Feb. 20th, 2017

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Milo Yiannopoulos is pro-pederasty. Yeah, he thinks 28-year-olds fucking 13-year-olds is fine. Also, he thinks that that this "consent" crap is "oppressive." Apparently, particularly so when it comes to 13-year-olds, since that's the context in which it came up. Here's a longer, formatted post about this, with links.

Meanwhile, 4chan/pol is aware, and is of mixed opinion - there's the "all fags are pedos/fags are degenerates" crowd who are happy about him coming under fire, while the "He's feeding people babby's first redpill constantly" side (who see him as a gateway to fascism/anti-Semitism) are saying FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT WE MUST DEFEND OUR OWN, etc. And, for the record, one of these interviews is over a year old, and people covering the Milo beat all knew, and CPAC knew, which means they made their choice knowing this and are fine with it. Never forget that.

As for the other news...

There is some US inquiry into the Russian hacking; it involves three FBI probes, we're told by Reuters. We have a story of a HUD official (a political one, so this isn't criminal) fired for writing an anti-Trump piece in his own time. There's more coverage of the Trump rally on Saturday that the fascist channers loved, some news about possible draft immigration orders which are expectably harsh in various ways; Haaretz declares that it's time to stop pretending Donald Trump isn't an anti-Semite; the Mormon Church has jumped in against trans rights, and more.

Item 10 is pretty disturbing in an operational way; it speaks to yet another attempt to consolidate power around political operatives rather than diplomats, and this is definitely something to watch for.

Really, there's a fair bit, and I need to get to bed, and you know the drill. Click through, you'll find it all below the fold.

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Sorry I haven’t been doing much with the band blog lately. Frankly, all my blogging energy has been used working against the literal fascist movement which has grabbed partial power and is trying to grab more.

I blog at Dreamwidth and it’s echoed to Livejournal. Here’s my post on Milo’s support of child pedastry, for example, which I wrote last night. The Republicans have been fine with his vicious misogyny, overt and savage white supremacy, and slanderous attacks on transgendered people; let’s see if they’re also on board with 28-year-old men fucking 13 year old boys.

I mean, we already know they’re fine with 50-year-old men raping 13 year old girls, but everybody knows the only way to end up dead in politics is to get caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy. Because boys are valuable and girls aren’t.

Apparently, CPAC (biggest conservative political conference, where he has a headline speech this year) and his fans in general all knew about this already – the interview I’m quoting ran over a year ago. And they’re okay with that. Monstrous filth.

Anwyay, I’ve been getting used to being back in full-time war mode for a couple of months now. Since this movement has always hated women and queers (unless, apparently, they’re pederast fascists), I’ve had to do this my whole life – but I had kind of some time off for a little while, and it made me soft. Hopefully I can return to band stuff more regularly, as I start to feel more ramped up on all this again.


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