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Polly Shows Evil Cats Who is In Charge Here (quicktime)


Pet My Head? (quicktime)

Oh Yeah, That's the Stuff (quicktime)
(a.k.a. Sudden Kitty Nose)

Polly vs. Hand (quicktime)

ETA, mostly for myself: [ profile] annathepiper has a lot more pictures here, and [ profile] spazzkat talks about her here.

poor kitty

May. 4th, 2006 11:01 pm
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There's a mosquitohawk caught between the screen and the window behind the couch. Our cat Polly is ALL OVER THIS but it is FUTILE! Poor frustrated kitty.

Sometimes screens protect bugs

Averaged probably 14mph or so biking today. Stayed in 3,6 or better the entire way both ways. So, yay.

Monday's token: 0.1
Tuesday's token: 0.1
Wednesday's miles: 2.2
Thursday's miles: 20.0
Miles out of Hobbiton: 783
Miles out of Rivendell: 323.2
Miles to Lothlórien: 143.2
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(Very large movie. 41M - over two minutes. Worksafe, tho'.)
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By the plum tree sapling I saved from a construction site, this little purple thing came with it - anybody know what it is?

In other news, [ profile] annathepiper and I went to Streetfair, and bought soap and honey, like we do. The weather alternated between sunshine and this: we hopped into American Apparel, which we'll probably buy things at when we have money again. I need more clothes.

Friday's not-miles: 0.1
Today's miles: 1.9
Miles out of Hobbiton: 142.3.
Miles to Rivendell: 315.7

Also, a picture of our ancient cat, Polly. )
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Still no DSL for us; the DSL modem does now train up, which is a step forward, but when I talked to Northwest Link this morning, they report that they'll often bind it to the ISP but then disable it until they've run a bunch of pointless (as far as I can tell) tests. So on Friday, late, they got it routed around but not tested yet. It's remotely possible they're working today, so I'll play with it early this evening and see what, if anything, happens.

Last night, we hosted poker, which was fun. I ended up at exactly break-even, which is kind of funny, and not too bad given that [ profile] wrog pretty much schooled everybody, as we assumed he would, and that I was down quite a bit earlier in the evening. When [ profile] spazzkat and [ profile] llachglin got chased out of the game, they decided that the media room was the Loser's Lounge and played Godzilla Destroy All Monsters Melee for a while.

So it was a pretty good evening, despite things having gotten off to a horrible start when [ profile] kathrynt phoned saying that their car had quit on them and, despite being only 40 feet from their house, they were stuck in front of a stop sign so had to wait until the tow truck got there. Which it eventually did, but that took forever. Hopefully it's just the alternator. Once they did get here, they brought us a very pretty little martini glass set and a drink shaker, which Kathryn referred to as "the most self-serving gift ever," since we don't drink except at poker night. But they're quite pretty, so yay. ^_^

I scrambled around all day before still moving stuff from MurkSouth with help from [ profile] spazzkat and grabbing some more semi-furniture from Ikea (a stand for the stereo) before running to MurkNorth and trying to reduce the extent of the Cardbordian People's Republic over our territory. Anybody making an art installation out of cardboard? I'm your girl! (And that's just counting the boxes, and not the cardboard the Ikea furniture is made from! Ar ar ar ar ar.)

Still, I do like their designs. Sometimes I like them enough that I think about making my own versions of some of it, just so that I know it's durable. I'm sure I'll get to that someday. Snicker.

Wow, it's already 5pm. Polly has lost interest in trying to go out into the Big Wet Room, and is lying on one of her new favourite spots watching the front door, then occasionally rolling over and watching the open double-doors onto the deck. I guess all that excitement wore her out. Hee. ^_^

Rainy day

Aug. 21st, 2004 05:04 pm
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I've really missed being able to hear the rain. I like that we can again.

[ profile] annathepiper and I walked over to Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park this afternoon, mostly just to do it. It started to sprinkle a bit on the way there, but didn't get hard enough even really to require the umbrella I'd brought along. It's a really pleasant walk; the road there is pretty direct, but allows no through traffic, so there were almost no cars - we ran into about as many people as vehicles, even though the weather has changed and brought us the first cold snap, warning of autumn. (Today's high is around 20C/72F, last I saw, but we don't have a thermometre here yet so I'm just guessing.)

I hadn't walked there before, so I wondered how much of a hike it would be. As it turns out: not much of one at all. Anna compares it to walking down to U. Village from MurkSouth; on the way there, I thought she was high, since it's clearly longer, but the way back - despite being uphill - is much easier, so it balances out. (And the direction where it's easier being the one where you're probably carrying stuff - as we both were - is better.)

Kitto, the Japanese udon place next to the bookstore, is pretty good at udon and pretty good at vegetable tempura, but not at all good at sushi. That's unfortunate - but I like good udon, too. Particularly in winter. Third Place isn't bad, but has a lousy manga section. Alas. Albertson's is, well, Albertson's, but I like the wild bird stores.

Right now, I've got the double-doors to the deck both open, and am watching Polly being fascinated, yet terrified, of the Big Room. (I think it's safe, since there's nowhere far to go without being wet, and, like most cats, she hates wet. So she's showing this mixture of fascination and dread as she sits inside the open door, watching, occasionally venturing out a couple of feet, then ducking right back inside, not at all amused by the whole rainy situation. She isn't even coming close to the edge of the protected area - the eaves on the front of the house are quite deep - so I think this is alright as long as I keep a close eye out.

She's thinking about giving it another try. Last time, I she headed out and to the left, treading very carefully, and I popped out the front door on the same side and said hi. She wasn't sure what to make of that. I think I need to get a roll of nylon mesh and run it along the deck railing when I want to let her out. I could have rings on it that keep it up without being obtrusive, and it would be easy to take down, as well. (No staples, of course. Nothing that would be permanent, or would rust.) I'd really like to let her have some little bit of outside during the day. We'll just have to be careful that she never goes ... well, off the deck, I think. Anything further would just be too risky.

I love rainy days like this. Particularly after the kind of long and hot summer we've had again this year. All the greens get so rich, and one of the big advantages of the new house is just its sheer brightness - I've even got the skylights closed right now, and it's still bright. And it vents well, too; we haven't even needed fans, so far.

I'm looking forward to getting back into a more regular studio routine. Now that I know how the walk to LFP feels, I'm feeling better about the walk to the bus. I mapped it out a couple of days ago and realised that the walk to the express bus downtown not much longer than from MurkNorth - basically about an extra block from where I'd normally go to pick up a 7X. It's the same walk to get to the U. District and my studio, too. So that should be fun to try.

But right now, I'm just being happy watching the cat be confused by rain and damp breezes, and trying to figure out whether the big room is worth all that wet. So far, she seems to think not.

Ah well, such is life for a 15 year old housecat. ^_^


Jul. 18th, 2004 04:17 pm
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Polly is cute!

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