Mar. 1st, 2017

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So you know: I'm going to be in British Columbia this weekend, so weekend news amalgamations probably won't happen. If they do, something bad has happened.

Larger media have picked up on Tennessee's sideways-in attempt to find ways to hurt queer couples and their children. Turns out it's a multi-pronged attack. Go fig. Meanwhile, in Texas, they're trying to pass a bill to let doctors lie to pregnant women about the health of their foetus if the doctors think the woman might seek an abortion. This is abominable and in many cases life-threatening, not that they have any fucks to give about that. In other "women, fuck 'em, am I rite?" Trump greeted governors by welcoming them 'and their wives,' ignoring the women governors in the room.

Republican leadership response to the town hall pressure is to put up the ACA repeal they want, and dare their hesitant members to vote against repeal. I think this will probably work.

Yesterday was a terrible day for both truth/reality-based policy, and minority and immigrant policy. First, as expected (and predicted yesterday), the Republicans voted down the attempt to advance debate on Trump-Russia allegations. No surprise, but bad.

Second, the story is item four, but for the first source, LOOK AT THIS HORRIBLE CRAP AS TRUMP IMPLIES ANTI-SEMITIC VANDALISM IS A FALSE FLAG. This is straight-up anti-Semitic neo-Nazi bullshit. Rightist Facebook has been saying for weeks that it's all liberal false-flags and/or just fake; now we've got Trump apparently going along with it. Fuck. That.

Third, Sessions's use of his office to enable minority suppression continues, announcing that the DOJ will 'pull back' on civil rights suits against excessive force by police departments. He also threw out the Justice Department reports on Ferguson and Chicago policing sight-unseen - except for summaries, which he scanned and declared "anecdotal," despite being years of research. To wit: if you want to do anything about police abuses and police violence, you're going to have to do it at state and local levels. And the Feds will have the attackers backs.

Trump also lied again about the US murder rate. I'm not going to repeat the figure, because the whole point of these lies is to take advantage of a failing of logic in the brain, to wit: IF YOU HEAR A LIE OFTEN ENOUGH, YOU WILL START TO BELIEVE IT, EVEN IF YOU KNOW IT'S A LIE.

The US murder rate - and crime rate in general - has been falling for years.

Trump knows that.

The lie is to make people start believing otherwise, in order to grow support for police crackdowns against targeted minority groups.

Similarly, it is a measured fact across many studies that immigrants are LESS likely to commit crimes than citizens. Trump spent a fair amount of time lying about that, as well. He's also setting up a US government agency to promote these lies, by generating propaganda about crimes committed by immigrants. The intent is to make immigrant crime seem pervasive, when it is actually less common than crimes by citizens, and yes, that's per capita. The intent past that, again, is to grow support for racist crackdowns.

Beyond that, on this topic, you never hear Trump mention The New York Times without a particular adjective. What adjective came to mind? I bet you know. THIS IS THE SAME EXPLOIT. This is why I will henceforth often be referring to The Resurgent New York Times, as a counter-measure. (Given their climbing subscription numbers, it is even truthful.)

Good luck.

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I'm a Seattle adopt-a-stop (anti-litter) volunteer. Part of that is emptying the trash at the bus stop near my old house; I sort out recyclable material. I found this racist mini-flyer in it yesterday:

I mean, the trash is the correct place for this, so thank you whoever pulled it down and put it in there; well done. Still, there it was.

The obscured URL is registered at godaddy; it's a redirect to a hate site on Blogspot. #Blogspot officially has rules against hate blogs. But it's #Google and I've reported abuse to them plenty of times in the past to no avail. I've also thrown it at GoDaddy, who I also imagine will do nothing.

But you never know.

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