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solarbird ([personal profile] solarbird) wrote2017-07-15 09:54 am

Anybody have an old Win98 USB mass storage device driver?

Anybody have an old Win98 USB mass storage device driver? I've set up an real Win98 box on the machine that used to be - it's a P166 from 1996 and accordingly hilarious. I have USB running on it, but not drivers for USB disk drives, and I want that working, in no small part because the non-lulz non-vintage-games part of this project is having a (the?) last working 5.25" floppy drive for PC-DOS/MS-DOS diskettes.

(I like having the ability to read all antique media. Need anything off a Commodore PET floppy? In theory, I can do that for you, as long as it's double-density or less, and yes, they had a 1mb PET floppy at one point.)

The machine is named Blue, drive D is named Purple, and it's registered to Amélie Lacroix and the password is oneshotonekill because of course it had to be. Also, the desktop starts out with weapons and such but turns into widowtracer art because we all know what's really going on here.

It's also much quieter now, particularly for a machine from 1996, as I've replaced all the fans and improved the venting. Two of the fans were outright dead - the CPU and GPU fans, so that's terrifying. (I think the CPU fan may have worked occasionally, but don't hold me to it. Also I had already improved the venting some, even with the old fans - I just improved it more now.)

A couple of power supply capacitors should be replaced too, they're bulging a bit, and I had to order them - VetCo had none of the right caps in stock. Ah well, I tried.

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I don't think I had USB storage devices at that time. I know I upgraded to XP in 2002. The odds of finding SOMETHING that will work is low.

Silly solution - Will your Win98 machine talk to a network? Copy the data to a network drive (with the USB device being the shared network drive on a newer machine. That gets around the problem of the machine needing drivers to talk to USB. (Just put a stand alone machine connected to it and an old router.) No internet required.