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Yes! Yes to all of this. I may have an unshakable addiction to tragic headcanons and sad feels, but (especially with LGBTQ characters, and double even that for wlw) I have to have at least some kind of a happy ending, or it isn't worth it! (And such is absolutely true for my and my friend's Overwatch AU with our OCs and their moms, even if it will take us forever to actually get there.)

As for Amelie especially, I also have the feeling that canon hasn't told us the whole story, and I'd be a bit upset if it had. Sort of on the same level, I am dying for more information on Talon (partially because I have to know to establish more of the Recall AU), and I'm sure that more of Amelie's story will come out in the same package?

Anyway. Once again, outstanding job, and I wish you many, many more words :D
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