a little with rage. That stinking S.O.B., whose legions and allies both active and advantageous have worked throughout my entire life to make me a non-person, who has advocated that I should be illegal and in jail and worked towards that goal, whose nationally-organised well-funded partners have actively persecuted me my entire life… who’ve harassed me, who’ve sent anonymous rape and death threats, who’ve assaulted me, sent me to hospital… I’ve sidetracked career, I’ve sidelined huge chunks of my life, I’ve spent – as they used to say – blood and treasure in fighting off these bastards… and knowing full well that they’d make me a nonperson again in a heartbeat if they could…

…the most we get out of this duplicitous steaming bile is “moot”ness and a request for “tolerance” (and don’t boycott my movie)?


Fuck you, Orson. Fuck. You.

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Via John Scalzi: Random House is trying to adopt ALL the wretched, musician-bankrupting models of the record labels, and force them onto writers, all at once.


John’s post, with all the gruesome details. The imprint is called “Hydra,” but it’s Random House.


This is EXACTLY the model that labels have used to take ALL the money from the artists – ALL of it, so strings of chart-topping hits never “make money” and send artists into bankruptcy after years of below-minimum-wage returns.

DO NOT BUY IN. RUN from this. Run from it, and STOP OTHERS FROM SIGNING.

Seriously. This new model from Random House is the EXACT model musicians are trying to work around and recover from. IT IS BUILT TO STRIP MINE YOU FOR EVERY PENNY YOU EVER MAKE, AND MORE.

There is no winning here; not just for anyone who signs this agreement, but every other writer trying to sell their work. EVERYBODY loses – except the imprint, of course. And eventually even they even lose.

DO. NOT. BUY. IN. And tell others. This cannot be allowed to fly.

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Facebook will charge to 'promote' user posts

Facebook Now Lets US Users Pay $7 To Promote Posts To The News Feeds Of More Friends

Facebook wants you to pay $7 to promote your posts


Actually, it's not as bad. Page owners, if they don't pay, have 80% of their posts hidden from subscriber/"Like"er news feeds. They're just never propagated. Individual users - for the moment - will still see posts appear in their friends' news feeds, but! they'll be scaled up and down the page depending upon whether you paid or not.

I'd like to think that this would make people go, "y'know what? Fuck this noise." But I don't think it will.
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I'm totally declaring bankrupt pants on my friendslist - I haven't had time to play catch-up on it in a week or so, tho' I've given it a couple of shots - if there's anything you want me to see, please point me at it here.

Also, the iPad's touch-capacitance screen combined with autocorrect got me to about three seconds short of throwing the fucking thing through a window today, so it's laptop time for me for a while. My skin capacitance isn't quite the same as yours. Resulting behaviours on iPad: normal, normal, normal, INSANITY-MAKING, normal. I want to be able to turn off auto-correction SO FUCKING MUCH THERE ARE NO WORDS.
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iOS's mail application doesn't try to authenticate smtp connections unless it's forced to. (apparently.) if it can attempt to send mail without AUTHing, it will, and nothing you can do seems to change that. failure to actually be able to send mail doesn't make it go, "huh, mebbe I should AUTH."

if your sendmail server behaviour changes based on authentication (specifically, to act like a smarthost and allow relays it otherwise wouldn't), this fucks you for sending mail from your iphone.

setting up a second host with exim4 to get around this means trying to get exim4 to acknowledge the concept of AUTH in response to an EHLO in ANY FUCKING WAY WHATSOEVER. which is supposed to be trivial but is instead INSANITY IN A SHELL. NOTHING I've done results in AUTH coming online. much less being required. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

no reports or errors, of course. it's just insert coin, say hokaydo! and then change NOTHING WHATSOEVER.

hey, exim4 fans, you got anything here? i didn't think anything in the world could make me go, "y'know, sendmail docs are pretty clear," until I started poking around at exim4. at least, if you want to do anything that isn't handled by the six-screen eximconfig script. which this most definitely isn't.

(i want _some_ damn thing to pick up for smtp over ssh, _require_ auth, then relay whatever it gets to our actual mail server, all so we can fucking send mail from these phones, before I kill everyone. apparently that's hard. YES I WOULD INSTALL SENDMAIL except the fucking package manager won't let me change MTAs without uninstalling the webserver, which is a whole 'nother can of FUUUUUUUUUCK YOUUUUUUUUUU. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH KJSHE FLKHWEFLIUH LEFIUFS)

i'm going to bed now. somebody be a dear and hand me the large animal tranquillisers. thanks.
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Go check out this Wayward Coffeehouse update:

It is with great sadness that we must now report that we have been told that the property owners are refusing to repair the building. Although as far as we know the damage is well within the scope of repair we have no control over this decision.

But we believe in what we created with Wayward Coffeehouse and want fervently for it to continue. We have received your messages of support and encouragement and know that there is a need for Wayward Coffeehouse for the communities we embrace. We are reviewing our legal options in the matter and pursuing other means of reopening. But it is not an easy path.

Click here to donate to the Wayward Phoenix Fund.

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