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When your moral panic isn't working, go do the thing you're claiming you want to legislate against. Anti-queer activists are encouraging cisgendered men to 'occupy' women's restrooms, claiming they have a "right" to be there under rules protecting transgendered people, particularly transwomen. But they hate transmen too, of course.

Here is a better approach... Pick a large public restroom or locker room, like, one of the YMCA changing rooms. Get the male protesters to occupy the female locker rooms... you will shut down the business. Try that at one of the stadiums during a sports feature.

Another one:

A group of men should go "occupy" all the women's restrooms in the building to prove the point that men should not be welcome there.

There are a lot more at The Stranger's article, including a note that, "yesterday, a commenter on the Family Policy Institute of Washington's Facebook page suggested that men ought to undress in the women's restroom in the state's Human Rights Commission building. Commenters on news stories have proposed similar stunts."
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Legal open carry is only for white people. White guy video shot in Oregon; black guy video shot in Nevada. If you don’t want to watch the videos (or the originals, linked at the website) - white guy, talked to by single officer, no weapon drawn. Black guy: six car response, screamed at, videographer screamed at until she’s down on the ground too (despite being seven months pregnant), interrogated over 10 minutes by at least seven officers. He’s eventually allowed to leave, but his (legal) weapon is not returned.

(Most of the interrogation, et al, are in the unedited video linked in the description of the above video.)
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A couple of days ago, John Scalzi signed a 13-book deal worth 3.4 million dollars. That’s pretty good for somebody that the Sad Puppies like to claim nobody really wants to read, and pretty good for someone the puppies like to say writes only the sorts of things that nobody wants to read. Basically, they’ve been accusing “SJW” writers of driving readers out of fandom, and he’s a really poorly-chosen poster boy.

So that’s pretty funny, but not funny enough yet, because you know white supremacist and oberpuppyführer Vox Day would come up with some way to spin this, right? Of course he would. The thing is, there’s no way to do it which is not unintentionally hilarious, and Vox delivers. Seriously, this is some always-at-war-with-Eurasia spinning, wherein the new line is that Real Men Self-Publish, and that’s what’s Real Writing now, not this multi-million-dollar major-publishing-house bullshit. Self-pub is the only true pub.

NO, REALLY, THAT’S THE NEW PARTY LINE. That’s a We Hunted the Mammoth link, because I’m not in the mood to link to Vox under the best of circumstances, which I suppose really, these are. But there are extensive quotes at the link. Go look, it’s a riot.

Confused? Lots more on the Hugo Awards/Sad Puppies mess here.

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Korra and Asami as a canon romantic couple is CONFIRMED. The completely obvious is categorically and unequivocally confirmed; Korrasami is canon on every level.

The Korra page on Wikipedia – where I had been fighting the erasure battle – has been unlocked, and the edit has already been made. I’d won the argument to at least the point of being in Significant Other with a section talking about the evidence – now we can just skip ahead because 100% creator-confirmed yes that is exactly what we meant and you gotta deal with it.


I am dealing with it by crying my remaining good eye out. I had no idea how much this mattered to me. It mattered to me because of how much I couldn’t let myself believe it was possible, no matter how heavily they were hinting at it all the last couple of series. I just couldn’t let myself buy in, I wanted to, but I couldn’t believe it was possible I was just praying we’d get an ambiguous no-endgame ending, and I was prepared to respect that.

I feel like a huge, missing piece of my emotional childhood has just been filled in. I feel like something very old and very hurt just got healed. I never believed we would actually get this one. I have never been happier to be so wrong.

KORRASAMI IS CANON AND YOU GOTTA DEAL WITH IT! And, at least today, everything is beautiful and nothing – not even Wikipedia – hurts.

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There is a big debate – following a edit war – on Wikipedia’s Korra page. A couple of editors are bound and determined that the Korra-Asami ending is not true, and are demanding a statement from the writing team as the only evidence they’ll accept – which isn’t even how Wikipedia works, but let’s put that aside.

I’ve been fighting this particular bit of queer erasure today, because we finally got one. And now we need to defend it.

They are leaning heavily at this point on “room for interpretation,” how the ending is “ambiguous” in their eyes. And to that, I wrote this response.

I want to talk about “room for interpretation” for a minute.

What’s that mean? “Room for interpretation” is usually invoked to imply that there are reasonable grounds for differing conclusions based on evidence. In fiction, one fandom example is the original Battlestar Galactica (1978). We don’t see Pegasus destroyed; we see Pegasus destroy two base stars successfully and go in for the kill on a third. Then we do not see Pegasus again. Given that we had not seen Pegasus before, and that Pegasus had escaped similar situations in the past, it does not seem unreasonable to assert that Pegasus might have survived the battle – limping away needing months of work before getting back underway, who knows? Pegasus was most likely destroyed saving Galactica and the fleet, but it’s not unreasonable to consider the alternative. That’s “room for interpretation.”

I want also to talk about “deniability.”

Deniability comes in to play when you’re forbidden to talk about or do a certain thing, but you do it anyway, with just enough obscurity to it that if observers really, really, really want to, they can deny you are doing what you’re actually doing. An example is in the film Spartacus, and the “oysters and clams” discussion, which was cut from video for many years because it wasn’t quite deniable enough for television censors. But that was the attempt; a discussion about gay sexuality that wasn’t about gay sexuality, but was about seafood. It was deniable that it was about sexuality, at least for initial release.

Now, how does this apply to the Korra finale?

Nickelodeon has a known policy against showing clearly GBLT relationships. This has been discussed extensively in regards to work such as Adventure Time, so I won’t go into it here; it suffices to know that this policy is in place. It has to do, we are told, with overseas markets – but they don’t make special cuts for places like North America and Japan, either, so we all get to fall under those rules.

This leaves creators who want to go in that direction with the reality that they must include at very least deniability. They cannot explicitly state the presence of GBLT relationships. They can only hint or imply, and the only question is how hard in that direction one can go.

In a context of women in relationships in particular, this can be difficult, due to the blinding phenomenon often referred to as “lesbian invisibility,” or the cultural assumption in the west that two women involved in a relationship can’t really be in a relationship until – and often not even after – it is stated explicitly. This causes many people to ignore vast swaths of contextual (and real-life, for that matter) evidence.

You can also see this phenominon in reactions online to this episode. Personally, I was surprised when I started seeing evidence of Korra and Asami building a relationship in Book 2, and told myself I was just overreading it – until it became pretty obvious in Book 3. Even then I was thinking that there was no way the show would be allowed to go there – until Book 4, when it became so strongly stated, given the limits of their allowed range.

And despite all that, a small but meaningful percentage of online reaction calls the Korra/Asami relationship ending “completely out of the blue” and “unexpected.” This is lesbian and bisexual invisibility syndrome at work.

But at the same time, this reaction also indicates how far the authors went in this episode; even those people most likely to ignore and/or downplay same-sex relationships between women as “just friends” are reacting to the finale. It is that conclusive in their eyes; they can’t ignore it – however much they might want to.

What does this have to do with “room for interpretation” vs. “deniability?”

I assert this to be supporting evidence that we are well past “room for interpretation” and into “deniability.” When people who routinely ignore implications of same-sex female relationships are confronted with evidence so strong that they’re reacting against it, “lesbian invisibility” has been shattered. Yes, deniability has been maintained, as we see in discussions above. If one insists, one can ignore enough parts of the source material to conclude it didn’t happen. This allows the show to be aired in places like Russia – “see, it’s legal, we didn’t say romance. We didn’t say elopement. We didn’t say girlfriends.”

But you’re certainly out of the “room for interpretation” field. It’s not ambiguous. It’s just deniable. Which we already know is a Nickelodeon requirement. And I think all of this must be considered in any reasonable discussion of the topic. Context matters, and this is our context, and to ignore it is to do a disservice to everyone.

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There's very little more to say about the American torture regime I hadn't already said before over the last many years, before people stopped listening. Americans like their torture regime almost as much as they like their police state. Nothing I've seen in this report is really new, and before you fall over yourself quoting John McCain's recent comments, remember how much time he spent actively protecting, supporting, and suppressing information about everything that's in this report. He's an opportunist and that's fucking all.

So if you're a supporter of the barbarism of torture and support the American torture regime, please just save us both some time and unfriend me now. I just had to do that on Facebook and I'll do it here too.

And just in case anyone feels like saying anything about "reasonable debate" about torture: you can't have "reasonable debate" about anything so devoid of reason. I will not waste my time on it or the psychopaths who try to legitimise torture by pretending it is a "reasonable" position. It is not. It is intrinsically the opposite of reason.

Torture's sole intelligence purpose is to get the answer you already want to hear, regardless of whether there's anything true in it. Beyond that, it is about nothing other than pathological sadism and lust for revenge. It is its own means and its own end, and nothing but.

Do you think torture had been abandoned before out of the goodness of peoples' hearts? No. It had been abandoned because people figured out this is all it is.

So if you support torture anyway, that tells me all I need to know. And what I know is that I do not fucking want to know you. I mean it: unfriend me. Now.
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Even if you're a gun-control supporter in a general sense, you really want to give I-594 a second look. In trying to cover All Cases Except, the authors really kind of did create a lot of accidental-felony opportunities here. The Tacoma News-Tribune points out several examples, and you might read their editorial, but I want to turn it up a little here.

The keys are twofold. First is the definition of "transfer" to include any "intent to deliver" to another person, even in the very short term. The clause specifically notes that it includes but is not limited to gifts and loans of any period. The second is a quick ramp-up into felony territory.

To point out an extreme and arguably silly but from my reading unfortunately legitimate example, it looks like you would technically commit a felony by handing your firearm to your firearms-legal friend to hold while you're, say, pouring some water, and then taking it back. You would certainly do so by handing it to a friend to fix (say, unjamming it) and then taking it back.

In both cases, the first transfer would be a misdemeanour, the second a Class C felony. And that's crazytalk. "Here, hold this" shouldn't generally lead to a felony violation. What bothers me is that the authors seemed to be somewhat aware of that fact - they make an exception for repairs by gunsmiths, but only Federally-licesnsed ones. Which most aren't.

So even if you're for gun control in general... this is just bad law. If you're reflexively voting yes, please reconsider.
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Over on Facebook, a person trying to be “middle of the road” on GamerGate says that he sees both sides of GamerGate as extremist, and as being pretty much the same. And no, as automatic as it seems to be to set up such false symmetries, I won’t accept that.

One side is explicitly and specifically intending to drive women out of the industry and feminist discussion of video games, with particular focus on a few specific hate targets. This isn’t speculation; I’ve read the chat logs. There are screencaps; there were more logs actually provided by GamerGate leaders who screamed “context” when those came out, but they really needed to learn that calling context should only be done when the context helps your case, not hurts it.

So the nature of this movement isn’t really disputable. Here’s a reasonable Wired article that points to a lot of original sources, from last month, before the bomb and shooting threats became a weekly problem.

And here an interview with Eron Gjoni, the ex-boyfriend with a restraining order against him whose post really set off the misogynist explosion which had been smouldering for a while, and became GamerGate. In the referenced post, he accused Zoe of cheating on him and sleeping with a reporter to get better coverage of her game. Problem is, said reporter never wrote about her or her game, aside from a very brief mention months before they are even alleged to have become involved. And despite everything that this has exploded into, and the harassment that has spread to like wildfire, he says he would absolutely do it again.

And he has in fact recently resigned form his job to spend more time coordinating GamerGate. Oh, and he declines to either stop violating his restraining order or stop seeking to have it removed.

If someone is consciously associating with “GamerGate,” this is what they are associating themselves with.

You – the generic “you” – can make a real good point about journalism being a farce. You can make a better point about it being systemically corrupted. But you can’t ignore that this is a systemic problem through journalism, and you can’t ignore that this subfield isn’t any worse (and may indeed be better than) the field as a whole, and you can’t ignore that the only thing that made these people care is…

…an ex-boyfriend, against whom there is a restraining order he keeps trying to get overturned, making a ragepost against his ex-girlfriend, saying she’s cheating with sex to get her games better coverage they clearly don’t deserve.

As a movement, this was started on and is still centred on rage against women commenting on and contributing to videogames.

On what you’re calling the other side – there isn’t a movement, in a greater sense, like there is with GamerGate. There are a lot of people opposed, sure – but to what? A lot of things. To harassment, death threats, bomb threats, rape threats, misogyny, and the silencing of women, and – ironically – the attacks on journalism, like the Wired UK article I linked above. All of these things appear to make you, in the GG world, a “social justice warrior.” (Personally, I think of myself more as a social justice rogue, but maybe that’s just how I roll… my stats. XD)

But there’s not an identity, like there is with GG. There are a lot of different identities, sure – but if opposing the Tories makes the Bloc, Liberals, NDP, and Greens all one movement, then I’m not really sure how you can define “movement” in a way that has any meaning at all.

Essentially, a Green saying “Harper’s agenda must be stopped” doesn’t make them part of a group lobbying for Quebec separatism. But calling yourself a GG does make you part of a group that is actively misogynist and is actively and continually threatening people.

Saying those two situations are the same is a false equivalence. That matters, because it makes “both sides the same,” which is about as untrue as can be managed in a socio-political situation. And that, in turn, downplays what the actual movement here – the GamerGate movement – is trying to do.

Through threats of violence, intimidation, and harassment, the visible bulk of the movement wants to force women and feminist commentary out of games – and, if you believe some of the threads on 4chan and 8chan, then out of geek culture as a whole. (They’ve gone fishing around for support in comics fandom already, I’ve seen it.) I do not believe it would stop there, and I do believe the evidence shows that it is profoundly misogynist.

And that is not the same thing at all.

See also: Chainsaw Suit.

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It’s been a busy weekend around the lair – and a bit bloggier than usual, too. You might enjoy “GamerGate True Believers are the Anti-Vaxxers of the Online World,” or maybe my ‘okay I’m done’ rant about Doctor Who, written after walking out on “Kill the Moon.” Check comments in particular on that second post, there are some good ones.

Apparently, some people rather liked the episode. I don’t see how, but hey, carry on.

No, here, it’s been mostly paperwork – even supervillains have to catch up on email and clear the desks sometimes – and a decent bit of Legend of Korra! Yes, I’m finally through all of year three. So far behind but so worth it. If you’re one of the people who didn’t get much out of the first year, give it another go, starting, oh, no later than midway through year two, with “The First Avatar.” It really rocketshots after that. I’m pretty sad that year four is probably the last year – it’s been so good. I’ll miss it.

I never did write up that VCON report, dammit. Wrote a bunch of other things, but not that. Here’s a nice one by Steve Fahnestalks at Amazing Stories, if you want, wherein he was kind enough to give me a little shout-out for my drum work. Thanks, Steve! :D

But even in all the paper catch-up this weekend, music hasn’t been entirely set aside. It’s just mostly been MIDI instruments, which means lots and lots of keyboarding. I’m… vaguely competent on keyboard – good enough for this – but wow, do I have no emotional feel for it. OKAY LET’S PUSH ALL THE BUTTONS DOOT DOOT DOOT OKAY LET’S PUSH ALL THE BUTTONS AGAIN DOOT DOOT DOOT

I’m trying, I really am, I have touch sensitivity and aftertouch and all that, and I’m using it. But – yeah. It’s just not my thing.

It is useful, though. At least, once I can stop myself from just setting everything to drums and mashing all the keys at once. That is fun. But… kind of useless. And the MIDI tenor sax isn’t entirely bad.

I’m wondering whether I have time to get just good enough on xaphoon to fake my way through a soprano sax solo. Should I try it? I don’t think I have enough time. But it might be fun to try.

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Another week, another woman in gaming forced from her home by doxxing followed by threats of rape and murder. And, as usual, you have the chorus of idiots going on about how this is “really” about a real issue in games journalism.

Ignore the part where it was specifically set up as a misogynist harassment campaign to drive various people out of tech – we know this, we have the chat logs to prove it – ignore all that, because it’s “become something else…” that happens to achieve exactly the same effect.

And here exactly is why you can’t argue with the useful idiots. #GamerGate true-believers are the anti-vaxxers of the online world.

Seriously, come with me here. Anti-vaxxers are basing everything on the authenticity of a vaccines and autism paper written with a plan of knowing and intentional fraud. It was a lie, with a goal, and the perpetrators are in jail. But none of that deters the horde of fools and morons who are causing the deaths of tens of thousands of people through easily-preventable diseases worldwide.

#GamerGate true believers are basing everything on the authenticity of an online campaign created with a plan of knowing and intentional fraud. It was a smear, with a goal (of driving women from tech) – although in this case, the perpetrators are not in jail. Part of their documented strategy was to drag in a lot of useful idiots who would fall for it and bulk their numbers. And none of that deters the true believers who are doxxing and threatening women with rape and murder across the internet.

It’s exactly the same thing. And just as with the anti-vax movement, it needs to be taken seriously, because it’s causing real and lasting harm. It needs to be fought. Just don’t think you’re going to get through to them, because you’re not. Like the anti-vax fools, they’re locked in; any argument or discussion with them merely entrenches them further in their beliefs.

What you can do is make this shit trigger some fallout. Right now, it still doesn’t. Until it does, nothing will change. And since you can’t change their minds, you have to make damn well sure that these actions have some serious goddamn consequences. Lock them out of your dealings; lock them out of your businesses; lock them out of your events; lock them out of your lives. Because while there certainly is no law, there can damned well still be effects.

Some people are doing this already, but it has to hit a critical mass before it can take effect. Basically, it’s up to everyone who isn’t them and isn’t a direct target. Which is to say – it’s up to us.

eta: Hey, look, guess who got a bomb threat again, this time at GeekGirlCon. And there’s another harassment account already set up just for this.

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Key Democrats led by Hillary Clinton leave no doubt that 'Endless War' is US Doctrine. This was enumerated by Bush Secretary of State Donald Rumsfeld back in 2001 or 2002 (I don't remember exactly when). He even made a specific point of saying that if it did ever de facto end, the public would never even know.
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More video proving the Ferguson police explanation of Michael Brown's murder is a lie. I've had to go from transcripts and descriptions of the video, because it's region locked against me, but they're pretty detailed. Too bad the law doesn't apply to cops.
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SUPERB P0WNERSHIP is the phrase of the day. Zoe Quinn has been dealing with a misogynist campaign against her for months, and, whelp, guess who has been infiltrating 4chan’s chat rooms and logging the shit out of all of the entire campaign’s ops room? Oh yeah. That would be Zoe.


Oh, her angry ex-boyfriend? He’s in the logs too, helping coordinate harassment. Hey, look, a revenge campaign for breaking up with him! SMILE FOR THE CAMERAS, DOUCHEBAGS! There’s even video. This is epic destruction.

If you have no idea what this is about, it’s about misogyny in gaming, and an ongoing campaign to force women out of gaming, focusing on several specific people, one of whom is Zoe Quinn. You can get a bit of a summary here, if you like.

eta: Judging from the h8r reblogs on Tumblr and the anonymous asks I’ve got, it looks like the attempt at “defence” here is, “It’s all out of context!” Hey, pro tip: only cite context when it actually helps your case. Unlike here. Where it doesn’t.

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Pretty neat watching all these folks who weren’t going to go see Ender’s Game because of OSC’s queers-must-be-kept-illegal NOM-board-membership Russian-anti-gay-law history posting their Ender’s Game reactions tonight. Not all of them, but… many.

Peter David is leading a charge already to get it a Hugo, and says if it doesn’t it’ll be proof that fandom doesn’t “have the balls” to defy the dreaded Political Correctness that apparently rules it.

I’ve been blocking a lot of Facebook posts this evening. I’m expecting I’ll have to unfollow some Tumblr people for a bit, too, ’till the 65% it’s getting on Rotten Tomatoes catches up to it and it fades away.

Maybe I should just stay off the net a while. Because here’s the thing: I realise that, for most of fandom, a couple of hours of entertainment outranks not supporting a writer who actively works to make law against me, and who believes I should be illegal, who has a history of being onboard with the queers==pedophiles newtype blood libel, whose organisation lobbied in Russia for their anti-gay crackdown laws, and all that.

I get that. I have for a long time. This is not a new realisation. I don’t much like it, but I get it. This has just been a reminder.

I’m not even that upset; disappointment requires expectations that I don’t have. I mean, obviously, I’m displeased, but this isn’t exactly shaking my world. I know better.

But being reminded of it every time I check my web browser? That, I really don’t like.

So I’m just gonna say: if you go see this thing? I don’t want to hear about it. His politics and his political friends and allies and his organisation and the organisations they support have been trying to destroy me my entire life. His side has assaulted me, sent me to hospital, waged newtype blood libel campaigns against me, run sometimes-successful initiative campaigns against me, forced me into a political life out of sheer self-preservation – they have quite literally cost me blood and treasure – and I’ve got one hell of a lot of trench warfare I can go off about if I have to.

And I don’t fuckin’ want to.

So if you’re gonna go see this thing – okay, whatever. Me, I’ll just hang over here, mostly offline for a few days; I’ve got a lot of shit to catch up with anyway. But you? Do me this much of a favour: don’t fuckin’ come telling me about it. Don’t fuckin’ come rationalising it to me. I don’t want to hear about it. I don’t want to hear about what donations you’re pledging to make to “counterbalance” it, I don’t care if you “separate the art from the artist,” I don’t care about your reasons: I don’t want to hear them.

Just. Don’t.

And once the novelty wears off, we can hopefully just forget about this whole thing.

Comments disabled. Because leaving them open… that’d just be a little too tempting, wouldn’t it? Yeah.

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Agents of SHIELD has made its way into the category of “current good” in my band’s mythos, and I am, as they say, disappoint. That sounds contradictory, but it’s not; let me explain.

Core Crime and the Forces of Evil mythos is that we were superheroes who lost a war to our world’s supervillains. In a universe with superheroes, that means villainy triumphant gets to decide what’s right and good; the victorious villains become the new super-heroes.

This isn’t some cosmic event, it’s not even magic; as a rule, humans basically go along with whoever is in charge. Once the supervillains have the power, well, there y’go. And if you don’t go along – well, somebody has to be the new super-villains, don’t they? Good, evil, whatever – we’re just the supervillain enemies of the new order.

SHIELD, now – SHIELD has long been a clandestine secrecy, surveillance, and enforcement organisation that is above the common law. There are laws they follow, apparently, but these, too, are secret. SHIELD threatens and intimidates and disappears people and things that We Aren’t Meant to Know, and are sole and unaccountable deciders of these matters.

At least, if you lack the money and power to prevent it, like, say, Mr. Stark.

And all that’s fine; you have evil and intrinsically corrupt organisations all the time. But the show appears to expect us to be on their side. They are the paradigm. Oh, they get their hands a bit dirty, but who doesn’t?

Why don’t we take a look at that?

With “The Girl in the Flower Dress,” what do we have? (Spoilers, ahoy…)

Read the rest of this entry »

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Anna has a real post about the government shutdown, but me?

Cascadia Now

Quick, everybody – let’s all get out while they’re not looking!

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Hello, thousand new visitors over the last couple of days! I hope some of you come back to see this post, too.

You’re here because of PAX and the politics and sexism and misogyny in geek culture, and not my music. That’s cool. Given where most of you are coming from, I’m thinking you’re against the whole sexism and misogynistic exclusion thing. That’s very cool.

There’s one thing I most want shared from all of this, and it’s not the recent PAX posts. It’s another post I wrote a few weeks ago. It’s called gatekeeping and recourse, and it’s about a tactic guys – and mostly only guys – can use against sexist exclusion in gaming and fandom.

The details are in the post, but it’s an old Civil Rights Movement tactic. It’s minimal and simple, and doesn’t start trouble; it’s about short-circuiting a feedback loop that supports exclusion, and it’s a small thing which is nonetheless known to be effective. It’s not new, and I didn’t invent it; Stetson Kennedy did, or, at least, I got it from him.

I want it out there because it’s a tangible action people can take. Please, particularly if you’re a guy in gaming, but regardless – go read about it, if you haven’t, and forward it to your supportive guy friends.

Here’s the raw link:


And if you decide to stick around, we put out a new song in August, for Jaegercon, the Pacific Rim fan convention. It’s new, and a free download. It was inspired by Pacific Rim, but it’s fun for kaiju flick fans in general; you just have to know that Jaegers (“Hunters”) are kaiju-fighting mecha. Give it a listen, won’t you?

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Finally – finally – back to recording and doing some music; Sunnie’s in today for what should be a pretty short session. Also, I did some comping work last night, after the latest round of carpet cleaning. (I’m about to admit surrender and call professionals in early on the sealed-off areas of the Lair. And I thought supervillainy was evil!)

I’m going to PAX this weekend. I have unpleasantly mixed feelings about that, partly because of Gabe’s assholishness, and partly because of the whole long-term ramp-up in misogyny in gamers, which really pisses me off. But the way I look at it is this:

I was here first, you fuckers.

And I’m not yielding this ground. Not nearly that easily. So I’m going, because of All That, because Fuck You, No, I Was Here First, and I have the artefacts to prove it.

And hopefully I can forget all that and have a good time, because I’m sick of everything having to be a political act of defiance.

Well, that escalated quickly. I’m planning some shows, too, btw, but can’t talk about them yet. How’s your Wednesday?

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I haven’t, for a long while, given much of a rat’s ass about the Olympic Games. But now that the IOC has ordered GBLT athletes to stay silent about Russia’s anti-gay pogrom that extends even to them, and the Americans are telling their team to comply(!) with the Russian anti-LBGT laws, I now do care.

I am now actively against the entire project. Don’t move the Olympics; cancel them.

It won’t happen, of course. The very idea is ludicrous. Despite its redeeming elements, it’s always been deeply corrupt and frankly kind of horrible as soon as you scratch the surface. And god damn, if this is how they’re gonna roll? To hell with the whole project. Burn it down and start over.

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