Apr. 26th, 2017 12:18 am
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Looks like Navbar version 3 might get fast-tracked. Mobile and desktop both. Might even be in next Monday's news post. Excellent.
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Navbar 3.1 for Desktop.

Both of these include first drafts of design/guideline docs.
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I've given mobile navbar some more thought. Welcome to Navbar 3.1 for mobile: now with swipe chevrons and better previous/next spacing, but without up arrows anymore because they couldn't be made to fit. Also a completely different login bar which will pop up dialogues because the more desktop-like one simply did. not. work. and never would. BUT: it's zero additional clicks as specced.
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Referring to this post, on the reading page, I currently have "View popular feeds" in the upper right.

But what about "Trending tags" instead on general reading? And "View popular feeds" if filtered to RSS feeds, which is exposed functionality? They already have the functionality for "Trending tags."

And maybe have "Trending tags" show up often - say, at individual post view unless it's an RSS feed individual post view, in which case, again, "View popular feeds".

Because one of the problems people have on Dreamwidth is finding activity. This would help.

Maybe "Latest posts sitewide" could show up somewhere, too. Like... at journal views. Where you're already looking at some individual's latest posts, here's latest posts across all of Dreamwidth.


eta: I'm actually kind of thinking now "latest posts sitewide" on the Reading page(s), and "trending tags" on individual journals and journal entries - basically swapping the ideas I'd had before. Because 'trending tags' might also be relevant when composing, and 'latest posts site-wide' goes well with 'latest posts from people I read.'
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Here's a bunch of mockups of a version 3 navbar. This one does a bunch of stuff I can't do in CSS. It's still fairly close to baseline, but they want to see that, so.

(The link is temporary but it's fine for now, it's to a dropbox directory.)

These versions can't be done with custom CSS on the existing platform, they require actual code changes in the back end. But as far as I can tell, it should all be UI code changes, pretty simple stuff.

Some functionality changes, in addition to a few new links:
  • getting rid of dropdown-plus-button to trigger a view reload on the reading view filter, and just having the dropdown selector do it directly
  • prev message/next message arrows (when in single-post views)
  • prev page/next page arrows (when in journal or reading page views)
And I bumped up the RSS functionality a little bit, that's a nice feature I suspect others would use it more if they knew about it.

I've asked whether the style selector needs to be a set of top-level links or whether it could also be an action-on-selection dropdown, like reading view filter. Right now I'm showing it the old way.

Anyway, I don't really consider these really final but they do accomplish the general task of dividing into three consistent groups (user/login, current location, exploration) and adding some basic functionality (like prev/next) that really is kind of implied by "navbar," and so on.

The background gradient is just the standard system gradient and could be replaceable with anything.

eta: My thoughts are on mobile are that the three cells remain, but one is displayed at a time, and the other two are reached by swiping. Default to the middle pane, simplify the relationship permutation text for space, display a few fewer options perhaps.

eta2: Yeah, I may've gone a little nuts. Here's a run at mobile view mockups. 640x60 because iPhone 5 is 640 pixels on the short axis and Dreamwidth likes things 60 pixels high. Stupid science-related memetic disorder.

eta3: One bit of feedback I got from someone who does this regularly is that having Help on the far right is an industry standard, so I need to swap "Help" and "Home" in desktop. Also, despite the lack of space for it, I need some kind of visual indicator of swipe on the mobile bar (which I knew but was kind of hoping I'd get away without), which means we're talking chevrons for that since that's well understood.

eta4: This is getting long, so a new post: Trending tags.
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I've made the navbar less hideous via a lot of CSS hackery on my personal style. This has also been thrown at Denise because they agree Navbar Needs Work.

A/B comparison (another journal, current navbar vs. my style applied navbar)

Navbar, journal view

Navbar, reading page

Here's the DW custom stylesheet I wrote to do it. This has only been tested on Firefox and Mobile Safari, but I'm not doing anything super-surprising so I don't anticipate a lot of problems? But the navbar is mostly made with tables (kill me) so my CSS has to work with that which can produce some creaky results.
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I've added a couple of feeds for a blogs and such of interest:

[syndicated profile] seattletransitblog_feed (Seattle Transit Blog)

[syndicated profile] friendshipping_feed (Friendshipping podcast)

[syndicated profile] crosscutnews_feed (Crosscut: Cascadian news)

[syndicated profile] seattlish_feed (Seattlish: Seattle news and politics blog)

The big list of existing feeds is here.
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Hey, check it, there's a migration community if you're looking for people coming over LJ!

Hm, does this work?

[community profile] 2017revival

aw yeah 100% works

excellent :D

(works on dreamwidth anyway, probably not lj, sorry, but the link at top should work regardless)

(ps: anyone seeing this on lj, i uploaded a pharah icon but only on dreamwidth ^_^ )
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Hey, turns out, if you've made comments on Dreamwidth in the past with your OpenID, you can reassign those to your actual Dreamwidth account! Anna posted about it here.
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SUPERB P0WNERSHIP is the phrase of the day. Zoe Quinn has been dealing with a misogynist campaign against her for months, and, whelp, guess who has been infiltrating 4chan’s chat rooms and logging the shit out of all of the entire campaign’s ops room? Oh yeah. That would be Zoe.


Oh, her angry ex-boyfriend? He’s in the logs too, helping coordinate harassment. Hey, look, a revenge campaign for breaking up with him! SMILE FOR THE CAMERAS, DOUCHEBAGS! There’s even video. This is epic destruction.

If you have no idea what this is about, it’s about misogyny in gaming, and an ongoing campaign to force women out of gaming, focusing on several specific people, one of whom is Zoe Quinn. You can get a bit of a summary here, if you like.

eta: Judging from the h8r reblogs on Tumblr and the anonymous asks I’ve got, it looks like the attempt at “defence” here is, “It’s all out of context!” Hey, pro tip: only cite context when it actually helps your case. Unlike here. Where it doesn’t.

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We’re in the comment period for the new FCC regulations which destroy Internet network neutrality. This may seem like an esoteric issue to you, but it’s not. It’s a core infrastructure question: whether you have to pay more to actually get your network traffic delivered. If you’re completely unfamiliar, here’s John Oliver talking about it in a funny but accurate way.

Gizmodo has step-by-step instructions on how to use the FCC’s comment form. I’ve filed my comment/complate; go file yours, even if it’s really short. There’s enough money on both sides of this that we have that little window of opportunity where public commentary can just maybe matter.

Is that cynical? No, it’s realistic. Take advantage of these opportunities when they appear. And go file that comment.

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I need this. I need it like burning. It’s a device that basically turns anything, and I mean anything, into a percussion instrument.

Including the coffee cup.

I see how it’s made and I’m kind of thinking, y’know, maybe I should build that.

Then again, maybe I should stop adding new projects and finish ones I’ve already started. Maybe that.

(Thanks to Klopfenpop for the link.)

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So I've been posting like crazy the last couple of days, and most of them have NOT been showing up in your friendslist.

I know why, but it's extremely annoying.

Going backwards:

Has anybody here livestreamed an Ubuntu desktop? I've found a couple of solutions, one I can't get to work, the other I haven't tried yet but isn't really built for that.

The world's largest bluetooth speaker is a Dalek. I know, I, too, thought this was probably lame and stupid, but it's not, it's fairly cleverly engineered.

An update on that Negro American (Baseball) League recording recovery I did, as well as personal notes - eye and allergy updates.

I'm wondering if I go edit the timestamps whether they'll reappear. I don't know. :(
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So over on Tumblr, I got a new follower, maksimoqqoman. And despite the crappy username, I thought I’d check it out. It brings up a possibly-relevant promoter’s page, which is all well and good, despite for the autoplaying music video, but whatever.

Then pops up a modal dialogue box saying “Check out some great artists below,” with a single “close” X in the upper right and no other controls, and the rest of the page is locked out. Fine, annoying, but you get a lot of that brick-wall experience these days. It makes me very unlikely to look at your site again, but whatevs.

Sigh, another brick wall frontpage

THEN it gets good, because the “close” X? It’s not actually a close. IT’S A HIDDEN FACEBOOK LIKE FOR AN UNRELATED POLITICAL GROUP. Which I discover as soon as I try to close it.

fuuuuuuuuuck youuuuuuuuuu

Am I, like, the last to know about this? Because there are not enough efs and uuuuuus for this situation. There just aren’t.

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And to think they told me a micro-anti-gravitron emitter simply couldn’t be made. Have to do something about the power chain colour, tho’. Should be nice and green.

Who has the hammer now, Captain?

GeekGirlCon! 2pm! Tomorrow! Time is a bit approximate because it’s a ninja gig, but we will be there an there will be adventures.

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LAST CALL: Sansui 500A, all-original (meaning needs restoration because antique), free:
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Heading off today, north! To festival! To Harrison Hot Springs! Back on Monday. I’ll probably be tweeting a lot tho’. Remember: send any geekmusic news you have for the podcast by Monday if at all possible! If you don’t have any, forward that link around to people who might.

Here, have an awesome link – I actually already knew some of this but not this particular early outright-digital state. Ironically, I think this process got more analogue before it got less – there were comparably-small machines in the 60s and 70s which did more or less this, only with a single copy of the photo print. But they sent over ordinary phone lines, and I think those machines were varying tone in a more analogue fashion. But I could be wrong; maybe they were digitising down to these same five-bit images. Anyway, enjoy:

How Photos Were Cabled Across the Atlantic Ocean in 1926

Finally, welcome Radish Review readers; I think you’ll find this post on harassment in person vs. online trenchant. It’s called “Power and Supervillainy.” And my regular readers may also enjoy Scalzi’s Q&A on his anti-harassment-policy policy, including complaints made by some calling his policy anti-free-speech, an idea about which I can only giggle sadly, not manically. And if I’m not giggling manically, you are doing it wrong and I have a heat ray. Shape up – or else.


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The band website has been kind of a mess for a while, partly because I kept adding things in weird places that I thought might work but didn’t, and partly because it has always been an assemblage of parts. The blog is a locally hosted WordPress, the video page was just my YouTube channel, the music page was at least partially integrated but is still really Bandcamp – things like that.

Basically, it was a mess, and entirely out of hand. And I read an article a few weeks ago on focus of presentation on your main band page, and decided to do something about it. It’s not so much a redesign – because it isn’t – as a better and more complete implementation of the existing design.

Originally, I just wanted to fix the front page. But then YouTube threw its new page format at me, and that doesn’t work with what I do. And one of my blog readers told me they turned off stylesheets to read my blog(!) because they simply can’t read white on black, and I’ve heard people say they had trouble with that before, and it all kind of snowballed.

So I pulled a couple of style elements from the blog and brought them over (particularly in the left bar), and hammered the other parts of the blog into looking like the rest of the site, made a videos page that’s not on YouTube, updated just about everything for consistency, and, well, take a look at it, will you? Does it render reasonably on your machine?

One big advantage of the new blog format is that I can post wider pictures without breaking the columns. Yay!

I’ve tested it on a couple of browsers and it’s fine so far, but I don’t have every browser or OS. From here, it looks a lot more consistent and frankly less goofy a presentation, but it’s still new code and parts of it could be broken.

And I’m still not sure what to do on phones. On phones, WordPress flips over to Carrington, which is a mobile-specific standard format, which is a a lot easier to read but… not attractive. Also I don’t know how to get the social-candy-icons stuff to show up over the banner on the blog page, because WordPress. I do know how to get them to show up on the Music page. I haven’t done it yet, but will – it’ll be tedious, and can wait until after Folklife is over.

Anyway, give it a look, if you get a chance. Does it work on your machine?

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If you’re into the whole old-school SF idea of planned/constructed societies and all that -and if you haven’t read much SF of the 30s though early 60s, you’ve missed out – you really need to read about Synco (a.k.a. Project Cybersyn) in Chile during the Allende administration, before the Pinochet coup d’etat. Because they tried it, for industrial production.

The Wikipedia article gives you an overview, but THIS WAS REAL, NOT A MOVIE SET:

The Opsroom or Operations Room: a physical location where [nationalised industry] information was to be received and stored and made available for speedy decision-making. It was designed in accordance with Gestalt principles, in order to give users a platform that would give them a chance to absorb information in a simple and comprehensive way.

They didn’t get finished before the coup d’etat – the screens were used, but they had to have slides prepared each day rather than getting the data straight from the computer. But they were using the data – successfully, in many cases. All the major production facilities were, in fact, connected, via a massive network of telex machines, and data was flowing to the central computer, which was modelling and predicting based on daily data, and heuristic decisions were being made and acted upon and everything.

The goal was to have it all be realtime, as their computer capabilities ramped up. Keep in mind: this was in an era when moving this kind of data around and collating it within a single company in most countries could take took weeks, and decision-making could take even longer. They were doing it daily, with an eye towards continuously.

The difference between this and the Soviet and Chinese experiments is that it was intentionally decentralised. They were specifically avoiding those systems and trying to come up with something both socialist and rationalist and distributed – some of the factories had started setting up their own mini-facilities like this central one.

I’m fascinated by what they might’ve come up with, without Pinochet and his military dictatorship. They had the entire system destroyed – Pinochet was about authoritarianism, and had no time for this distributed-authority bullshit.

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I’ve been taking advantage of this little schedule break after Norwescon to try to upgrade my DAW from Ubuntu 10.04 LTS to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, because support for 10.04 LTS is going away this month, and also because there are a lot of fixes I need in later versions of Jack and Ardour, and Jack setup and building is so strange that even the author group says DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.


It has been an insane nightmare. Had I not been working against a new hard drive onto which I had cloned my old setup, I would’ve been brutally screwed. Did you know 12.04 just bricks some machines – like, send-it-back-to-manufacturer brick them – at startup? Did you know 12.04 upgrade can and will render your machine unbootable? (That happened to me through the GUI; I had to re-image the drive. Also? The install disc for 12.04? I never even get to the first setup dialogue. Hangs.) Did you know that if you try to do a stepwise upgrade as per the instructions here that the tool you use to do it is hardcoded to look in the wrong place for the upgrade files, and that this bug is known and supposedly fixed but still happens to me?

Shall I go on? Because I can. This is why I smashed an Ubuntu install CD yesterday out of frustration and rage. (See above.)

Anyway, I eventually got the server upgrade path to work – it was literally the last route available, but it got me there, mostly. After putting my machine in a state which would leave it unbootable, it had the decency not to force a reboot, and after a few hours, I fixed it. This is also a known bug. If you upgrade in the GUI, you’re just pooched. As I was, except I was working off a new image, my original drives untouched, so I could start over.

Even with all of the above, I’d currently be dead in the water again(!), except the 3.1.5 kernel I installed myself to work around a combination of kernel bug and ill-behaved USB external sound hardware which enumerates its own hardware incorrectly(!) is booting fine, and running fine, under 12.04. So I’m actually up and running! As of around 2am this morning.

However, the kernel the installer wants to install is 3.2.0-39, and it panics at startup. That’s a later version, and I’m worried that this might bite me in the ass somewhere.

Will it? Anybody know? Will 12.04 be stable under a 3.1.5 kernel?

3.2.0-39 doesn’t even get loaded. Here, see if you have any ideas:

Starting up...
[0.929456] Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block (0,0)
[0.929507] Pid: 1, comm: swapper/0 Not tainted 3.2.0-39-generic #62-Ubuntu
[0.929552] Call Trace:
[0.929594] [<c1561988>] fukkit I'm not typing all this in. printk, panic, mount_block_root, ? sys_mknod, mount_root, prepare_namespace, ?sys_access, kernel_init, ? start_kernel, kernel_thread_helper.

The 3.1.5 kernel (same drive, same directory, same install, etc) launches fine.

So even if I get this working completely, I’ll be looking at a new distribution next time. This is obscene. The fact that pretty much everything I ran into – once I got the drive cloned, where I hit other problems, such as grub insisting that I had no hard drives after booting from one of them and mounting three – is known, and that the core dev team is basically okay with that tells me I’m kind of done with Ubuntu.

Mageia has been recommended highly. So has Mint, but I was later told Mint is just Ubuntu with a different GUI.

Got anything to declare?

Yeah. Don’t install Ubuntu.

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