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A few years ago, I posted a link to a video of my crazy parrot Zoe boogieing down to the 70s pop stylings of The Captain and Tennille, hosted on my own webserver, which was slow. I finally gave in a year or so ago and got a YouTube account, and have further finally put the video on it. It's not that exciting, but I miss Zoe, so here she is being silly:
eta: Other dancy parrots, courtesy [ profile] annathepiper.


Jul. 22nd, 2007 08:02 pm
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happy bert day to [ profile] lyonesse!
nappy berth day to [ profile] lyonesse!
hippo BIRD day to [ profile] lyonesse!

*wuf! wuf!*

good dog!
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They see me bobbin'
And dancin'
My nest my cage from you and BRAKBRAKBRAKBRAK!
Can't you see I'm a noisy birdy!
Can't you see I'm a noisy birdy!
Can't you see I'm a noisy birdy!
Can't you see I'm a noisy birdy!
My squawkin' so loud
I'm screamin'
They touchin'
My food and see now how they're making me go;
Can't you see I'm a noisy birdy!
Can't you see I'm a noisy birdy!
Can't you see I'm a noisy birdy!
Can't you see I'm a noisy birdy!


Clearly, that whole head-injury link to parrot-related doggerel thing is still active.
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Apparently, head injuries lead to doggerel about my cranky parrot Zoe:
Little birdie, full of hate,
How I wonder what you ate,
Was it chicken? Ovaltine?
What exactly made you mean?
Little birdie, full of hate,
How I wonder what you ate.
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Getting last-minute things before Norwescon finished; I want to leave for on-site by around 6pm, to get there around 7pm. I don't have nearly as much to do as I would have last year, per sé, but I do want to help out the new librarian with the fanzine library; the shelves are a bit of a thing to put together. Plus, issue zero is still issue zero and all that.

I've been working on the poster but am not getting so far. I have something I could use, but it hasn't convinced me yet. I should whip together the other small jobs, and then pack and get the car loaded and ready to go.

Meanwhile, [personal profile] annathepiper already mentioned this on her LJ, but Zoe, my crazy parrot, was very unhappy being alone after Oasis died, so I went ahead and got two more budgies. They're from PetSmartCaprica! I call them...

Apollo and Starbuck

(The blonde one is Starbuck. Of course. She's trying to organise a rescue mission to get the other ones left behind. ^_^ )

It's kind of surprising; they're the most outgoing budgies I've ever had. Starbuck is a little contortionist and likes squirming between things - she hangs out on the ladders a lot, trying to wedge her way through the rungs, and keeps trying to figure out how to get under the water bin. Apollo is a little less jumpy and a little more approachable. I didn't know that when I'd picked them out; I just waited around until I could identify a pair that liked each other in the store, and bout them.

The way Zoe perked up when she saw the budgie cage coming back was awfully cute. I'd had it out of her sight for a while after cleaning it, and had thought I'd probably be putting it away for a while - but as soon as she saw it she was all, "OMG IT'S BACK IS THE LITTLE BIRD IN THERE?" and she was kind of disappointed when he wasn't - but then I got out the transport box with the New Birds, and that was even better because w00t two little birds! and that was pretty fascinating. Of course, once they were out of the box and into the cage, she was all aloof.

But she watches 'em and talks to them a lot. Clearly, she enjoys having neighbours. Birdie company makes the parrot happy. ^_^

Oh, there won't be any cultural warfare update on Friday. I'll be helping run Norwescon and probably won't pay the $10/day ( :-p ) network access charge the hotel wants.

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My test tracked 2 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
You scored higher than 45% on nervousness
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I call this short film My Crazy Parrot Zoe Boogies Down to the 70s Pop Stylings of The Captain and Tennille. Please take a few minutes to enjoy this feature presentation!

(Click on image; higher resolution, smaller file (9M), doesn't work on all PCs)

If that one doesn't work for you (mostly if you use RealPlayer), you can try this one:

(Click on image; lower resolution, bigger (16M)
file, but should work everywhere)

(Thanks to [ profile] spazzkat for the help with iMovie. ^_^ )

okay so

Jan. 1st, 2006 09:52 pm
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Not very much new going on; oh wait, there's a zillion fire sirens suddenly nearby. I wonder what's up?

<goes away to look, comes back later having looked>

Apparently nothing. Or, at least, nothing they'll talk about. However, the ambulance went away without apparently loading anyone, the family is standing out on the lawn by the door enrobed and looking vaguely embarrassed, and the fire patrol told me there was no fire and no police were involved. But there was an ambulance and two (2) firetrucks from Northshore station, which is about 1.2 miles away. My guess is they have a central fire and burglar alarm system and it went off, and by the time they figured out they didn't have a fire, the fire trucks were already there.

But that's just a guess. Anyway.

I've just taken a look around the various fundamentalist political websites, and there's enough for a clear-out-the-holidays post, so I'll go deal with that. I also processed the remaining photographs in the to-process queue, which is good, since I was almost done with October's set. November is now reasonably full, but December has almost nothing because I just didn't see a lot of pictures I wanted to take in December. However, I have some fun images in the queue coming up.

But first, have a picture of my crazy parrot Zoe, being all coy.

Zoe Plays it Coy

Friday's token: 0.7 miles
Saturday's token: 0.1 miles
Sunday's token: 0.7 miles
Miles out of Hobbiton: 556.9
Miles out of Rivendell: 97.1
Miles to Lothlórien: 369.3

I'm never going to get to Lothlórien at this rate. Stupid mountain passes in winter. No wonder it's taking me so damn long. But still, this is stupid.
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Smaller pet, smaller movie; Zoe in the kitchen. Three megs or so.

[ profile] spazzkat's camera has sound, so you can also listen to me make freakish noises at the parrot.
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All weekend has been housecleaning and GRE prep, plus picking up [ profile] ravyng_yngvar at the airport and such. The house is very clean and I've gotten through all the math prep, which is good, and I think I'm in good shape for the writing. But I'm going to take the practice test tonight or tomorrow.

Zoe, our parrot, is slowly learning to say "cracker." We think. She's got the tonal part down, echoing the way we say it, and she totally knows what it means. But it's not at all clear yet. She still says "Hello?" when we're not around, so I'm still hoping it'll get through eventually. ^_^

Also, my publisher sent what I think are duplicate contracts to fill out to our old address (which is strange, the previous article wasn't from there, so this is a reversion to very old data), and they're dated back in July. DHL got them to MurkSouth a couple of days ago. I don't know if these are Ancien Loste Documents finally resurfacing, or what, but I'm wondering whether this is why I haven't yet been paid, I don't know. I've sent a note to the editor saying omgwtf.

Anyway, here's today's flower picture. It's of the same plant as the last one, but I really like both photos so I think it's fair game. It was really pretty. ^_^

Satellite Dishes of the Floral Kingdom

Neil Feineman's list of classic geek sf. Bold what you have read:
Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift
Frankenstein by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
20000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne
The War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells
RUR by Karel Capek
Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
1984 by George Orwell
If I Ran the Zoo by Dr.Seuss
I, Robot by Isaac Asimov
The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury
Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham
Childhood's End by Arthur C. Clarke
More than Human by Theodore Sturgeon
The Stars my Destination by Alfred Bester
On the Beach by Nevil Shute
Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter M. Miller
Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein
Solaris by Stanislaw Lem
A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess
Dune by Frank Herbert
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K. Dick
The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. LeGuin

And now, your moment of quiz )

Okay, so

Jun. 7th, 2005 10:20 pm
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guh this is so totally stone knives and bearskins guh

Right. Okay. Powerbook is ready to go to repair. Fortunately, I can get the hard drive swapped out locally and they'll even image the original over, if it keeps working that long. (Please, please, PLEASE keep working that long, little powerbook! Pleeeeeeeeease!) I pulled out all the passwords and stuff, cleared cache, deleted cookies, all that crap. Hopefully I got everything. (I set all the passwords except the admin password to BAHLEETED! I'm not posting what I set the admin password to, even though it's temporary. So there.)

Right now I'm using my old Windows box and Opera 7.0 to enter this journal, with putty connecting me to local servers to get at mail and mushes and stuff. So I can still do everything, it's just through a crufty browser and not-as-good-as-what-I'm-used-to ssh client. All the hotkeys are wrong, cut-and-paste is XWindows style for NO FUCKING GOOD REASON but only in puTTy, I can't get at most of my ripped music (sadness!) and and and whine whine whine.

I miss my powerbook. Snif.


Today's episode of My Crazy Parrot Zoe:

I'm eating a lemon bar that [ profile] annathepiper made, so, of course, she wants some. So I put a little on a fork for her, and stick it inside her cage.

She tastes the lemon bar.
She looks confused.
She tastes the fork, experimentally.
She looks confused.
She tastes the lemon bar again. Confused.
She tastes the fork again. Confused.

She sits there staring at it, because she can't figure out which one is supposed to be the food, until I give up and take it away. Little feathered freak. ^_^

Oh, and also:

Sunday's miles: 0.8
Monday's token: 0.1
Today's miles: 0.6 (This here? This here is lame. Three days and a mile and a half: Lame.)
Miles out of Hobbiton: 214.3
Miles to Rivendell: 243.7

I'll probably have no more flower pictures for a while. It makes me very sad. I got the camera to be in... well... mostly focused mode, so I'll try again and hope I get lucky. I almost got the film camera out earlier today, since there were some interesting clouds - I might do that tomorrow, anyway. But I won't be able to put those online, since development costs money. And the camera is working well enough again for eBay, I hope - and I might try some more digital flower pictures tomorrow and hope I get lucky.

Lots of thinking about grad school over the last couple of days. No conclusions yet. Hell, no advance, really. My options kind of seem to be 1. Be away from home 2/3 of the year or more. Suck. 2. Try the neuropathology route locally, which would let me approach the bigger problem from that side, which would be cool and let me avoid the whole MD thing (in which I have zero interest); downside there is that I'm deeply !clued about that field at this point. (That's also the upside, of course; mmmm, new data.) 3. Take the EE approach again, don't study anything really much like what I want to do for N years (N approximating, what, five to seven?) while I get the doctoral cred, and generally spin my wheels for a while. That last one seems like a good way to drive myself batshit.

So so far, I'm basically at the same place I was. Hey, some of you know about BRAAAAAAAAAINS, maybe I should talk to you in particular!

In high mundanity news, the neighbourhood association finally sent out a newsletter. Yay. Now I have someone to try to talk into having a web page and mailing list or two. (I'm for it.) Maybe, you know, people could find them if they had one of those up. It's not like they don't do things - they do - but if you're not already in the loop, it seems to be hard to get into the loop, just because you have no idea where they are.

The issues at hand: a neighbourhood potluck scheduled for later in the summer; the swim team schedule; tentative plans for a group yard sale; someone heading up a committee looking for ideas for neighbourhood improvements...

...if it were any more Pleasantville, I'd have to check for chroma loss.

On the plus side, at least it gives me time to do other things.

I guess that's it. Oh, and I've done a gotd dammit amount of driving lately. Sick of that now, thanks. (Two trips to Sea-Tac over the weekend for C3/CascadiaCon stuff, and picking up Anna at Borg when she's been working late. Tomorrow, I'll take the bus to drop off the computer, but Thursday, I have to take [ profile] annathepiper to her writer's convention, so: car again! I'm going to bundle a costco/grocery trip in with that. Have I mentioned that I hate driving? Gir.)
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When we moved into the new house, we started putting all the boxes we hadn't unpacked into this weird hallway space on the ground level, and as we emptied the boxes, we'd toss 'em into this other room down there that we weren't using yet. Eventually I started calling it the People's Democratic Republic of Cardboardia, with its capital of Boxburg. And now [ profile] shikyrie is trying to get me to play this game.

So here's the PDR Cardboardia flag:

And I might actually play the stupid game. ^_^

Also went down to Folklife today - it was okay, we got to see [ profile] spazzkat's friend play the ukulele in her group, and also got to see a professional play, and he was pretty good except for an inexplicable and mortifying decision to cover an Eagles song at the end. God damn, I hate that band.

And now that I've checked the game - well, hell, there's already a Cardboardia. Foo.

Other than that, it wasn't really the best day for music from our standpoint, so we hung out for a while, watched little kids play run-up-and-touch-the-countain, listened to a few musicians, poked around at instruments, and I finally managed to get the all-important Best Candy Apple in the World, as I always do at Seattle Centre, before heading home.

At which point I had to go fix someone else's network problem. La.

I had some thought about some political thing, but I forgot it. That's lame. Oh well, maybe I'll remember it later. For now, here, have a flower picture:

And a link to a movie of Zoe visiting Oasis, or trying to. Oasis was not thrilled. There was more attempt to visit today, but this time, food was involved. Oasis was much more brave with food involved. Sadly, I have no movie of that.

Miles today: 1.0 (Not counting walking around folklife.)
Miles out of Hobbiton: 163.6
Miles to Rivendell: 294.4
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Okay, so, when I clean the front of the cage with a wet paper towel while she's still inside, she leaps at the towel and attacks it through the bars.

A new game is for me to wait until she's grabbed it, and then whip the towel over to the left really fast, while she's bit down really hard. This results in Instant Parrot Reorientation (tm), or, a cranky bird rotated 60 degrees to the left. (Or right, depending.)

She has no idea what has just happened. It's like teleportation.

Personally, I love this game. I'm not so sure about Zoe.

In other news, yesterday's birthday l00t roxx0red. Yay, l00t! ^_^ We watched Interstella 5555 last night, and tonight I'll play with my new iMic. Plus, soon: Squirrel-Go-Round! Yay! ^_^

Quizzie! )
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Zoe, tonight:
<mutter> <mutter> <mutter> <mutter> <mutter> <mutter> <mutter> <mutter> HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA <mutter> <mutter> <mutter> <mutter> <mutter> <mutter> <mutter> <mutter> HA HA HA HA HA HA HA <mutter> <mutter> <mutter> <mutter> <mutter> <mutter> <mutter> <mutter> HA HA HA HA...
...I think she's telling herself jokes.


Mar. 6th, 2005 10:33 am
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Looks like Zoe's all upset! Gosh, I wonder why?

(Movie, kinda large ^_^)
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I'm thinking of going to grad school. I think I've found something I seriously want to research and my brain has been locking back onto it for about a week now, which is always one of those signs. But (having done some quick research, aheh) I've found I've got some time to think about it - everybody's deadlines are 15 December, which is too soon for this year.

But, um, I am thinking about it. A lot. Spent most of the day digging up papers and posters and abstracts and stuff. Then I ran out of brain for a while and ate ice cream for dinner. Mmmmmmm, ice cream. ^_^
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Oasis (budgie) has been paying more and more attention to Zoe (parrot), and spending a lot of time on the far left side of the cage just hanging out.

Zoe just went off on one of her BRAK rants at one of her toys, and from the other room, I could hear Oasis following along about half a beat later, trying to imitate her with his much tinier voice.

I am stupidly charmed. ^_^

And a quiz )


Sep. 29th, 2004 11:34 am
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Rainsong - my ancient budgie - died overnight. She was 13 years, 5 months old, more or less, which is somewhere over 140, in human terms.

She seemed fine yesterday, but, well, birds are good at that. Active and hoppy. She couldn't really fly anymore, and occasionally she'd forget and try to fly-jump a little too far, and we'd hear <crash> in the other room and wince and giggle, "Poor budgie!" But she never seemed to mind.

Oasis, who is now ten, isn't too freaked, but is already being more social - clinging to the side of the cage next to Zoe, making more noises. He may not understand where Rainsong went, but he does know "hey, my flock is missing. That sucks!"

Zoe mostly seems to be concerned with GIMMIE CHEERIO. I guess she decided they weren't tiny her after all.
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Zoe (my parrot) is a Quaker, which is the only (as far as I know) parrot that nests. They form big communal apartment-building-style multi-room nests, in fact.

I was cleaning the budgies' cage just now, and she started making the territory-alarm noise. I looked over at her, and she's all upset - someone's invading someone else's part of the nest!

I knew she liked the budgies, but I didn't realise she connected with them quite that well.
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It's been a bit, hasn't it?

+0: Okay, so! First. I posted about the showing in July, which opens on Friday with a reception. You should show up. More people at the reception is good. ^_^ I got my postcards, so I've been scattering those about in shops and stuff. I'm going to mail a bunch out, too. So you might get one!

1: We're thinking about making another offer on another house. Let me rephrase that: we would have by now, probably, if the FARKING AGENT would have called us back already. But she hasn't. (This is not our usual agent; he's out of town this weekend.) There is crankiness. Hopefully it didn't sell already.

Mind you, it's not a house we'd be thrilled about. But the location is okay and we wouldn't have to do a zillion things to it immediately before we could even move in. That counts for something.

-2: Zoe attacked me and meant it this morning. My finger still hurts. She got to go back under the covers for about half an hour. I don't know whether she gets the message of "attacking the person who feeds you is stupid."

-3: Various depressing or otherwise disturbing posts in my friendslists and groups I read. Blah. I wrote a long and somewhat difficult reply to one of them, but not the rest. I really should have replied to another one - on a blog - but just couldn't work up the energy to register and reply. I kind of feel like I should have, though.

+4: Went over and hung out at Paul's apartment, and played Mario Cart all night. I'm getting a little better at driving, finally. Combat's fun too. Unfortunately, Paul figured out what I was doing and I went on a little losing streak.

-5: We've got a crazy person setting fires in the neighbourhood. I've found two of them; one across the street two weeks ago in the bus stop's trash can, one next door last week, trying to set a signpost on fire. (He burned the base to charcoal.) The police say that there's been a big rash of them, but they don't have any clues about their identity yet. Yay.

-6: Summer is usually asshole-student-party free, but not this year; one last night, one last weekend too. I guess the fuckheads have more and are sticking around this summer. God, I can't wait to get the hell out of here. If we don't have a new place by August, we're moving into an apartment. That'll suck.

-7: My allergies have been brutal this year. I think I'd better start getting allergy shots or something. I was on three antihistamines last week; this weekend, I'm back down to no more than two, but that's still bad.

+8: I got past the block on "All the Moons of Mongo," so it's moved back from "failure, abandoned" to "possible sculpture." It's still kind of a sprawling mess, but now it's a single sprawling mess rather than five or six separate, unrelated sprawling messes. This is a big advance, and I think part of the process for this piece. It's the most massive piece I've ever done, so it makes sense that it'd be difficult.

9: Played more with the old Velo handheld; I've got an idea about how to improve the battery situation; it'd be cool if it worked, and it won't cost anything to try. So I will!

But now, I should shower. La.

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