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I can’t figure out whether this crazy quintuple-star system is from Nightfall, the Colonies of Battlestar Galactica, or the Verse from Firefly.



Which scenario does this real life star system best fit?

  • [ ] Isaac Asimov's Nightfall
  • [ ] Battlestar Galactica's Colonies
  • [ ] Firefly's "the Verse"
  • [ ] Another system (vote in comments)
  • [ ] ADDED: The world of The Dark Crystal

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Oh, right, the group noun / collective noun of microphones question!

You collectively came to no consensus whatsoever. As is typical for supervillains, so we’re on theme there. XD Of all the candidates for a group noun for microphones, most received at least one vote – my nomination, a silly of microphones, being an exception as it didn’t even get my vote because your ideas were better. And there’s a three way tie for best.

To wit, the top three, in alphabetical order, with the names of the people who suggested them:

  • A Boom of Microphones (Pauline, band site)
  • A Feedback of Microphones (Corvi & Jessie C, DW; Clemtaur, LJ; Susan Davis, FB)
  • A Heard of Microphones (Josh K, Russ, Susan Davis, FB)

And only one vote behind, worth an honourable mention:

  • An Impedance of Microphones (Scott, band site)

Personally, I think it should be a heard of headphones, myself, but that wasn’t tabled for question time this past go ’round. What do you think?

Should "Heard" be used for "microphones" or "headphones"?

  • [ ] A heard of microphones, because I am wrong.
  • [ ] A heard of headphones, because I am a clever person.
  • [ ] Okay, what the hell?
  • [ ] Yeah, heard this.


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Yesterday’s post about a groupnoun (apparently “collective noun”) for microphones generated a lot of suggestions – 28! – for alternates to “silly,” so we’ve made a poll! Pick your preference.

Each suggestion is followed by the name(s) of the person or persons who suggested it, and where they made the suggestion – LJ means Livejournal, DW means Dreamdwidth, G+ is Google Plus, FB is Facebook.

Pretty much the only places sitting this out were Twitter and Tumblr.

The question of a groupnoun for a collective noun of microphones – which would be applicable here – is left as an exercise for the reader. I might suggest a “redundancy.” XD

A Groupnoun of Collective Nouns for Microphones
(You have to vote at the band site, because reasons; no account needed)

  • [ ] A Boom of Microphones (Pauline, band site)
  • [ ] A Bouquet of Microphones (Kensaro, LJ)
  • [ ] A Feedback of Microphones (Corvi & Jessie C, DW; Clemtaur, LJ; Susan Davis, FB)
  • [ ] A Garden of Microphones (oh6, LJ)
  • [ ] A Heard of Microphones (Josh K, Russ, Susan Davis, FB)
  • [ ] An Impedance of Microphones (Scott, band site)
  • [ ] An Isthisthingon of Microphones (cmcmck, LJ)
  • [ ] A Myriad of Microphones (Erik, FB)
  • [ ] A Silly of Microphones (Me, band site/original post)
  • [ ] A Sputtering of Microphones (Russ, FB)
  • [ ] A Stand of Microphones (Pauline, band site)
  • [ ] A Vibratery of Microphones (Geoff Gill, Google+)
  • [ ] One of the Excluded: Audience, Captivation, Clamour, Clip, Coil, Compression, Condensation, Crowd, Element, Gearslut, Influx, Interference, Neumann, Pattern, Screening, Shureness, Stance (Various)
  • [ ] One not in this poll (but will be specified in comments)


We Are Waiting

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I wanted to have a second on-air sign for inside the studio, so I could see whether the signs were on or off an keep track more easily. The second was a duplication of the first, the one that I posted about already.

But I’ve had problems with minions (particularly Minion Paul) coming to the door and being afraid to enter or knock because there’s no sign out there. With a second controller already being in place, it’s really quite simple to make a third, hanging off the same controller, so I did. But being out of LEDs, I made a different kind this time.

Bento compartment box plus…

hee hee hee hee hee

I love my light-dotted I. It’s silly, but I love it so. :D

Do you think there’re enough hipsters on Etsy to buy the ones I make out of cassette cases? The bento box ones probably aren’t retro enough, but the cassette case ones, maybe. What do you think?

Are there enough hipster musicians on Etsy to list this thing?

  • [ ] Yes. Make one, post it, see what happens
  • [ ] Actually, I think the bento box works better
  • [ ] No, not unless the price is also ironic


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Hey, check this shit out – a progrock concept album about the fall of Princess Luna and the rise of Nightmare Moon. It is epic. Also, another reminder: Leannan Sidhe’s album kickstarter closes on Friday. Best go now while good backer rewards are available. :D

We got some suggestions in various places (Livejournal, Facebook) about new names for the local hardware store which has decided it needs a liquor license. Pick y’r favourite!

Spirits and Sandpaper: what do we rename the hardware store?

  • [ ] Amputations R Us
  • [ ] Big Jim's Whiskey, Chainsaws, & First Aid Supplies
  • [ ] Hammered & Nailed
  • [ ] Hard and Hammer
  • [ ] Spirits & Sandpaper
  • [ ] Something Else (add in comments, I'll update poll)
[[ CLICK HERE TO VOTE the buttons do nothing ]]

Finally, here, have this awesome NASA video of the Venus transit. I watched a few live feeds at once, because I could! HI THE FUTURE!

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take two

May. 21st, 2012 09:46 am
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Good morning! Thanks to Cascadian clouds, it’s darker now than it was during the eclipse yesterday. But that’s not important right now because! Leannan Sidhe have given their Kickstarter project a reboot – better video, new backer rewards, new levels, all kinds of things. Two days in and they’re at 59%, no lie, so check that shit out. Particularly if you pledged before. No, wait: particularly if you didn’t.

Also, THE PAMCAKES WIN THE PENNANT! THE PAMCAKES WIN THE PENNANT! Derp has some fandom, but apparently everybody just hates Herp.

Man, Herp. That fucker.

WHAT PLAYTHINGS DID YOU OFFER UP ON FRIDAY? A whole bunch, actually, thanks! Here, look at all this:

Thanks, everybody!

Nobody’s told me about writing a review for Cracksman Betty yet. I has a sad. No review love? I’ll extend the deadline ’till the end of the month, then. In the meantime, go throw some love on it on iTunes. MOAR STARS PLZ!

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I don’t feel like much, so let’s settle an important question:

<input ... >

let's settle this

  • [  ] herp
  • [  ] derp
  • [  ] pamcakes


Also, leave comments with awesome things. Or links to awesome things. This has been one of those weeks when to be honestly I really don’t feel like I’m cut out for this, because, like fiction writing, trying to do music is mostly about successfully managing rejection. So I’m calling a KLYTUS I’M BORED and demanding playthings.

An obscure body in the SK system, perhaps. That sounds fun. Hot hail, anyone? XD

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First, some eye candy: check out these Russian rocket factory photos by Lana Sator, before they make her take them down. She’s gone vadding into a test facility outside Moscow, and it’s cool.

December poll! While the voting was spread across many candidates, you guys clearly hate fax machines with a particular purity. The fax didn’t gain the majority outright – it tied for largest plurality – but unlike CRTs, no one spoke in its defence. Similarly 8-track cassettes, but those received fewer votes; even pagers had people supportive, hither and yon.

Mostly, I’m bored. I made yet another special cable today, sorted stuff, and engaged in Boring Business Crapimportant meetings with people about business matters. I’ve been backed off of rehearsal on doctor’s orders, after I Did Something to my shoulder a couple of weeks ago. I don’t even know how. I have been practicing some, using a weird strap arrangement, but it’s weird and I don’t like it.

That didn’t stop me from rocking the Tony Bennett Wednesday night after Session, but it has kept a crimp in things. I get to test NORMALITY tomorrow, as I ramp back up for the first show of the year, on the 27th, with Leannan Sidhe and Kräken-Röhl:

…and there was something else I wanted to talk about today instead of all this, but can’t yet. It’s not actually my thing; it’s entirely about somebody else, another musician some of you know. Hopefully, I can talk about it soon.

I’m going to see Tin-Tin tonight. I’ve heard good things. Have a good weekend!

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NOW IT CAN BE TOLD: Kräken-Röhl, CRIME and the Forces of Evil, and Leannan Sidhe, Live at B-Side Music, January 27th! Doors 6pm, shows start 7pm, more info on the show page and after that to come! :D

NOW IT HAS BEEN FORGOT: Over on Twitter, Attoparsec‘s Matthew Dockery mentioned clearing out the old CRT computer monitors, and being glad of it. I replied that it’s funny how CRT monitors have no loyalists or preservationists, certainly not of any scale, unlike computers themselves, and vinyl LPs, and to a lesser extent CDs, the like.

It’s me, too; I have a couple of old Amiga CRTs I’ve held onto just in case, and even I want to get rid of them.

And that got us talking about old technologies without fandoms. Examples include CRT computer monitors, and those wretched devices, the FAX machine. So we’re wondering: what other dead tech lacks a fandom?

The polling software I have doesn’t allow fill-in-the-blank answers, but I’m going to start a poll anyway. Add other suggestions in comments!

What Fandomless Technologies Are Best Left Forgot?

[[CLICK HERE TO VOTE, the checkboxes above do nothing]]

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Here, a video pretty much none of you guys have seen yet. It needs more plays because 4 is a lonely number. Unless you’re monogamous, in which case it’s a crowd – with benefits. Or something, I’m not sure how it works. Anyway, this needs more plays:

Also, because I apparently have nothing better to do:

Did you go boxing yesterday?
  • [  ] It's not that kind of boxing, dear.
  • [  ] Yes! I also brought a tazer.
  • [  ] I had absolutely nothing to do with any severed heads or other body parts you may and may not have discovered. Not that there are any to discover. I'm just sayin'.
  • [  ] Not yet, but there's still time. C'mere.

[Clickie here to vote]

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First house tour is a wrap! Friday night I played my last show of this first set, out on Bainbridge Island, at Ann Lovejoy’s house, arranged by her son, Peter, and hosted by both.

And their cat

Every show this tour has been a great time and every one has had its own separate highlight – guesting with Leannan Sidhe and drawing a two-show encore, being all creepy and shit at Spooky Action at a Distance, enjoying the hospitality of the first official House Concert qua House Concert at Sidhehaven.

Bainbridge Island, tho’ – this one got a public review. Check this shit out:

Last night, Solarbird came over and did a House Concert out here, and totally rocked the house. And I mean rocked. It took me a long time to come down enough to drift off to sleep, with Stars still running through my head, and I’m still bouncing from it this morning… this was kind of in the same ballpark as having Lemmy or someone show up and do a set in the living room. It was awesome.

That kind of explodes my brain – with AWESOME! 😀 Thank you again, Peter and Ann, and I’m so happy that I did not disappoint. And thanks again to everybody, really; this was all new to me and I thank all of you for taking a chance on this.

I’m still in a bit of a daze, putting things back together and looking over video and inventorying what worked and what didn’t, working on my repair/new equipment checklist and and and that’s not important, I want to do this again! Now! Or in February, which seems reasonably possible. Anybody willing to host and invite people? Pleeeeease?

I’ve also been told that I should do conventions – anybody have an in, anywhere? Let me on a stage, I’ll play it. 😀

I’ll probably be too busy to post on Wednesday because of Second Thanksgiving. But maybe not, we’ll see. I still haven’t had time to pull the audio off the recorder yet, even! And next week is allll shopping and cooking. But here:

What're you eating for Second Thanksgiving?

  • AHM NOM NOM NOM TURKEY! (25%, 5 Votes)
  • What, First Thanksgiving isn't enough for you? (20%, 4 Votes)
  • I don't get you, Tickie. (20%, 4 Votes)
  • HAM! PONYO LOVES HAM! (15%, 3 Votes)
  • It's all about the pie. If you know what I mean. AITYD. (10%, 2 Votes)
  • Is that the one with the scary bolo tie man or is it something else? (5%, 1 Votes)
  • If tofu was good enough for the Puritans, it's good enough for me! (5%, 1 Votes)
  • Something else (answer in comments) (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 8

<input ... >
Loading ... Loading ...

Finally, have some photos:

Bye, Seattle!

I love ferries <3

Hi, Winslow

Hi, Boats!

Have a good week!

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First: SHOW! FRIDAY! 8959 Battle Point Drive NE, Bainbridge Island, WA. Doors 6pm, show 7pm, $7 suggested donation, but if you can’t afford that, come anyway.

I’m starting to think I’ve got all I’m going to get out of the Cracksman Betty project. I’ve got one more song already recorded that I’d like to add, and maybe one bonus track, but I think it’s about done.

I have a few specific plans (Touring! The next studio album! nwcMUSIC 2012!) that’ll get underway for sure, but I want to wedge in at least one more thing on top of those, because I’m insane. Got any ideas?

What should I do next?

[[CLICK HERE TO VOTE the checkboxes do nothing]]

Also, Sherry from Sidhehaven took a photo during the show, and said I could post it! Thanks!

photo courtesy Sherry Kirk

Several experiments from the Sidhehaven show worked to varying degrees. Yay! The camera, even with all the space left in the world, didn’t even come close to running out of battery or space on the card! But it shuts video off at around the 38m mark anyway. Note “around the.” The exact time is different each time, and has nothing obvious to do with space left. I don’t know why.

Sadly, the camera’s onboard mic is lame. But I had my good quality recorder hooked up! Yay! But it was through the monitor speaker, which, turns out, has kind of a crappy pre-amp, and the sound quality is kind of not good. Boo! So I have a post-tour goal: build a proper interface so I can use both monitor and recorder at the same time, without losing quality.

Also I need to rebuild that monitor’s preamp. It really does kind of blow.

Hm, sounds like the cats have turned on Radio Two again downstairs. THANKS CATS. Better go fix that before Anna wakes up. See you Friday, I hope!

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Hey, guys!

I want to make some little quote stickers as freebies at shows, snippets pulled out of songs for the merch table. Does that sound like a good idea? I know that SJ Tucker does that and people seem to like it.

I’ve drawn up a little list of bits I like, but if you have any snippets that you think would be cool on a sticker, let me know!

I was kind of surprised Quatermass and the Pit fared so well in last week’s poll. That’s kinda awesome. I like it too, so I’m happy. The Carpenter film you liked best turned out to be Prince of Darkness, and all I can say about that is that you guys have really good taste in Carpenter films – it’s totally my favourite. And since Battle Royale and Paranormal Activity tied for first, I’ll bring ‘em both in, why not?

The rest are Universal Horror Classics. Well, most of them are. I’m going to cheat, and add one: White Zombie, 1932. I love that film. Yeah, it’s a bit slow, even for the era, and it’s kind of weird in that we’re-still-figuring-out-how-to-make-movies kind of way, but it’s moody like mood is going out of style, Bela Lugosi is in fine form, and, most of all, it has the single creepiest scene I have ever seen in any film to this day.

Creeps me out just thinking about it. No lie.

This is a pretty good set of films, really. If you wanted a viewing list for your Halloween pleasure – one that doesn’t include robots and Gizmonic Institute employees – you could do a lot worse.

Pick your favourite of this lucky 13:

You Crown Your Emperor of Horror!

[[CLICK THROUGH TO VOTE the boxes still do nothing :( ]]

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This whole house concert tour thing is exciting! I have two confirmed dates to tell you about now, yay!

  • NOVEMBER 11th, 2011 (11/11/11): House concert at Sidhehaven. I’ve heard a lot about this place an I’m honoured they’ve decided to host me for my first announced house concert! They’re outside Yelm, about half an hour south of Tacoma, Washington by car. Doors open at 6pm; showtime’s at 7. RSVP on evite, and/or check in on Facebook – tho’ if you don’t and decide to come anyway that’s cool. But RSVP if you can! $5-10 suggested donation.
  • NOVEMBER 18, 2011: Peter Lovejoy is hosting me out on Bainbridge Island, at 8959 Battle Point Drive NE. I’ve never played anywhere out there before, so this is a first! Doors open 6pm, show starts 7pm, $7 Suggested Donation. There’s no RSVP page for this one but I’d love to know if you’re coming!

There may be some more news to come. I hope so, anyway! Thanks so much to Sidhehaven and to Peter for letting me come play for their friends – I’m so looking forward to it!

We Have Movie Sign!

Back to our horrorfest! There are three questions this time: your favourite Hammer Films horror classic, your favourite Carpenter film from his golden era (other than The Thing, already in polls earlier), and your favourite recent horror flick, from any source. We’ve seeded that poll with some of our faves.

As usual, if an answer you want isn’t in here, comment with the film you want, and I’ll add it!




Four Note Soundtracks: The Musical Genius of John Carpenter


Horrors Moderne


Next week, we’ll put all of the winners of all five polls up against the original Universal classics and crown our EMPEROR OF HORROR! Let the creepiest thing win!

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First! The winners of our last poll: in Cascadia, blackberry is the leader of our four horseplants of the botanical apocalypse; outside Cascadia, in North America at large, kudzu is our winner.

And based on total votes, let’s hear it our all-star continental dream team of planty death: blackberry, horsetail, kudzu, and English ivy! Well strangled, all around.

Let’s all just hope there’s never zombie virus variant for plants, shall we?

It’s October! And I literally 20 minutes ago returned from a preview showing of The Thing, the prequel to the 1982 John Carpenter film The Thing, which is, in turn, a remake of the 1951 The Thing from Another World, based on John Campbell’s rather excellent 1938 novella, “Who Goes There?

It’s getting pretty damn meta at this point, because this film covers the events in the Norwegian research base, and we see the end of those events at the start of the 1982 movie, and earlier moments from it through the 1982 film, and all of those were in that movie because the ’82 film used footage from the ’51 film to show events from that base!

Also, the pronouns are getting a mite tricky.

All in all, they did a pretty good job of capturing the atmosphere of Carpenter’s take, and not just in set design. They made one pretty significant change to the events seen or implied in the ’82 film, and from a film standpoint, I can see why you’d do that, tho’ I’m still not convinced it’s necessary. A good skiffy horror romp; not groundbreaking, but fun.

But that brings us to this week’s poll! It’s October, Halloween month, so we’re going to have a series of horror polls! Since we’re starting the month off with a skiffy horror flick, we’ll start with a skiffy horror poll – a roll call of skiffy horrors so terrible, so rampant, so utterly indescribable, that they can only be known by their pronouns! Or, in some cases, their indefinite nouns.

As usual, if an answer you want isn’t available, comment, I’ll add it, and you can come back and vote for it.






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Welcome to October! October, the month that feels like going home, the month of falling leaves, of horror movies, of Halloween, of rainy season, of no more flowers but not yet snow, of the Great Pumpkin, and of Wild Chickens. They go for the kill.

I’m in more of a Poison Ivy mood, even if DC Comics probably screwed her up too in the reboot. (<RAEG>GIVE ME BACK MY POISON IVY/HARLEY QUINN YOU ASSHOLES!</RAEG>) We spent a lot of time this past summer trying to beat back the local strangleweeds, debating over which was the leader. Now, as far as I’m concerned, it all has to end in fire, but who do you think is in charge of the Cascadian botanical apocalypse?

Reveal the Leader of the Cascadian Botanical Apocalypse!

  • [ ] Horsetail
  • [ ] Tickievine
  • [ ] Blackberry
  • [ ] Laurel
  • [ ] Morning Glory
  • [ ] ADDED: English Ivy (second four horseplants, nr. 1)
  • [ ] ADDED: Scotch Broom (second four horseplants, nr. 2)
  • [ ] ADDED: Japanese Knotweed (second four horseplants, nr. 3)
  • [ ] ADDED: Wisteria (second four horseplants, nr. 4)


And for those of you not lucky enough to live in the Republic, what’s going to engulf your world come the Ragweednarok? As always, if the answer you want isn’t here, DO NOT VOTE, but instead put it in comments. I will add it, and you can vote for it then.

Reveal the Leader of Your Botanical Apocalypse!

  • [ ] French Climbing Rose
  • [ ] Tickietree!
  • [ ] Kudzu
  • [ ] Honeysuckle
  • [ ] Scotch Broom
  • [ ] Salt Cedar
  • [ ] English Ivy
  • [ ] ADDED: Giant Hogweed


And if that’s not enough evil for you, check this shit out, found by lj:Flashfire: SAUNAPANTS: THE NEXT GENERATION. You want a terrifying picture?

Yes, it’s Commander Riker. In Saunapants. RedARERT!

PS: Don’t forget that tickiebox is your master now! Also the latest Cracksman Betty song, I’m a Rover, Live at Juanita Bay. Enjoy!

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…ME! For being at VCON this past weekend! It’s a smallish F&SF convention, but it’s been going a long time and this year was just lovely. I had all kinds of fun meeting people I know, people I knew from only the net, meeting a bunch of people I had not previously known at all, getting to act out like a crazy person on performance panels (TURKEY READINGS so funny XD ), lolling at Godzilla field research, seeing the single best art show I’ve ever seen at an F&SF convention, explaining away wretched science in classic SF, and generally kicking around like a crazy person on speedmetal. And they put up with it!

Okay, so maybe they had to call in reinforcements.

Guys, you’re great! Let’s do that again next year. Shaddyr, keep this up, f’srs. Garth, Karl, Foxipher, all you lot, it was great meeting or re-meeting you. And I’ve left so many people out it’s just stupid! I’m sorry!

Also, I have cider, bagels of the gods, new reading material, and GREEN AND BLACK KITTY EARS!

Kitty ears are, apparently, the fast-track to good behaviour dealing with US customs. I’ve never been treated half that nicely before. ph33r th3 cut3 0n3s, guys. ph33r th3m.

not one of the cut3 0n3s. ph33r it anyway.

Oh, fine, I’ll stop now. WE HAVE A CONTEST WINNER! For those new, we do occasional polls here at the Blog of Evil, on various geeky topics. They usually appear on Wednesdays, but I make no promises. A couple of weeks ago, we asked about your apocalypse engine of choice, and “Rain of jaguars” was our unexpected winner, and that prompted readers to talking about how Apocalypse Jaguar makes a great band name, and people started coming up with album titles.

So I said, “Okay, I can do that XD” and made a contest out of reader entries, submitter of the winning entry to get an autographed copy of Dick Tracy Must Die.


Rialian’s entry, 2012, Mother Maya Metampomp Up the Volume

…an entry submitted on the blog, in comments. Congratulations, Rialian! Everybody, bow before them! DO IT! Don’t make me use the kitty ears. I’m just looking for excuses. XD

Rialian, I’ll a physical mailing address – I’ll email you about that, assuming the registration email works. If it doesn’t, email me through the contact page.

Thanks to everyone who entered, and congratulations again to our winner!

I’ve got an idea for a poll for Wednesday. It probably doesn’t involve hornets. Probably.

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Okay, so, when I added “Rain of Jaguars” to the list of apocalypse engines on a whim last week – it’s always been my favourite apocalypse legend by far – I was absolutely not expecting it to win, much less for people to start speculating about the mechanics of jaguar apocalypses, or “Jaguar Apocalypse” to become a miniature meme, but all that happened!

So the poll I had planned for this week is now put off, and instead we have this instead! It’s a poll populated by readers of this blog, a combination of “Apocalypse Jaguar is my ______________ Cover Band” jokes and Apocalypse Jaguar discography entries!

You guys are total freaks, you know that, right? XD

Creator of the winning poll entry wins a signed album, suitable for framing, playing, evangelising the band (aheh), distracting police while you finish targeting your heat ray, reflecting lasers onto the moon, what have you.

I gotta tell you, I might ask to steal one of these graphics for show poster art. I’m not sayin’ which. But one of them. See if you can figure out which. Meanwhile, go vote!

Discography Entry or Apocalypse Jaguar is my __________ Cover Band?


Anna and I will be at VCON this weekend! Are you coming? If so, let us know, and come say hi!

I’d write more, but it’s 1am. Here, unrelated to anything, Rainbow Dash vs. Starscream. I lulzed.

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There are enough entries, yay! We have eight so far. So tomorrow we start the Apocalypse Jaguar contest!

If you have no idea what I’m on about, click here – you can still add entries if you want. I’ll put the voting post up around midnight Cascadian/Pacific time tonight, so if you want to enter, do it before then.

(Do it do it do it do it you know you wanna )


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It has been suggested on the Livejournal echo that “Apocalypse Jaguar” is a good band name. My immediate thought was that Seven and the Ragged Tiger was Duran Duran’s Apocalypse Jaguar cover band.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

1. Comment here with one more more albums from Apocalypse Jaguar’s discography. Should you feel like image-searching for album art, that would be epic.

2. Alternatively, comment here with your entry for:

“Apocalypse Jaguar is my _______________ cover band.”

If there are enough good answers, I’ll turn this into a poll, and the winner of the poll gets a free autographed Dick Tracy Must Die CD, suitable for playing, framing, evangelising the band (ahem) or distracting guards during your jailbreak.

Ready… steady… GO!

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