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fuck you home depot i mean seriously

Okay, after the Bitter Lake Home Depot telling me that they've never heard of this vinyl that I want installed in this apartment - the vinyl I'm looking at the photo of, a photo that I took at their Home Depot a week ago, with the SKU and everything - and getting so much you-don't-know-what-you're-talking-about pushback I hang up on them...

...I try again at 205th/Aurora Village...


They will only install special-order flooring.

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Home Despot hates customers and will not engage in customer service. Ten or so years ago I needed to get some 4 X 4 lumber and have it cut to lengths. I selected my piece of lumber, went over to the cutting area and waited. Then waited some more. Then asked a passing staff member for help. Then waited some more. Then asked another staff member and waited some more. Then asked to speak to the department Manager. And waited. Even longer.

Finally I took my piece of lumber up to the Customer Service desk at the front of the store, asked for a complaint form, wrote down the complaint that I had waited more than an hour to have someone cut the lumber for me, weighted down the complaint form with the 8 ft length of 4 X 4 and walked out.

I have not been back into a Home Despot store since. I make certain to give my business to local, independent hardware stores, because they actually want to do business with me.

Home Desopt does not want you to be their customer.
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Me too. Very elegant!
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My dad once described the difference between Lowes and Home Depot as "Is the person not helping you wearing an orange apron or a blue apron?"

I've been driving farther to get my lumber at the ace hardware places in town, and it's definitely better. Hours are much, MUCH shorter though, so it's hard for people with a M-F workweek.
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Yeah, I couldn't remember what issue it was, but I knew I was pissed at Lowes. And Home Depot's CEO donated a shit ton to the Asshole in Chief.

I still end up there occasionally because of how remodeling projects tend to go -- there are times you really need that part RIGHT NOW from the place nearest your house, and for me, that's home depot. And Lowes was the one place in town that had Roxul insulation when I needed it (I think there's another vendor now, if it comes up again -- yay!). But I'm not pleased with either of them and I've been scheduling so that i can make the longer runs to other places as much as possible.

We don't have Dunn lumber. I use Lincoln Creek Lumber, an ace-hardware place a bit south, or, when nice wood is required, Hardel. Hardel isn't even open on Saturdays in the winter, though, it's ridiculous. Tangelwilde out in Lacey is good, too, if you ever have to recommend a lumber spot in the south sound. It's just inconvenient for me.

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They have a slew of products declared "internet order only," meaning they are HD products, but they don't want the stores involved in their purchase. I wanted such a thing shipped to Bitter Lake just because shipping a heavy lawn mower battery to the house is stupid, since I, like, work, and can't be, like, at home to accept delivery.

What a clusterfuck that was.