Feb. 17th, 2017

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I really don't know what to say about the Trump press conference yesterday. I was livetweeting it, and it was... certainly something. Here's Rolling Stone's article on it, and here's a transcript.

I think the most appalling moment was when he called the rise in anti-semetic hate crimes false-flag operations, created by "people on the other side, to anger people like you." That was actually in response to a follow-up question on the topic, after he refused to answer the original, clearly Jewish reporter's version. (Trump in fact told that first reporter to sit down, then insulted him and called him a liar, before moving to another question.)

Clearly in second was Mr. Trump twice promoting a conspiracy theory lie, that 20% of the United States uranium supply had been sold - traitorously - to the Russians. In previous versions of this conspiracy theory, it was allegedly Mr. Obama's fault, but now it's allegedly Ms. Clinton's fault. Of course, the entire thing is horseshit. Here is a Bureau of Land Management publication from last year addressing the lie:


Perhaps the single most odd thing was his repeated insistence upon confirming the Russian contact leaks as real and yet the news about them as "fake." To quote him directly from my own transcript: "TRUMP: The leaks are absolutely real. The news is fake because so much of the news is fake."

He keeps confirming the leaks. You have to get past all of that in order to reach the cascade of more ordinary lies, from the boring (largest electoral college victory since Reagan, completely untrue in any framing) to the bizarrely obvious (the travel ban rollout "was perfect" until it was ruined by a judge) to the casually racist (telling a black reporter he could tell before she even stood up that this was going to be an "unfair" and "bad" question). I think the best reaction I saw to all of this lesser noise was, "This is the longest cold opening in SNL history."


The biggest story today is that ocean oxygen content is falling. This is an unmitigated and possibly unmitigable disaster, and is a direct result of global climate change. It goes hand-in-hand with both total warming and acidification, which is _also_ disastrously bad for the oceans. This is literally some kind of Soylent Green-level calamity could very well be how humanity ends itself.

So that's fun.

White man arrested planning racist terror in South Carolina; voter ID laws do in fact suppress legal voting, but only for poor and minority voters (which is, of course, the point); plans from the DeVos family's institute to dismantle public education and replace it with religious training; Mike Pence has been fighting for three years to prevent a particular document from becoming public, but now it's coming out via court order, that might be fun; lots more. Enjoy?

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