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Housemate Paul's cat, George, about whom I have written occasionally, and who we knew wouldn't have a full lifespan because of kidney issues, appears to have very quickly developed pretty advanced blood cancer.

There's another round of testing to confirm, but it's pretty clear and his meds are all about palliative care now. At least, with the painkillers, he's eating tonight.

And he's had a good kitty life, if shorter than average (he's not quite ten years old), and it's longer than I thought given his kidney issues and much longer than it would've been if he hadn't been brought in with his litter from a semi-feral barn cat mom, but still - goddammit.
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Ohhh, sympathies.
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Give George a head skritch for me, and hugs for Paul and the rest of you.
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I'm so sorry.
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I'm so sorry.
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Oh kitty. I'm sorry; that's really hard.
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*sends sympathies*
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hugs to you, and a catnip-scented scritch for George. Fine kitty, he has been!

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Never easy to say goodbye to the critterfolk. Passing while surrounded by love is the best that any being could ask for.
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I am so sorry. :(
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That sucks. My condolences. Bad kidneys did in Frumpus years ago, but we still think of her.