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Henches get sashes! As is required by Guild law, of course. Well, uniforms. Sashes count.

These are of course for the GeekGirlCon ninja show, 2pm(ish) Saturday, GeekGirlCon. Not sure where they’re putting us yet, but look for it – it’ll be a show. :D

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Hey guys, I’m goin’ to Folklife! I’m going to street perform as weather permits, so say hi if you see me! Saturday or Sunday will probably be attend-as-attendee day, but Anna and I may streetplay together on Sunday – it’s all weather-permitting and all that.

So I’ve got this bit I do on stage that involves lighting a candle and doing it with a lighter kind of sucked, but ordinary matchbooks also kind of suck, so I’ve been looking for a now-uncommon piece of jewellery called a matchbox holder. And I finally found one – probably about 40 years old, estate sale, all that. I had to make a matchbox, drawer, and strike plate for it, since it’s for a rather oldskool matchbox size.

Also since it had a frame on the front I added some Kigo fan art. XD Here:

Have a good festival, Cascadians! And I understand Americans have some holiday this weekend too, so have fun with whatever that is too! XD

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