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With all the new DLC, I’m back to Skyrim a lot lately, and I’ve only now found out that you can custom name items, so now I need to make some custom items just so I can name them. Like, maybe, Daedric Bow of Fucking Your Shit Up and Ebony Mace of Sit the Fuck Down.

See what font I used there?

Also, I’m doing the Companion storyline this time, and they want me to become a werewolf. But I don’t wanna be a werewolf! Fortunately, they’re being cool about it, but now everything’s just a little awkward. I hate that.

Anyway, back to tracking. Irish Bouzouki today. Anna was up last night working on sheet music to the fight set, because people other than me will need it and can use it, and we don’t have music for some of this, not even the parts. Glad that’s not my job! I could write anything – it’s all dots and lines to me. XD

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