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The new recorder worked great! But sadly, the engineer’s soundboard was set up to send out only the effects channel rather than the mains, so the recording I have is all reverb (sent out at line level yay) and no primary sound signal so lol kthx no.

Next time for sure! (She said, hoping…)

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I have a little gig tomorrow, or, for most of you when you read this, today – Friday, the 20th. I’m back at Juanita Bay (11853 97th Avenue NE, Kirkland), a return engagement at their market. I’ll be doing two sets, then be followed by Stan Stanislove doing roots and blues music at 5pm.

Once again I’m going to try to record a show, so maybe you’ll get some live tracks. This’ll be the first field test for the new recorder I broke down and bought. I hope it works!

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Going to Juanita Beach today for a two-hour busky slot at their little market from 3-5pm. Say hi if you're around! Last weekend went very well, btw. No recording this past week, though, or work on any new songs, which annoys me a lot, because I was spending all the time I had during the record-smashing 40°C+ heatwave from destroying the server closet at (I complain about some resulting cold, stabby irony over on my Livejournal of the same name, if you want to see me RAEG a little.)

Anyway, time to flee!

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