Feb. 6th, 2017

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Monday was a very bad day in newstown.

Item 9 is very important, in that this is basically a threat - they're going to investigate voters against Trump.

Also, FOIA requests are being made more difficult, and the White House is cutting off/disabling comment/feedback hooks - see items 2 and 27.

After that, things get worse. Fox and the fundamentalist right are joining up on the line that protests are "violent and fake" and paid by George Soros, as an anti-Semetic slur with varying degrees of overtness. (As for paid - oh yeah? Where the hell is my cheque?) The administration is also ramping up misogyny as an attack (see items 4, 17, and 31), and now Der Spiegel is calling for Germany to lead an international alliance against Mr. Trump's regime. Trump is also telling supporters that all negative stories and polls and such are fake, and that the media are covering up terrorist attacks - so except more strident Butt Trumpettes to start buying into the Bowling Green lies (items 10, 11, 13, 14, 19, 21). The League of the South is giving another go at raising an armed militia - this failed miserably last time they tried it, otherwise it'd be higher up. Mr. Trump's UN ambassador wants to do everything in her power to keep reproductive choices out of the hands of women and says so in plain language. And there's more.

The last item (nr. 32) is a huge wakeup call, as well. And may be a lucky one, given that we've beaten this back for a few days and can try to do something about it, because people in customs and immigration just did whatever they were told. Ignoring courts is bad enough, but handcuffing a five year old and separating him from his mother for hours? They didn't even hesitate. Maybe we need to add another tack - do not be monstrous.

Monday was a very bad day.

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