Feb. 3rd, 2017

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Now that I'm falling into a little bit of a groove with all the fascism hell, I'm going to try to post my daily mailing list news posts here, as well.

As I'm sending this out, there are overnight firings of Secret Service managerial personnel and nobody knows why. See last item. At posting time, this was a breaking event.

It's February 3, 2017; this is the news )
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oh look, it’s a top-of-post eta: All of Bandcamp’s profits today are going to the ACLU, so that’s awesome. Go cruise around, check other bands not just us, see if there’s anything you like, buy it. Doesn’t have to be our work, just go do the thing, eh?

Anyway, so, yeah. It’s been more than a little bad-crazy and it shows no signs of stopping. Hell, just staying my current degree of sane these days involves a lot of Overwatch, so let’s talk about that.

I’m a Tracer main. I play a good bit of Pharah and D.va and I’m not a half-bad Ana or Zenyatta, but the outright majority of my playtime is Tracer.

One of the things I drive for is damage efficiency. And by that, I mean no “trash damage” – damage done that does not lead to a character elimination. So if I gold medal in damage, and don’t gold in kills and/or objective kills? I’m not playing well, even if we win.

It’s not like with Junkrat, who has so much splatter weaponry, right? Splash damage is part of his game. There’s enough of it that even “trash damage” has impact, just by tying up enemy support. My area of effect, by contrast, is tiny, and therefore, it needs to be effective.

There are four primary offensive stats in Overwatch games: total kills, objective kills, time spent on the objective itself, and total damage. If I get golds in all four, that’s good! But if I gold/gold/gold/silver or gold/gold/gold/bronze (total kills, objective kills, time on objective, total damage)? That’s great. It means I’m not wasting my shots. It says my damage output is disproportionately effective, and says better things, to my mind, then four golds. (And I kind of wish Overwatch acknowledged that.)

So last night, I got gold/gold/gold/NO MEDAL in a victory, which means like no junk damage. Led team in total kills, objective kills, and time spent on objective, despite being no higher than fourth of six in total damage done.

That is some goddamn efficiency.

I don’t think I’ve managed gold/gold/gold/NONE before, and I’m really happy about it.

I’ve got a song I’m writing, “Manic Pixie Murder Machine.” It’s very much not together yet but I think I see where it’s going, and of course, it’s about Tracer. And that is the kind of Tracer I want to be in-game.

Surely some of you have to play Overwatch. Who do you main?

i’m not your goddamn limey waifu honey
i’m a manic pixie murder machiiiiiiiiiiiine

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I've been sending out news collections to a mailing list. I've got a bit of a handle on things now, so I've back-posted a bunch of them to this blog. They're dated to match the days of release, so won't all appear in your reading lists now - you'll have to come over here and scroll down to read them.

This might end up just being for history, but who knows.
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Yes, I'm posting this a couple of hours early, it's huge and also I don't want to forget and also don't want to sit on it for another couple of hours.

Brave heart, Boston - Seattle to the motherfucking rescue. See item 20. Better yet: CNN IS REPORTING COMPLIANCE WITH COURT ORDER. They're shopping for a counter-injunection but GUESS WHO JUST BLINKED and GUESS WHO STILL HAS A JUDICIARY, MOTHERFUCKERS.

None of this shit is over, they're still going to keep trying to break it, because by fascist political theory, as soon as they win an election they rule everything unquestioned forever. (Or, at least, until the next election.) No, seriously, see item 23, that's what they're saying.

But round one goes to the fucking rule of law, you fascist assholes.

Also, fiscal corruption and rules changes for Mr. Trump's friends (IN HIS OWN WORDS), the CIA's new deputy director ran a black-ops torture site before those got shut down (and also destroyed evidence), more data being disappeared from Federal websites, and more. It's been a busy day.

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