Date: 2017-04-20 01:16 am (UTC)
solarbird: (tracer)
From: [personal profile] solarbird
Talon are not the good guys. At all. The fact that you can play Talon characters in the game (as "heroes") is just to let people have access to all the characters.

Overwatch is disbanded. Anything set in current time is Overwatch operating illegally or quasi-legally at best. Overwatch, in the past, had been sanctioned for some time (and were heroes of the First Omnic Crisis) but their intelligence (and then blackops) division, Blackwatch, went seriously off track and while we don't know all the details, it was not good.

The former Blackwatch agents are a bunch of different places; Genji's kind of got his shit together, Amélie and Gabriel are both Talon-aligned mercenaries, and so on. A lot of Overwatch people are underground, but not all - Mercy, for example, has a completely legal medical aid/response group.

These stories are all in an AU, so things are different. Overwatch got disbanded earlier than in canon; Tracer didn't get rescued from the time vortex she was in, in part because of that; Winston's sent back to the moon. Talon still aren't The Good GuysTM - in part because I do not want to woobify this assassin - but I'm building an organisational vision for them that I hope will be understandable and supportable. (In canon, it's clear that they want to shape history, but we've no idea to what ends. I'm making some.)

So, does that make more sense?
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