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George is unimpressed with the new kids on the webcam.
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Anybody know a good pest control person in Seattle/North King County? Some sort of creature seems to be trying to take up residence in my house's exhaust vent. I haven't seen it yet, but it sounds rodentia-like. Fred and George are really interested in this, too.
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George does not like space rock. I put on Cybotron, and:


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I know I’ve posted too many pictures of George lately, but apparently, he really missed having us around as couch-warmers.

So there’s some content to this post: the problem with the MIDI interface is the US-800 itself, apparently. No, it works, and it works fine with iOS and OS X, but Linux is all snippy and picky about things and stuff and won’t deal with it. Fortunately, my old M-Audio Fast Track Pro’s MIDI interface is common enough to be tested against, and now I have my chimes. Excellent.

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Oh gods he’s dreaming and making little mrrp noises and just rolled over, now I’m really trapped. Send a crane.

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George has fallen asleep on my shoulder. He is snoring. It’s adorable. I can’t move my arm. Send help.

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The August edition of The Geekmusic Podcast is delayed (as you may’ve noticed), partly because the interview fell through, but mostly because I’ve been too distracted with awesome things like surprise new music and horrible things like the ongoing 2013 Cat Pee Festival.

all this, yes, all this, will soon be my urine-soaked empire

Honestly, I don’t know what we’re going to do at this point. I can’t have this going into heating season and carpet is not cheap. Neither is furniture. Me, I suspect he just doesn’t want to be an indoor cat anymore, but there are coyote out there. So that’s fun.

Anyway, that’s happening. I’ll do a mini-podcast this weekend so something is out there for August. I’ll play Kaiju Meat and talk about the soundtrack project, and pay one of the bits of it that’s substantially in-progress. Kind of a mid-project preview. That’ll be nice, won’t it?

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Sorry I’ve gone silent – I’ve literally been spending most of my time the last four days cleaning cat pee. I wish I was exaggerating, but, well, I’m not. Fred is having issues of some sort and, well, yeah. I have things I want to post but literally no time to write them – it’s 12:45AM, I have a morning appointment (and then an afternoon appointment), and I just got done treating a new section of carpet and starting another load of pee laundry.

Hopefully things will be back to something at least vaguely like normal soon.

Separately, I’m four episodes in on Night Vale. It’s very odd and rather good; it’s kind of like if AM Coast to Coast was really a local station and actually, you know, real. Funny and a bit creepy. Enjoy.

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Mornings are for business and projects, which tends to mean more sitting than afternoons. Fred likes this because it means he can help. With the lying down part, anyway. The lying down part of sitting.

Do you have those traffic reports yet?

Also it’s nice that with the redesign I can post pictures at 640px width without the columns being screwed up anymore. ^_^

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I'm fairly certain I already had a Fred
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Happy New Year!

In addition to being a binary day (11/1/1) if you do day-month-year it's 1/1/23 in the Heisei era, which makes today Fibonacci Day! It's also Year of the Hare, so clearly this is a year to be dominated by math rabbits, who, as we all know, can out do anyone at multiplying, ar ar ar ar ar ar ar XD
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...I stopped at a benefit sale for the Rose House, where amongst other things they had a TI 1200 calculator from 1975 still in box and in pristine condition; a bit of a Bargain Hunt find, that was, but I told them to eBay it instead of selling it to me for $1. They were eBay aware, they just had no idea it might be worth something.

I also bought a used labelmaker (another $1 special), which makes me happy, because I love these stupid things:

I don't really have anything to label right now because I want to get some of the plastic labelling tape instead of the plain white paper it came with, so I labelled my cat.

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So this happened to our HP 1200 (clickie) yesterday morning. I tried talking to HP about repair services, and this is what happened:
[ profile] solarbird trolls around for a long time on HP's website trying to find ANYTHING about repair services and finally finds a phone number. No other contact methods allowed. 866 234 1377 <calls>
[ profile] solarbird oh for the love of FUCK HP DO NOT GIVE ME A PHONE NUMBER ON YOUR WEBSITE THAT IS WRONG. And don't have that phone number point me BACK to the goddamn WEBSITE.
[ profile] solarbird also gets a number 800 474 6836
[ profile] solarbird sends openly ** the new number does not give me an option for repair **
[ profile] solarbird lies to it and tells it that she's checking on a previous repair order status.
[ profile] solarbird sends openly ** ...and I get a new number. 800 334 5144 **
[ profile] solarbird sends openly ** matthew reports: no support, no repair options. new unit discounted price in trade-in available, list available by phone only, B&W network-ready 30ppm 1200x1200dpi laserjet p2035n $269.99+taxes incl. shipping and return box for damaged printer fuck you HP. **
So we appear to need a new laser printer. MUST haves: 1. 1200 dpi. 2. Postscript. (let me make it clear: MUST. TALK. POSTSCRIPT. The HP p2035n doesn't.) 3. Ability to handle 176 gsm/65 lb. cover stock. 4. USB connectivity so it can talk to our print server. It does NOT need (but we wouldn't hate on): onboard networking, autoduplexing, colour. I am hearing that HP has let hardware quality become Job 1.1, or maybe Job 3.0 or 5.7, so I'm open to other suggestions.

I also don't want to blow the budget on a high-end office printer. Anybody got anything?
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Oh look, it's a gig bag! (That's Kohaku in it.)

Gig Bag

I got Trading Musician to throw in a hard case, padded gig bag, and strap with Kohaku to make their price more reasonable vs. mail order, and while the hard case is okay and I like the strap, the gig bag was really for an electric guitar of some sort, and too long. It also had a torn seam in the body and one of the front pouches had ripped open. But I looked at it and thought, "okay, I can fix this, and it'll save $30 or so when I'm done." I wasn't really planning on shortening it to properly fit the bouzouki, because I thought that might be a bit too difficult, but decided on Monday that I'd just go for it. It worked! And wasn't as difficult as I thought. The yellowy-white things are 18cm of foam that no longer fit in the now slightly-more-than-18cm shorter case.

The most sewing since the Kitty Pryde costume )


Apr. 7th, 2009 11:24 am
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I was collecting a bunch of images for the Norwescon daily 'zine and this was also still on my camera:

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George Thinks He is Not Worthy
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omg, I can't believe you fell for that!
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Fred Found Friends
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Oh man I'm sleepy. I've been trying to be awake enough to write something coherently for like two hours.

Fred is SO CRANKY this morning. Also SO DAMP. He's just sitting around twitching his tale at people and demanding you make it up to him by finding places to pet him which aren't damp.

This is because a few days ago I came up with the idea of leaving pieces of tape face-up on the counters and on the top of the birdcage to try to teach them that jumping up on the kitchen counters and the birdcage to get to the nummy nummy birds is a very very bad idea. We'd tried a bunch of other things and they'd all failed, but it turns out they really, really hate tape.

So now the tasty, tasty birds are also harbingers of TAPE OF HATE, and he and George keep trying to find new ways up on the countertops that somehow avoid this problem but keep discovering AGH TAPE, and of course we hear this and are HERE HAVE WATER TOO. My laugh is an evil laugh, HA HA HA HA HA!

[ profile] spazzkat says I am enjoying this far too much.

Anyway, now he's just wandering around the house sulking. And damp. Personally, I like to think they blame the birds, and I like to think the birds making extra noise this morning are them going WE HAVE TAPE NOW MOTHERFUCKERS PH33R US so then Anna was picturing the birds with little signs saying HA HA CATS AR STOOPID. And that's all fun.

Last night went pretty well, I think. I'm really sorry I posted the wrong venue last night in my rush to get ready, I feel really stupid about that. I even saw that I'd done it wrong and thought I'd fixed it but apparently didn't hit "save." O.o;; Of course I do that the first time anybody's actually coming here to look for that information, so I AM FAIL! So, um, anonymous commenter saying "AGH WHICH IS IT?!" I apologise, and did you make it? (It helps that Caffe Ladro wasn't having an open mic at all last night. Theirs is also monthly and on a different weekend.)

On the way to Soul Food Books I wrote a spoken introduction to Artifacts (You'll Never See), a song about some weird real-life experience that I wrote kind of in response to an episode of Martian Successor Nadesico where one of the characters (HOSHINO Ruri) finds out a bit about her past and goes to the abandoned complex where she was raised as a child and finds things and gets some answers and all that. It's kind of fairy-taley (I can't believe spellcheck accepts that as a word) and off-centre, and vaguely spooky, so even though I rarely call audibles like that on the way to a performance, I went with it this time, and I'm really glad; I was okay with my delivery, and I think it set the mood pretty well, and got the audience focused on that first hard atonal scale climb off the G minor.

It also helped me set the two-song "set" up as more of a tiny show. I was checking tune on stage, facing away from the audience - a really amazing number of people didn't wait to tune until they got up there, I was prepped and just verifying nothing weird had happened (it hasn't) so I just kind of kept going with that and played myself to the mic, kind of sneaking in a bit of a third song. Muah. ^_^

I just wish I'd remembered to start my recorder. FAIL AGAIN! Um, I don't suppose anybody was there and recorded it, did they? Also, I'm getting closer to knowing these songs well enough to do without music. Not there yet, but closer. And when I can do that, I can make much better connection with the audience, something that still needs more work. So that's still on the list.

Soul Food Book's open mic is really getting huge, too. I showed up around 6:25 - later than I'd wanted, but traditionally early enough to get an early signup slot - but yesterday, that made me number THIRTY-ONE. So I didn't go on until like 11:15, and I ended up staying until midnight before I started getting too sleepy (and didn't want to drive home sleepy) and they still had over a dozen people waiting to perform.

All you people who stayed up late to watch, particularly the after-midnighters and all that? You're awesome. Also, if any of you are thinking about a supportive open-mic environment and either don't mind going to the eastside or live there, it's a really great venue and the open-mic crowd there is really, really supportive of newcomers with stage terror, as is Clint, the owner. You might have to wait a while to get on stage, but they'll be nice to you when you get there.


Feb. 3rd, 2009 04:20 pm
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