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Getting last-minute things before Norwescon finished; I want to leave for on-site by around 6pm, to get there around 7pm. I don't have nearly as much to do as I would have last year, per sé, but I do want to help out the new librarian with the fanzine library; the shelves are a bit of a thing to put together. Plus, issue zero is still issue zero and all that.

I've been working on the poster but am not getting so far. I have something I could use, but it hasn't convinced me yet. I should whip together the other small jobs, and then pack and get the car loaded and ready to go.

Meanwhile, [personal profile] annathepiper already mentioned this on her LJ, but Zoe, my crazy parrot, was very unhappy being alone after Oasis died, so I went ahead and got two more budgies. They're from PetSmartCaprica! I call them...

Apollo and Starbuck

(The blonde one is Starbuck. Of course. She's trying to organise a rescue mission to get the other ones left behind. ^_^ )

It's kind of surprising; they're the most outgoing budgies I've ever had. Starbuck is a little contortionist and likes squirming between things - she hangs out on the ladders a lot, trying to wedge her way through the rungs, and keeps trying to figure out how to get under the water bin. Apollo is a little less jumpy and a little more approachable. I didn't know that when I'd picked them out; I just waited around until I could identify a pair that liked each other in the store, and bout them.

The way Zoe perked up when she saw the budgie cage coming back was awfully cute. I'd had it out of her sight for a while after cleaning it, and had thought I'd probably be putting it away for a while - but as soon as she saw it she was all, "OMG IT'S BACK IS THE LITTLE BIRD IN THERE?" and she was kind of disappointed when he wasn't - but then I got out the transport box with the New Birds, and that was even better because w00t two little birds! and that was pretty fascinating. Of course, once they were out of the box and into the cage, she was all aloof.

But she watches 'em and talks to them a lot. Clearly, she enjoys having neighbours. Birdie company makes the parrot happy. ^_^

Oh, there won't be any cultural warfare update on Friday. I'll be helping run Norwescon and probably won't pay the $10/day ( :-p ) network access charge the hotel wants.

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