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The new MST3K series Kickstarter is down to its final 57 hours - they've raised the money for nine new episodes, and still have a shot at 12. Here's the URL:

You have to look at the progress bar rather than the total on the right, because the total on the right doesn't include add-ons people purchased. But those do count towards the total goal.

There are also more bonuses left to unlock, so if you've been sitting on the fence, you're guaranteed nine episodes and there's a shot at 12, so go do the pledging now.
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So Bone Walker is genuinely ready to go in download form. We’re holding the full release (iTunes, CD Baby, all that) until the book is ready too, closer to the CD release show at Conflikt.

HOWEVER! We realised over the weekend that since we are ready, it’s unfair to keep it back from the Kickstarter backers who have been waiting so long. And since the easiest way to get that sorted was to hand it out through Bandcamp, we’re gone ahead and made the Bandcamp edition LIVE.

Final Wraparound Cover

Yep, THE BANDCAMP VERSION OF BONE WALKER IS COMPLETE AND DOWNLOADABLE NOW. You can also still pre-order CDs, and one of you who pre-order the physical CD will get the little bonus we mentioned before. If you pre-ordered the CD already, you should have mail and download codes in your inboxes.

We aren’t ramping this monster up through the roof yet – the big event will be the book and album at the same time, and all that, and there’ll be the show and it will be awesome, like y’do. But the Kickstarter people have been incredibly patient, and sitting on it another couple of weeks just seemed rude.

It would be really nice if you post a review or comments if you let us know. That would be really excellent of you.

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It looks like a part number, but it’s actually a Burning Man art project my friend Fish is putting together. As in literally putting together, as in, he’s building it.

You might remember Fishy and Attoparsec from the Harmonic Fire Pendula and other such fire-based endeavours. This time, it’s “what happens if you take a little handheld BB maze game and scale it up for bowling balls?”

I’d say something like this.

The Kickstarter project is just enough to fund the steel and a couple of other things. The rest, he’s paying for out of pocket.

I can’t go to Burning Man ever, really, because reasons. Secret reasons. But I like backing strange art projects, particularly kinetic ones. Occasionally I get to see them in person even if I can’t go to their primary display point, and there are videos, which never hurts.

He also has videos at the project page, of course.

He’s not doing the ‘flexible funding’ thing, so he actually has to make goal, which means your individual support actually actively matters. So go give the project a look, and if you can, toss him a few bucks. I think it’ll probably be worth it for the tremendous racket it’ll make alone. CLANG clangaclangaclangaity CLANG clanga CLANG

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The promote-yourself answers post isn't until Thursday, but the Harmonic Fire Pendula fire sculpture art project expires in 31 hours! They've MADE GOAL, so you WILL get your backer rewards, but they have a stretch goal!

If they make $2000 - and they're >90% of the way there - they'll bump everybody a reward level.

So if you're gonna back, now is the time! Clickie!
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Oh rite, it’s Monday. Hi, Jango listeners! Nice to meet you! I should upload some more songs for you guys over there. For CONVENIENCE! But I hope you’ll look at the band website, because you can play everything here. ^_^

Private liquor sale is new in our part of Cascadia, and while I was busking at market yesterday, I discovered the local hardware store got themselves a liquor license. They’ll begin selling spirits in a couple of weeks.

Chainsaws, nailguns, and vodka! What could go wrong? All that’s missing are fireworks.

Suddenly, this seems like a good idea

I think they need a new name. I’ve already come up with NAILGUNS’N'GIN and AMPUTATIONS R US. Comment with suggestions, and I’ll make a poll on Wednesday. XD

Today, I’m working today on the soundtrack album for Faerie Blood and Bone Walker. The soundtrack was originally mostly for the first book, but it’s evolved into an equal treatment of both. There’s one song where I need to figure out licensing, but it should be pretty straightforward; we weren’t going to do any covers, but, well, Anna had an idea, and if we can get the right vocalist, it’d be awesome. But we need the right male vocalist, somebody who can be a bit of a crooner. I only know one who has the right voice, and he’s pretty busy. But I’ve asked. Fingers crossed.

Leannan Sidhe’s album kickstarter is on its last five days! (Yeah, it says four, the last day is day zero to go and it counts down in hours and minutes.) They’re quite close to funding now, so if you’ve been waiting, get yourself over there and back it!

These guys

They’ve come this far in a 21-day sprint run (vs. the usual 30-day), so their metrics are actually really good. It’d be cool to pop them back onto the Popular pages in the last few days, get a little bonus attention, maybe trigger their newly-announced stretch goal. I’ve already backed, so g’wan, do it.

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take two

May. 21st, 2012 09:46 am
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Good morning! Thanks to Cascadian clouds, it’s darker now than it was during the eclipse yesterday. But that’s not important right now because! Leannan Sidhe have given their Kickstarter project a reboot – better video, new backer rewards, new levels, all kinds of things. Two days in and they’re at 59%, no lie, so check that shit out. Particularly if you pledged before. No, wait: particularly if you didn’t.

Also, THE PAMCAKES WIN THE PENNANT! THE PAMCAKES WIN THE PENNANT! Derp has some fandom, but apparently everybody just hates Herp.

Man, Herp. That fucker.

WHAT PLAYTHINGS DID YOU OFFER UP ON FRIDAY? A whole bunch, actually, thanks! Here, look at all this:

Thanks, everybody!

Nobody’s told me about writing a review for Cracksman Betty yet. I has a sad. No review love? I’ll extend the deadline ’till the end of the month, then. In the meantime, go throw some love on it on iTunes. MOAR STARS PLZ!

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Leannan Sidhe - I like people in the band and I've worked with their lead singer - are rather behind where they need to be on Kickstarter to make their funding goal for their second studio album. I'm really surprised by that, since their first album did so well.

They have a new video out for the project, which includes a bit of new music. Give it a look, see what you think, and if you like it, consider backing 'em:

not embeddable on DW/LJ, click to view
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Working on a DIY video for how to make your own studio sound baffles the way I do. I needed to make a new one (or two, or three…) for nwcMUSIC next year if I want to do that “Find your Instrument” workshop again, so it seemed the time. Who knew editing the video would take almost as long as both shooting it and actually making a baffle?


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My partner Anna is a writer; her first book – Faerie Blood – appeared a few years ago, from Drollerie Press. It was out as an ebook and selling briskly, so Drollerie planned a paperback release, and to publish its sequel, Bone Walker, as well. But sadly, the founder’s health went bad, and they shuttered before any of these plans could materialise.

So Anna’s decided rather than shopping around, she’ll take matters into her own hands and launch a Kickstarter project to get both books back into print.

I made the video. Video is fun! I’m also her book designer, but not cover artist or editor – those are Kiri Moth and JoSelle Vanderhooft, respectively.

Faerie Blood‘s a good book. It got some great reviews. Something’s Coming is part of the Bone Walker soundtrack. (I also have a tiny, tiny cameo. :D ) So go over to the Kickstarter project, read the sample chapters, play the video, and if you like what you’re seeing, support the project.

And pass this around, too. Publishing books is expensive; she needs to hit $4000 in pledges or none of it goes through. She got almost a third of the way there in the first day, tho’! That’s kind of amazing. Girl has fans is what. :D

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The trad album has a name.

Cracksman Betty

…and cover art, as you can see.

This is a web-only project; it’s the Trad o’ th’ Month singles, compiled into a web-album. They’re one-take, one-day wonders, traditional songs about riot, revolution, and piracy, with lyrics which may and may not be updated as the whim strikes. Muah ha ha! As I do more songs, I’ll upload them to the fan mailing list as a fan bonus (click here to join), and, shortly thereafter, up to the Cracksman Betty album page, where you can listen for free or download for a small fee.

A Cracksman, as you might guess, is a stealth thief; a Betty, as you might not guess, is both a woman’s name and a lockpicking kit. If you haven’t heard of the series of stories featuring Raffles, the Amateur Cracksman, he was a contemporary counterpart to Sherlock Holmes, and even obliquely referenced in one Holmes short story. You can download the Raffles stories in ebook from from Project Gutenberg, if you’re interested; I did. ^_^

And, as always, don’t forget the Dick Tracy Must Duplicate kickstarter project. Clicky!

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I haven’t posted about this yet, but our previous mastering engineer has had to bow out – his studio is suddenly a construction zone, and he’s going to have to relocate. It will be weeks – at best – of delay, so he’s referring his pending clients around to other engineers. Thanks, John, and good luck finding a new place to house panicStudios!

I’m meeting up with Mark Guenther of Seattle Disc Mastering on Thursday. I think this is him, from his website – I’ve never met him in person:

He’s done some projects of which I’m aware (including working with Smoosh! <3) so hopefully that will go well. This of course means that the CD is delayed – but how much, exactly, I don’t know. I’ll show up at Conflikt with something, regardless – even tho’ of course I’m just attending as an attendee, not a guest, and I don’t have a show there.

At least this time, I won’t have to be chasing a dozen people down for Norwescon paperwork, unlike last year. XD

Finally, don’t forget to check out the Kickstarter project, and it’d be really nice if you told other people about it. After a great start on Friday, things have basically gone quiet, so – clickie! Thanks. ^_^

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