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solarbird: (music)

ソ-ラ-バ-ド-のおん: Solarbird Makes Noises

ding! ding! ding! ding! ding!

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Created on 2009-05-01 16:06:34 (#175704), last updated 2017-03-30 (7 hours ago)

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Location:Vancouver-Seattle, Republic of Cascadia
Website:Crime and the Forces of Evil
Hi! I'm Dara, an elfgirl musician performing original work on irish bouzouki, flute, mandolin, and bodhran, not necessarily in that order. I've put out a couple of studio albums, the first called Dick Tracy Must Die, and the second, Bone Walker, which made the long-list for two(!) Grammy nominations. I've also released an assortment of free/pay-what-you-like downloadable albums and songs, like Kaiju Meat (a Pacific Rim song), the four-song EP Espionage: Live from Mars, and the live-in-studio trad-and-fan project, Cracksman Betty.

Let's see if this works:

I play out, I've toured some, I have a little recording studio. I also write on economics and computers, and do art, but less often than the music stuff. I built nwcMUSIC, the geekmusic festival at the Norwescon Science Fiction Convention, and I used to be a software developer for several organisations, including a certain very large software company here in Cascadia. (If you've had a Windows machine before Vista, the odds are pretty good you've installed at least a little of my code.) And long time ago, I did genetics research.

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