Mar. 5th, 2017

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Massive unwinding and cutbacks at NOAA, climate research, EPA; Pruitt plans to block California's more stringent vehicle emissions standards, as well. Basically, the plan is to FUCK THE PLANET AS HARD AS THEY CAN. Seriously, that's the plan as far as I can tell. Fuck everything.

Of course, also this weekend, the big story is Trump accusing the Obama administration of wiretapping his office and Trump Tower during the campaign investigations about Russian political interference. No supporting evidence has been forthcoming, but Republicans in Congress are already planning on investigating the Democratic Party and the Obama administration on this (as well as other) matters. I guess this is their defence position on the Russian collusion story: ramp back up fake investigations of Democrats to keep the base frothy.

Meanwhile, DHS wrote up a report calling the Portland anti-Trump protests "Domestic Terrorist Violence."

In smaller crackdown news, flying in the US is about to get worse as pat-downs are going to get a lot more invasive.

elle comes out and notices that the big common tying thread in the pan-neofascist movement is misogyny. Late to the game, but correct nonetheless.

Georgia is redrawing Congressional lines to shore up weakening Republican districts with even more gerrymandering.

The US is ready to completely botch the next pandemic - it's been ill-prepared generally for a while, but the situation has become much worse under Trump, in a very short period of time.

Another 'go back to your own country' shooting is reported - this one's in Kent, and Kent police are taking it very seriously. (The rightist response has been to meme fake-hate-crime variants, setting up websites that declare all racist/misogynist/anti-Semetic hate crimes as fake.) Also, some more immigration crackdown side effects which the people behind the crackdowns don't care about, mostly because they enjoy hurting people.

Surprising no one, the "US steel" requirement for pipelines isn't so much of one. A Russian ogliarch is a huge benefit of the reframing. Surprise! Also, the Trump administration weakened Obama-administration ethics rules on roles for industrial lobbyists, and isn't even following its own weaker rules. Meanwhile, the Trump kids are making serious bank off dad being in the white house.

It took me two days of not being in the centre of the storm to start to unwind from this wretched insane lootfest maelstrom of fascist corruption and horror; I'm back 90 minutes and I'm reeling. Christ, what a complete clusterfuck the US has become. Seriously, this is complete fucking madness. But Trump's numbers with Republicans - who are the only people who matter, as they have made it very fucking clear for some time now - have barely budged - 80%+ approval in Reuters. If you squint hard, you can see some movement out of peak - the margin of error at the highs were 4 points above his current most-likely number - and the margins-of-error just barely fail to overlap (by about a percent). So that's a gradual small movement from peak support.

But that's it. Until that actually moves, nothing changes.

Good luck.

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