Apr. 6th, 2017

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Wednesday didn't theme well, but I'm doing the best I can. The big news will be the Supreme Court - by the time you see this today, the rules may've been changed in response to the filibuster which currently has 44 or 46 Democrats. Stick. To. The. Guns.

Two conflicting stories, following up on Bannon's removal from the NSC: "Bannon's removal from National Security Council doesn't indicate any erosion of his influence in White House," and "Trump Removes Stephen Bannon From National Security Council Post." The second says quite explicitly that the President Bannon thing really gets on Trump's nerves, so keep that up.

Fascism: "Who Is Mike Cernovich? A Guide." They leave out that he thinks his semen is magical. NO REALLY HE DOES. This is the kind of mystical misogynist muttonhead the Trump administration promotes. "California’s Senate Just Approved a Bill to Protect Its Residents From Trump’s Deportation Forces" - well, a bit, anyway. It'll help. "UN human rights chief says Trump torture talk unsettling" - not just to you, bro. Finally, "Mary Colbert: God Will Curse Trump’s Opponents And Their Children And Grandchildren." Arguing that Trump is literally The Chosen One, in those words. In those exact words. Chosen By God.

Nepotism and Trump family corruption:
"Eric Trump Offers Surprisingly Candid Thoughts On Nepotism." But it's okay, because he deserves it and he's good at things he does, says he. Glad that's cleared up. "Jared Kushner Hires Horror-Film Publicist to Run PR for His New White House Office" isn't so much nepotism, but c'mon, the jokes write themselves.

Russia, or, more correctly, the global fascist movement: From 2009: "Erik Prince and the last crusade." I remember this story and talked about it when it came out. Why bring it up again? Because Erik Prince, remember, is Betsy DeVos's brother, an unofficial Trump advisor, and Blackwater (Xe, etc) founder, the one who went to Seychelles, reportedly to establish a backchannel Trump-Putin connection. "Survivor of shooting at UW Milo event speaks out" is worth reading just to have the update.

Incompetence that matters, and the march to war: "The Silence of Rex Tillerson," "Trump’s Team Has No Idea What It’s Doing On China," "Pence on Syria, Assad: 'All options are on the table'," and in a tiny bit of almost-pushback, "marcorubio: Not "coincidental" Syria chemical attack followed Sec. of State Tillerson saying U.S. is not prioritizing removing Assad." Trump is one big war away from pushing everything else to the side, he cannot be allowed to start it. But he sure as hell wants to.

Social effects: "Inside the Trump Effect: How One District Is Fighting Hate at School" is about how schools are dealing with overt racist and misogynist bullying. "CNN Had a Problem. Donald Trump Solved It." (That problem was identity.)

Important environmental impacts: "The Senate Should Grill Trump's FDA Pick on Antibiotics." The effort to save antibiotics cannot be understated, but so far, none of that matters to anyone in President Bannon's administration, least of all little Trump. "Trump’s EPA moves to dismantle programs that protect kids from lead paint," just because they're that kind of total fuckers.

The sexual harassment cases are getting lots of press; these aren't, as much. "Third Black Employee Sues Fox News for Racial Discrimination."

Dispatches from the four-year war: "Republican Ad Tries To Tar Democratic Congressional Candidate With Osama Bin Laden," "A Montana Special Election Nobody Is Following Could Deal A Huge Blow To Trump." The DNCC is throwing no money to the Montana election, and that's a mistake - they make so very many.

Finally, "Uber Had Male Managers Pretend to Be Women to Get Drivers to Work More" (no, really), and "Trump White House Sells New Health Plan as GOP Seeks Details." Nothing's likely to happen on the latter until after Congressional recess. But be aware.

An administrative note: Livejournal's new Terms of Service are fundamentally anti-LGBT based on active inclusion of Russian Federation law; political topics ("political solicitation") is also banned. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that. I long ago echoed my LJ to Dreamwidth, and Dreamwidth - I'm not sure what I'm doing about that yet, exactly. I'm solarbird.dreamwidth.org if you're interested.

Good luck out there.

It's April 6, 2017; this is the news )
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As per my post on this made earlier, the new Russian Federation-compliant Livejournal Terms of Service are unacceptable; my existence is not obscene and it is not propaganda and I do not agree and I will not mark my journal "Adult."

I have disabled automatic payments and the Livejournal echos of my blog will degrade to 'free' status when the current paid status expires in several months. I have locked down comments as completely as I can without deleting/hiding all previous comments made in the past; even if it still lets you try, please do not comment on Livejournal. (You can use your Livejournal account to comment on Dreamwidth, however.) I have also disabled participation in ratings, which is too bad since I was a top 250 journal at this point - though that is far more about being a small pond than being a big fish. I have removed all references to following me on LJ on band-related sites, and so on.

And as you can probably tell, I have clicked "accept" on the TOS to be able to post this message and resume crossposting from the band blog and Dreamwidth. Most of my posts will violate TOS. That is intentional. If LJ management wants to take action based on that, so be it; assume my livejournal could vanish at any time.

I am on Dreamwidth at solarbird.dreamwidth.org and you are encouraged to follow me there.

Which is a damn shame, even if I've been expecting it since the sale to SUP. I was reading LJ when Brad was still running it out of his dorm room. But, well, all good things.
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Hey, turns out, if you've made comments on Dreamwidth in the past with your OpenID, you can reassign those to your actual Dreamwidth account! Anna posted about it here.
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Cheers, love - the cavalry's queer!

fuck yeah tracer mains need tracer icons, it's about goddamn time
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obviously this is old, i'm just making a point here >:D

tag cleanup

Apr. 6th, 2017 06:13 pm
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I've done some tag cleanup, on the Dreamwidth side only (which is why this isn't being crossposted). I might do some more. So my tags make a bit more sense now and hopefully will make even more sense soon. ^_^

The "take that ineternets" tag is, of course, remaining exactly as it has been.
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Hey, check it, there's a migration community if you're looking for people coming over LJ!

Hm, does this work?

[community profile] 2017revival

aw yeah 100% works

excellent :D

(works on dreamwidth anyway, probably not lj, sorry, but the link at top should work regardless)

(ps: anyone seeing this on lj, i uploaded a pharah icon but only on dreamwidth ^_^ )
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stupid servers why are you being stupid tonight?!

heavy tracer play kind of relies on the servers not doing horrible things like:
  • undoing your jinks (moving you back to where you'd been)
  • not exploding your pulse bombs
  • exploding your pulse bombs but not registering the damage
  • jerking you back and forth between two positions in rapid succession for no apparent reason
I know other people don't see this or at least don't see it as much (except the Tracer bomb thing, that shit's infamous) BUT I HAVE WITNESSES I'M NOT MAKING IT UP.

and tonight it's like DO ALL THE STUPID THINGS. even when I win I feel like I'm beating the server, not the opposing team.


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